1,000 Pens Rolled into One 6FT Pen

The King of Random
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Check out Julian's video here: bit.ly/2GCein5
In today's video we're taking a ball point pen and scaling it up. Will it be able to write too?
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23 abr 2019






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The King of Random
The King of Random Hace un año
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Tarrute Hace 9 días
1,000 pens rolled into One 6FT Pen just kidding
Anjuman Anar
Anjuman Anar Hace 9 días
Adoptme_yt Roblox
Adoptme_yt Roblox Hace 26 días
The King of Random how to build a giant pen from hard wear store
C0RGZ Hace 2 meses
INK pen The point is that there’s a lot of ink and it’s massive
Cruf1x Hace 2 meses
Why is there a crown inside a diamond at 3:17??
MetalJacx Hace 2 días
I do wish you would get more to the science end and explanation as why.
Neil James
Neil James Hace 2 días
This one reminds me of the Sponge Bob episode when they found a giant pencil and the drawings came to life
Adam Metzger
Adam Metzger Hace 3 días
I finally found a pen I wont lose.
Li Aurrecoechea
Li Aurrecoechea Hace 4 días
Nobody gonna talk about the random TKOR logo that flashed onscreen for one frame at 3:17 ?
Paige Wagner
Paige Wagner Hace 5 días
Look at que bodells there cool
John Posey
John Posey Hace 5 días
John Posey
John Posey Hace 5 días
Lamp: I was born to light! Nate: nope
Dean Jones
Dean Jones Hace 6 días
I had that deodorant when I was like 5 lmao 😂
Grant Trandum
Grant Trandum Hace 6 días
Grant Trandum
Grant Trandum Hace 6 días
Cyrus Lever
Cyrus Lever Hace 7 días
So basicly what a million graffiti and street artists have already done?
king liam mc
king liam mc Hace 11 días
I dare you to use that metal bearing as skateboard wheel
Forgiven By Grace Divine
Very clever
Cody Henn
Cody Henn Hace 20 días
NYC mop
Leonard Nicholas
Leonard Nicholas Hace 23 días
That illusion with perspective got me.. nicely done!
not a noticeable youtuber aka nany
Did not see that coming
Robin Broeren
Robin Broeren Hace un mes
A realy big bottle next
Brennan J. Conklin
Brennan J. Conklin Hace un mes
Legend has it that he’s still writing the letter to his mom
James Meyer
James Meyer Hace un mes
Yesterday was the 1 year thing for this video
NatureGaming Brothers
Wait till it collapses in his hand. And ink spills everywhere 😏
保羅 Hace un mes
Last scene was so cool XD
保羅 Hace un mes
That shirt is so cool
Lmao Bruh
Lmao Bruh Hace un mes
Vat 19 be like we do it jumbo
Abin Saji
Abin Saji Hace un mes
I have seen a zoomed in ball point pen tip and there is a lot of dents and scratches on it
Snowdrake's Mother
Snowdrake's Mother Hace un mes
That pen is very big
hillel douville
hillel douville Hace un mes
anyone else realize that Bob Ross used that type of blue a lot
Dion Lall
Dion Lall Hace un mes
Make a giant pencil
Ashura Li
Ashura Li Hace un mes
Face of a happy Nate 10:14
Ashura Li
Ashura Li Hace un mes
What's that at 3:17 ?
john babe jeszareth Capili
that optical illu
Criminson Plays
Criminson Plays Hace un mes
Anyone saw 9:11 one the wall
Criminson Plays
Criminson Plays Hace un mes
A tkor logo appears
strange vloger
strange vloger Hace un mes
Now wr need a pure ini pen
michael townly
michael townly Hace un mes
At 3min and 18 secs
Nathan Griffie
Nathan Griffie Hace 2 meses
he looked like spongebob with the magic pencil
Spencer Thomas
Spencer Thomas Hace 2 meses
41 seconds in he says “It’s much larger than a typical ball point pen, and that’s their point” lol
blade-fire inferno
blade-fire inferno Hace 2 meses
Idea: How do we use this??!?!6ft ballpoint pen!
Awesomebro Gaming
Awesomebro Gaming Hace 2 meses
Try that foam Stuff. Try it on white Is it flammable?
RAMENGAMING !_! Hace 2 meses
Pause at 3:17 it's a suprise
0MindSwept0 Hace 2 meses
11:30 Nice spatial illusion
Sparkly Heart
Sparkly Heart Hace 2 meses
Torturing a pens which of minutes straight
PoaxzIOS Hace 2 meses
Soo my teacher told us to bring writing utensils to school because she wont be giving us no pencils or markers for the whole school year and i was wondering were you can buy those pens because i think that pen will last me the whole school year
chicka chicka slim shady
Look at how big that *pen* *is*
Airglow Bro
Airglow Bro Hace 2 meses
"It was much to big to be called a pen..."
poopy cup
poopy cup Hace 2 meses
the part where callie went and grabbed the pen was awesome
Sazaka Bhushan
Sazaka Bhushan Hace 2 meses
can you fill balloons with sanitizer then pop them.
st0rm Callum
st0rm Callum Hace 2 meses
Did anyone tell you this, your a little high maintenance. Dont be silly
syrus watson
syrus watson Hace 3 meses
The tkr logo poped up around 3:16 & 3:17
Turtlecocainegaming 6584
arty dragon
arty dragon Hace 3 meses
That pen is bigger than me 😂( I'm only 11)
Elliot French
Elliot French Hace 3 meses
Comment contest: if you don’t already do enough taxes
ur boyyy
ur boyyy Hace 3 meses
It's at 3:18
Noah Hill
Noah Hill Hace 3 meses
Only thing I would have changed is I would have used clear PVC pipe looks just like a real pain
Mason Hartley
Mason Hartley Hace 3 meses
_jeo Hace 3 meses
of course you can, why not?
Jose Cardenas
Jose Cardenas Hace 3 meses
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 Hace 3 meses
3:53 that one spark looks so cool
White Eye
White Eye Hace 3 meses
This guy doesn’t know how to use those tools!!!
Cat builds
Cat builds Hace 3 meses
The Screaming Chicken Jarvis
I praydalore my sadokeep
Chloe ASMR
Chloe ASMR Hace 3 meses
Nate: its important to stay intouch with you're family?.
Shadowblade06 Gamer
Shadowblade06 Gamer Hace 3 meses
3:17 he flashed his logo on the screen for a second
Zach S.
Zach S. Hace 3 meses
You should try to see if you can make a giant piece of paper using wood pulp the write on it with your giant pen!
Brady Grodski
Brady Grodski Hace 3 meses
Just use Fortnite Creative and Scale it higher
Atticus Bragdon
Atticus Bragdon Hace 3 meses
Did anyone else see that thing at 3:17 on the right side of the screen in the video? If you did pls comment telling me what it is.
Jawad Hussain Kalwar
background music is very loud, fix it..
ExTeeSee tOaD
ExTeeSee tOaD Hace 3 meses
I've thought of this since I was 7 and I'm 19 now.
John Dave Guidon
John Dave Guidon Hace 3 meses
Hahaha didn't notice it, I thought it was just a normal pen.😂😂😂😂
Sayed Zahid
Sayed Zahid Hace 4 meses
Fun fact । No matter the size pf the ball you cant draw thicker lines is a hard plane surface..
WIF1 -
WIF1 - Hace 4 meses
HD Hope
HD Hope Hace 4 meses
6:01 time stamp
Tropsy Hace 4 meses
3:17 tkor logo splatted on screen
Dank Lynx
Dank Lynx Hace 4 meses
I wish I could’ve used that on my test for my final year in high school.
Halfblood Pixie
Halfblood Pixie Hace 4 meses
The way you say ball point pen is weird! Lol too much enthusiasm on the ‘point’ lol
Janelle Heider
Janelle Heider Hace 4 meses
Andy Mendivil
Andy Mendivil Hace 4 meses
Pause exactly at 10:30
Davian Clark
Davian Clark Hace 4 meses
You guy should but pez in your cotton candy machine and some in a freeze dryer
song recorder
song recorder Hace 4 meses
You should of just use pen ink from the pens
gurmit__ Hace 5 meses
Is this any World record you made 😅🤟
John O'Connor
John O'Connor Hace 5 meses
Fact you didnt search for this
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