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Hello lovelies!
Todays video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to, to find out 'Who Has A CRUSH On YOU?! '! Once you've picked, skip ahead to the timestamp below where I reveal what it is...
🔮Time Stamps:
⭐Card 1: 1:47
⚡Card 2: 11:47
✨Card 3: 22:54
🌙Card 4: 32:10
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The Gem Goddess

Gem is a mystic and manifestation coach who teaches the law of attraction, spirituality and philosophy. Using divination tools such as Tarot and Astrology to make personal and accurate predictions.

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30 nov 2019






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The Gem Goddess
The Gem Goddess Hace 2 meses
🔮Time Stamps: ⭐Card 1: 1:47 ⚡Card 2: 11:47 ✨Card 3: 22:54 🌙Card 4: 32:10 ✨Get My MEDITATIONS Here: ✨ Manifest Your Desires Meditation: thegemgoddess.com/products/manifesting-your-desires-meditation Chakra Meditation: thegemgoddess.com/collections/meditations/products/deep-chakra-cleanse-meditation Activating Your Harmonic Frequency Meditation: thegemgoddess.com/collections/meditations/products/activating-your-harmonic-frequency-clearing-chakras-meditation
Hi I Like Dogs
Hi I Like Dogs Hace 13 días
The Gem Goddess I’ve been in a relationship like thing, I felt to wrapped up in doubt and accidentally started ignoring him, I tried to talk to him, I said his name, quietly, then he noticed someone said his name, my heart started rushing and I bailed, he said we broke up when our friends talked about it, everyone says he likes me and I like him, I’m just a wimp so I’ll wait, I’ll try to get his number before summer, idk if I can, I picked the third pile
Fox Girl Plays Roblox Ramos
Card 4
Julie Yim
Julie Yim Hace 16 días
I got 4
Diamond_Kiwi123 Hace 17 días
yes_you_ suk
yes_you_ suk Hace 19 días
ok so i chose like three and it explains PERFECTLY how i feel for my crush... i’m also a libra too sooooo
Mariano Becerra
Mariano Becerra Hace 58 minutos
TrishZeCrazy Hace un hora
I picked number 3 and it really describes my ex? I broke up with him after he became really toxic. He's already in another relationship with his "best friend" so I doubt it. He changed, a lot, and not in a good way... I knew he had a crush on his best friend so i ended it. He barely even talked to me even, only talking to his friends. My mental health didn't help either but he was making excuses for things left and right. I don't know if this reading is true but if it is, I kinda don't want it to be...😕 I've moved on, but it still hurts. I like my best friend right now, and I think they might like me back. So idk.
Ellie Mancia
Ellie Mancia Hace 2 horas
mine kinda describes my crush except in the end it’s started not sounding like him
The Mulan Show
The Mulan Show Hace 17 horas
so accurate!
Mijon Kune
Mijon Kune Hace un día
Okay but like...the person described was JUST like my fictional crush and I'm -- 😳. I'm glad though because she described my ideal type of person I wanna be in love with in reality 😂
Lea Nortier
Lea Nortier Hace un día
Totally freaking out about how accurate this is
Une belle matinée d'été !
" they're very competitive with you , and they can be very mean " . I only know one person that does that and iwww my ego won't accpet🥶
samantha espinal
samantha espinal Hace un día
okay i came here cause this was some cute looking cards
Damilola Moloney
Damilola Moloney Hace un día
I picked card two I guess she’s right Cause I like myself 🥰🥰😂😂
gacha gamer112 angel
1:41 the blue crystal teh kinda bluish crystal i think ots the second card
Anastasia Karmishina
I had the second deck. She just described my crush. So fingers crossed.
Aviona Camille
Aviona Camille Hace un día
: Picks card 1 "somebody who has their life together" "Somebody who truly has their life figured out" "They might be from different country" "They might be a bit older than you" "You might have met them in their work" Uhm I'm in middle school and i don't go out and socialize that much......
Madhu Hace un día
#2 omg i love that craziness 😂 but who is he 🤔
DatHairyMan Hace 2 días
*Might be a fire sign* -starts stalking classmates birthdate and day-
Stephanie Idhosa
Stephanie Idhosa Hace 2 días
NekoNekoMe Hace 2 días
I chose card pile 3 and I can't believe how accurate it is
Meenu Judge
Meenu Judge Hace 2 días
Me: picks pile 2 Her: describing a guy who I know has a crush on me Me: where are the cameras
Nice PaaPriikaaa
Nice PaaPriikaaa Hace 3 días
Sounds like an awesome hooman... boi just propose me I am alone af huh 😤
Pedro Felipe Pamplona
I picked pile 2 ! He is a Taurus Sun in the sidereal chart (Rohini nakshatra) and Cancer Moon (both in tropical and sidereal) but in a square aspect to Mars
Krishna Hace 3 días
Salma Belcourt
Salma Belcourt Hace 4 días
#2 yep I know who that is... My friend makes fun of my interest in spirituality but it’S kinda obvs he has a crush on me But he’s ewww; so no way
Jayla Higdon
Jayla Higdon Hace 4 días
Card 4: Me and my friend say we are twinflames. And shes in my friend group!! I'm hoping this is true because I have a small crush on her... Omg she does have a really good intuition!! This is so spot on!! This card reading literally described my crush.. I'm dying
• Jennie Mochi •
i picked the 2nd card and i really like a fire sign sagittarius (i am a leo) and i hope they like me back!!
Randy Barcelona
Randy Barcelona Hace 4 días
Should i pick 4 I am a girl
카와이COOKIESS Hace 4 días
I picked card number 4 I have lots of guy friends sO uM whIch oNe ??
Mrs. Péro
Mrs. Péro Hace 5 días
her: it's someone from your past me thinking about that one boy who had crush on me and thought we were together for four years: fUCK
Em&M Hace 6 días
Bruh, from what’s she’s said my ex likes me😳😳😳😳
LPS_Kylie_Star_TV Hace 6 días
I watched this sometime in 2019 and I picked the same card pile as before!
yicent oh
yicent oh Hace 6 días
Card no 2: Me myself and I
Pebble Poseidon
Pebble Poseidon Hace 6 días
I don't think I've met le person yet, cuz I can't rlly think of any of my friends with the "traits" you gave them. ;~;
han X
han X Hace 6 días
Ok but the deck I picked literally describes the person I like wtfff
han X
han X Hace 6 días
The girl I like is a Sagittarius OMG
Kaylee- brown!
Kaylee- brown! Hace 7 días
i am in love with your nails! sorry that was the first thing i noticed😂
Cool And Groovy!
Cool And Groovy! Hace 7 días
I’m a victim of bullying no one will like because everyone sees me running of after being bullied and everyone laughs at me.................
Any Fan
Any Fan Hace 7 días
Some ppl don’t even believe but still click on the video *me*
Mariam Paras
Mariam Paras Hace 7 días
Me: pick the third one Card1: from your past that hurt u Me: o hell no is it him Its true guys that guy hurt me but when time goes by he said to me that he regret it a long time ago and he loves me a long time ago but he can say it AND NOW WE ARE TOGETHERRR
Wasabii Hace 7 días
My crush is Aquarius and it said that this person is most likely an air sign and then you also said it’s maybe an Aquarius OMG, but maybe it’s not them.
•RegalRose• Hace 7 días
Oof. You know, for card 3, it was actually reversed. I think I hurt him, and I liked him for years though.
NiNiWorld Hace 7 días
Omg this is my first time watching you and I choose 3 and everything was right about the zodiac and the past relationships
Tanya Nacionales
Tanya Nacionales Hace 7 días
You’re literally describing meeee.
V J Hace 7 días
I need explanation I picked #2 and said it might be a fire sign! Aries, Leo, or Sag My crush is a Leo, I'm a Aries. She also said they might be competitive but we dont talk, it's only been eye contact
Blair Gallix
Blair Gallix Hace 8 días
S t o p- I picked the third card- An enemy of mine came back to school after moving or whatever- I also just broke up with my gf because of the feeling of anxiety because of personal issues- My enemy got me chocolate as an "apology" for Valentines My ex tells me that she still likes me (and their also poly) but she understands my feelings- SO WHICH ONE LIKES ME MORE-
bepagirl bepagirl
bepagirl bepagirl Hace 8 días
I chose card 4 and I have a crush on someone in my friend group and I've known him since pre k and we are in 7th grade now, I really hope he likes me becuase my friend catches him staring at me so I hope he likes me back. And plus we have alot in common.
Emma Overland1417
Emma Overland1417 Hace 8 días
Omg I cannot believe you were right about that
annie Hace 8 días
me: *picks 4th* her: *decribes me relationship w my close friend*
Aesthetic_Gurl Gacha
My crush is A Libra and everything is true about the 3 pile
MyBabyDoll _19
MyBabyDoll _19 Hace 8 días
Pile 2 🌼❤
Katherine Black
Katherine Black Hace 9 días
Card 3 while she is talking all I'm thinking of is my emotionally abusive ex for a year and a half and is trying to get with me again....
ReaperWolf Ash
ReaperWolf Ash Hace 9 días
Yup that is pretty accurate (fourth deck).
Tay他也 Hace 9 días
“Someone from your childhood” “The person hides their feeling towards you” Me: bruh, I know exactly who you mean…
Kookie Pulu Langthasa
Actually I find this very true becuz I'hv been having a crush on somebody and I feel like he also have on me too... And whatever I observe about him its all soooo exactly suitable omg Thnk u soooo much ❤
jakela Thibo
jakela Thibo Hace 10 días
Cielo Palacios
Cielo Palacios Hace 10 días
Why is this like accurate...
Cielo Palacios
Cielo Palacios Hace 10 días
To me it was
Alpha Wolfie
Alpha Wolfie Hace 10 días
Everybody hates meh nobody has a crush on meh- ** hears her talking about commenting** ok?
Gaming Star
Gaming Star Hace 10 días
Me: chooses card deck 4 Her: describes everything about my crush Me: Wow...
Moon Hace 10 días
This was so scary how accurate it was
Ri Isha
Ri Isha Hace 10 días
Wtf broooo, is she describing my ex?!?!
Random Bro
Random Bro Hace 10 días
i was drawn to pile number 5. Exactly, non existent
The Lexi Show
The Lexi Show Hace 11 días
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