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Hellooooo! :)
Here are a few moments of BTS with their fans.
They love "aaaaammmyy" a lot and would anything for them :D
Some of the moments are from their concerts where BTS noticed their fans, gave them water bottles, held hands etc, and some are from fan sign events or fan meetings.
They are doing aegyo, are teasing their fans, are being dorky and more.
PS:Try not to be jealous :D
👄 BTS Lucky Fans | BANGTAN BOYS Fan Service ❤
👄 BTS 운 좋은 팬 | (방탄소년단) 팬 서비스
👄 BTS ラッキーなファン | (防弾少年団) ファンサービス


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28 dic 2018






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Dianne Edem
Dianne Edem Hace 2 meses
reena singh
reena singh Hace 10 días
PurpleWolf Hace 10 días
Wow impressive your first!
Garv Sharma
Garv Sharma Hace 15 días
suga glider ;-;
suga glider ;-; Hace 18 días
``Aтнєηα 。
``Aтнєηα 。 Hace 2 meses
Why u mad
Andreea Sandu
Andreea Sandu Hace 7 horas
I had to replay the first clip about 10000 time lol
그냥 성덕이 아니라 넘사벽 성덕이다..
A cup of tae
A cup of tae Hace 23 horas
I wonder what that girl do with that bottle..
Ariana Tornow
Ariana Tornow Hace 2 días
legend has it, that first girl was NOT the last to take that water bottle home.
Jimin, You Got No Jams
3:01 kookieeeee! 🥰
Jiminie's Smile
Jiminie's Smile Hace 3 días
Man I'm jealous!
Cathy Pham
Cathy Pham Hace 3 días
Jimin giving fan his water bottle Fan:screams and keeps it forever Me: licking the water bottle
Jesamine A.K
Jesamine A.K Hace 6 días
I really JEALOUS 🙄🙄
Your Dancer
Your Dancer Hace 6 días
This Video Makes Me Cry😭😭
BTS RM Hace 7 días
l y
l y Hace 8 días
I wish I was born in Korea..😩😢😢😭
Chloe Chan
Chloe Chan Hace 9 días
army 7 666
army 7 666 Hace 10 días
Hohhchghhv Fjhhghhh
Hohhchghhv Fjhhghhh Hace 11 días
What is the song called in the intro
ユニコーン판다 Hace 12 días
Lucky Bastards
kay cee
kay cee Hace 12 días
Only way i can meet bts is either by becoming a (great) singer or by becoming president.... Lol none is possible.... O god😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭lilly singh is soo luckky she met them THRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O GOSHHH I WISH ATLEAST I WAS A POPULAR ESvidR....
Mr.BrainHead Hace 12 días
Whats the song in the intro called?
Xbtsx Chan
Xbtsx Chan Hace 12 días
1:59 bts army let’s team up to kill that gurlll (Omg so sorry but I’m jealous 😥😥😰😭😢
Bernice Mugo
Bernice Mugo Hace 12 días
I met Jimin once and taehyung came and held my hand and it was amazing until *I woke up*
MayaAlianna's Life
MayaAlianna's Life Hace 7 días
Bernice Mugo I thought it was real until I saw the woke up part. MY MIND WONT LET ME DREAM ABOUT BTS
Bernice Mugo
Bernice Mugo Hace 12 días
*cries in international fan*
Jasmine On
Jasmine On Hace 12 días
I wanna be a 2008 liner,I wanna be a kid again
M & G Roblox
M & G Roblox Hace 12 días
The person who go the water bottle.... *lets imagine what they did to it*
سيف حسن
سيف حسن Hace 13 días
شن هاذ ياماتستحون لعدشنوهاي الي امكعدهةابحضنك🤣😂🤪💓💋💕💞❤️💗🌺
It’s Fiona
It’s Fiona Hace 13 días
Who else is going to a BTS concert
EeveeGirl :3
EeveeGirl :3 Hace 14 días
I miss V we don't talk no more... :/
Garv Sharma
Garv Sharma Hace 15 días
Yes i am naughty 2:56
Gacha Gamers YT
Gacha Gamers YT Hace 16 días
i wish i could hold taehyung hands🙃🙃
Sienna Lazarkov
Sienna Lazarkov Hace 16 días
Guys I met BTS In my dream
Nida Shaikh
Nida Shaikh Hace 17 días
If I have not mistaken then "oppa" means old brother right? I don't know why the fan girls are calling the bts members their old brothers ? 😂😂😂 I would have said "hey love" but can't 😢
Ma. Cristina Encinares
That water bottle! Omo!!! ❤️😍
Claire is a PoTaToE fan :3
I had a dream of meeting them then I woke up and started Screaming because it was a dream * mom walks in * why the heck are you screaming?!? Because I didn’t actually meet BTS :(
RubyGamer101 Hace 17 días
Something I want to say is that KPOP CURED MY DEPRESSION
Carrie Shoop
Carrie Shoop Hace 18 días
Can I have the links for the videos in your intro
suga glider ;-;
suga glider ;-; Hace 18 días
The fact is, as soon as bts arrived in England my friend came running up to me at school and said. "WHERE BREATHING THE SAME FFFUCKING AIR AS THEM HOLY SHIT" I mean....probably XD I dont think itll reach BUT FACK THERE WALKING THE SAME GROUND XD
I Am
I Am Hace 18 días
come on guys jimin bottle doesn't count i will never be jealous of that it's just water
Thick Goblin
Thick Goblin Hace 18 días
That girl in the beginning is probably gonna carry that bottle everywhere
Kayla Gacha studio
Kayla Gacha studio Hace 19 días
가응06 Hace 19 días
오우야 썸낼보고 깜놀
이매나- Hace 19 días
아니,지민오빠가 run 춤을 춰주면 감사해해야지,, 왜 그런 투정을 부리는지,,듣는 사람이 살짝 좀 그렇네요..
Esturia X
Esturia X Hace 20 días
Me: I’m thirsty Friend: here my water bottle Me; nah im fine Jimin: *gives water bottle* Me: *snatch it* ❤️ *drinks it*
Myung Ye-eun
Myung Ye-eun Hace 21 un día
9:30 what is a song?
김진형 Hace 21 un día
5:03 뭐지...? 짐나..?
xXKiraXx Hace 22 días
*Me watching Jimin give away a waterbottle and drinking it* ~Also Me~ *Secretly wishing to be that person* ~Also Me~ *Wishing to be that waterbottle*
Re Allways
Re Allways Hace 22 días
4:59 이건 뭘 한건가요?!! 엄청 가깝고 편한 분위기인데!!
Raj Rani
Raj Rani Hace 23 días
The girl showed on the video's content was not in the video ?
youtube루비[아미] Hace 23 días
8:38 부럽습니다.. 나도 08년생인데..
HueningKai Kookie
HueningKai Kookie Hace 25 días
Even I cant meet bts in my dreams 😑
Pinkie pie and Rainbow dash
6:56 OMG SHe GAVE HOBi The supreme money shooter that he shot over Snow White tae
doklav Hace 25 días
*Min Yoongi how can you drink water so sexily?!?!* It killed me 😂😂
Eldaa Eldaa
Eldaa Eldaa Hace 25 días
2: 21 whats wrong with that girl how the f*** can she be soo calm , jimin is right in front of her dancing and she is there like nthg is happening! I could cry, scream , and diee.....
I wish i was their girlfriend
unicorn ninja_qx
unicorn ninja_qx Hace 28 días
"How can u drink water so sexist" Me 😂😂😂😂
banished4eva Hace un mes
Hello MisuP! i just wanted to tell you that your videos are all really great, and your intro is just awesome, (the clips and song both)
jen lol
jen lol Hace un mes
How you going to do me like the meh
jen lol
jen lol Hace un mes
I thought that was Beyonce
Katia Arias
Katia Arias Hace un mes
john cena😭
Jimin Kookies
Jimin Kookies Hace un mes
R we all gonna ignore the fact that the lady in the cover is sitting on namjoons lap *rages inside*
Chloe Chan
Chloe Chan Hace 9 días
Wanna team up and kill her?Namjoon looks irritated by the lady.
HuskyPupsVerse 1223
If they touch my things or give me their things I would be licking it all day!!
이슬 Hace un mes
2:21 4:50 이거 어디에요..?
aria Islam
aria Islam Hace un mes
I wish I was meet them...they are very lucky...they meet them.......😘😘😘😭😭😭😭
아람 Hace un mes
나같음 지민이가 준 물 한모금 마시고 남은건 전시해놓을듯ㅎㅎ
Kelly xox
Kelly xox Hace un mes
The only lucky army is every microphone they use Edit: *searches how to be a kid again* Google: YOU CAN'T BOI *sues google*
Roouus Caceres
Roouus Caceres Hace un mes
Lo que las armys latinas nunca apreciaremos :'D
ExclUsiVe FunNy Modified VinES
TaeTae or taehyung 😍
cuce park
cuce park Hace un mes
OH jimin is looking so sexy
Sk GL Hace un mes
1:44 V is my bias and my husband, but I understand that I'm just a fan, I'm glad for the girl actually.
The-girl_who-lived _
The first girl: I HAVE HIS DNA!!!
Leticia Carvalho
Leticia Carvalho Hace un mes
Si eu amo bts e o timin
Destiny karamaena
Destiny karamaena Hace un mes
john cena is the 9 member of bts but you can't see him
tAekOoK my eYes Are AlwayS oN yOu
i told to my mom that bts having concert here in ph and my mom will give me a 14 thousands to buy a ticket(vip) and 2 thousands for army bomb well im praying that i can buy ticket bcoz tickets here in ph is all sold out in just a minuets......(spim weak in engh srry.)
B L U R R Y F A C E ぼやけた X
Me:Wth a water bottle?
IG wT Hace un mes
.ohh accidentally watch BTs band..i need to replace my phone.and take bath 5 times..god please forgive me.
Dina _Zaidi
Dina _Zaidi Hace un mes
Wait wait wait! 08 liner? I am 06 liner.
Jiminie BTS
Jiminie BTS Hace un mes
So funny 😂
Zeynep Dogan
Zeynep Dogan Hace un mes
Seni seviyorum jungkook 💘💗💌💟❣💕💙💚💛 İyiki varsın 😚😚😙😙😍😗😘😗😗
Phaik Geok Tan
Phaik Geok Tan Hace un mes
I want Jimin's bottle so freaking badly😭😭😭😭I want to freaking hold and hug himm I wish i was one of them who got Jimin's bottle 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
BTS ARMY Hace un mes
A video just to make the fans that havent met them cry 😭😭😂😂
오버 오버
오버 오버 Hace un mes
아니 교실에서 뭐하는짓거린데ㅡㅡ 지민오빠가 니들 신하냐??해주는것감사하게 생각해야지ㅡㅡ뭘 시키고 자빠졌어ㅡㅡ
오버 오버
오버 오버 Hace un mes
아니 교실에서 뭐하는짓거린데ㅡㅡ 지민오빠가 니들 신하냐??해주는것감사하게 생각해야지ㅡㅡ뭘 시키고 자빠졌어ㅡㅡ
별한 Hace un mes
난 방탄 오빠들 만날수있을까...만니는게 내 소원이다....!♥♥♥
iptv Smartv
iptv Smartv Hace un mes
BTS is my life
BTS is my life Hace un mes
8:40 I’m 11 too
Aki아키 Hace un mes
What's the opening music? Jimin's voice is so sexy👍
Aki아키 Hace un mes
Stefany thanks for letting me know the tittle of the song but im sure it's Jimins voice
And that’s jins voice not jimin
Aki아키 the first one is save me and the intro one is called don’t leave me
코드 Hace un mes
나도 08년생인데..
Lawscrel Hace un mes
You're a bin for jimin lol jk.
Francillenny Rodrigues
Amo tanto esses anjos
Queen Adriana Heller
Eeeeeeeeeeeeee l loves you bts l wish I was there
Лиля Kuznecova
Лиля Kuznecova Hace un mes
Я ни чё не понела, но я понела 😂
Samantha Xyra Carpio
Omg! Jimin give his water bottle.. when i am the girl that receive that bottle.., im sure i will cry because of happiness!!😍😗
BTS_ MinYoongi
BTS_ MinYoongi Hace un mes
I can call jungkook oppa bc I’m younger than him YAS
BTS_ MinYoongi
BTS_ MinYoongi Hace un mes
When I saw Taehyung hold her hand I screamed BACK OF HE MINE
mariam ahmed
mariam ahmed Hace un mes
lol its so weird that being lucky is being noticed :D
Jhoope ArmyDoHope
Jhoope ArmyDoHope Hace un mes
Charlotte Lum
Charlotte Lum Hace un mes
Jimin giveaways his water bottle ME: DANG I NEED THAT
예림 Hace un mes
Salty Yoongi
Salty Yoongi Hace un mes
You’re so good at making these videos make more
stella beschra
stella beschra Hace un mes
I love bts
Crazy Girl788
Crazy Girl788 Hace un mes
Taeyung is so cute! And Jimin is hot!
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