[1 HOUR] eAeon Don't (Feat. RM) Lyrics (이이언 그러지 마 (Feat. RM) 가사) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng]

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a-wanderingcloud 0-0
I can’t get enough of this song 🎧 Thank you for this 1 hour version. Joon, I hope you got through it okay 🤍 It will be okay...
Jihad Chagdali Bekkaoui
Lugosi Lugosin
Lugosi Lugosin Hace 14 días
Im so in love with this song🥰🥰🥰
Kim Hdez
Kim Hdez Hace 15 días
Gracias 🥺❤
Shambhavi Sadawarte
Shambhavi Sadawarte Hace 20 días
Namjoons voice is so grounding.
Vera Maria dos Santos
Vera Maria dos Santos Hace 25 días
A voz do desse rapaz 👦é muito melodiosa...love this
Ирина климчук
Голоса шикарные:-)
Ирина климчук
Ребята,молодцы,альбом супер:-)
hanissophia 99
hanissophia 99 Hace 27 días
no one's talking about the lyrics I guess it's up to me. As a person who's going through this situation, I feel it so much. I love you, I love you so much. But why can't you love me like I love you? Why you always want to throw me away when things are tough but I am the one who's catching you again and again? Was I not worth any of your love like at all? if you leave, just like the lyrics said, you won't just leave but you'll take away apart of me, the me that only you know. Please tell me you don't want to leave that you want me to hug you like I always do. Why are you telling me you're tired of me? why you push me away? if love is all about push and pull like ours, then I don't wanna be in love ever again. I want to leave just as much as you do, but I can't. because I know this is our home and we'll destroy our home. I don't want to throw us away and leave behind us that has become one. don't leave so much will collapse and you know it. Because if you and I leave, then...
karla-owo Hace un mes
Ahuevo lloradita 💔
KïLLÈR ԃαԃԃу วєση ;;
Si 😩🤚🏻
Aranza Fernanda Mendoza García
Exacto 😸
swetnes St
swetnes St Hace un mes
I love the song😭😭😭
Vázquez Ale
Vázquez Ale Hace un mes
I didn't know I needed this video so bad💓
Florencia Araneda
Florencia Araneda Hace un mes
la voz de eAeon es tan especial
Brenda Rosado
Brenda Rosado Hace un mes
MERCY!!! HIS VOICE AN RM WOW these two men gave us a beauty of what we all have felt before just a class of perfect work art emotion , sultry, deep heatfelt frozen glare and i fell in love with it, some arent able to make it. threw. just wonderful!!!! been there
ak Hace un mes
namjoons humming aaa
dxvd24 Hace un mes
Justo lo que necesitaba
Naigara popo
Naigara popo Hace un mes
Boy, need to be honest, I'm so in love with Namjoon's vocal😭
aicha 05
aicha 05 Hace un mes
i feel so cosy when I listen to his voice
Zainab Ahmed
Zainab Ahmed Hace un mes
both of their voices harmonizing is such a heavenly sound omg
muah디아니 Hace un mes
Day 4 of me going to bed with this playing for me to fall asleep peacefully
mariana acosta
mariana acosta Hace un mes
comwntario en español xd.... RM mi varon uwu
김태형 Hace un mes
Muslimah Davis
Muslimah Davis Hace un mes
I'm so glad there's a one hour version because this totally hits different 😜 i absolutely love this song 😍
aicha 05
aicha 05 Hace un mes
same same same
Justina Boateng
Justina Boateng Hace un mes
this song is addicting!!
aicha 05
aicha 05 Hace un mes
i totally agree !!!
Poojitha Prabahar
Poojitha Prabahar Hace un mes
Can you do for eAeon's bye-bye song plsss.....
Simple Polish
Simple Polish Hace un mes
Can't stop listening to it !!!!
Alanis Rengifo
Alanis Rengifo Hace un mes
Diona Hysa
Diona Hysa Hace un mes
The best and calm music I've ever heard 🥺💜💜
Jashmin Kannan
Jashmin Kannan Hace un mes
Cyndell Hace un mes
BTS RM - Seoul || 1 hour
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