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Artificially_ Unknown
Artificially_ Unknown Hace 4 d铆as
what about the hair
Acostini Again King 2005
Robert Engelbrecht
Robert Engelbrecht Hace un mes
Bad mom
Billyjarv49 YT
Billyjarv49 YT Hace un mes
colleen will never give her baby away
Kai the Anti glitch
Luta The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Fans 2018
Oh you such a bad mum! 0:34
Puon puon puon Yea yea yea
Haters back off season 3 please
tankthelegend7 7
tankthelegend7 7 Hace 2 meses
I hope she feels ugly cuz she is i know I鈥檓 being rude but it is true
what do you want
what do you want Hace 2 meses
You ARE a bad mom. Your child should've been taken away from you! You ABUSED him. You should've put him in foster care or put him up for adoption.
Toni Cates
Toni Cates Hace 2 meses
Ching oscar Kwok
Ching oscar Kwok Hace 2 meses
Why would you give out your baby
1077man Hace 3 meses
Who would go to to this sluts concert
You鈥檙e Gross And Smelly!
Silly Sevan
Silly Sevan Hace 3 meses
Thumbnail is a little creepy
Travel Budds
Travel Budds Hace 3 meses
Can I please have 333 tickets
Malyslothgamer 8210
Malyslothgamer 8210 Hace 3 meses
Gamer and Vlogs
Gamer and Vlogs Hace 3 meses
Nobody likes you and you do to much lipstick
Zuleyka Luciano
Zuleyka Luciano Hace 4 meses
You don't want anybody to take your baby miranda
Bobby Bell
Bobby Bell Hace 4 meses
Does she really talk like that ?
Meera Wall
Meera Wall Hace 4 meses
You are bad mom
Donna McNamara
Donna McNamara Hace 4 meses
Boston Massachusetts what about us we would love to see you
Donna McNamara
Donna McNamara Hace 4 meses
Please come to Boston Massachusetts on your tour
Donna McNamara
Donna McNamara Hace 4 meses
Boston mass we want to see you
Donna McNamara
Donna McNamara Hace 4 meses
Boston mass
Donna McNamara
Donna McNamara Hace 4 meses
What about Boston
Donna McNamara
Donna McNamara Hace 4 meses
What about Boston Massachusetts
Queen Kiwi
Queen Kiwi Hace 4 meses
After she cut of her hair how is it stil long ?
Jack Tierney
Jack Tierney Hace 4 meses
Nobody gives a shit
Anjelica Lewis
Anjelica Lewis Hace 4 meses
Please come to Ontario Canada!
KeiraPlays Roblox
KeiraPlays Roblox Hace 4 meses
KeiraPlays Roblox
KeiraPlays Roblox Hace 4 meses
Skylar:hey Miranda I鈥檓 ur bigggggggest fan so yah馃槀 sky: im you鈥檙e enamel your a big failure to every one. Your eeeevel Your Netflix show is horibal馃槤馃槧
Brianna Duncan
Brianna Duncan Hace 4 meses
Tan Rama
Tan Rama Hace 4 meses
Tan Rama
Tan Rama Hace 4 meses
Who want me child
Tan Rama
Tan Rama Hace 4 meses
Good mom(bad)
Yara Mhanna
Yara Mhanna Hace 4 meses
Miranda I鈥檓 not a bad mom I just don鈥檛 want my kid
kenny lyn
kenny lyn Hace 4 meses
Your a tarable parent what do you think your kid will do when he / she sees this video and gets bullied because your anoying idiot
Sparkly Cheer
Sparkly Cheer Hace 4 meses
Miranda has something in her Bottom tooth 馃槀馃槀 luv u girl!
3clipse Hace 4 meses
Hyuna and Jimin
Hyuna and Jimin Hace 4 meses
She Scared Me
Mayra Ramos
Mayra Ramos Hace 4 meses
Simple Psychiatry
Simple Psychiatry Hace 4 meses
Im a grown ass man and physician and i watch miranda sings in the hospital during my breaks
UwU Gacha
UwU Gacha Hace 5 meses
That鈥檚 just sad
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Williams Hace 5 meses
I'm sike
Ph岷 Tr峄峮g Ngh末a
come to Asian Miranda pls!!!
Jelisaveta Nedeljkovic
Ova zena je urnebesna, msm da joj je kamera malo preblizu lica馃槀馃槀馃槀ali ova zena stvarno zna da zasmeje nekog
madison dubord
madison dubord Hace 5 meses
Did anyone else see that she had something in her teeth. Like if you did.馃憤馃徎 猬囷笍 猬囷笍 猬囷笍
Ms Maria Channel
Ms Maria Channel Hace 5 meses
51 hahahahhahahah
Tilly鈥檚 Autobook
Leah heyburgh
Leah heyburgh Hace 5 meses
You are such a bad mom image someone never wanted you how would you feel
User Auth
User Auth Hace 5 meses
Desiree Trammell
Desiree Trammell Hace 5 meses
Reianah Due帽as
Reianah Due帽as Hace 5 meses
I dont care your just a bad mom
Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson Hace 5 meses
You actually cut your hair
Tonya B
Tonya B Hace 5 meses
0:29 to 0:30 lol
Idontcarebear Hace 5 meses
If you throw it own child away I'll jump off a cliff
Gabriela Franco Becerra
Bardomiano Antunez
Bardomiano Antunez Hace 5 meses
I wonder if collen is going
Holly Bingham
Holly Bingham Hace 4 meses
ur kidding right
David Sokolowski
David Sokolowski Hace 5 meses
You鈥檙e not serious, you are giving away your child!馃き馃槷 You are going to miss him
Zaw Oo
Zaw Oo Hace 5 meses
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