10 Biggest Celebrity ★ Fitness Body Transformation

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10 Biggest Celebrity ★ Fitness Body Transformation
Check out also second part esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-0LAwMzOAqKs.html
Fit actors talks about their body transformation from fat or skinny to muscular, workout, diet routine and work on the set, everything I found in interviews, movies and extras with extra humor. It took me a month to make it so I hope it's good. Enjoy!


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4 sep 2015

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munnypoltric Hace 20 horas
wouldn't it be easier to just get a few ripped body guards
Daddy Sergio
Daddy Sergio Hace 2 días
I dont wanna fight you flash
Name Hace 2 días
Chris Pratts one of those people who look hot even when they're over weight because he has a killer smile and he's funny.
Hannes Oberli
Hannes Oberli Hace 3 días
song from tom Hardy
Hannes Oberli
Hannes Oberli Hace 3 días
Fuzion Hace 3 días
how can we be sure that none of these people are on roids
Maria Colls
Maria Colls Hace 3 días
This was really inspiring. Do you have a video of women's physical transformations.
Love and Honor
Love and Honor Hace 4 días
An inspired and high motivated spirit can transforms any body.
Theodore Pitts
Theodore Pitts Hace 6 días
Thank you for sharing. I did it once before, I know I can do it again. I know being 5 years older will make it harder, but I am inspired by your video. Thank you. Some of the comments below make this sound like this is some kind of trick. No. No. I never lifted heavy. Then I said to Self. That's what I call myself, when I'm talking to myself. I am going to get ripped of DIE trying. At age 62, I could dead lift 325, shoulder shrug 495, cut my waist from 43 to 34, drop my weight from 226 to 180 in 6 months. I was in the gym 5 hours a day. Eating right. Following the exercises from 6 Pack Shortcut.This is not science fiction. This is science fact, but you must keep it up. I let my self go recently because hip arthritis and rotator cuff tear. But after treatment, I'm getting back in shape.Thank you.
Wilksy Hace 6 días
Whats the song name
Caiden Cortes
Caiden Cortes Hace 6 días
What’s the song for Brad Pitt’s transformation at the beginning?
maGoH Labramonte
maGoH Labramonte Hace 7 días
Chris Hemsworth has awesome genetics!
Galstray champhons
Galstray champhons Hace 8 días
Christian Bale 👍🏻🤙🏻👌🏻🏆🙏🏻Chris Pratt 🙏🏻🏆👍🏻
Meltem ünal
Meltem ünal Hace 8 días
There must be eric bana's transformation for troya movie.
Matthijs van der Wulp
And because all these guys had to be so big for roles so many (young) guys are on steroids now. I actually think most of them already had a very nice body. Now its all too massive
Frost Byte
Frost Byte Hace 9 días
Damn Brady's gym trainer sucks,Lot's o PED's goin around also
DoE DoOdLEs Hace 9 días
Chris Pratt has the cutest voice
The Thornton Family
The Thornton Family Hace 10 días
I love Turkey 😋😋
Baljinder Singh
Baljinder Singh Hace 10 días
What you gonna do Batman or Fatman..
Testango Hace 10 días
ma vafancul
Pls Dont Mind My ProfilePicture
Frost Byte
Frost Byte Hace 9 días
just use Roid's, do you really think theyre natty?most of these are too extreme
Luckie Verma
Luckie Verma Hace 11 días
animation shift is irritating
creators 4
creators 4 Hace 11 días
S P Hace 12 días
steroids rtardssssss..you have no idea
Opal Gem
Opal Gem Hace 12 días
Chris was a fat boy
LucarioBlaze21 Hace 12 días
You gotta make a new vid this is out dated
kimhyun joong
kimhyun joong Hace 12 días
August 2019?
the grinch
the grinch Hace 13 días
not naty
Amju dq
Amju dq Hace 14 días
You need to add Amir khan to this list... He is the most dedicated actor in his age
Smilla Hace 15 días
What about the women..?
Rowell C
Rowell C Hace 16 días
Opening song?
Barakat Ullah
Barakat Ullah Hace 16 días
Most people don't notice this but christian bale is British and he is speaking american accent to promote batman. Because americans wouldnt like a british actor playing an fiercly american bruce wayne.
dnoga03 Hace 16 días
I’ll have you know I am one of the most attractive Polish Men on this Planet. Look me up @flyyourway Instagram. Also helps being a good human 😊
Jake shanks
Jake shanks Hace 12 días
dnoga03 Your actually not that attractive I mean your not one of the most attractive ppl ever
X Pal
X Pal Hace 17 días
song 15:23
Just M
Just M Hace 18 días
What's the music/instrumental was used for the 5/7 minutes?
David Perez
David Perez Hace 19 días
It seems like Bratt pit had a better six pack on the first video, when he was wearing the cowboy hat than on the second video when he was supposed to look ript.🤦
vicente castillo
vicente castillo Hace 20 días
Henry cavill is my hero And maybe starlord
Kovu Koinu
Kovu Koinu Hace 21 un día
i never knew how absolutely TINY tom hardy was and im,, cRYING he was so SM A L L
Jeremy Nunya
Jeremy Nunya Hace 22 días
One thing that kills me is when they complain about eating plain food. Spice that shit up, make jamaican jerk chicken with beans and rice. Make an unstuffed cabbage soup with cauliflower rice. Figure out healthy foods that you like, don't force yourself to eat heads of broccoli and plain chicken breasts.
Z tube
Z tube Hace 23 días
Chris Hemsworth literally looks the same just more muscle
Kutyaütő Kis
Kutyaütő Kis Hace 23 días
The body is just a thing and temporary condition... important sometimes realy in show business... BUT THE TALENT!!! In the movie business are ACTORS. In the actors world first the talent, second the face (using that) and third, the prettyness, the body fittness (but this important only in special, preferable in the action, fight and hero movies)... On this list okay, are all pretty (temporary) and nice faced handsome guys, but who is realy talented, who can use his face perfectly, who can play all roles at least corretly (not to perfectly)??? Only a couple of star actors from this list! The best here i think is Chris Pratt, the second is Tom Hardy and the third is Ryan Reynolds. And it is the end! The others are very nice boys, very talented with pretty faces and bodies, but not especialy talented in acting... just only intermediate actors... But with these strong appearances makes good everything... ;)
Inovation on level
Inovation on level Hace 24 días
Start of the video song?????
Yoda Hace 24 días
0:10 what music?
memberWinny Hace 25 días
oh tom hardy...godlike.
Pantelis Torch
Pantelis Torch Hace 26 días
Nice video
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen Hace 26 días
*Christian Bale is the best actor :)*
For Die
For Die Hace 27 días
Respect Bale
world of games
world of games Hace 27 días
How to transform your body: Be motivated by a $10 million dollar movie contract.
Lenemus Hace 28 días
The Sun: I'm extremely hot. Chrisses: Hold my shirt. Ryan Reynolds: Hold my pajama pants. Seriously. They are falling down.
Fátima Arruda
Fátima Arruda Hace 28 días
Hugh Jackman nunca foi o mais bonito entre os galãs...no entanto; sempre foi considerado o mais atraente dentro todos. Eterno Wolverine... deixará saudades
Fátima Arruda
Fátima Arruda Hace 28 días
Ou melhor dizendo "dentre todos"
vladi muñoz
vladi muñoz Hace 28 días
Fight club 1999
Vinny Prada
Vinny Prada Hace 28 días
A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice.
Rusty Axe
Rusty Axe Hace 29 días
You're a tranny.
Yakup Yurdakul
Yakup Yurdakul Hace 29 días
Cavil is real superlifter not just with protein
王长安 Hace 29 días
My son was the result of it!
Red Lips Lady
Red Lips Lady Hace un mes
Chris Hemsworth was at no time out of shape he was just a little bit tiny.
Bellic Han
Bellic Han Hace un mes
the thing is he is rich enough to have time to do it
Anthony Arana
Anthony Arana Hace un mes
Whats the beat thats used in the begining????
oleshka Hace un mes
Golden words...trade whats fun for what you desire!
Akan Hace un mes
ı eat turkey ne amınagodum
TSM_ Shon
TSM_ Shon Hace un mes
Song ???
Mack On Cars
Mack On Cars Hace un mes
First is melodía Rítmica
Newcastler Hace un mes
Anyone knows what kind of music tracks appeared in this movie ?? Thanks
fasty nasty
fasty nasty Hace un mes
part 2 for crish hemsword
kefu yi
kefu yi Hace un mes
i guessed the last one correctly
SoN O.G Hace un mes
I just wanna know the name of that song that plays on the transition 🔥🔥🔥
Mack On Cars
Mack On Cars Hace un mes
Only u
Ngcebo Khomo
Ngcebo Khomo Hace un mes
Yo me too bro..
enter a name here
enter a name here Hace un mes
Bale in the machinist. Damn. Dedication to the extreme. People loved him as Batman I didn’t, but I like every other of his movies. Great actor.
Anmol Bajwa
Anmol Bajwa Hace un mes
Thor is best one
B TIC Hace un mes
3:38 Chris got a long ass neck
Wondera Womana
Wondera Womana Hace un mes
Freakin Chris Evans what he said to Chris Hemsworth “thats you!? Get it together” 😂 i died. And OMG Chris 7:41
Not Sure
Not Sure Hace un mes
Oh well ...I can't do it I like my bread too much and I am too lazy and busy to work out 2 hours each day. This video unmotivated me.
MeRTCaN AvCı Hace un mes
-Gwanox Hace un mes
And thor in endgame is thicc
Harles74 Hace un mes
After diet and training, they forgot the most important word, roids...
Victor Moura
Victor Moura Hace un mes
Gh feelings
XameXE Tome
XameXE Tome Hace un mes
they got too much money, they got too much time , so what?!?!
TomG Gabin
TomG Gabin Hace un mes
So, all these skinny guys--and one fat guy--end up looking like clones at the end of all this hard work. Not sure if that is an achievement or not. More like a fashion statement or some zeitgeist thing. At the end of the day, I'd say, stay skinny and develop your fricken mind. That'll take you to more interesting places than vanity land.
Platini Athens
Platini Athens Hace un mes
Watching this...I feel....I MUST STOP GETTING SUGAR and junk food......and also start running, do some push ups etc......I want to be like them!!!!!
Chanandler Bong
Chanandler Bong Hace un mes
Platini Athens well, it will take a hell of a lot more than that
Rusty Hace un mes
Remember Joe Piscopo? Nothing is impossible with a little help from the pharmacy. These guys here can attest to that!
3 BROS GAMING Hace un mes
1:26 You have a entire unchewd ham in your colon Me:WHAT
Keto Beach
Keto Beach Hace un mes
I would've been number 11 but I'm not famous....yet
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