10 Actors Who Needed To Be Digitally Edited For Movies

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Sometimes the actors we see on the screen aren't really what they seem! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
Advancements in CG technology has not only changed the way action, aliens, and digital effects are created, but CG is now used for a lot of subtle moments in our favorite movies. No longer does an actor need to go through a full make-up and prosthetic process for certain special effects. Thanks for post-production work, nearly anything can be done, including a lot of subtle moments featuring various characters. Watch to see how actors have been edited and changed for a variety of movies including some huge blockbuster hits.
Pee-Wee Herman actor Paul Rubens was well past his prime when Netflix announced the film “Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday”. To help keep him the same age, multiple techniques were used to remove wrinkles and make his face feel younger again. Jessica Alba has a no-nude policy for her films and she stuck with it for the movie Machete where her body was digitally recreated using Cg technology. Wesley Snipes butted heads with David S. Goyer on Blade: Trinity so bad that special CG was needed just to create a dramatic shot featuring the hero. Dr. Manhattan was fully nude in Watchmen and a lot of attention was focused on a body part which needed to match in every scene it appeared in. Nicolas Cage is a huge Ghost Rider fan, but his fandom forced a few key changes and CG effects for both Ghost Rider movies. Dakota Johnson wore some cover ups while filming 50 Shades of Grey and the CG artists had to get a little creative when rendering some special hair. Watch to see all these digital edits and several others!
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kira deadnut
kira deadnut Hace 8 días
They forgot Stewart on Twilight
Scotian Coast
Scotian Coast Hace 13 días
I'm more mad that there won't be a Man Of Steel 2. 😠
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana Hace 21 un día
The ghost in the shell movie was actually pretty good. It was almost a spot on adaptation of one of the ghost in the shell animated movies, give of take a couple of scenes. Idk what people are complaining about, the major and bato didn't look particularly "Japanese" in the anime.
Vanessa Rickford
Vanessa Rickford Hace 22 días
10. I knew that 9. Whoa 8. Okay why? 7. Whoa really? 6. 🙄 5. 😟 4. Whoa what?! 3. Okay good 2. Oh my god why change her face?! 1....
ikon warrior
ikon warrior Hace un mes
Kellie Chasity
Kellie Chasity Hace un mes
Lilith Hace un mes
How did Paul Ruben every come back? He's aweful
Dave dT
Dave dT Hace un mes
How about tom hanks so he will look like the cowboy woody
David H
David H Hace un mes
I can't believe how daft everyone is about the race of Major in Ghost in the Shell... in the anime she is drawn entirely more caucasion than distinctly "asian" looking asian characters and city inhabitants. The entire point of the whole flippin movie is that her body is manufactured- and as such, the ramifications; one of which being that her body is thusly completely independent of whatever race she was born as... merely a design decision of her body's fabricators. being different is almost crucial to truly illustrate and drive home that concept. like my average or above intelligence dad who still managed to stupidly ask "why the robot would need to smoke a cigarette?" (the technician with the motile eye implants)...i guess not getting that (other than the completely androidic geishas) everyone was some degree of a trans-human...how many people didnt "get" that, i wonder?
Unknown Hace un mes
Books are better. Because movies have a lot of scenes to cut. But honestly, 50 shades series are interesting at first, but, it's boring in the long run. The situations are just repeated. There's nothing unique in it.
Neferene Hace un mes
I thought Superman looked great. I don’t see what you’re talking about and I have 20/20 vision.
beyond imagination
beyond imagination Hace un mes
Soon the actors *_will_* be robots ;-;
The Melbournian
The Melbournian Hace un mes
Why was Dakota Johnson even chosen to do the film ⁉️ She doesn’t even match the character from the book! She looks old, unattractive & can’t even act 😑
Roselle Lahoy Lahoy
why Scarlett Johanson looks like Jessica Alba?
c c
c c Hace un mes
What's the point of digitally removing nicholas cage tattoo when they could've used some makeup ?
Chloe Hace un mes
Did y’alls forget hagrid
MOSES CHRIST Hace 2 meses
you ruined your title
H F Hace 2 meses
You spelt Johansson wrong bro.
Bengt Cenatiempo
Bengt Cenatiempo Hace 2 meses
they should've just done like Caesar Romaro did with his moustache as the original Joker.
Bengt Cenatiempo
Bengt Cenatiempo Hace 2 meses
yeah I didn't know that the moustache is the reason Superman's upper lip looked so funky in Justice League.
Rly Ok
Rly Ok Hace 2 meses
Wait.... what.. .
Quentin Kelley
Quentin Kelley Hace 2 meses
Um actually that’s a lie Nicholas cage can just do that
Sseraphim Hace 2 meses
For superman, they should have just shaved his face and had him wear a fake moustache for his other movie
BabyGirl Angel
BabyGirl Angel Hace 2 meses
Why is everyone hating on Dakota?! Just shut up and keep moving.....she's obviously doing something right if she's got this many haters! Love you Dakota 💖
Abdullaev Iskandar
Abdullaev Iskandar Hace 2 meses
Did you notice how Henry Cavill grew beard in 2 sec while fight scene in toilet???
Tyrwin Lanista
Tyrwin Lanista Hace 2 meses
in rogue one, the old guy's head. The real actor died but they needed his role so CGI facial expressions for him
Arrianna Sanguine
Arrianna Sanguine Hace 2 meses
Because no woman shaves there.. my experience more than 50% of girls in millennial and younger gen... shave there.. from girl talk and such.
Jen Xoxo
Jen Xoxo Hace 2 meses
Some of these edits are cool and some over the top. but over 60 or 65 is not elder!?! I thought that was 70... 😂
Muhammad Tehsaan
Muhammad Tehsaan Hace 2 meses
should have included real life pics also...
arooj tahira
arooj tahira Hace 3 meses
Anna really??
Pupular Baguette
Pupular Baguette Hace 3 meses
I’m just starting the video and *VOLDEMORT BETTER BE IN THIS*
BehindtheWall Hace 3 meses
Screw the thumbnail's implications! Dakota is gorgeous with or without makeup!
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez Hace 3 meses
I totally forgot that Ghost Rider was Marvel.... 😭😭
campkira Hace 3 meses
Jax Hace 3 meses
I feel like I would have liked 50 shades of grey alot more if the actress was hot..she just didnt do it for me
Jax Hace 3 meses
Wait wait wait...so avatar and the spaceships from star wars aren't real?? What next.. ur gonna tell me that Peter Griffin isnt a real person 🤨
Mayti Maldonado
Mayti Maldonado Hace 3 meses
You forgot the most important one, when they had to hide Tom Hiddleston’s in Thor
bayley ludlow
bayley ludlow Hace 3 meses
this is rude
teish Hace 3 meses
jessica 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Glenn Coco
Glenn Coco Hace 3 meses
I don't care if Henry Cavill looks like a seagull (which he would never) but his sight would still make my heart beat faster than a humming bird's.
Soufflé Girl
Soufflé Girl Hace 3 meses
Gosh if they perfect this to perfection, then who needs actors anymore??? Just need stunt men and change their faces to their avatars!
Cyan Dino
Cyan Dino Hace 3 meses
Wouldn't it have been easier if they'd just asked Dakota if she could hold off on the waxing/shaving for a while? 😅
Lulu W.
Lulu W. Hace 3 meses
captain america, the first avenger’s cgi was amazing! When I watched the movie, not knowing much about evans, I thought it was quite real! Many others in the theatre did too.
LonaM4E Hace 3 meses
I wish someone CGIed my female moustache every day :D and I'd like a job well done
Agent Psycho
Agent Psycho Hace 3 meses
Chris Evans 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
tes516 Hace 4 meses
So can they cgi me in the.movies
J's Warrior
J's Warrior Hace 4 meses
before saying negative comments about dakota.. look at yourself first? are you perfect? DAKOTA IS GORGEOUS, come on.. stop the hate, that would not make you any prettier
Govin Baraik
Govin Baraik Hace 4 meses
I need the name of the track start from 0:04
zizak143 Hace 4 meses
Cover photo misleading
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool Hace 4 meses
LOL in the description it goes Nicolas Cage, Dakota Johnson, then Henry Cavill. You changed the order in the video. Weird stuff.
Hollywood movie makes things real
Natilie E. S.
Natilie E. S. Hace 4 meses
Let's cast a White woman in an Asian role and C.G. her to look more "Asian" because...that sounds right. Oh Hollywood, will you Ever LEARN😄
jowi dubolali
jowi dubolali Hace 4 meses
Watchmen was good tho
Rage and Frustration 2.0
Where is Hugh Jackman's X-24???? He was created the same way Chris Evan's skinny Steve was created.
Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl Hace 4 meses
you say it like this.. masheytti. get it?
jessica martinez
jessica martinez Hace 4 meses
What about Bella's daughter in Twilight 😂😂
Andrew Juius
Andrew Juius Hace 4 meses
1st spiderman movie - body transformation - tobey maguire
dustin fowler
dustin fowler Hace 4 meses
Ok so this vid says added pubic hair and a different video says cgi removed pubic hair. Which is it?
i candy
i candy Hace 4 meses
These days people complain about every little thing. Geez, its just a movie. If you don't like it, don't watch it. It's that easy
Kelsey M.
Kelsey M. Hace 4 meses
I don't get the Jessica one. It may not have been her body but she's still technically naked in a movie.
Dũng Phan
Dũng Phan Hace 5 meses
shut up
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Hace 5 meses
We want more *Jessica Alba*
zoha deeba Khan
zoha deeba Khan Hace 5 meses
I came for dakota's enlarged forehead 😕
Adrian Merino
Adrian Merino Hace 5 meses
Yup still mad about supermans fake upper lip 🙄
Sabrina's Soliloquy
Sabrina's Soliloquy Hace 5 meses
Is anyone else bothered by the way he said machete?
Claire Dé Lune
Claire Dé Lune Hace 5 meses
CGI pubic hair.... what the actual hell? LMAO
Bing Huiso
Bing Huiso Hace 5 meses
What does CG means? TIA
Illidan Stormrage
Illidan Stormrage Hace 5 meses
When you were talking about the 'recent CGI' in Young Leia's part, I thought it was Wilhuff Tarkin...
David Hožič
David Hožič Hace 5 meses
Noone cares if she isn't asian
penguins inadiorama
penguins inadiorama Hace 5 meses
how come most of the evans shots are stunt men? hello?
TheTrollShi Hace 5 meses
i liked the ghost in the shell
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange Hace 5 meses
Her Forehead Is Soooo Big That It Doesnt Fit My Phone Screen.....
starfetishable Hace 5 meses
W.Snipes is funny as hell lmaoo dude said nah fam Ima keep my eyes closed FOH lmaoo
Matt Krause
Matt Krause Hace 6 meses
heh heh. Wesley Snipes CGI's...CG-Eyes. ha CGI, CGEYE hahahahaha oh man that's not that funny
Matt Krause
Matt Krause Hace 6 meses
If Jessica Alba did nudie scenes she would still be getting top billing work.
Eman Ahmed
Eman Ahmed Hace 6 meses
the video is great but you put deceiving pic as a cover so i hit dislike :(
asha2569 Hace 6 meses
peewee reminds me of Spongebob lol
a pelican in the desert but not lost
pe we or paul ruben was born Born: Aug 27, 1952 (age 66) · Peekskill, NY Height: 5' 10" he was not over 60 when the movie was made. bovine scatology
Benika Zhimo
Benika Zhimo Hace 6 meses
The tumbler ... Somebody is being mean to Dakota Johnson . 😂
Kizz Ma
Kizz Ma Hace 4 meses
Benika Zhimo
Benika Zhimo Hace 4 meses
+Kizz Ma ??? Maney
Kizz Ma
Kizz Ma Hace 4 meses
Yes..... And tui sundar ase😏
x tna
x tna Hace 6 meses
Jessica Alba in fantastic 4.... Total CGI!
Princess Leia Organa
Scarlett Johansen is Asian, Scarlett Johansen is transgender, wgaf.
Princess Leia Organa
I didn't think the cgi mustache removal was bad. Terrible movie, but mustache removal aside.
TheSeoulSword Hace 6 meses
Why pronounce Machete that way?
Capps lock
Capps lock Hace 6 meses
Sino Si Mar?
Sino Si Mar? Hace 6 meses
Im just a simple person when i see fifty shades of grey I click
king jessica
king jessica Hace 6 meses
Tbh who’s actually here to see Ana’s forehead
Marc Van de Couch
Marc Van de Couch Hace 6 meses
liked for mustache reference
Tenisha Hace 6 meses
Paul reubens doesn’t age
Stone Roams
Stone Roams Hace 6 meses
Yeah Ghost In A Shell was a total mistake. For all the years I've been a fan, casting Scarlett Johansson was just a insult, an huge slap in the long time fans face. Not only was I against the movie, I absolutely do NOT like Scarlett Johansson as a actor, I hate her. I didn't even watch it, I already knew from the moment it premiered it was 💩.
Cesar Amaral
Cesar Amaral Hace 6 meses
I can't understand all the hate about Rogue One princess Leia. I really can't notice the CGI, even replaying the scene over and over.
Mauro Lara
Mauro Lara Hace 6 meses
Dakota johnson with brown eyes is a 5 or 6 at best, and that's a FACT.
Shibu P
Shibu P Hace 6 meses
Henry's mustache removal wasn't even really bad. Lol only a die-hard DC fans could say that.😂😂😂
Monick Acharya
Monick Acharya Hace 6 meses
Anyone else a bit dissapointed? :'(
Lil Boo
Lil Boo Hace 6 meses
dakota is not beautiful at all,but she’s kinda hot
Kizz Ma
Kizz Ma Hace 4 meses
She hot af
kallistiX1 Hace 6 meses
What about Armor Hammer's legendary editted nuts in CMBYM?
Veronica Albertson
Veronica Albertson Hace 6 meses
The Superman cg was the most disappointing I think, the others where understandable
Artilugo online
Artilugo online Hace 6 meses
Misleading image of dakotas face..... Thumbs down
אריאל גולני
niko parnetti
niko parnetti Hace 6 meses
Well i like to slide my fists to young boys anus holes and lick feces!
MrDarcyIsHere Hace 6 meses
I’m 29 and I prefer a full bush on a woman.
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