10 Biggest Celebrity ★ Fitness Body Transformation

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10 Biggest Celebrity ★ Fitness Body Transformation
Check out also second part esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-0LAwMzOAqKs.html
Fit actors talks about their body transformation from fat or skinny to muscular, workout, diet routine and work on the set, everything I found in interviews, movies and extras. Enjoy!


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4 sep 2015






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OneManArmy B3M3
OneManArmy B3M3 Hace 3 horas
John Bobby
John Bobby Hace 16 horas
Christian Bale amazes me.
David Penailillo
David Penailillo Hace un día
whats the song at 2:50??
Denis Hace un día
Hat down I'll download this to shame my self when I'm too tired to go train after working 9 h physical work. They work way harder and they still do it, it matters not what their motivation is. Be honest 10 million $ wouldn't change you magically to a hard worker.
YouTuneIt Hace un día
I only see 2 transformations the other just got more fit.
Spam Mail
Spam Mail Hace 2 días
I would have never thought Henry Cavill would have this great of a career. I remember him and Count of Monte Cristo when he was just a kid
Kumar D
Kumar D Hace 2 días
20:30 - man...No one matches ChristianBale...!!!
NikkeQuan 2
NikkeQuan 2 Hace 2 días
All called Chris
Abhijeet Kumar
Abhijeet Kumar Hace 3 días
C bale
М Мавлянова
Переведите пжл???
Game Clips
Game Clips Hace 3 días
Nice Job on the video.
Game Clips
Game Clips Hace 3 días
TBH with Hemsworth. He obiously just needed to age. Sometimes you don't get that "BULK" until your more mature. Reality. Boys.
billie eilish fan
billie eilish fan Hace 3 días
All of them ate chickens lol
Kazamkikaz Hace 4 días
no anabolic steroids? wow
Ma Bu
Ma Bu Hace 4 días
the secret ingredient, ..Roids
Chris Gault
Chris Gault Hace 4 días
Great informative video! Amazing transformations!
Deviant Rabbidz
Deviant Rabbidz Hace 5 días
Give me that chris salad omgosh
Jada Abdol
Jada Abdol Hace 5 días
Christian bale was insane going to this shape in The Machinist, but it wasn't hard to build a healthy body again he already have the muscles When you work out for years you develope something called a muscle memory so if you cut out your workouts for a long time it won't be hard to rebuild your body and muscles again
Jada Abdol
Jada Abdol Hace 5 días
Ok i don't have millions but i go to the gym 🙄
Jada Abdol
Jada Abdol Hace 5 días
Tom Hardy transformed into a monster 😂
Ryan Tse
Ryan Tse Hace 5 días
superb transformation
Boomba Hace 5 días
not leg days....
Aljaž Jesen
Aljaž Jesen Hace 5 días
Lol my son was a result of it
CrankyAccountant 123
Jacek Kuc
Jacek Kuc Hace 5 días
PERCEKT MAN - THOR . LONG BLOND HAIR AND THIS BODY ! All women will be fight for you
Abelardo Monger
Abelardo Monger Hace 6 días
Don’t touch me. I’m fat and disgusting and I’m always going to be fat and disgusting. I don’t want you to touch me.” she yelled when I reached out to hold her… to kiss her… to show her how much I loved her no matter what she looked like… how many do not this happens the best option to achieve weight loss we have here guaranteed and you have discount coupon… shortpe.com/AkQt3Goo
M D Hace 6 días
These are extremes too me. Most of these people were very lean and healthy before.
Coolcrock Rules
Coolcrock Rules Hace 6 días
9 21 wtf
Aidan DORRIES Hace 7 días
Why am I here? I’m just making myself jealous.
FLDashCam Hace 7 días
music at the beginning?
Youth Hace 8 días
Amir Khan's body transformation for the Hindi movie Dangal is also amazing. Watch here esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-1aVw1gZ9Ncg.html
Tutty1999 Hace 8 días
Chris Pratt was such a fat slob....so glad he changed his ways!
Zahra Coyne
Zahra Coyne Hace 9 días
Can we just like acknowledge the fact Chris was like a fitness god in his before pics anyways. He just somehow became like ten times more hot.
Sedi Draguta
Sedi Draguta Hace 9 días
that first transition broke my eyes
O G Hace 9 días
15:56 well Someone skipped legday😂
stefan law loo whit tha flow
vezbaj pizda ti materina
Labib Khan
Labib Khan Hace 9 días
You forgot The Rock
Hasnain Butt
Hasnain Butt Hace 9 días
Micheal B Jordan?
flo Beastarmy
flo Beastarmy Hace 9 días
Chris is huge but Chris is just bigger, almost as big as Chris but no one is as big as chris
XxFrostbiteIciclexX Hace 10 días
Wait, is Green Lantern & Deadpool the same person?
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Hace 10 días
Multiple Christophers
kapil busawah
kapil busawah Hace 10 días
Tbf Chris Pratt had muscles in the before. He had a heck of a lot layers covering it up.
kapil busawah
kapil busawah Hace 7 días
Aidan DORRIES he had muscle mass before. They were quite developed. He had a large amount prior. He didn't need to build up. There are some fat people who have small muscles as well but Pratt had to lose the fat covering a well developed set
Aidan DORRIES Hace 7 días
kapil busawah y’know everyone has muscles even if they’re fat, right?
EmmaBridgeman Hace 10 días
Chris looks the same...just w bigger arms
ared18t Hace 11 días
I wonder how much training female superhero actors go through?
pantherteen1 Hace 11 días
Henry Cavill looks like Luke Kuechly
Jamie L.
Jamie L. Hace 12 días
Chris Pratt looks like the comic version of Captain America. Surprised they don't cast him
April Joyce
April Joyce Hace 12 días
yeah i fell a gay watching this
DANU TALPA Hace 13 días
Hello! I used to have problems with weight, I never had a mood, I had to do something as soon as I looked in the mirror, and my mood disappears. Diets did not help me, but only irritated me, did exercises, but the weight was in one place. I then weighed 124 kg. But fortunately on the Internet, I found a remedy that helped me, hope it will help you as well myloseweightsolution.wordpress.com/
goodguyaus Hace 13 días
The truly inspirational ones are the true (once) fat kids like Jerry O' Connell. EDIT: Oops, I typed the ^above before I'd gotten to (formerly) 'Fat Cavill'. (Henry's nickname in school)
Trasheye Hace 14 días
thank god steroids are a thing in hollywood :)
Lil Titan
Lil Titan Hace 14 días
I watched this while eating gummy bears
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy Hace 14 días
Warrior is an awesome movie
Arjun Arjun
Arjun Arjun Hace 15 días
Christian Bale
Spinning Sage
Spinning Sage Hace 15 días
Interestingly there are vegetable and grain based foods that are incredibly higher in protein than meat.
ahmed yehia
ahmed yehia Hace 15 días
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
Foxiepaws ACAnderson Hace 16 días
I love Christian Bale... I think he's the most focused actor there is.
Aimbot Boomer
Aimbot Boomer Hace 17 días
gay people should go to hell
Garrett Downing
Garrett Downing Hace 17 días
Should’ve put Mark Wahlburg in the transformation video
Christine Ford is CIA
Christine Ford is CIA Hace 17 días
If we were all worth millions and didnt have normal jobs .... we could look great too. Also regular exercise can only take you so far. People who are super ripped are on something or where on something.
Dennis Wondrak
Dennis Wondrak Hace 17 días
Diet YES. Training YES. PED’s YES. Not trying to hate, but just the reality of the situation.
William Green
William Green Hace 17 días
Chris pratt ...sex on legs
Craig Wiles
Craig Wiles Hace 17 días
I'd just like to say that they uised steroids, not that makes it any easier, it just aids
01102 01102
01102 01102 Hace 17 días
1:09 When kung fu panda starts at level zero xD
I AM DANNY EL Hace 19 días
"8 months is gonna pass you by anyway, so you choose wether you wanna be jacked by the end of it or not"
Samurai Dreams
Samurai Dreams Hace 19 días
No.1 ? wait... isn't he Andy from Parks n Rec ?
Octavian Immers
Octavian Immers Hace 20 días
Why do almost all of them have an English or Australian accent?
Sahal Nabi
Sahal Nabi Hace 21 un día
Where is Amir khan?
Proɘx Hace 22 días
The sick beat is from Lose Yourself by the person in my profile pic.
Proɘx Hace 22 días
My eyes are being destroyed with the transitions.
Ali Asghar
Ali Asghar Hace 25 días
Chris Evans
matt smith
matt smith Hace 26 días
steroids do a lot
Burnt Unicorn
Burnt Unicorn Hace 27 días
Wolverine is hugh jackman
yeahno Nothing to see here
*sees marvel characters Immediately dies*
trhdgfh tdrfgh
trhdgfh tdrfgh Hace 28 días
I always knew Christian Bale was a badass but WOW!!!!!
PeachCarmelite Hace 28 días
9:21 wtf😂😂😂😂
EyesWithoutAFace Hace 28 días
Christian Bale is the best batman, dont @ me
LMG yt
LMG yt Hace 28 días
Like if you watch home and away
neversayjello Hace 29 días
19:33 the fuck is he talking about? HGH occurs naturally when you sleep.
Zeeshan Ameem Imtiazi
Zeeshan Ameem Imtiazi Hace 29 días
Bale will never get used to his transformation after this new upcoming Vice. Got that? Only he'll keep fit as he can in the right role.
Caitlin Wilde
Caitlin Wilde Hace un mes
These guys all look amazing but this is exactly why I have a hard time losing weight. I do know what it takes...not much fun.
Sup Hace un mes
Chris was already decently built before he started tbh
ublivion games
ublivion games Hace un mes
what about ben afflick
vivi44 Hace un mes
Must be nice to have the money to hire a personal trainer, rent a gym and have a personal nutritionist and cook. The average person will never have any of these.
EduardC Hace un mes
😒 llevó 3 putos meses en el gimnasio y no me veo como esos😡😠😤 @€#_@_@"$£ fucking envidia
Operator Ben Me
Operator Ben Me Hace un mes
Dang chris
Dustin Duffy
Dustin Duffy Hace un mes
12 beers after midnight???
WraithGuardian90 Hace un mes
20-30 kg of LEAN mass in 8 months (bulk + cut) lul, aaahh chicken really is magic
mangkepweng katol
mangkepweng katol Hace un mes
Wwooooo liar..welcome to steroid worlddddd...count me in
S M Hace un mes
Song name ?
Jesper Frydenreich
Jesper Frydenreich Hace un mes
Gym and steoroids
Ruxandra :D
Ruxandra :D Hace un mes
Beatriz Amorim
Beatriz Amorim Hace un mes
Parabéns! Lindos!
phincopheles Hace un mes
missing: jared leto
There are some really unhappy people on here, why pick apart the positivity trying to be shared here? Even if they are rich and being paid millions, blah blah blah, gyms and weights, eating well, and discipline don't require money. I congratulate them for the dedication and discipline to bulk up to bring some of our favorite characters to life. You all, go get happy somewhere, geesh.
abhinabh Hace un mes
Where did the tattoos go in case of Bane ?
Rosa H
Rosa H Hace un mes
It’s kind of funny. I thought Hugh Jackman was so unbelievably sexy in the first X-Men movie and I remember admiring Chris Evans’ body in Cellular. Not that these guys look bad all bulked up but it’s not necessary by any means if your goal is to look attractive. These physiques are not really attainable or worth it unless you really love that lifestyle.
s u
s u Hace un mes
Editor is gay
Will liam
Will liam Hace un mes
Personal chef, best training regime you can buy, personal trainer on tap, best drugs you can get. All you got to do is show up and do the work.....
mohan chakravarthy
mohan chakravarthy Hace un mes
Song at 9:20 please tell me
Blaster Hace un mes
Christian Bale is on another level.
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