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In today鈥檚 video, we do pick a card to look at important messages from your spirit guides.
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Group 1: 1:58
Group 2: 10:02
Group 3: 22:45
Group 4: 33:36

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These are for entertainment purposes only. Tarot is not 100% accurate and that is okay. YOU are held accountable for any choices and decisions you make after watching any tarot reading.






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Kirby鈥檚 Thicc Thighs
Group 2. I had an emotional breakdown about two hours ago and suddenly got the urge to find a tarot card reading. I scrolled through youtube for a bit and once i saw this video, group 2 jumped out at me immediately. The reading resonated so scarily well, and i鈥檓 forever thankful for this video. If i had t seen this, i probably wouldn鈥檛 have made it to tomorrow. My ex (who was extremely manipulative) has tried talking with me again and my family is trying to get me back with him, despite knowing what he did and how he treated me. He鈥檚 always been rude, and i鈥檓 finally realizing some of the reasons why and how i can improve myself because of this reading. I鈥檓 almost in tears all over again. Genuinely, thank you. I鈥檓 so grateful that spirit lead you to make this video and then lead me to it. Blessed be馃挅
ThemisadventuresofLu Hace 8 d铆as
#2 thank you so much. I assumed that everyone coming down on me was just them pushing me, but it seems more so it鈥檚 them picking on me :鈥). You鈥檝e provided me with a lot of comfort, thank you
Rachel S
Rachel S Hace 9 d铆as
You have a Steven Universe Vibe! 馃グ
the light of all pervading
You are pure amazing n how accurate can you get鉂ゐ煓忦煂堭煡 yes I have a new business venture that's put on hold coz of the finances so that's why I just got into tarot( been doing it since 2000 but never monetized felt the need so did now) pile 2 I was. Thankyou ever so much
Martina k
Martina k Hace 23 d铆as
Group 2: you hit the ball!!!! :):) i cant believe it, how accurate you are. Wow... !!! Thanks:)
Clique SL
Clique SL Hace 26 d铆as
#2 .. U r being bullied. On point..馃挃... Thanks for saying I'm awesome鉂
Utp Ach
Utp Ach Hace 28 d铆as
Totally, teacher, job , coworkers, jealousy
Heather Leon
Heather Leon Hace un mes
2.. my mom
KrissyMoon Hace un mes
Like #3- hit right on the spot. I鈥檓 in a tough relationship where we just don鈥檛 get along anymore and have been talking about splitting up. This message just cleared things up more and made me realize I am making the right decision to move on from him and be on my own again! Thank you! 鉂わ笍
Hege Fredriksen
Hege Fredriksen Hace un mes
Love your readings and spirit! You have a great sense of humour. Thank you for taking the time to create these very valuable videos. Take very good care of YOU! Kind regards and many blessings.
Mira Sofi-Anek
Mira Sofi-Anek Hace un mes
I love your hands!
Viktor Norris
Viktor Norris Hace un mes
馃挌 I love your readings; just sayin' 馃槉馃槈 Also I want you to know that #4 was my pile and you nailed absolutely everything! I'm very grateful for talented readers such as yourself providing the reassurance and messages from Spirit. Blessed Be! 馃挌
saippis Hace un mes
This was sooo amazing! I felt the group 3 was for me and both messages was for me omg this is so empowering! Thank you from Finland 馃檹馃徑馃槆鉂わ笍
Tenebrae Amos
Tenebrae Amos Hace un mes
Chose group 1, my spirit guides really want me to enter being a spiritual advisor of sorts and there has been so much confirmation lately
lightningkyuu Hace un mes
Pile 2 Today, I managed to ask for help about my mental health. But when I talked to my friend about this she just told me that what I'm feeling is normal for people our age. After that, I started to doubt if I really needed help. But I got to your reading and it said that I am on the right path. I do understand where's my friend is coming from. Thanks for the reading.
Jade Mitchell
Jade Mitchell Hace un mes
Picked pile #3 and both circumstances resonated with me perfectly, thank you so much for this reading. god bless 馃枻
sivo Ravono
sivo Ravono Hace un mes
Love your reading. Thank you.
S Lee
S Lee Hace un mes
Thanks so much for this reading!
Fay Hildred
Fay Hildred Hace un mes
Group 2
yaho Hace un mes
Group #1! I was literally just venting/journaling about how I don鈥檛 know how to move forward and I feel stuck and this came up in my recommended...and pile #1 resonated so deeply that I had to take notes. Thank you so so much 鈾ワ笍 I also started to see a bit of group #2 as I was typing this, and it also applied in a way. Interesting!
Melanated Carissa
Melanated Carissa Hace un mes
pile 2 my family !!
hellonatjo Hace un mes
Barbara Lynch
Barbara Lynch Hace un mes
#1 - I'm always distracted - I'm a Gemini!
Luna Pink
Luna Pink Hace un mes
Thank you! I totally needed this!
Jennifer Foster
Jennifer Foster Hace un mes
Holy shit this spot on I chose pile two this described exactly what is going on
R A Hace un mes
8:40 .... woah I'm thinking of participating in a project this made me feel better
lovepeach Hace un mes
T. Hepner
T. Hepner Hace un mes
Holy heck... #2 is literally my roommate situation right now. It's beginning to feel like a Mean Girls situation.
Love and Other Emotions
4 is my life path number, i chose this one today on February 11th... it is SCARY in such a good way how on point the reading was. i have an ex who severely abused me, about three years ago. since then, i have come into a healthy relationship, a good group of friends, a good job, etc etc. this person told me i wouldn鈥檛 amount to anything and that my music wouldn鈥檛 make me successful, they physically hurt me, they psychologically abused me, i mean you name it, it happened. today, on my way to work i had THE WORST panic attack/ptsd episode i had ever had in the last three years. i was triggered by a flashback of this ex. i am so so so so ready to LET THIS SH*T GO. and your reading, i watched this a couple days after the full moon in leo. timing is crazy, the universe works in wonderful ways... thank you for existing 馃挆 seriously.
Genevieve Scott
Genevieve Scott Hace un mes
I chose #2 - and you hit the nail on the head! I can't believe how accurate this reading is...although I'm still waiting for the ending. Thank you for the reading.
澶忕摲Lunaa Hace un mes
2. Thank you really grateful.
Lilly Hace un mes
#2 thank youuuu 馃檹 I did a tarot for myself yesterday and it was about work, trusting my guts and not spending time with ppl I don't feel the vibe, now this video pops up and boooom coworkers again 馃槉馃 thank you
Chandra lee
Chandra lee Hace un mes
Group 4 I'm leo and it's the full moon in leo lol
BLACKNIGHT7666 Hace un mes
sujata khound
sujata khound Hace un mes
Group 2.Awesome.Thank You.
Marz Hace un mes
2,3- omg spot on 馃憦 exactly what I was thinking about right when I clicked the video. Thank you so much 馃檹 馃鈥嶁檧锔 馃嵉 馃寵
Meghana Falsamkar
Meghana Falsamkar Hace un mes
I love your readings so much!!! Your way of speaking is amazingly positive and loving. Number 2 here by the way. Sending you love.馃挅
TS St. Louis
TS St. Louis Hace un mes
#2. Yes, just one family member.
Angi Marie
Angi Marie Hace un mes
I love this very much! Also, if you don't mind my asking, which decks are you using? I ask because a few of those are extremely striking!
The Real KiKi
The Real KiKi Hace un mes
That intro story is peak master manifestor energy!
Lady Oblivious
Lady Oblivious Hace un mes
This was a really interesting reading for me because I kept seeing 3 and 4 as the piles to choose and they ended up sounding like one long message from my spirit guides. It's also interesting because I check out my readings for my twin flame and my future spouse and I couldn't help but notice they sounded so different from each other, as if they were 2 different people. It's interesting the more readings you do, the more clear things seem.
馃専Earthly Soul馃専
#4 Thank you so much! Messages received and very much appreciated 馃馃挅
ND Hace un mes
thank you so much for this reading honestly you鈥檙e really helping me with my journey and staying strong鉂わ笍鉁
smkeangel Hace un mes
(group 2) 18:51 i would absolutely love to be able to stop talking to my mom (i know she's the one doing this, she's done a whole bunch of stuff that's lowkey fricked me up) but,, i live with her and not talking to her is going to make things a whole lot worse. i would love to get away (me working hard to start my dreams, probs resulting in the take a break card) but i'm stuck here. i'm able to hide away in my room for a few days but if i go completely silent on her, who knows what she'd do.
Lyndsey Smith
Lyndsey Smith Hace un mes
your 鈥渉i鈥 at the beginning of these videos is so pure
autumn Hace un mes
oh my god. stack #4 .... i resonate so much.
Tammy M
Tammy M Hace un mes
Exactly what I needed to hear. So accurate. Thank you!
Tamanna Sharma
Tamanna Sharma Hace un mes
You are so accurate. I always resonate with the reading. Thank you so much for the help 馃挄
Diana Dinah
Diana Dinah Hace un mes
Your readings are very accurate. Thank you
Maia Elton
Maia Elton Hace un mes
Pile 3 I鈥檓 in a relationship with a guy that I really love. He somewhat reminds me of a male version of me. However, I know that him and I won鈥檛 be together forever. I get into relationships with a goal of marrying them and seeing a great future with them. I know there鈥檚 potential for that but it鈥檚 just really hard to process that I鈥檓 basically with him when I know I won鈥檛 be with him forever. Idk. The situation I鈥檓 in is very confusing. I also don鈥檛 know what the point in me saying this is lol.
slick rescues
slick rescues Hace un mes
Spot on. Thank you.
beckysld22 Hace un mes
#1 - this was THE single most accurate reading I've ever had. I really needed to hear this
Laura Godin
Laura Godin Hace un mes
I picked 4 馃槏馃憤
ICEPOT GaaLaXY Hace un mes
Excuse my language but HOLY DONKEY DONG THAT RESONATED! 2222/10.馃榿(pile 1)
mie b
mie b Hace un mes
I love your readings and 2 was on point. I was working on my root chakra and just got to the part where I can admit being bullied as a child all the way up has affected me this definitely resonated
Becca Emerson
Becca Emerson Hace un mes
much love for pile 1
Erin Kyle
Erin Kyle Hace un mes
#2 could not have been more pertinent to my life. Thank you!
Lisa Latimore
Lisa Latimore Hace un mes
Group #2 was my pick from my spirit guide. She is always on point 馃憖
The Cosmic Queen
The Cosmic Queen Hace un mes
Group 3, I felt that both messages were for me lol
Jasmine Art
Jasmine Art Hace un mes
#1 Thank you and much love and light to you 馃挌馃挌馃挌
Blind Psychics
Blind Psychics Hace un mes
group one. very keen
Introvert 4life
Introvert 4life Hace un mes
#2 饾暘饾晼饾暏饾暏饾暏饾暏 饾暈饾暘 饾暐饾晼饾晵饾晹饾暀饾晼饾暎馃槗馃檮
Rose Isabella Phoenix
#2 new sub you are amazingly intuitive! I love your voice and hand movements! Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you
Tim Krishna
Tim Krishna Hace 2 meses
Ty for the reading. Love vids like this. Going to sub
Christinie Beenie
Christinie Beenie Hace 2 meses
Picked 3. First card was Taurus. My birthday is April 21st. I quit my job on Sunday. And moving back to my hometown in April. Everything she said about work, relationships, personal, etc. Resignated with me 100% I deeply needed this. Thank you. 馃挌
Mitsuki12131 Hace 2 meses
Group 2 called out to me, and thank you so much for channelling this, definitely the reassurance I needed. 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Ceren Kuzu
Ceren Kuzu Hace 2 meses
Your words are just beautiful songs to my ear. You really do a great and sincere job. Thank you for your work. Have a nice one! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Raven M.
Raven M. Hace 2 meses
#3 go hang out with your pets Me: *petting my cat* Well, I guess I'm doing the right thing lol
WoaWhat Hace 2 meses
Thank you!
Sude Parlak
Sude Parlak Hace 2 meses
Turkish captions please 馃檹馃徎
Metu Ravi
Metu Ravi Hace 2 meses
That was really amazing Thanx for the lovely reading
Vern Zwaag
Vern Zwaag Hace 2 meses
Bloomberg ads! Really
vegi15 Hace 2 meses
Omg. Thank you so much.
Lainey M
Lainey M Hace 2 meses
i just did a tarot reading for myself like an hour before watching this and group number one basically said the same thing but with a little more information thats crazy
Fxckoff ;}
Fxckoff ;} Hace 2 meses
This is so crazyyy my brother did a reading on me yesterday and it said that i need to focus on my self worth and that a new relationship was coming and i need to be confident and pile 3 resonated with the same reading
bratzanghellz Hace 2 meses
this was perfect and exactly what i needed!
All Sie
All Sie Hace 2 meses
This video hit spot on! I鈥檓 wanted to do a tarot reading and this was the first video that popped up. Everything made perfect sense and was in perfect relativity to my situation. Thank you super moon tarot. Your amazing. Sending blessing and positivity your way
Jade Warren
Jade Warren Hace 2 meses
2 :)
Vanessa D
Vanessa D Hace 2 meses
Group 2: HECK YEAH 馃拑馃徑
Buttercup Hace 2 meses
I picked card 2, and it feels so real. I have a friend who is a good friend of mine, but we both do things like craft and sing. And there are times that when I call her or facetime her, and I talk about the exciting stuff I get or the stuff I finish. She kind of gets annoyed and jealous. She'll get kind of mean and she'll say something to make me feel bad for her. But I don't feel as if it's being mean, she kind of sees me as inspiring. But it sucks when I want to talk about something cool I saw, and she gets mad at me. :( But she's slowly getting better at it. Like she's starting to do things that I don't do, and it makes her feel better.
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