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5 ene 2020






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Kino Tarot
Kino Tarot Hace un mes
TIMESTAMPS #1 (Rider-Waite Tarot) - 1:40 #2 (Crystal Power Tarot) - 24:47 #3 (Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot) - 49:03 #4 (Starman Tarot) - 1:08:43
SheRenewsALL Hace 9 días
#4. The first sign you suggested for him is Aquarius. Check. I can definitely see him being the bright Sun and truth be told, I need that energy. I'm definitely the more reserved/quiet one. Looking forward to our union during Libra (my) season or in 11 months! -2/14/2020
Bhavna K
Bhavna K Hace 24 días
Mariela Hernandez
Mariela Hernandez Hace 25 días
@Kino Tarot I was drawn to #3 & it’s mind blowing, I got goosebumps! I can’t describe how you did it, it was like I was having a personal reading. I met a Libra man a month a ago & I myself am a Libra woman & this describes us, how we really feel about each other, & though we haven’t made it official yet it feels magical & indescribable, even a little crazy too because it’s only been a month but in our hearts we already believe that we are meant to be. Thank you so much💖
kirdot2011 Hace 25 días
@Kino Tarot pile nr 1 my perfect gf I`m trying to manifest in my life!
French Vanilla
French Vanilla Hace un mes
Group #2 🌟💖💍
Meas Mony
Meas Mony Hace 15 minutos
I binged watching these tarot videos and got the same result... 😶
BTbleSsed Hace un hora
“Maybe you’re going to meet this person at a party, at some sort of gathering with friends” Bold of you to assume I have friends.
Sophia cobos
Sophia cobos Hace 2 horas
“i think this is a ex which may not be exciting” me: 😶🤚
Francinne Beatriz
Francinne Beatriz Hace 4 horas
did she libra, uh yes yes yes pls, my crush is..is a libra-
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez Hace 4 horas
♍..#2...Resonates. Am known as free spirited type at times .He does have huge followers online. Yes, have authentic self grounded Genuine zany wild roots can be hardcore when the push comes to shove. I am past these friends stages outgrew them type of opinions or to go out have to have fun with friends they can be your best friend one day the next day turn on you.
Camall Marisa
Camall Marisa Hace 5 horas
She really do be 100% accurate
Angel Tyler
Angel Tyler Hace 6 horas
when she said my soulmate would be an aquarius I freaked out bc that’s my crush’s sign 😳
Jessa Ngojo
Jessa Ngojo Hace 12 horas
I binged 3 straight videos from Kino and it's been a mind-blowing journey because she got it all right (?) 😔💛
Hotelpastis Hace 13 horas
I picked pile 3 and I have to say for some reason I have had a sense that summer time is going to be important for me! 😎
Catherine Hace 14 horas
Girrrrrlllll... This lines up so well with the deck I picked in Shonnetta's video about who I'm going to marry, it's honestly kinda scary. Is my next relationship gonna be my last??
Kaitlyn Watkins
Kaitlyn Watkins Hace 14 horas
Morena Bonita
Morena Bonita Hace 17 horas
The giggling is distracting.
Jen Hace 23 horas
pile 4: very intresting. I just don't really resonate with the one doing the first move. I am a rather shy person so I can't see myself doing that but who know anyway
khushi patel
khushi patel Hace un día
i feel like the person shes describing is me and the person who is supposed to be my soulmate is watching. Like the person she is describing is me. this is so wierd.
k Hace un día
#1 and #4 for his and my energy. your readings are so so so good.
v. bergs
v. bergs Hace un día
#2... hope so, tired of being an option.. and I love flowers!
Laura J
Laura J Hace un día
#3 💜🙏🏻
WhatwouldPICARDdo Makeitso
Thank you for sharing. I picked no 2 and I was nodding all the way through. The funny thing is I have some flowers on my table and today I changed the water and I was thinking of this man and that I think he will like to buy me flowers when we get together. Also today I was wondering if he would like my dog as he has a cat. I’ve not thought that before so it’s weird you mentioned flowers and the dog barked.lol . But also the rest of it is spot on. He was a respected professional who I met with regarding my son when he was very young. I remember how I had 15 mins slot but after 45 mins I said wasn’t you supposed to go and he said it’s fine...the feeling he wanted me to stay was overwhelming. Every time I see him his eyes go from pale blue to navy..he so intense when listening to me..like he’s savouring every word..but it’s not creepy, I’ve not see him do it with others.id be in a room and he just looks at me ignoring all others, but he knew I was in a long term relationship . First time I walked past him I felt every molecule vibrate in my body and I thought I was going to pass out as I walked directly pass him I felt more of a woman than I ever felt and it wasn’t sexual, then after that every time I saw him the feeling of merging and I didn’t what that was . I was then in a long term relationship and loved them but this man was something else. Didn’t see desired man for year then one day spirit told me to go somewhere completely different and there he was he was so so pleased to me and so was I . I saw a golden portal open and lights shining and other stuff and he begun to chat me up and I ran... literally. 👠Idiot. Years later I’m single and learnt what a twin flame is and this is what we are. I Saw him 2 years ago with a partner but I know he feels the same. I’ve been told by trusted medium we will be together in this life. I also believe it’s this spring like you said.gosh how I feel about him and what I know he likes about me is spot. You nailed it.👍🏻💫💋✨💛thank you 💫❤️
Marina Cake
Marina Cake Hace un día
Are you spying on we or what? This is so accurate
Ashley P
Ashley P Hace un día
Her: “What they would like you to work on” The cards: DEATH Me: imma fucking die!?!
Ashley P
Ashley P Hace un día
“You’re gonna meet them at a party” went to my uncles birthday and saw a cute tall guy likeeee 😳 and she said I’m sensing Leo and guess wtf I am
natrisha mahadzer
natrisha mahadzer Hace un día
yes... i kinda have a crush on my ex... she's describing him the only thing is that he's not a cancer ...
ANGHELA 10 Hace un día
Pile 1, that was so me😂 careless-air head, but demn. I'd demn, Id give a hella lot to with that relationship goin on😂. Me being the lucky go lucky while him being my baby protective dragon, like -sigh- just so, nice.💕❤️
Gita Aurell
Gita Aurell Hace un día
don't give me hope
Brianna Salcedo
Brianna Salcedo Hace un día
im so glad i picked card 1 i felt attracted to it and it’s so cuteeee 🥺🥺
Shivanshi Agarwal
Shivanshi Agarwal Hace 2 días
Deck#2 Dis can't get more accurate..... talking to a cancer Right now...nddddd we will meet fr d first time at exam..nd he is hurt by his past rel..Im blownn🤯
Moca Hace 2 días
#4 & 3
Nobody Hace 2 días
The accuracy of this scares me...I really hope the actual relationship comes true too.
쏘울메이트 Hace 2 días
Pile 1 I hope I can find somebody like that lol it was really lovely reading. Thank you!
kalyn howard
kalyn howard Hace 3 días
Picked star man tarot and I’m hurt 😞 everything is accurate from insta connection to natural flowing conversations, them thinking I’m not interested ( because I’m terrible at showing interest plus I’m scared of being interested...) plus she’s a Gemini 😫 I’m upset
Kaysie Karolina
Kaysie Karolina Hace 3 días
Group 1 ☺
m a r i n a
m a r i n a Hace 3 días
Pile 3 🤩
jade janak
jade janak Hace 3 días
ive done this 4 times. on 4 different videos trying to get answers about this guy. ALL 4 HAD THE 4 OF WANDS. im kinda happy :)
Orsi Dirda
Orsi Dirda Hace 3 días
This was such a lovely reading, would be nice if it would come true 🙂
Julia Todoran
Julia Todoran Hace 4 días
im new to readings; two decks were drawn to me and I picked them both, is that allowed? Did I break some kind of rule?
Julia Todoran
Julia Todoran Hace 4 días
when you literally describe this guy I've been dreaming about. oh lawd
Adele Moravcov
Adele Moravcov Hace 4 días
- I went to look at this just to see whats there in store for me bc Im in no contact with my ex who I still like but didnt think this video would be about that... I picked Crystal Tarot and now Im SHOCKED! I didnt expect it at all. WOW maybe there truly is still hope for us. Especially with that flower delivery, bc most of our affection gifts were flowers. - Also: "Maybe they are artist and have fans"... my ex is literally an actress and went through a lot to get there LOL Whats even happening? How do you know? lol I keep watching these readings and I keep looking for a message that says its over for us but I keep getting hope instead lol I truly dont know what else I need to hear to finally believe it bc I keep worrying this is all not true. - Lol my friends were that happy when I first got with my ex, now Im not sure they would be bc they are upset my ex hurt me.
Vaishali sheoran
Vaishali sheoran Hace 4 días
everything made sense 100%
Purple Diamond
Purple Diamond Hace 5 días
I got group 2 and it is very accurate to how things are going with my crush right now. If this is true then I’m excited to start our relationship. It has been emotionally painful to not be able to get with them and be near them but according to these cards that will end soon and we will be closer than ever. That is exciting! I will try to come back and update this comment in the next months. P.s. I just saw the rest of my pile and it is still so gd accurate!
Hien Ngo
Hien Ngo Hace 5 días
Ahhhhh I picked deck 3 and I’m soooo nervous 😂
Layla Hace 5 días
1# That person sounds familiar🤔 haha thank you love💜
Sigrid Manoufar
Sigrid Manoufar Hace 5 días
#4 : maybe 11 months from now Me: damn i have to wait another YEAR? Smh
Sara L
Sara L Hace 5 días
*Me thinking about my - probably - impossible crush with a "popular" capricorn guy* i chose pale 2. ""I think he's a very popular person, it could be Capricorn" wait wait wait wait
Yeh Hey
Yeh Hey Hace 5 días
The relatableness is so accurately scary though i am crushing someone exactly like my card in no 1
Yeh Hey
Yeh Hey Hace 5 días
This is scary no lie
Joy Ligaya
Joy Ligaya Hace 5 días
Annali Tavares
Annali Tavares Hace 5 días
Ethereal. ❤️
Cathy Hace 5 días
#3 thank you 😊
John Daryl Ocampo
John Daryl Ocampo Hace 5 días
Thank you so much for this amazing reading T-T
TST 89
TST 89 Hace 5 días
#2 for future spouse
uh. kk
uh. kk Hace 5 días
When your deck is a rainbow deck and you just so happen to be bi
sierra barnes
sierra barnes Hace 5 días
Reading: how will their parents see you Card : hang man😬
Karina Madislam
Karina Madislam Hace 6 días
Omg I feel like number four is me 🤣 I’m an Aquarius and I don’t want a relationship. Guess I’m dating myself then.. 🤣🤣
Camden Mya
Camden Mya Hace 6 días
Group 4💚💚💚
Sophia Yogamaya Fong
Picked number 4. And shit. I’m dead. We both have very similar interests and we can talk about anything under the sun. He’s a lawyer, we both studied law. And when Justice came up. My heart stopped. Also when you said 11, he actually moved to the country in November last year. F me. Everything else was accurate. Lets see where this goes.
who is michalina
who is michalina Hace 6 días
you make the best and most accurate readings on yt wow I’m amazed
Yvonne Zeng
Yvonne Zeng Hace 6 días
I picked #2.. so i’ll be back at the end of the year with updates !!
Shellshell Badasz
Shellshell Badasz Hace 6 días
I hope so tired of the same. Men. God bless me
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