10 Gorgeous Stunt Doubles Who Put The Actors To Shame

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These stunt doubles are even hotter than the actors they fill in for! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
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Stunt doubles are the action heroes on screen we don’t even notice, risking their lives to get the perfect shot. Many of them continue to work with specific actors not only because they look so similar to them but because they are so incredible at their jobs! Take David Leitch for example, a mainstay Stunt Choreographer in Hollywood who often doubles for Brad Pitt. They have worked together on “Fight Club,” “Ms. & Mr. Smith” and many more! Leitch has become one stunt person who is almost a household name with that epic “Atomic Blonde” stairwell scene that shot him to stardom.
Even “Wonder Woman” needs a stunt double, a couple of them to be exact, and stunt professionals Alicia Vela Bailey and Caitlin Dechelle worked with Gadot on Patty Jenkins epic Warner Bros film. Tom Hardy has worked with his stunt double for years, his name is Jacob Tomuri and if you haven’t seen him, you’re in for a treat. Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence each have their ladies, Ingrid Kleinig and Renae Moneymaker, both well-known gorgeous stunt professionals. As for Hannah Behan, who was one of three stunt doubles for Alicia Vikander on “Tomb Raider,” is fairly new to the game. Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman got a great duo of stunt doubles for their roles as Killmonger and T’Challa.
With stunt doubles being needed for almost every movie from “The Avengers: Infinity War” and “Thor,” to “The Rundown,” “The Hunger Games,” “Black Panther,” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” these brave, adrenaline seeking junkie may just sometimes put the actors to shame!
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29 may 2018

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Harmen Westerhof
Harmen Westerhof Hace 7 horas
Why say 'stuntperson' when it's just as easy to say 'stuntman' or 'stuntwoman'? It's not as if women or men are gender neutral.
D. M. Nisselbeck
D. M. Nisselbeck Hace 13 horas
ZoË(sorry for the uppercase) E. Bell is a mutha f*cking ROCK STAR...see Xena: Warrior Princess, Kill Bill: Volume 1 & 2, Deathproof, Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, Iron Man 3, The Hateful Eight, Thor: Ragnorak, as well as so many more. This Kiwi Badas$ gives me life and I send much love and gratitude to her and her fabulous body of work(and steel!)
Prerit Rana
Prerit Rana Hace 14 horas
Jackie chan...... Stunt double.. . He has none at the age of 60
Mumma J
Mumma J Hace un día
seriously theses stunt doubles need to be in their own movies!
Lucas Cheek
Lucas Cheek Hace un día
Not being rude, but I just don’t think Margot Robbie’s stunt double is very attractive
An Mo
An Mo Hace un día
The actress potraying wonder woman is Israeli not French, therefore the "t" in her last name is not silent! It's not Gadoe it's Gadot.
The Abby
The Abby Hace 2 días
How about Tom Cruise's stunt double ?? Oh Wait, he has none
mridul bhasy
mridul bhasy Hace 3 días
Tini tom
Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde
Where was Black Panther a hit film? I thought this movie was $hit at best. And so did the majority of viewers! People generally fell asleep while watching it... and i know no one in person, who did like the movie. Everyone who went to the theater was disappointed, to say it politely. For a good reason. It was bad and it was boring movie. Combined with the wrong actors.
Kareen G
Kareen G Hace 3 días
What's the movie title @0.18-0.21 pls
Dominic C
Dominic C Hace 3 días
This channel thinks the stunt doubles were actuslly doing what was happening inside the movie
Maxine wolfe
Maxine wolfe Hace 3 días
Royal Gamer
Royal Gamer Hace 3 días
you cant look as good as Chris hemsworth. dislike
Leah Rodriguez
Leah Rodriguez Hace 4 días
the ear scene was actually brad pitt
stanlie diaz
stanlie diaz Hace 4 días
Yato Hace 4 días
Next on the list: Actor: Bruce Lee Stunt double: Jackie Chan
Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond Hace 4 días
6:28 Its Gadot not Gadoe
Tess Fitzsimmons
Tess Fitzsimmons Hace 4 días
thor looks completly difnt rock can also tell apart
King Taishi
King Taishi Hace 4 días
My dad knows the Black panthers stunt doubles dad
SuperiorKnight Hace 4 días
Dude the way you describe these woman is kinda degrading and creepy
Muirnin Rose
Muirnin Rose Hace 5 días
My brother and his best friend use to have me hit them with the car so they could train to be stunt men . .. they’ve even go so far and jump off the roof of the house and hang off the roof of the car to see how far I could drive in neutral going down one of the back roads with lots of turns.
Collet Jean Charles
Collet Jean Charles Hace 5 días
"she can kick butt better than anyone" i love this line,,,
Karmen Tomasovic
Karmen Tomasovic Hace 5 días
actors should be stunts also
Raphaella Carter
Raphaella Carter Hace 5 días
Gal Gado’s? I thought it was Pronounced gah dit
Geniline Manalo
Geniline Manalo Hace 5 días
carina grace campos
carina grace campos Hace 5 días
after all.. they were the ones who made it real :D
carina grace campos
carina grace campos Hace 5 días
then why don't they make stunt people into the "real" people? just sayin' ;)
Yaj Romalliv
Yaj Romalliv Hace 6 días
Funny thing is thet get less money but their life is the one on the line if something fucks up.
jlei8aX Hace 6 días
jackie chan dont need a stunt double
sh00k to the core core core
Lol that other girl is not prettier than gal, like get ur game on...
Dishkiyaoon Gaming
Dishkiyaoon Gaming Hace 6 días
I have watched better stunt doubles but they are on Pornhub 1like = 1 salute
anime and gamez
anime and gamez Hace 7 días
what about john wick's dog?
Juan Miguel Santos
Juan Miguel Santos Hace 7 días
What movie in 22
Kelzang Tobgay
Kelzang Tobgay Hace 8 días
I think I saw the same video from a different youtuber
J Burnsde
J Burnsde Hace 8 días
Zoe bell
Nicholas Durdle
Nicholas Durdle Hace 8 días
Vic Armstrong
FilmingPanda Hace 8 días
You are absolutely missing Jessie Graff, Chloé Bruce and last but not least Andy Long Nguyen !
Phoenix Michaels
Phoenix Michaels Hace 8 días
Zoe Bell?
Sinn !
Sinn ! Hace 8 días
I feel like they where all wrong.
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott Hace 8 días
Be fun to try stunt work
superkami guru
superkami guru Hace 8 días
the new lara doesn't even look like the new game laura. lol what are they trying to accomplish?
Jillian Davis
Jillian Davis Hace 8 días
Why don't the people that narrate these videos ever learn how to pronounce the names correctly?!
Daniel Mocsny
Daniel Mocsny Hace 9 días
It's a shame that these talented stunt doubles have their work ruined by the crappy Hollywood jerky cam fad. Imagine how great it would be audiences could actually see the action scenes.
ashley rodriguez
ashley rodriguez Hace 9 días
Is anyone surprised how people can look so alike, like dam genetics be recreating the same person
katoness Hace 9 días
What is this BULLSHIT??
Gavin Khaleel
Gavin Khaleel Hace 9 días
Tanao is also the rock's real life cousin
Red Star
Red Star Hace 9 días
That croft moment when dude waits for her to get up the ladder... wow just wow
WatchGrach Hace 9 días
joshua osentoski
joshua osentoski Hace 9 días
theres almost no danger being a stunt double with all the equipment and safety inspections that go through it all as proven many times.
Ridhuan Abu Bakar
Ridhuan Abu Bakar Hace 10 días
Im a simple man
Rizal Ariffin
Rizal Ariffin Hace 10 días
No Shame bout this,accident can happen,the Actor/actress might get injured,this will be a problem making the movies
Jerome Rizzo
Jerome Rizzo Hace 10 días
They literally cloned Tom Hardy and made him his stunt double.
Queen J
Queen J Hace 10 días
Once I saw Divergent, my mind was just like 😭😔 If you read the books you would understand, like really authors are skilled murderers and heart breakers
FuelledByCoffee Hace 11 días
I'm not saying the stunt doubles in this vid r ugly but most of them aren't as good looking as the actors and they defiantly don't put the actors to shame
Ceyhan Yildiz
Ceyhan Yildiz Hace 11 días
who is jaki channs ?? XD
InsularesHDxo Hace 11 días
Where’s Superman’s double?
Lee dong mins fairy god mother
I wish there was an award specifically for stunt doubles
Lee dong mins fairy god mother
Jackie Chan can’t relate
Aum Acharya
Aum Acharya Hace 7 días
Totally agree with u
Danny Ducky
Danny Ducky Hace 11 días
Voice over was kinda gross
El Kaiser
El Kaiser Hace 11 días
Tom hardy is Dayuuuuum
kid jab
kid jab Hace 12 días
Jackie Chan as Jackie chan
Shandra Boatman
Shandra Boatman Hace 12 días
Lying ass title
Hans Zimmer s
Hans Zimmer s Hace 12 días
No matter what y'all say.. Tom cruise is tom Cruise's best stunt double
Xid RD
Xid RD Hace 12 días
6:46 You would think WonderWoman could handle all the stunts herself NO. BECAUSE I KNOW SHE IS JUST AN ACTOR! I never hear actors even mention them in an interview
Conor Watson
Conor Watson Hace 13 días
Isn't the Rocks stunt double actually his cousin ?
henry bourdon
henry bourdon Hace 13 días
so my question is why do they keep useless actors and have the stunt doubles instead? they can do it all but the actor will do so little with a big pay check?
Susmit Kumar
Susmit Kumar Hace 14 días
Bruce Lee Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise __ real life super heroes
MiyaGod Hace 14 días
Its not Gal Gadot, it Gal Gadot
Iris Valladares
Iris Valladares Hace 15 días
I’ve met Caitlin dechelle because she trained at my karate school she’s amazing
ChronoXShadow Hace 15 días
I'd be a stunt double... if there was anyone in action films with my proportions.
Jet Lee
Jet Lee Hace 15 días
Which means the real actors are the stunt doubles...only jackie chan doesnt need a stunt double..
Declan Lyons
Declan Lyons Hace 16 días
Hannah _*Bee'han,_ like the Irish poet and playwright Brendan Behan. Don't over pronounce the H either.
Declan Lyons
Declan Lyons Hace 16 días
*EVERY* actor here is better looking than their stunt double.
Lissa Love
Lissa Love Hace 16 días
Your missing Zoe Bell!
pramesh gurung
pramesh gurung Hace 16 días
I respect jackie chan and tom cruise even more 😁😁👍🏻👍🏻
RangedAssassin Hace 17 días
Zoe bell!!!!
Sir Leviatan Doom
Sir Leviatan Doom Hace 17 días
the true heroes...
Michael Kröger
Michael Kröger Hace 18 días
best stuntwoman is the double for anne hathaway..scene on pod-driving is still top 3 sexy things
Mosi Finau
Mosi Finau Hace 18 días
I thought they were good looking, but I wouldn't go as far to say the stunt doubles were not only better looking, but put the actors to shame visually.......
Michael Powell
Michael Powell Hace 18 días
How much can really be said for stunt doubles? Seemed like they barely introduced the doubles when they moved on to the next one. A little more bio might be worthwhile...
Denise Hernandez
Denise Hernandez Hace 18 días
@1:55 is that stevo?
Kah Weng Chok
Kah Weng Chok Hace 19 días
Tom Cruise is famous for doing most of the stunt work for this one famous actor called Tom Cruise.
Jackie Chan will always be a Legend
Jackie Chan will always be the best cuz he performs his own stunts without any stunt double
meezy c
meezy c Hace 19 días
The rocks stunt double is also his cousin
vncent lillis
vncent lillis Hace 19 días
Hannah bahan lol behan, americans pronouncing irish names lol
Def Piep
Def Piep Hace 20 días
Stun Doubles do not make the actors look like a super hero but the characters in play. Rant over.
Sorcha O'Neill
Sorcha O'Neill Hace 20 días
The way you said Caribbean .... no
LiangHuBBB Hace 20 días
so jackie chan is one of those rare actors who never needed a stunt double? seems o
Gim Iu
Gim Iu Hace 20 días
What bout Tom Cruise's stunt double?
ddkyjtyrtumtukrik Hace 20 días
Imagine if Moneymaker is your last name, and living up to ity
Sanskari Gamer
Sanskari Gamer Hace 20 días
Finally someone brought light to real heroes of Hollywood .
roseline natasya
roseline natasya Hace 21 un día
where's rdj stunt
Lawrence Elgrin
Lawrence Elgrin Hace 22 días
Zoe Bell did Xena and is still at it, as well as acting now.
Francis Miranda
Francis Miranda Hace 22 días
Video starts at 0:50
See Cha
See Cha Hace 22 días
Your interpretation of beauty is quite subjective.
Astroknott 58
Astroknott 58 Hace 22 días
No one puts Gal Gadot or Margo Robbie to shame. Sorry but no.
Jeremnis Bubu
Jeremnis Bubu Hace 23 días
Can somebody tell me what movie is that with the blue violet woman with yellow eyes??!! Thanks
Bibini Broni
Bibini Broni Hace 17 días
X Men
Cali Caliente
Cali Caliente Hace 23 días
Bring back Christian Bale as Batman!!!!
Clt Slvstr
Clt Slvstr Hace 23 días
It's Gadot, with a"T"
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