1,000 Pens Rolled into One 6FT Pen

The King of Random
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In today's video we're taking a ball point pen and scaling it up. Will it be able to write too?
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23 abr 2019

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The King of Random
The King of Random Hace 2 meses
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Pasi Pinta
Pasi Pinta Hace 13 horas
Cousin Club Gaming / Vlogs
Use this pen during a test to annoy everyone in the classroom
Cousin Club Gaming / Vlogs
World record pen, largest pen in the world
Natalie Ngo
Natalie Ngo Hace 13 días
Can I combine 1,000 pens into one?
Dean Hace 38 minutos
Is it sad that as soon as he said thalo blue I thought of Bob Ross
TopHatVelociCat Hace 21 un hora
Anyone else smile at Phthalo blue paint?
Abida Abida
Abida Abida Hace un día
3:18 that bothered me so much trying to look at
LillyCSide YT
LillyCSide YT Hace un día
What would happen if you did expirments on drawing pen ink, fountain pen ink, and rollerball ink???
Vandson Rodrigues
Vandson Rodrigues Hace un día
Hahahaha Great ending
I have small a very small penis
Me Hoy Minoy
Ray van Wayenburg
Ray van Wayenburg Hace 2 días
Nate’s giant pen is leaking. Haha
rebel red
rebel red Hace 3 días
Giant pen
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Hace 3 días
I love it when you guys make normal items a lot bigger. here’s a couple items that could be cool for you to make giant! - any stuffed animal - lightbulb - eraser - lamp - Waterbottle (specifically a camelback one would be cool) - flashlight - Fun dip - Ramen noodles. - popcorn (probs impossible tho) - pencil - Scissors - Pencil Sharpener
Cadence Peterson
Cadence Peterson Hace 3 días
At 3:17 something flashes. Did anyone else see that or was it just me?
Cooper Buch
Cooper Buch Hace 3 días
10:20 why did I think he was going to write hehe
Kaden Yorgason Progress - NO WAR
Willie Wonka's pen factory and the blue ink ticket
NeRethil Wolfsson
NeRethil Wolfsson Hace 4 días
Ok, that perspective trick was awesome x)
arch. Benjie Francisco
All u need Is just a ginormous piece of paper.....
Steven Gumke
Steven Gumke Hace 4 días
have you thought about pressurizing the tube? so it has negative pressure.
Ben Birkwood
Ben Birkwood Hace 4 días
I love your shirt Nate! Is it future merch??!?!?!??!?!?
Emma Haney
Emma Haney Hace 4 días
Bob ross
Trina Fritcher
Trina Fritcher Hace 4 días
why did a crown pop up at 3:17?
Antonio Corona
Antonio Corona Hace 5 días
11:35 okay that was actually really cool
Alexis Meier
Alexis Meier Hace 6 días
That depth perception tho
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez Hace 7 días
So because I am from a ghetto place. When we finish the deoterant we just explode it
Manly Bean
Manly Bean Hace 8 días
Don't be silly. As he's writing with a 6ft pen 😂😂😂
Jeff Swift
Jeff Swift Hace 8 días
Logan Evans
Logan Evans Hace 9 días
you fricken got me on the last part
Shani Greene
Shani Greene Hace 9 días
In the beginning he says "that's their point" there could of been a pun lols
Anthony Weeks
Anthony Weeks Hace 9 días
I would love to see this shipped to an artist and have them try drawing with it. One i would recommend is drawing with jazza. He does alot of drawing challenges
William Robinson
William Robinson Hace 12 días
The time of the glitch TKOR symbol was from 6:01-6:04
Under Armour
Under Armour Hace 12 días
At 3:17 there is a secret icon in slow motion
Beata Gettemy
Beata Gettemy Hace 12 días
make a gigantic CLICKY PEN
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto Hace 15 días
Ok but as someone who as gone to an art class for a year really ball point pens do just slide across the paper without rolling to make any ink come out and that's why you don't use ballpoint pens to outline often
Kathryn Hyde
Kathryn Hyde Hace 16 días
I had that same color as acrylic and called it confused purple 😄
Mr.Moose Hace 16 días
11:23 for the trick
Nina Hace 19 días
dill pickle
dill pickle Hace 21 un día
Are you proud of yourselves? I hope your proud of yourselves.
emma Hace 22 días
What John Hancock used to sign the constitution
DaBurgaRapta Hace 22 días
Dont be silly
contron 06
contron 06 Hace 23 días
How to Make a 6ft Pen
AdriAnne Dennison
AdriAnne Dennison Hace 23 días
10:30 hmm why did he write that
Miles Kodadek
Miles Kodadek Hace 23 días
What’s with the flashing signs
Kaydi Brito
Kaydi Brito Hace 24 días
Josie Shardy
Josie Shardy Hace 25 días
Put 1000 pencils in a 6ft pencil
Golden foxy Goldys
Golden foxy Goldys Hace 25 días
The ultra pen
Initial 1890
Initial 1890 Hace 26 días
3:18 anyone else see that?
Mustapha Abdi
Mustapha Abdi Hace 27 días
If you like reading comments thumps up 👍
Eden Wilson
Eden Wilson Hace 27 días
Anyone else thought he was ganna write help
UCMOSESYT - Universal Creator
Welcome to the pen meme comment section 👇
We Love X
We Love X Hace 28 días
Friend in writing class: "Aye you got a pen?" Me:" I mean yeah but your gonna have to stand on the table to use it." Friend in writing class:"Ok well I need it." Me: *pulls out 6ft pen* Me: *wacking kid beside me in the head while giving it to friend* Friend in writing class:"How'd you get that in class?!?!?" Friend in writing class:"Were you high when you got that in class?"
Sherika Tarver
Sherika Tarver Hace 28 días
Am I the only one that thought about Bob Ross when he said phthalo blue
Karter Mallery
Karter Mallery Hace 28 días
how'd she shrink?
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