1,000 Pens Rolled into One 6FT Pen

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In today's video we're taking a ball point pen and scaling it up. Will it be able to write too?
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The King of Random
The King of Random Hace 26 días
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MaXimeter HD
MaXimeter HD Hace 4 días
What to do when you have a big essay to write
cool100900 Hace 11 días
Giant pen what else is there to it
Walke RR
Walke RR Hace 25 días
“Pens for giants? DIY” or “ Never worry anout calligraphy!”
Spring Dark
Spring Dark Hace 25 días
Testing my new 6FT pen
duvvuri umamahesware India
What are those small letters and numbers appearing along with a crown in the video?
Jaday Hace 15 horas
**Doodlebob has entered the chat**
jkelley9276 Hace 17 horas
Put a Pan in the oven And then take it out And try to cook something on it
Caution Hace 17 horas
Slimelover 12345
Slimelover 12345 Hace un día
At 11:35 the giant pen looked like reaguler pen leaning against the cup
SquidTricks5 Hace un día
3:17-3:18 anyone else see that
Osei Dwomoh
Osei Dwomoh Hace un día
Zach King of Random.
KK'S VIDS Hace un día
found her
KK'S VIDS Hace un día
were is cali the ENTIR vidoe
thedarkknight1971 Hace 2 días
Subliminal icon flashed upper right part of screen at 3:18???? 🤔
Kįd ÿöúr tøxïç
thedarkknight1971 ya I always see that on every episode, what is it?
Sophie Durham
Sophie Durham Hace 2 días
Who else loves Nate’s shirt?
Alija K
Alija K Hace 2 días
ChimChim Chin
ChimChim Chin Hace 2 días
11:38, Looking closer is looks different then the others. That got me 😂
Alan McDonald
Alan McDonald Hace 3 días
You have to pressurise the ink
Moonlight Misaki
Moonlight Misaki Hace 3 días
Can you send me pens?
Vertical Gamer
Vertical Gamer Hace 3 días
*“Please sign with this pen that takes 2 hands to use”* -Cat in the Hat
Tragik Kils
Tragik Kils Hace 4 días
Pretty sure the ink will sink out
The Odd Pineapple
The Odd Pineapple Hace 4 días
I might be late, but can someone please tell me what is with the letters?
A K Hace 5 días
5:17 bob ross anyone?
daniel jones
daniel jones Hace 6 días
What’s up with the letters that randomly pop up on the screen?
Dillon Watkins
Dillon Watkins Hace 6 días
We made a GIANT 6ft pen!
Johnny's Cousin Steve
Very cool. New subscriber here. Love the visual trick at the end!
RepteyTEC Hace 6 días
With the cap off it looks like a rocket
Justin Day
Justin Day Hace 6 días
Deodorant pen?
Stoner VeeLogs
Stoner VeeLogs Hace 7 días
Basically a graffiti mop
anoumas 2
anoumas 2 Hace 7 días
3:43 that what she said
Dynamic Hace 8 días
At exactly 3:18 for like a tenth of a second you put your logo lol why
TacticalDoggo Yt
TacticalDoggo Yt Hace 8 días
Time stamp 3:17
Muhammad Janzeb
Muhammad Janzeb Hace 8 días
Why didn't you use the original ball pen ink
Salih Games
Salih Games Hace 8 días
Anyine think of the Cat in the Hat film?
jimbo111589 Hace 8 días
Pthalo blue? Bob Ross would be proud.
Liz Gamboa
Liz Gamboa Hace 8 días
4:04 I thought they were using a lint roller
mr YouTuber
mr YouTuber Hace 9 días
this a nerds dream!
Vincent Gallagher
Vincent Gallagher Hace 9 días
If you ever win a prize with a big check, bring this pen!
Enchanted diamond Teo
Blake_The_Squid Hace 9 días
Next video: Hey guys! today were making a giant thomas the tank engine
Lois Pasion
Lois Pasion Hace 9 días
is it possible to cast a sword or knife from pen nibs? please make a vid? :3
Heymommywhatdoin Gaming
3:18 TKOR symbol
Cam i get to 1000 subs Widouth any wideos uploaded?
3:17 i saw it.! 😂😂😂 Looks nice!
Hank Anderson
Hank Anderson Hace 10 días
Hahaha and by quicker he means like 1 and a half days versus using medium which takes like 2-4 days to become “dry” different colors dry at different rates. :) -a fellow artist
Mg Hpone Thant
Mg Hpone Thant Hace 10 días
Watch out monster pen coming!
Kshitiz Sharma
Kshitiz Sharma Hace 10 días
Thats Hulk's pen
Ophelia Sheep loves Sans the Skeleton
I know pranks aren't your thing but it would be amazing if you took this thing out to sign for a package or something. That's the kind of wholesome laughs I need.
XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX
XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX Hace 11 días
5:05 do I see winsor&newton?
XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX
XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX Hace 11 días
3:52 I’m always scared of those sparks
Ethan Winters
Ethan Winters Hace 12 días
2:08 w
kamran nazir
kamran nazir Hace 12 días
you need bigger hands too
Koala Master
Koala Master Hace 12 días
3:17 king of random
Manish Ramlakan
Manish Ramlakan Hace 13 días
You talk too much ,talk less show the experience more
Sam van der Slikke
Sam van der Slikke Hace 13 días
Roj Brian Calibuso
Roj Brian Calibuso Hace 13 días
Boil erasable ink🤟
Chandler Zhu
Chandler Zhu Hace 13 días
I like that black t-shirt
animations !!
animations !! Hace 13 días
He mustve been great at sience and the projects at school
Brendan Wilcox
Brendan Wilcox Hace 13 días
I haven't heard the words "pthalo blue" since Bob Ross, thank you for the throwback
Theo Shahan
Theo Shahan Hace 13 días
Very Funny … 11:30
Mitchell Carpenter
Mitchell Carpenter Hace 14 días
I legit didnt even see the diiference with the big pen to the small ones
R A Hace 14 días
Definite extra points for creativity at the end
Termibot Gaming
Termibot Gaming Hace 14 días
At 11:30 I taught the pens were regular size but then at 11:40 I taught they made like 7 more huge ones and I got confused!!😂
Tamir Almas
Tamir Almas Hace 14 días
what if you mixed ink with the deodorant and then tried to write with that and maybe using a higher lb paper would help?
This reminds me of that one episode of sponge bob with the giant pencil lol
Willie Husband
Willie Husband Hace 14 días
Cool illusion
Calvin Hu
Calvin Hu Hace 14 días
Giant expo marker
Krazy Smart
Krazy Smart Hace 14 días
Can you try to make a giant mechanical pencil? I need my school supplies to last.
Jonathan Helms
Jonathan Helms Hace 14 días
Jana Brekken
Jana Brekken Hace 14 días
Make the world's largest stress ball and drop it from 85feet up
Luca Surfs
Luca Surfs Hace 14 días
Now you should make a mini pen
Dallas Woiken
Dallas Woiken Hace 14 días
I love the " ink " looked blue and black .black out lines with the blue in the middle. Great job Nate
naruto's son
naruto's son Hace 14 días
3:17 you can see the T.K.O.R. logo in the top right.
Ngt SC4R-X
Ngt SC4R-X Hace 13 días
Felix Flint
Felix Flint Hace 14 días
Draw doodlebob
khloe Dadieh
khloe Dadieh Hace 14 días
I think I have a better idea you could use a small glass bottle narrow the bottle with a blow torch make an ink compartment and then make a cap
Angel Bona
Angel Bona Hace 15 días
Has a giant pen but writes on small paper Lol
Toasty Bread
Toasty Bread Hace 15 días
SpongeBobs Magical Pen!
Supre Nova
Supre Nova Hace 15 días
Maybe put a handle on it so you can hold it better
GetGoodAt Life
GetGoodAt Life Hace 15 días
3:17 top right is da tkor
Dubwavy Hace 15 días
Do people think phthalo blue isn’t a real color ? Lool
Dubwavy Hace 15 días
11:30 that frame work !!
Dubwavy Hace 15 días
Why didn’t no one buy ink for quill pens
Sharkie •
Sharkie • Hace 15 días
Ah yes, the *pens for giants*
Unique Roblox Gaming
Unique Roblox Gaming Hace 15 días
The Crazy Pen: 1k pens into a oversized pen.
Danielle Press
Danielle Press Hace 15 días
This is from cat in the hat movie
Toxic Af
Toxic Af Hace 15 días
Cj Plays
Cj Plays Hace 15 días
1 like if you got tricked by that illusion on the last part of the vid
wowwowweebs Hace 15 días
Inbound Splash13
Inbound Splash13 Hace 15 días
Try to make a giant pencil
Hose Futo
Hose Futo Hace 15 días
3:17 was the tkol sign
Jetx82 Hace 15 días
At 3:53 who else thought it would hit u and blinked.
Damian 1461
Damian 1461 Hace 15 días
The word is write
Dark Ink
Dark Ink Hace 15 días
omg the blue ...Bob ross😭😭💗
Clumzy_ PotatoYT
Clumzy_ PotatoYT Hace 15 días
that illusion was amazing!
John Zanatta
John Zanatta Hace 15 días
Not sure if any of noticed but from 3:15-3:20 into the video their logo pops up towards th top right😑😑😕😕😶😶 my life is a lie!!!!!!!
Cp7217 Hace 15 días
Introducing.... The WORLDS MOST impracticable unpractical imperatively piratical empirical un practical imperial optical PEN!
Tyler Moen
Tyler Moen Hace 15 días
Why though
car lover
car lover Hace 15 días
Challenge: what is 12×13
DutchCheeseCake Hace 16 días
8:42 voicecrack
Crazyanimal29 Hace 16 días
Make sure you don’t loose your bearings.... I’ll go now
luke evon
luke evon Hace 16 días
Did anyone see the king of random logo at 3:17
TurtleDog Vlogs
TurtleDog Vlogs Hace 16 días
Slushy_Andy ツ
Slushy_Andy ツ Hace 16 días
DIY Pen making
Benjamin D'Alessandro
Benjamin D'Alessandro Hace 16 días
when you wrote, "Giant Pen," I thought you wrote, "Gimme Rent" xD
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