1,000 HP Buick Grand National - Muscle Car Insanity!!

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Jamboolio records one of the most insane Buick Grand National's in the world fitted with a 1000 hp Big Block V8 engine!
This 100% street legal Blacklist muscle car beast makes a helluva loud sound from its exhaust, does smoky burnouts and clocks the 1/4 Mile in 10,012 sec @ 150mph (242,26 km/h). It's all in the video, enjoy!
Driver: Janne Uskali
Summon the Rawk Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Location: Burnout Party 2016
Kiikala Airfield, Finland
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Watch in High Definition (1080p HD).
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Raymond Wilson
Raymond Wilson Hace 3 meses
I thought I was going to see a Grand National on here if doesn’t have a six in it then it’s just another G body
Egypt Son
Egypt Son Hace 6 meses
Kinda Looks like a "GN"... Smells like a "GN".... Runs like a "GN"....Doesn't sound like a "GN".... The first runner wanted to beat you sooo bad that he over smoked the wheels and lost. Just couldn't quite catch that balance point. I've seen this more times than i can count. When the car at the light beside me would bring big smoke, the people would say "OOOOOOOHHH!! I'd be like "YAWN" 😴 smoke 'em when we start the race and enjoy my tail!! Haaaa!!!
fisty mopar
fisty mopar Hace 11 meses
It's not really a b g n without the 231 now is it? Now it's like everything else
Jamie Eisenhower
Jamie Eisenhower Hace un año
Where's the fast Grand National motor in it
cultspaghetti Trashmovie
What a BEAST !!!!
Jose Gaona
Jose Gaona Hace 2 años
Larry Bennett
Larry Bennett Hace 2 años
Keith Scudder
Keith Scudder Hace 2 años
It's not a GN once he put's a Chevy BB in. He should have kept the V - 6
Steve Solo
Steve Solo Hace 2 años
If you are street legal/pump gas you are probably at 10:1.1 CR. So, at 10:1 and still at 1000hp you can easily add a nitrous hit and run high 8's. I see you make a ton of torque. What gear and RPM are you running it at?
TONELOWthaWRITER Hace 2 años
thats not a grandnational any more, its just a really fast regal
A-day Eight
A-day Eight Hace 2 años
i bet not one of you haters own a buick let a lone a crap as BGN i love these cars but why cry over a standard GN when the GNX was the crown i commend the brother NICE Buick and you can beat on it over and over again those ^'s are nice and capable but you just can't run them as hard and what i'm posting is not up for debate ! thankyou.
Josh R
Josh R Hace 8 meses
I own a 84 Buick regal with a Buick 350. By the way the right combination Buick Grand National is way quicker than that big block ever will be. Companies like ta performance have your parts to do it. In my eyes a Chevy motor is a dumb engine, because anybody can put it in anything cuz it's all been done. What people forget is if you have a drive and the want you can put any motor in anything. And yes Chevy has parts everywhere for their engines because every magazine pushes them. If you have everybody pushing to build a Chevy, why would any other company build parts for Buick olds Cadillac Pontiac Ford Mopar and any other brand out there if there is no demand. That's why I put a Buick 350 in my 84 Regal Limited that originally came with a V6 non-turbo. I didn't want the same old Chevy bowtie that everybody has done in a G-Body. In my eyes this car in the video is not a Grand National it's just a Buick Regal with a V8. That would be like me painting my car black putting Grand National badges on it and calling it a Grand National.
Mika Tamminen
Mika Tamminen Hace un año
I do, a 65 Skylark GranSport cab....had Buicks in the family 50yrs back...
Turbo Buick
Turbo Buick Hace 2 años
It's not a Grand National without the Turbo Buick V6..... facebook.com/Turbo.Buick.12
Kenneth Montour
Kenneth Montour Hace 2 años
I run a 70 Buick Gs Stage 1 - 700 hp - ET of 9.75 134 mph. Should have stayed with the Buick Power plant.
Paul Jeitler
Paul Jeitler Hace 2 años
ya you wouldn't run anywhere near that on a shitty road surface like he does... also trapping 150 instead of 134 should tell you that you'd probably lose
FrancisSpeak Life
FrancisSpeak Life Hace 3 años
should have kept the turbo 6 in it, and it opened parachute going 10s. this was sad to watch Jambooio
Paul Jeitler
Paul Jeitler Hace 2 años
is it really that sad to open the parachute after trapping 150 with, what might be, a short shutdown area?
R Verro
R Verro Hace 3 años
A well tuned 455 Stage 2 or 3 would do the job and hold together very well but, its not my car so...
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
Stage 455 was only built in 68 thru 70 gnx has 0 to 60 4.3 see everyone stock motor status correct me if wrong my car 1996 was true gnx not after market Bolt on 0 to 60 in 3.9
Bobby Alford
Bobby Alford Hace 3 años
You know, I built a GN CLONE, and I ALMOST put a Big Block in it. I was talked out of it. The whole reason I was going to do a Big Block was because the car was just a regal. Now I have a car that NOBODY would know was simply a Regal before I got a hold of it. It has a number 9 3.8 block with JE pistons. Its been ported in the heads and intake. The turbo is after market and so on and so forth. If I did a Big Block I would have gotten the same amount of horse power for about $7000 LESS than the way I did it. But now I have a ten second car and the only difference between it and a Grand national is 1 digit in the VIN and my car is a shit ton faster! But even though it's just a clone, I get more respect than any of the other GN owners.
Ten Second BuickGN
Ten Second BuickGN Hace 3 años
They are into the 7.90's with V6's nowadays. I think V8's are generally for people who want the simplicity of a V8
vortech ysi
vortech ysi Hace 3 años
what a slow hunk of shit. That's the most embarrassing thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Lol LMFAO
kanervatie Hace 3 años
You're driving a fucking honda. Now THAT is embarassing!!
Lance Perkins
Lance Perkins Hace 3 años
You RUINED that car by putting a BB in it. 1000hp????????? I have a T/Type dynoed at 586hp at the rear whls it runs 10.56 @ 128mph. with THE CORRECT 3,8 turbo engine.
Mika Tamminen
Mika Tamminen Hace un año
@BLK GNX #548...
Flip Irwin
Flip Irwin Hace un año
@Ten Ninecraft bullshit. Show us one. Just one
Ten Ninecraft
Ten Ninecraft Hace un año
There are gnxs running 6s with the original 3.8l
BLK GNX Hace 2 años
Lance Perkins Yea pretty sure he can do what he wants with his own car just like yourself. His car put next to yours on a actual 1/4 mile or 1/8 mile proper dragstrip would more than likely hand your ass to you. Your car is not even in this ones league. Your T/Type aint all that and a bag of potato chips. Its ok for what it is but all it takes is someone with a supra or a ctsv or a much more built GN to pull up next to you and blow your cocky purist doors off.
Paul Jeitler
Paul Jeitler Hace 2 años
I agree on not putting V8s in Grand Nationals but what if the V6 was toasted and he simply replaced it with a V8? or if it isn't even a real Grand National? Also cool that you ran 10.56 @ 128mph... on a DRAGSTRIP. You'd probably run high 12's on the same surface as this one... the trap speed alone should tell that this car is in a different league than (or is it "from" in this case?) yours... Americans always seem to forget that we don't have any proper dragstrips here in europe and mostly race on airport grade concrete surfaces...
Michael Westen
Michael Westen Hace 3 años
And that beast is street legal in Finland ? Guess I should move there ;-)
Mika Tamminen
Mika Tamminen Hace un año
not in finland, you gotta sandbag them
Paul Jeitler
Paul Jeitler Hace 2 años
mhm maybe that's how it works in the US...
steve mitchell
steve mitchell Hace 2 años
Michael Westen if a race car has working lights all around and proper glass all around ..what makes it not street legal? Even if you went to your local tag office to get a tag and told them you have a 1000 HP car they would probably say ok thats cool ...and you would walk out with a tag for it...
Jamboolio Hace 3 años
+Michael Westen Oh it sure is! Thanks man!
1Wild CamaroSS
1Wild CamaroSS Hace 3 años
Big block Chevy power!!!! Yeah budddddyyyyyy!!
1Wild CamaroSS
1Wild CamaroSS Hace 3 años
+Jamboolio I think it's bigger brother probably 496 or 540 or 555 !!!
Jamboolio Hace 3 años
+1Wild CamaroSS I think it's a 402 big-block
1Wild CamaroSS
1Wild CamaroSS Hace 3 años
+Jamboolio what's he running? Must be over 500 + cubes !!!
Jamboolio Hace 3 años
+1Wild CamaroSS Heck yeah, thanks man!
BeeonePowergear Hace 3 años
Here is more videos on that GN and Blacklist Street Racers web tv shows: esvid.net/u-BeeonePowergear
BeeonePowergear Hace 3 años
Nice video, that Blacklist Buick run on that event 9.7s end of the day, non prep track. Prep track it runs 8.9s.
montario100 Hace 3 años
I thought these usually had V6 engines
Ten Second BuickGN
Ten Second BuickGN Hace 3 años
I agree completely.
kanervatie Hace 3 años
Yeah. I think you can use any other G-body for V8-modifications, but GN is out of that group of cars.
PugilistRick Hace 3 años
Yep. the awesomeness of these cars is smoking muscle cars with much bigger engines. Getting good fuel milage and still beating the pants off everyone
kanervatie Hace 3 años
Well, because it's a GN. It's suppose to be a V6. :(
Jamboolio Hace 3 años
+Terminxman Yeah, but people swap and stroke engines in almost every other car you can imagine, so why not in a GN 😊
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