10 Biggest Celebrity ★ Fitness Body Transformation

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10 Biggest Celebrity ★ Fitness Body Transformation
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Fit actors talks about their body transformation from fat or skinny to muscular, workout, diet routine and work on the set, everything I found in interviews, movies and extras. Enjoy!


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4 sep 2015

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Navoda Maduwantha
Navoda Maduwantha Hace 6 horas
Where can I find this music ?
2,000 subscribers With no content
Robi Hobby
Robi Hobby Hace 16 horas
I see this first time how Chris Pratt looks before 😲 ... it give me hope 🙂
Kick butoxy
Kick butoxy Hace 23 horas
This gives me hope I'm skinny af My wrist is only 5cm in diameter😂
BlueangelLFT Xn
BlueangelLFT Xn Hace un día
lol chris pratt xD I love Star Lord ✊✊.... 🖕
brightwhite nightlight
Paycheck motivation
Helkost Hace un día
Am I alone in thinking that Chris Hemsworth looked better when he wasn't shredded? Better hair too.
Nina Shaw
Nina Shaw Hace 2 días
Chris Pratt...lawd 😍😍😍
London London UK
London London UK Hace 2 días
Very very nice guys ⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🌹⭐️🍺⭐️🍺⭐️🍺⭐️🍺⭐️🍺💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🦵🏽🦵🏽🦵🏽🦵🏽🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥰🥰🥰😘😘💕💕👍👍
td li
td li Hace 3 días
Chris Pratt is the most impressive. The rest of them already had good genes and were not technically out of shape.
Henry Donat
Henry Donat Hace 3 días
Don Riedel
Don Riedel Hace 4 días
Hardy has the shittiest squat form I've ever seen. He's lucky he can walk.
James Bonser
James Bonser Hace 4 días
They should check out The Towel Routine by yours truly ...James Bonser (FB or YT)...and that's at age 64 :-)
T S Hace 6 días
why is it all WHITE ACTORS??????????????????????????
Shiva h.g
Shiva h.g Hace 6 días
These ppl are mostly hired for their physic. So it's o8vious that they need to fucking work out. I mean wouldn't you all find motivation to lose weight in a milion of dollar? Somehow waht we are refects on our 8ody. So a fat motherfucker is simply someone not a8le to feed himself properly. Once you ditch all negativity in our life and decide to stand as a whole individual.. the world will open itself to you. I dont feel 8ad for a fat motherfucker..cause somewhere he is also a greedy motherfucker. fact.
Velid Agovic
Velid Agovic Hace 6 días
10 Biggest steroids transformations!
Doretta Tsamaslidou
Doretta Tsamaslidou Hace 6 días
Christian Bale is the only and I mean the Only one ! He was soooo thinner in the Machinist. He literally risked his body for that role! Then he gained for batman , again his loses , gaining again , loses again . For me personally this actor will be a legend forever in my heart! 😍😊
Ritchie Riche
Ritchie Riche Hace 6 días
BK Aranha
BK Aranha Hace 6 días
Wolverine , com uma dieta de 4k de calorias sem açúcar , sem álcool , comendo arroz e frango, tomando shake de proteína , passou por processo de desidratação e não botou um shape tão legal (pra um processo desses é pouco) , qual será que foi a falha ?
Dennis Hace 7 días
christian bale #1 actor in the world!
Arijeet Dasgupta  Arijeet
Lord of all body transformations "Christian Bale "🙏🙏🙏🙏
msb358 Hace 7 días
This video confirms that I will NEVER be gay!!! Hot men are AWESOME! I'm going to take a cold shower now!!
banty boss
banty boss Hace 8 días
It takes good fucking gear for these guys, lmao!
Mario Passendorf
Mario Passendorf Hace 8 días
Chemistry helps a lot
Echo Chambers
Echo Chambers Hace 10 días
Three things I immediately thought were ; 1.I forgot Chris Evans played the Lamest Superhero(Torch Dude) and 1 of the coolest(Cap.America)2.I didn’t know the Joe Guy was the bully from original Spider-Man,and I think dates Or is married to that Sophia V Chick.And 3.Thin,Average,Buff Or just in good shape,Christian Bale is a self centered A-Hole.And as far as all the Steroid talk...I doubt it.Most all these guys looked buffed but normal.Its not extremely hard to believe that if you have a trainer,chef the time,money to dedicate solely to just working out and not living a normal life this can be done in a few months.Pretty much all of them said the same thing,high calories and protein and working out.The hardest part would be to maintain that body type for years.If you’re an Average Guy this would be near impossible.Staying 230 lbs of Chiseled Muscle while working at Wal-Mart or being a Dr would wear you out.Living healthy taking care of yourself and maintaining a good diet and not having to keep up the Muscle Weight is more probable.I think Pratt was the most impressive transformation.But all of them looked Healthy,Not like the pictures you see now of the 80s Wrestlers,Ex Pro Athletes and such that did so much harm to their bodies and now are paying(or paid) the price. Bottom Line is that it can be done Naturally if you have the time and money to dedicate to it.But you really need the Mental Health/Determination etc to Maintain it over years.
TheJCFan Hace 10 días
Love chicken; love broccoli; love brown rice; hate working out. At least I can get trim
deltatelevision Hace 10 días
You said , "time passes fast, either you're doing it or not". So true.
Courses for Programming A to Z
"Chris, your big" 😂😂😂
Serene Chaos UK
Serene Chaos UK Hace 11 días
5:34 - is that Denise Van Outen ?? Big Breakfast ??
MJordan23 Hace 11 días
everyone who complains about eating is a mesomorphic or an ectomorphic....and they have great great genes
MJordan23 Hace 11 días
the secret are often: ROIDS ROIDS ROIDS
Music FAN
Music FAN Hace 12 días
Chris Pratt ❤❤❤❤
aggsimalone Hace 12 días
1:03 Yeah... I just got back from my run today and raided the pantry for Oreos. I just burn off all the bad stuff, then replace it with more bad stuff!
Jon Ever
Jon Ever Hace 12 días
All of them skipped the legs day so thank you next
dicky suwanda
dicky suwanda Hace 12 días
Dwyne johnson and arnold Schwarzenegger 🖒🖒🖒
C Mickie
C Mickie Hace 12 días
Damn Christian Bale is no bullshit when it comes to work ethic and self-discipline. Also, he is pretty damn gorgeous.
A Bravo
A Bravo Hace 12 días
Henry Cavill has the most beautiful pecs. They’re round and meaty
Robin Raidon Pettersson
Proof enough fit people are beaitiful.
Anima a
Anima a Hace 12 días
no one mentions hgh and other "vitamins"
Shirley Lee
Shirley Lee Hace 12 días
1:00 so me right now
Maru Hace 12 días
Chris Pratt = amor platónico
Lady Tempest
Lady Tempest Hace 12 días
He still looked good with the weight, but damn he looks striking ripped.
Qui Qui
Qui Qui Hace 12 días
Oh gosh, Tom Hardy's squat is horrible!
Daniel T
Daniel T Hace 12 días
12:25 what song it is
Jeff Beaudoin
Jeff Beaudoin Hace 13 días
Christian Bale is the greatest actor of this generation.
Davide Pittalis
Davide Pittalis Hace 13 días
Really Thanks to steroids.
Don't Read My Profile Picture
I just got strength training class in school and I want to change for the better! Birthday: 12/4/03 *2/9/2019:* Age: 15 Weight: 115.6 Height: 5'9 Bench: 45lbs Squat: 45lbs Deadlift: 45lbs Pull-Ups: 4 reps Push-Ups: 6 reps ...? Unflexed: Ankles: 8.5in Calves: 12.5in Thighs: 18.25in Pelvis: 30in Waist: 26in Chest: 31in Shoulders: 36.75in Neck: 12.5in Wrist: 6in Forearms: 8.5in Bicep: 9in Just ask for an update if you guys are curious. Wish me good luck!
Алексей Лариошкин
what would not be the fashion for feminine boys in Europe and all this tolerance, girls will still love muscular guys
SouthSide Records
SouthSide Records Hace 14 días
Alex Liverani
Alex Liverani Hace 14 días
They don’t have a full job so plenty of time to achieve that results
Cheesus Hace 14 días
Hey let's be honest Chris Hemsworth already looked good before Thor😂
cutie 82
cutie 82 Hace 14 días
😂 yes everything hurts 😥 when you workout just to look sexy 😋
Tony Rios
Tony Rios Hace 15 días
Lmfao @ 9:21
Felicia blom
Felicia blom Hace 15 días
Rodney Smart
Rodney Smart Hace 15 días
My wife cannot believe what I need to eat when I do a lot of lifting. I need her to watch this. She'll listen to Chris Pratt.
Daivd Wang
Daivd Wang Hace 16 días
Christian Bale´s dedication to his career deserves true respect.
James T.
James T. Hace 16 días
10 biggest steroid users of all time, period
Billy Black
Billy Black Hace 16 días
naser manoo
naser manoo Hace 18 días
This is hard because these people genetically don’t have the right body thats why they need to work hard some people have far better bodies with regular work outs
Actual Communist Bun
Actual Communist Bun Hace 18 días
Someone tell these people that they can season their chicken
Liam Jones
Liam Jones Hace 18 días
Hold my beer...
Mac Drummer
Mac Drummer Hace 19 días
Tom Hardy - wow, just wow Oo
Linked Tv
Linked Tv Hace 19 días
why is this all white dudes tho......dwane johnson....boom..just squashed this whole countdown...
Master Of The Bating
Master Of The Bating Hace 20 días
9:20 ummmmm what?
Marcel Benegas
Marcel Benegas Hace 20 días
FTM..not bad..🙄
tupachussain Hace 20 días
Very motivational
John Mendoza
John Mendoza Hace 21 un día
Chris had all that muscle underneath just waiting to make someones day.😊😉
George Porteous
George Porteous Hace 21 un día
Chris pratt is lying. All you have to do is stop drinking beer and you'll lose like 60 lbs.
kim v
kim v Hace 21 un día
...so women do also enjoy breasts?.. like yeah they're pecs, but in a sense it just the male breast...
Tommy Petey Bro
Tommy Petey Bro Hace 22 días
Brad Pitt and Christian Bale were the only ones that looked natural to me.
kannan soso
kannan soso Hace 22 días
*15:26** Me while seeing Henry Cavil's workout: "Yay... My favorite part is here 😀☺..."* *20:30** Me after seeing Christian Bale's workout 'Up and Down Graph still image': "WTF!!!" - I'm dead after that and this comment was written by my soul😱. (R.I.P me 😖😩😧.)*
D S Hace 22 días
damn im heading off to the Gym right now!
the.mighty.kyuss Hace 22 días
I could nibble on kale and chicken breast all day everyday....but beer, man...BEER. My kryptonite.
Peters World
Peters World Hace 22 días
Very accidentally my diet starts tomorrow ..smile ( 01-02-2019 ) I have to lose prox 44 lbs ...pffff Greetings from the Netherlands.
LostSoul AT
LostSoul AT Hace 23 días
Lol why do I stay in shape without getting paid for it >.
MEGANUT Hace 23 días
12:33 Fight Club comes out in 1999 not 2009
Davidovar34 Hace 23 días
Instantly 'liked' after seeing Henry Cavill on the list :D
Celal Polatoğlu
Celal Polatoğlu Hace 23 días
Christian Bale. WOW.
Zekri ThePigeon
Zekri ThePigeon Hace 23 días
This video is very inspiring
Юрий Фатум
Юрий Фатум Hace 23 días
Походу тут только педики, девушки и я.)
eL8y Hace 24 días
10:13 PAUSE look at his left Arm, holy shit! (or acutally the right one from HIS point of view)
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis Hace 24 días
Only one mention of the 'supplements' some or most of these guys take to get where they get to in such a short amount of time.
Shawn Anderson
Shawn Anderson Hace 24 días
the hard part is always the diet
Mohammed Angel
Mohammed Angel Hace 24 días
christian bale is the winner he has the ability the ability to transform his body however he wants
Porfirio Padilla
Porfirio Padilla Hace 25 días
You'll always be fat to me Chris Pratt
Hazo Evo
Hazo Evo Hace 25 días
PLEASE Somebody Tell me how the Music is called at 5:03
Hazo Evo
Hazo Evo Hace 25 días
Gracelike rain
Gracelike rain Hace 26 días
Im kind of horny now... 😂😂😂
gris186 Hace 26 días
Deep down we're all Chris Pratt before the transformation
Declan Silver-Kehoe
Declan Silver-Kehoe Hace 26 días
Everyone is Chris
Captain Rinchhan
Captain Rinchhan Hace 26 días
i only came here for *AMIR KHAN*
rohit bhat
rohit bhat Hace 26 días
Awesome video..
Giant Kuat
Giant Kuat Hace 26 días
You just need a lot of money and determination
Geometry Dash Smilez
Geometry Dash Smilez Hace 26 días
Chris Pratt was FAT?!
anfel de angelo
anfel de angelo Hace 27 días
Quien de estos se inyectó???? Adivina!!!!
Baller Caller
Baller Caller Hace 27 días
If you’re name is Chris and you’re an actor you can definitely be put in this video
Stephan Wens
Stephan Wens Hace 27 días
fight club is actually from 1999
Abby Catnip
Abby Catnip Hace 27 días
3:32 was so damn sexy
MANISH SINGH Hace 27 días
Christian bale ,the amazing actor!!
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