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the 2nd lofi mix set.
good music to listen to while studying at a cafe.
💿 Tracklist
00:00 burbank - seeing your name makes me happy
01:49 Mittensさん - Too Easily
04:38 Joey Pecoraro - Finding Parking
07:32 wofy - . (w/The Plan8)
10:10 BATBXY - all i have.
12:12 Cabu - Good Evening
15:00 Iwamizu - 俗世/Zokuse
17:32 Domo. - Cafe
19:50 too ugly - cafe nervosa
22:26 Future James - Pure Imagination
26:54 chuckee. - goin far (version 2)
30:18 The Deli - 5:32 PM
32:29 garba9 - cozy sofa
35:48 j^p^n - sundress
37:05 halberd 🌊 - she doesnt know me.
39:15 DOMINANT - Weekend Mornings
42:36 soho - unforgettable
44:06 Brandon Hosein - A Fateful Night 7
47:17 saib. - Gentle Breeze
51:31 mt.tkovr. 🗻 - Fly me over the moon
🎧 Artist
burbank : soundcloud.com/danielburbank
Mittensさん : soundcloud.com/xmittens
Joey Pecoraro : soundcloud.com/joeypecoraro
wofy : soundcloud.com/wofywofy
BATBXY : soundcloud.com/batbxy
Cabu : soundcloud.com/cabubeats
Iwamizu : soundcloud.com/iwamizu
Domo. : soundcloud.com/1207domo
too ugly : soundcloud.com/toouglyboi
Future James : soundcloud.com/futurejames
chuckee. : soundcloud.com/orangesodabandit
The Deli : soundcloud.com/the-deli
garba9 : soundcloud.com/garba9
j^p^n : soundcloud.com/fuckthisurl
halberd 🌊 : soundcloud.com/halberd-3000
DOMINANT : soundcloud.com/primaryflow
soho : soundcloud.com/soundsbysoho
saib. : soundcloud.com/saib_eats
mt.tkovr. 🗻 : soundcloud.com/tkovrr
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17 nov 2017

mellowmusicmellowbeatmellowbeat seekerbeatinstrumentaljazz hip hopjazzy hip hopjazz hopmoodsmoothchilllofi hip hopindielofi로파이힙합재즈힙합감성비트음악감상라디오라이브배경음악카페음악매장음악잔잔한음악공부공부할때자기전에잠잘때편안한편안한음악mixlofi mixlofi hip hop mixlofi beatin cafecafe musicrelax music믹스로파이 믹스






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Mellowbeat Seeker
Mellowbeat Seeker Hace un año
*● Tracklist* 00:00 burbank - seeing your name makes me happy 01:49 Mittensさん - Too Easily 04:38 Joey Pecoraro - Finding Parking 07:32 wofy - . (w/The Plan8) 10:10 BATBXY - all i have. 12:12 Cabu - Good Evening 15:00 Iwamizu - 俗世/Zokuse 17:32 Domo. - Cafe 19:50 too ugly - cafe nervosa 22:26 Future James - Pure Imagination 26:54 chuckee. - goin far (version 2) 30:18 The Deli - 5:32 PM 32:29 garba9 - cozy sofa 35:48 j^p^n - sundress 37:05 halberd 🌊 - she doesnt know me. 39:15 DOMINANT - Weekend Mornings 42:36 soho - unforgettable 44:06 Brandon Hosein - A Fateful Night 7 47:17 saib. - Gentle Breeze 51:31 mt.tkovr. 🗻 - Fly me over the moon good music to listen to while studying at a cafe.
Farell Purwana
Farell Purwana Hace un mes
hello hello
hello hello Hace 2 meses
Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona Hace 2 meses
Mellowbeat Seeker que
Sasuke08113 Hace 2 meses
café in portuguese and coffeeSo you spoke Portuguese, you fake it? sou de brazilian
Sasuke08113 Hace 2 meses
thank you
Ty Cortes
Ty Cortes Hace 14 días
im not trying to be cheesy... so im not heres all i have to say in one word holyheccwhyisthissogoodlikehjkhjkhjkjhjkjhkexcusemethisisthebestthingevertobemadeitslikereallycalmingandjustshjkahjk
ivan lara
ivan lara Hace 14 días
this would go well with rollerblading and not skateboarding
Samantha Santoso
Samantha Santoso Hace 14 días
7:45 7 rings
Maxiee Uchiha
Maxiee Uchiha Hace 14 días
its hard to find this type of stuff. good job, man. i love this mix
Maria Montes
Maria Montes Hace 14 días
Thanks you so much for this
Aubree Lee
Aubree Lee Hace 14 días
this is by far the best one. thanks 🎶💖
d2hsk2 Hace 15 días
The music is an idle sea, each sinuous note enveloping me like the tossing of a wave. Falling and being catched and being held. It’s all I know in this moment. The dropping of the notes, the beat thumping like feet dancing across the street in a happy skip. Words don’t exist here. Only drops of music and a smooth jazz melody. Pianoes clinking, saxophones cooing. A harp disrupting the silence, rippling out in smooth waves. I can almost see the notes meandering down a winding road in the last breath of sunlight. I close my eyes And I’m there.
Francelyne Hace 15 días
Antonia Quinn
Antonia Quinn Hace 15 días
Omg ty✨😌 exactly what i was looking for
Antonio Loyola
Antonio Loyola Hace 15 días
Definitely Illuminati
ketchup minaring
ketchup minaring Hace 15 días
this is so aesthetic and artsy
Georgia Adelaide
Georgia Adelaide Hace 15 días
Me: *calm collected and studying* Ad: ‘’TRY NEW FABLETICS LEGGINGS!!!”
Shinichirou Nakayama
Shinichirou Nakayama Hace 15 días
what's a nice...
Cal lml
Cal lml Hace 15 días
señorita vamos por una taza de cafe ?
VenganceWarrior Hace 15 días
17:32 is from Almost Blue - Chet Baker
M M Hace 15 días
Salmelli Hace 15 días
1:49 am I the only one that thought it said "I fall in love to weasley"
菊池ちえ Hace 15 días
紅茶でも 飲みたくなるわ ありがとう😊 癒しだわ💕
✞ sanni ✞
✞ sanni ✞ Hace 16 días
A t C a f e ☕ 💞
William Montti
William Montti Hace 16 días
What’s the fall in love song called? I love it so much 😇
tripura Hace 16 días
7:54 sounds like 7 rings
Alex Leigh
Alex Leigh Hace 16 días
"Sorry, something went wrong. You have too many subscriptions compared to your number of subscribers." I cant subscribe because of this rule. Would you mind subscribing to my channel so that I could subscribe?
Francesco Frisina
Francesco Frisina Hace 16 días
I used to hear this exact playlist with my girlfriend while we were at my place alone and in the bed all cuddling up with each other. We recently broke up and now everytime i stumble on this video and a lot of lofi compilations i think of those times and all the other times we were together, and all the things we said to each other, all the things we did. I feel like a part of me is missing and i just miss her so much, my heart wasn't made to withstand this.
Felipe Andres Montecino Oyarce
the first track is so Vince Guaraldi... love it, pure chill
Greetings my fellow Earthlings ♡HAVE A GREAT DAY♡
Tembala X
Tembala X Hace 17 días
this is good for sudokus
Lol Paul
Lol Paul Hace 17 días
to all the wonderful people in this comment section, thank you.
Taylor, Faye
Taylor, Faye Hace 17 días
Wow! This is the BEST!
Jm Vg
Jm Vg Hace 17 días
guyys if youre reading this i just wanna say that I LOVE YOU
픽도경희 Hace 17 días
오 조회수천만명
뚜따 Hace 17 días
왜 조회수 1000만인지 알겠다 진짜 개 편안하구나.....
kong ngamkamol
kong ngamkamol Hace 17 días
Lorelei Noir
Lorelei Noir Hace 17 días
This is such an awesome mix... It's just so good man...!
Jazz remember me Bossa Nova
Rory Bird
Rory Bird Hace 17 días
tysm for blessing this world with this video💖
Shoe Lacey
Shoe Lacey Hace 18 días
Hiraeth: A homesickneas for a home to which you cannot return, the home that maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.
Chill Denis
Chill Denis Hace 18 días
I also make Lo-Fi beats,support me please🌛🌛🌚
Adrian Doe
Adrian Doe Hace 18 días
Just after the first beat dropped I subscribed Haha
Adrian Doe
Adrian Doe Hace 18 días
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Hace 21 un día
Its satisfying to know 10mil other people just like me.
DAMIAN JR Hace 21 un día
yo i also got a lofi mix on my channel
*mira walden*
*mira walden* Hace 21 un día
15:04 has that "playing cooking mama on my dsi" vibe from when I was like 8 and I LOVE IT
Priskkitz Alexander
Priskkitz Alexander Hace 22 días
All night, No absent
Hafeez Santos-Qureshi
Hafeez Santos-Qureshi Hace 22 días
I fall in Love 2 easily
Lil mochi
Lil mochi Hace 22 días
7:17 ภาษาไทยช้ะ? ได้ยินแล้วสะดุดเลย555
Chicken Nugget Lover
Chicken Nugget Lover Hace 22 días
thats so chill! lovin it ..... lol
Gemma Lock
Gemma Lock Hace 22 días
everyone here: i love u
Urigehead Mot
Urigehead Mot Hace 22 días
KittyCotter Hace 22 días
Although I am a new listener I love listening to your music compalations while drawing!! I think that because your music is kind of slow paced I took more time for each stroke of paint . Keep up the great work!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Arash Jalalmanesh
Arash Jalalmanesh Hace un mes
high there. i ave just subscribed to this great radio experience, pals. translating a book with this great music. my respect and best wishes to everyone. you are my work buddies from now on, don't you agree? lets go back to work. although i will be here listening, while working
Tweety 9
Tweety 9 Hace un mes
Love it~~~~ The music, coffee ☕, and the comment section. #letsstudyhard 🎶😊
Saturday Amazing
Saturday Amazing Hace un mes
My heart is so empty
Mathilda Hace un mes
I love this
투투린 Hace un mes
Cabu - Good evening 마지막 빨라지는 부분만 빼면 최곤데 크
um usuario qualquer
Só de ouvir faço um filminho na cabeça digno de Oscar...
Braden Krause
Braden Krause Hace un mes
YAH LIKE *JAZZZ*?! hehehuhehehueheu
Yan Chicu
Yan Chicu Hace un mes
a very wholesome comment section, by the way if you’re reading this have a good day!
Yuuki Hobie
Yuuki Hobie Hace un mes
" I fall in luv to easily " (*´︶`*)♡Thanks!
「diy+」 Hace un mes
y is this so good im jealous
YisianPlayz Hace un mes
makes me feel like I'm in a cafe. THIS IS GOOD.
Tailspin07 Hace un mes
That moment when you're cooking and suddenly pure imagination remix
Isabelle R
Isabelle R Hace un mes
luv uuuuuuuu
U 9
U 9 Hace un mes
ทำไหมกูได้ยิงเสียงคนไทยพูดวะ 7.13
BrightShine Hace un mes
Whenever I'm Stressed or Anxious or have free time in general, I listen to this mix. It always calms me down and helps me breathe. Thank you
N o B a d V i b e s
It's great I'm twelve and I'm addicted to cleaning.
YangJulie Hace un mes
It makes morning perfect. Thank you:)
Dawn Harth
Dawn Harth Hace un mes
I'm pretty sure 2 million of the views are just from me. Lol, love this mix.
maria perez
maria perez Hace un mes
Domi Turková
Domi Turková Hace un mes
Gusswant Hace un mes
The last song is fly me to the moon or i know xxdxdxdxd to evangelion uwur
Gusswant Hace un mes
Dont* idk
Monstajohnx Hace un mes
Hey, I'm a young producer from a small town. I just released a song and I'd be glad if you guys listen to it! My goal is to make everyone happy (Delete this if you hate self-promo) peace ✌️
Phillip zane
Phillip zane Hace un mes
Ayeh Al Yazdi
Ayeh Al Yazdi Hace un mes
sooo are you gonna drink that or just stare at it for the rest of your life.
Alejandro Diaz
Alejandro Diaz Hace un mes
i'm sadly but negative for negative give positive
Matthew Carabin
Matthew Carabin Hace un mes
Damn, I love this comment section, so many different kinds of people, all coming together, listening to the same thing, pondering about life and all of that. Makes me want to go to a café and just chill, but sadly my small town isn't the greatest and definitely doesn't have a nice place to hang out, So my bed will have to do.
Lydia Nelson
Lydia Nelson Hace un mes
I've been experimenting with what I should be listening to while studying all week. I tried what I usually listen to, but that was distracting. I tried classical music, but when the music got slow I would get tired (not to say I don't love classical). I tried movie scores, but it wouldn't let me concentrate. This is perfect, it keeps me motivated and concentrated as well as my ears happy :)
belana belle
belana belle Hace un mes
22:34 pure imagination uwu
BassGaming Hace un mes
Thank you for this Mellowbeat Seeker
JellyxFish Hace un mes
If I open up a cafe in Tokyo playing this music, would yall come?
GalazySkiies Hace un mes
hell yeh
qp q
qp q Hace un mes
Mellowbeat Seeker
Mellowbeat Seeker Hace un mes
제가 넣은 거 아니고 유튜브가 임의로 넣은 겁니다. 전 이 영상으로 창출할 수 있는 수익이 하나도 없어요~~ 저야말로 알아주시지 않아 실망입니다... ㅠㅠ
idou idou
idou idou Hace un mes
Life is not so bad after all :)
Maria Rangel
Maria Rangel Hace un mes
I fall in Love lov to.....wisdom is something like this
Maria Rangel
Maria Rangel Hace un mes
This is badass shit
Blowtorch 74
Blowtorch 74 Hace un mes
I L O V E T H I S (*=*)
Julian Bravo
Julian Bravo Hace un mes
its currently 2:00am and i have an essay that i need to write before school(5 hours), yet here i am listening to pure imagination in the dark over and over.
andddoful Hace un mes
노래는 좋은데 화면 떨리는게 저에겐 너무 불안하네요 ㅜㅜㅜ
KidtokidsGaming Hace un mes
I miss how my life was. My life and my experience that dragged my into lofi hip hop is different from most I see. Maybe some people can relate and I hope some can. I was younger when I was having the time of my life having fun and everything with all my friends. Over the past 4 years everything changed for me and my family. I moved after I was starting to have the most fun I've ever had before, which ruined everything for me. Looking back at my move it wasn't nearly as bad as the situation I'm in right now. I might not be too old, but man did things really affect my life to the point that I am at now so quickly. Now I've moved around 5 times and about to move a 6th and I'm going through serious depression. Suicidal thoughts are a common thing now for me which shouldn't be. I wan't to be like my friends, happy and cheerful. Sadly I've been betrayed by nearly all of them. I am still battling depression especially now that I might be homeless in the near future if a miracle doesn't happen. I can barely sustain my self with enough food everyday. It's really hard. Imagining me having siblings or a pet would cause so much stress because I wouldn't be in a house since not only would me and my parents have to spend money to take care of ourselves, but also pets and brothers/sisters too. Things will hopefully be better soon for me, and hopefully my move is successful. Now all I can really do is wait and pray that things go well. Maybe some of you guys will be able to relate or at least understand. Good luck to all the problems you guys might be facing and I know you will get through it soon. Have a nice day.
Yohannai Hace un mes
A lo-fi song of the Sound of Music's My Favorite Things? Mmmmmmmm
DubstepKIng ya
DubstepKIng ya Hace un mes
I can smell the coffee.
Duh Hace un mes
I feel rich now for listening to this track.
Unesscacry Random
Unesscacry Random Hace un mes
Jay Lajara
Jay Lajara Hace un mes
Nice lofi😀😀😀
Patx Hace un mes
𝒾 𝐹𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝒾𝓃 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝒯𝑜𝑜 𝐸𝒶𝓈𝒾𝓁𝓎
Win Win
Win Win Hace un mes
I'm assuming at leat 1k dislikes are by accident. They accidently hit dislike instead of like or while performing another task altogether 😭😆
Marie Bohlier
Marie Bohlier Hace un mes
ive listened to this too any times lol
Huyền Phạm
Huyền Phạm Hace un mes
just perfect!!!
The Swooty Boi
The Swooty Boi Hace un mes
Updated thumbnail looks nice.
Haikal luck
Haikal luck Hace un mes
I was searching for this, when ive found that the thumbnail background changed i thought i was searching the wrong mix ._.
one_piece_ownz Hace un mes
Hey I hope you can make more mixes because I listen to Lo Fi Hip Hop every single day and this is one of the best mixes I stumbled upon!
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