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Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: VM Project Architecture
Composed by: PSY, 유건형, SPACE ONE, Anna Timgren
Lyrics by: PSY
Arranged by: SPACE ONE
- Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/3UwlejyX2b458azZ7eCnHb
- iTunes & Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/artist/hyuna/384855556
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Copyrights 2019 ⓒ P NATION All Rights Reserved


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5 nov 2019






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Divana, [L-1485]
Divana, [L-1485] Hace 7 minutos
I'm so proud of you my queen 😘👏
Jibbs Jibbs
Jibbs Jibbs Hace 14 minutos
7million hey
Xabara Pearce
Xabara Pearce Hace 17 minutos
Dawn is lucky man in this world. He can sleep with hyuna every night he want😭😭. Fuck youu dawn . You steal my baby hyuna from me 😭😭😂. But i will support you with my baby hyuna. Please take care her 👍😊
Sabina Paniagua
Sabina Paniagua Hace 29 minutos
Stan hyuna
L O V E L Y. K A ' R I
L O V E L Y. K A ' R I Hace 30 minutos
Thanks to psy for the lyrics . It fits hyuna so good
JKL Hace 32 minutos
so many ppl are triggered over cube lol
Miss May
Miss May Hace 55 minutos
Very good!!!!
isabella magdaleno
isabella magdaleno Hace un hora
Orbita de Loona
Orbita de Loona Hace un hora
8 days after and I still talking a flower shower 🌺~°🌺~°🌺
- min ;
- min ; Hace un hora
fernando3246 Hace un hora
Lo importante es que hyuna regreso al mundo de la música y también tengo fe que en "p nation" si valoraran su talento como cantante
Byon Baekhyun
Byon Baekhyun Hace un hora
Hyuna queen
Cinthia Hellen
Cinthia Hellen Hace un hora
Shine star
Déwellyn Machado
Déwellyn Machado Hace un hora
Iti , um neném ❤️
Sephora Ibri
Sephora Ibri Hace un hora
Ryan Buchanan
Ryan Buchanan Hace 2 horas
0:29 They knew to bring the queen back her crown
Joy &
Joy & Hace 2 horas
تنعش الاغنية تجنننن
Beatriz Ypanaque
Beatriz Ypanaque Hace 2 horas
fernando3246 Hace un hora
beatriz aunque no soy fanático de hyuna me siento alegre de que ella regresara al mundo de la música
Jenn Ferley
Jenn Ferley Hace 2 horas
The lyrics are by PSY 😀
Ezgi Güçlü
Ezgi Güçlü Hace 2 horas
So ra Kim
So ra Kim Hace 2 horas
From sexy girl to cute sexy love her transformation 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
lay 0.0
lay 0.0 Hace 3 horas
yees ¡¡
lay 0.0
lay 0.0 Hace 3 horas
love from mexico ¡¡
krazy kar
krazy kar Hace 3 horas
Me gusta me gusta Hyuna eres grandiosa ✌😃✌♥reina ♥
krazy kar
krazy kar Hace 43 minutos
@fernando3246 Su música que saco es genial ✌
fernando3246 Hace 49 minutos
@krazy kar Jessie también fue la primera en firmar para "p nation"
krazy kar
krazy kar Hace 51 un minuto
@fernando3246 También a jessie ✌
fernando3246 Hace 54 minutos
@krazy kar Eso lo se porque la música coreana esta perdiendo esencia al no estar hyuna y también que psy contrata a e´dawn
krazy kar
krazy kar Hace 59 minutos
@fernando3246 A mí me pone feliz que PSY los aceptará a ella y a su novio e hicieran su música
سارة ال
سارة ال Hace 3 horas
Hyuna I'm Sarah and I love you so much. ...... You're creative, 👌 👌 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ From Saudi Arabia🇸🇦
Giselda Ferreira
Giselda Ferreira Hace 3 horas
A rainha do kpop voltou
London IS LIT
London IS LIT Hace 3 horas
this woman mixes cute and petite with EPICLY sexy together? A WHOLE QUEEN.
NonA WorLd
NonA WorLd Hace 3 horas
HyunA at 1:45 : give me your like Me: *(presses the like button)*
Flavierys Targaryen
Flavierys Targaryen Hace 3 horas
I love you
Army Once
Army Once Hace 4 horas
Ashwatil Rahma Tanjung
I didn't know who is she before I watched Running Man. She was so funny and cute.
YağmurT. Hace 4 horas
I am seriously in love with this song and the mv
TheCbazza Hace 4 horas
Hyuna deserves to cross over like BTS did She doesn’t need to but she deserves to
TheCbazza Hace 4 horas
I really want this to be a hit in the us and other countries
AlanRomeo Mc Pelce
AlanRomeo Mc Pelce Hace 4 horas
For You
For You Hace 4 horas
대박.. 분위기랑 옷 다예쁘다 ㅋㅋ현아야 이컨셉 찰떡이야!!응원합니다!
Kim Liren
Kim Liren Hace 4 horas
7M 👏🏻 Good job A-ingls We are the bast 💜
Kindness Hace 4 horas
I love to see her this happy, makes my heart flutter
Brianna Dau
Brianna Dau Hace 4 horas
I keep coming back to this MV, the dance and song are already iconic and its only been out 9 days 😍😍
fernando3246 Hace un hora
hyuna has a video spectacular brianna also the important thing is that she returned after being unfairly dismissed from "cube entertainment" and i have faith that in "p nation" if they value their talent as a singer
백란 Hace 4 horas
조회수 700만 축하해용💜💜💜 1억만뷰도 찍어용!! 팬분들 뮤비 많이 봐주세용💜💜💜💜
Tendolma Riwoche
Tendolma Riwoche Hace 4 horas
You are one of the most amazing and unique artist Hyuna
s carla
s carla Hace 4 horas
Multistan Hace 5 horas
h robert
h robert Hace 5 horas
7M! 🌷
Azal Khaled
Azal Khaled Hace 5 horas
please gain some weight. you dont look healthy. welcome back queen.
This song is such a mood. Thank you HyunA for saving 2019
fernando3246 Hace un hora
hyuna has a video spectacular that´s what´s important
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Hace 5 horas
you 2 (your boyfriend and you) are a perfect example of perseverance in love and work before a society that tries to suppress you, the limit of them does not mean that it should be your limit, CONGRATULATIONS for fighting for a TRUE LOVE and FOR YOUR DREAMS! NEVER GIVE UP HYUNA!
Noemí Mayorga
Noemí Mayorga Hace 5 horas
I love the scenery and the rhythm of the song, I was looking forward to Hyuna's return
fernando3246 Hace un hora
Hyuna has a video spectacular also although i am not a fan of her i feel glad that she returned to resume her career as a singer
9613 ss
9613 ss Hace 6 horas
통통 튀는 음이나 가사에 맞춰서 봄이나 여름에 나왔으면 진짜 좋았을텐데 ㅠㅠ 계절이 안 맞아서 아쉽당ㅠㅠ
Rosette Maudine Torres
Psy really did a good job in lyrics and music arrangements ❤️❤️
Anastasia Sandles
Anastasia Sandles Hace 6 horas
Ugghhh her makeup is such a mood 😍😍
Lalisa Heni
Lalisa Heni Hace 6 horas
Hyuna produces only bops
Alexis Pinto
Alexis Pinto Hace 6 horas
Love u girl
타나 쇼바카밀라
Хёна 🤩🤩🤩 We love you 🤩❤️
Dream Hace 7 horas
We did it my dudes! 6,9 M likes! Sorry Im childish
Ed King
Ed King Hace 7 horas
Star. Hace 7 horas
I’m here for 7m
Lillynator 96
Lillynator 96 Hace 7 horas
Hi ahgase here to support . Please watch got7 you calling my name mv too. Thank you.
this if it's beautiful ♡
Rovan Elnabawy
Rovan Elnabawy Hace 7 horas
면지니 Hace 7 horas
현아야 제 2의 전성기 가자!!
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