1,074 MPH BASEBALL vs. 1 Gallon of Mayonnaise - Smarter Every Day 264

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More calibration shots to come!

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I used the flags in the ground as "fiducials". You can learn more about fiducial markers here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiducia...

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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery

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I would like to thank everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon (
The Slow Mo Guys
The amount of equipment out there to produce this video is utterly insane. I think you can judge the complexity of a shoot by how many E-Z ups you have to use.
You know it's serious when the cameras have umbrella. Merry Christmas SED crew!
That half-minute diversion for getting the caterpillar to safety was absolutely awesome.
Urban Nilsson
I'd like to see baseball impacts on non-Newtonian liquids!
Forget the smooth creamy taste of Ken's extra-heavy mayonnaise, I need to know what kind of pen that is. It's clearly a unit of superior quality, in order to be so beloved by all who come in contact with it.
Carter Houle
I died when he said they dieseled mayo. Its cause it hit with so much force it compressed the mayo (oil/fuel) to the point of ignition like a diesel engine would. But those are internal combustion engines which makes it much easier to achieve that sort of compression, the air pressure delta was so great between the ball and the jug of mayo compared to the air pressure around it, it was able to achieve an external combustion by compression ignition. Which is pretty incredible.
Fix This Build That
If someone loves you as much as that dude loves his pen, you've made it.
Warren Wattles
I would love to see a high speed thermal image of the impacts, either on the steel plate or on the sprinkles. The energy of that ball is significantly being dissipated as heat, and it would be fascinating to see where it goes and at what rate it decays.
I love the relationships between sciency youtubers. Everyone will lend a hand and contribute to help a project and it’s so cool.
Imagine slaving away in Ken's Mayonaisse factory, perfecting a sauce through a pain staking process, carefully packaging for the world to enjoy the taste, and then surfing youtube and finding this, your creation becoming vaporized by a supersonic baseball.
Slow Hornet
Recently on the moon:
Cyril Johns
"You know what...it wasn't returned last time." I felt that.
A supersonic baseball hitting a gallon of mayonnaise is amusing, but making it amusing for 28 minutes is a heroic feat of ESvidry. This is a truly great channel.
The added audio for the high speed footage was great, love the live animations too. Great video Destin
flow master
The way you integrated your real time commentary of first seeing the footage with the slo mo edits make me proud to be a patreon supporter!
Scott Mulrooney
Destin, I wanted to thank you. I am currently and hopefully maintain the upswing from a serious health issue. Your videos have definitely meant the world to me. They are able to take my brain off of life and into your videos. A few questions though, are you using a Nitrogen cascade for gas for the confettie maker or just compressed air/atmosphere. And you guys made your backstop into something Jackson Pollock would find interesting. :) Keep on keeping on bud!
Harry Marshall
Question for you, Destin, if you see this :) I haven't watched it all yet so apologies if I'm asking a dumb, already answered question... When filming from the side, how do you account for the parallax effect of the lens? Only dead in front of the camera are you measuring 100% lateral movement. When the ball leaves the cannon, it is is say 10 degrees from centre of the camera line of sight. Sorry, my terminology isn't great; I'm not a mathematician or an engineer... Or is this a non factor because the same parallax is applied to the distance markers? What I'm trying to say, is that because you're looking at the ball's path at exactly 90 degrees ONLY when it's directly in front of the camera, how do you account for pixels on a 2D screen representing different distances depending on the ball's location in a 3D world?
brian williams
Hey Destin. I've been a ESvid subscriber for years. I have to say that I love watching your content, mostly because I can tell that you are doing what you were called to do. Your passion for your work and education is incredible, and we are lucky to have you here.
"MATLAB is cool but have you done plywood?" That setence should be in everery single engineering bookl in the world
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