10 Food Gadgets You Won't Find In America!

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10 Tech Gadgets That Can ONLY Be Found In Japan! ➡ esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-0CcSpxiN5qE.html
10 Products That'll Make You Irresistible to Your Crush! ➡ esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-do5r_qbFvbo.html
Today we're unboxing and testing 10 crazy food gadgets that you won't be able to find in America! Many of these products are from Japan because they have some of the best and funniest inventions when it comes to stuff like this, and we had a blast filming this episode for you all (especially because we got to eat during the entire episode). We hope you enjoy!
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19 mar 2019

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Savage dog
Savage dog Hace 11 horas
Im the 130k like
Charlee Moore
Charlee Moore Hace 22 horas
You should have a mega nope
Ben Logie
Ben Logie Hace un día
Crab Scorpion
Sebastian Rodreguez
Sebastian Rodreguez Hace un día
4:43 I love that they put engineer in (I love tf2)
Peyton Collins
Peyton Collins Hace un día
# gringe
hamza butt
hamza butt Hace un día
JuliusEbert Hace un día
13:20 ripped out my soul
Radicalkid_ YT
Radicalkid_ YT Hace 2 días
#cringe like Michael
Spectre Gaming
Spectre Gaming Hace 2 días
come to my channel plz
Queen Ninja
Queen Ninja Hace 2 días
10:05 I’m not even 16 and that show was literally my childhood other than hey Arnold spongebob the backyardagains wonder pets and icarly *So what if I was watching shows meant for toddlers till I was 9*
Will Elkins
Will Elkins Hace 2 días
Ichoosetrolling Hace 2 días
I vote this video dope
Warwick Hoy
Warwick Hoy Hace 2 días
Jason space2755
Jason space2755 Hace 2 días
Your videos are so much fun to watch and so funny:)
Pamela Ramirez
Pamela Ramirez Hace 2 días
# crige
???? Hace 3 días
That noodle thing is for thinner noodle
Becca Quarles
Becca Quarles Hace 3 días
Alan Pinela
Alan Pinela Hace 3 días
Meredith Oakley
Meredith Oakley Hace 3 días
Have they ever heard of a crayfish
Dyslexic Haggis
Dyslexic Haggis Hace 3 días
A little lobster is actually called Crawdads
Hugowo 16
Hugowo 16 Hace 3 días
Hello, Can some of you hop over to my channel, I have a small Gacha life channel. It would mean the world to me if I got about 20 views on my first episode. Thank you for your time.
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I would love to work for you guys
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Dope or nope more like dis good=nope Or is good=dope
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April Collins Hace 4 días
Rock Krawler
Rock Krawler Hace 4 días
averageweebspy Hace 4 días
team fortress 2 is not dead yet
Spoder Man
Spoder Man Hace 4 días
The noodle slide is real somewhere you can go and try to grab the noodles when it SPEEDING THOUGH with chopsticks i will send the video link esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-h6h-EoilCxs.html
Jack Berry
Jack Berry Hace 4 días
RAW Dub Hace 4 días
dope or nope jk it is dope
Bernadette Schilling
givemyhatback Hace 4 días
Matt i have seen grey lava Its called ash
Chicken BTW
Chicken BTW Hace 4 días
Vana Thepuppy
Vana Thepuppy Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who ships Michael and Tanner?
TheOnlineNinja Hace 5 días
I love the part when Matthias was like: Its not BPA Free? that song... i need to add it into my playlist #GROSS #CRINGE
DittoMan Hace 5 días
It’s 3:00 AM and I am looking and it’s making me hungry 🤤 and I don’t like eating at night 😫
Adventure's with Ariel & Mommy
Why is tanner soooo shiny?!?!
Keaton Starks
Keaton Starks Hace 5 días
At 11:16 Michael said dope and not Even 10 seconds later he said nope 🤔
Alma Santana
Alma Santana Hace 5 días
#cringe & gross
Beau Bratsch
Beau Bratsch Hace 5 días
Matt why do you sit like that it looks weird
Greeny Gamer
Greeny Gamer Hace 5 días
Greeny Gamer
Greeny Gamer Hace 5 días
have u ever record with your parents
__ayyy_itss _kelssi__
Tanner: it’s a crab scorpion Southerners: *Triggered* 🤦‍♀️ it’s a crawdad or crawfish
Carl Nigga
Carl Nigga Hace 2 días
__ayyy_itss _kelssi__ facts 😂😂
Stephen Colon
Stephen Colon Hace 5 días
4:44 that is engineer from team fortress 2
Anti virus sans Lol
Anti virus sans Lol Hace 5 días
I wait until my cereal is a little soggy or soft
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter Hace 5 días
I saw a video of that noodle slide but It was longer and it was made of bamboo
joshua arun
joshua arun Hace 6 días
Justice Johnston
Justice Johnston Hace 6 días
at 6:14... look at his shoulder
Justice Johnston
Justice Johnston Hace 6 días
tf2 :)
Sin Molina
Sin Molina Hace 6 días
Who still say piggy 🐷
Jonathan Cohen
Jonathan Cohen Hace 6 días
You ever translated English to English?
Stacy Semer
Stacy Semer Hace 6 días
I love the crab scorpion it's so funny. 😂
xavier barber
xavier barber Hace 6 días
Liz is hot 🔥 🔥
None other than me
None other than me Hace 6 días
Tanner: oh Matt look it’s a polar bear, a penguin, a pig, a cow, and your brain cells. Matt: their are no brain cells in the picture tho... Tanner: EXACTLY!
lilmeow meowgenious
lilmeow meowgenious Hace un día
Wah omo that was good
Drifter Gaming
Drifter Gaming Hace 6 días
I didn’t laugh
Tita Baviera
Tita Baviera Hace 6 días
Tita Baviera
Tita Baviera Hace 6 días
the not so magic ghost slime
when mat doesnt know what igniouse rock is
Joshua Porter
Joshua Porter Hace 6 días
Food stall : a small open counter or partially enclosed structure where things are displayed for sale. food stalls. a souvenir stall. a market stall. She set up a stall selling jewelry in the marketplace.
Kalib Penson
Kalib Penson Hace 6 días
The thing y’all said was a crab scorpion is a carwdad or also know as a care fish
Liberty Moody
Liberty Moody Hace 6 días
Monir Hossain
Monir Hossain Hace 6 días
Monir Hossain
Monir Hossain Hace 6 días
Mr. Sealson
Mr. Sealson Hace 6 días
21:15 When Matt points to the wrong side
Nichola Hace 6 días
I know my self outside I'm fine inside my tears are destroying me
Keeley Spina
Keeley Spina Hace 7 días
20:38 I’m ten years old (about to be eleven and in 6th grade ) and the only thing I really care for is that grill thing
Keeley Spina
Keeley Spina Hace 7 días
0:25 looked like a real cake helmet
Jamison Smith
Jamison Smith Hace 7 días
Madelyn Reed
Madelyn Reed Hace 7 días
8:06 Me:*dying laughing *
Madelyn Reed
Madelyn Reed Hace 7 días
Brandon Stuart
Brandon Stuart Hace 7 días
5:31 Top to the morning to you laddies, my name Is Jacksepticeye!
Tobesteroven325 Hace 7 días
Gross and cringe because# is for numbers and the words gross and cringe aren't numbers
Jewell Mcbee
Jewell Mcbee Hace 7 días
Omg i remember Rollie pollie Ollie I’m dieing
Michael Guffy
Michael Guffy Hace 7 días
#gross cringe
Nakoma Chan
Nakoma Chan Hace 7 días
It’s not a crab scorpion or a lobster it’s a craw fish
Barbara Fasolka
Barbara Fasolka Hace 7 días
Michael: sorry I don't speak Japanese tanner: pulls out the Japanese translator says good morning
Dylan Peña
Dylan Peña Hace 7 días
Steven Hanson
Steven Hanson Hace 7 días
5:31 top of the morning 2 u laddies
Crazy creator maker
Crazy creator maker Hace 7 días
9:34 that's a craw dead, it's to small to be a lobster
maria Alvarez
maria Alvarez Hace 7 días
Lo Hace 7 días
does anyone know why these guys are always fasting for some reason? I really want to know why, so if anyone can tell me, please do! Im so curious.
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