10 Most Heartbreaking Disney Channel Breakups

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grab your tissues and get ready to cry with me folks
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4 feb 2019

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Shay Surles
Shay Surles Hace 2 horas
#1 umm...yeah he should stand by and deal with it like with them being young they have bigger priorities than their relationship and thats her sister my sisters always come first.
Shin Hye
Shin Hye Hace 3 horas
Chad and sonny were my favorite Disney ship 😢
Stuti Doshi
Stuti Doshi Hace 3 horas
I hate Maddie's selfishness... She is so selfish all the time! Liv always has to give up something super important to her for Maddie because maddie can never just deal! I loved Liv and Holden so damn much and by the end of the show Maddie still gets diggie but Liv doesn't get Holden!?! In what universe is that justice?? I have many more examples of when Liv had to step aside to let Maddie have her way and it just kills me every time, and this breakup just makes me hate Maddie so so so much.... I bawled my eyes out when Holden started crying, it literally destroyed me.
Regan Leroy
Regan Leroy Hace 4 horas
Oh ouch! I had honestly just been able to forget about how heartbreaking Liv and Holden’s break up was. That caused my physical pain to watch. Though, a strong second goes to Teddy and Spencer’s breakup - I’d say that it was Maddie and Diggy’s but like... meh. It’s upsetting that Maddie is so heartbroken but Diggy kinda ruins that scene, for me at least.
milagros abril
milagros abril Hace 4 horas
you look EXACTLY like alice from the magicians
sharlene Ngobeni
sharlene Ngobeni Hace 4 horas
Liv and Holden 💔😣
Nicole Cabrera
Nicole Cabrera Hace 5 horas
Holy shit Holden is fucking amazing 😱😱😱
Karla Gisela Rios Vazquez
There goes my whole childhood like Maddie and digie hurt so bad and the way liv and holten broke up and how liv bursts out crying and I’m crying alone in my bed
Kali A
Kali A Hace 6 horas
What about the ultimate Disney Channel movie High School Musical💔
o r i ;
o r i ; Hace 6 horas
ajjkajka the end. muy buen español babe
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia Hace 6 horas
I always cry when diggy and maddie break up
Chelsey Leanne
Chelsey Leanne Hace 8 horas
Hannah Montana Jake and miley they break up alot it makes me cry every time
VGGV Hace 8 horas
no sabia que soy luna la daban en norteamerica......(el comentario en español que buscabas) (I didnt know soy luna was transmitted in North America)
Denessi Muñoz
Denessi Muñoz Hace 8 horas
what? What? WHAT? JAJAJAJA 😂😂😂 18:52
Bretoria Lawrence
Bretoria Lawrence Hace 8 horas
Spencer and Teddy was a really sad breakup ughhhh
Claire Martindale
Claire Martindale Hace 8 horas
how old are you
Anime Lover
Anime Lover Hace 9 horas
The person playing Liz and Maddie is the same person the person playing Liz and Maddie does not have a twin.
Arianna Young
Arianna Young Hace 9 horas
Vani Krishnan
Vani Krishnan Hace 9 horas
You are so stupid you always blame the boy it isn’t there fault
Vani Krishnan
Vani Krishnan Hace 10 horas
And doggie is amazing but at that time he wasn’t the best I agree with that
Vani Krishnan
Vani Krishnan Hace 10 horas
This is such a good collection i remember a lot of these break ups I am 11 going to be 12 I watched these when I was younger what is this dumbass bitch who doesn’t hav efriends and is a nerd or dork saying I am rewatching this again like are you 8
jul z
jul z Hace 10 horas
lo de soy luna morí
Brooke D
Brooke D Hace 10 horas
I HAVENT SEEN GOOD LUCK CHARLIE IN FOREVER AND THAT SCENE HAD ME LEGIT TEARING UP!!! AND AUSTIN AND ALLY WHAT?? gosh i can’t do this rt now 😭 LIV AND MADDIE OH MY-DOVE CAMERON GAHHHH!!! honestly these bring back so many memories oh my gosh!!!
thahirah alee
thahirah alee Hace 10 horas
7 , 6 , 4 , 3 & 1 broke me......ah shit this is hard to watch
Drink Dr.Pepper
Drink Dr.Pepper Hace 10 horas
Ross acting is the bomb
Kamila Garcia
Kamila Garcia Hace 11 horas
Why does Maddie sound exactly like Liv when she cries (I know they're both played by Dove, but isn't she supposed to not make their voices sound different)
kAiTlYn_oOf 69
kAiTlYn_oOf 69 Hace 11 horas
Ahhhhhhhh I'm crying!!! But when you said "3 AM in the morning!" I said, "NO IT'S 3 AM IN THE AFTERNOON!"
Chyanna Morgan
Chyanna Morgan Hace 11 horas
Liv and Holden
Theglamgirl Hace 11 horas
Liv abd holden
Kamila Garcia
Kamila Garcia Hace 11 horas
9:05 and 18:34 is it bad that I laughed
Kamila Garcia
Kamila Garcia Hace 11 horas
Bridget Mendler queen of break-ups
Alexa Galicia
Alexa Galicia Hace 11 horas
Love your singing
denvernuggets12 Hace 12 horas
lmao i remember when I was like 7 and i was watching good luck charlie i always hated Spencer anyway jajsllflv
Evy Felipez
Evy Felipez Hace 12 horas
sister sam
sister sam Hace 12 horas
sonny n chad:(
Alexis Caskey
Alexis Caskey Hace 12 horas
watching Maddie and diggie break up again hurt
Leah C. Drawn
Leah C. Drawn Hace 13 horas
Oh damn, I’m impressed by how a small age difference can make the shows we watched be totally different. I mean, I’m twenty-two and you must be... eighteen? I only clicked tbh because I saw Liv and Maddie, which I watched on Netflix recently cause I was bored and watched it while working out. I watched Wizards when it was airing, and Sunny aired just around the time I wasn’t watching new Disney shows anymore since I was outgrowing them. I didn’t recognize any of the other shows you played. I mean, as for the soaps, I watched Patito Feo, Isa TKM, Floricienta, the like, and my time was right around Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Jake Long, Zack and Cody, even up to Cory in the House (not long though). Either you’re older and persisted far longer than I did, or you’re younger and it’s wild what a difference a few years make in what we watched.
panda girl
panda girl Hace 13 horas
this made me cry so much. it reminded me of how my bf and I just broke up a few days ago....
McKnight Films official
I think Bridget did better as Juliet and it was sad I cried then and cried again now
McKnight Films official
Spencer is a jerk in that scene
Isabella Zemelko
Isabella Zemelko Hace 13 horas
16:16 I started to cry oml can we just murder diggie like fuck him man Rant of the day😂
Heather Cassidy
Heather Cassidy Hace 13 horas
when will part 2 be coming out?!?!?!
Hannah Hace 14 horas
Suite life on deck. ‘Nough said.
Olivia Cooper
Olivia Cooper Hace 14 horas
Mackenzi McGowan
Mackenzi McGowan Hace 15 horas
How is it that not a single Hannah Montana break up ended up on this list?????
Promise Precious
Promise Precious Hace 16 horas
Can you please remind me the title of this series? Please
nerdy _posta
nerdy _posta Hace 16 horas
What type of Disney Channel shows are you watching? I knew most of them but umm... Huh?
Sara Levasseur
Sara Levasseur Hace 18 horas
I think Maddie's and Diggie's break up was mor heart breaking than liv and Holden
Sara Levasseur
Sara Levasseur Hace 18 horas
why teddy said "how could you" i started crying
Jaime Monte
Jaime Monte Hace 19 horas
also no one liked the lodge AT ALL so whatever.
Jaime Monte
Jaime Monte Hace 19 horas
the hell is soy luna?
heymichaentina Hace 20 horas
This blew up wow
Chefsita!!!! Hace 21 un hora
I don't know we're are Jessie and Tony!! They are the only couple break out I started crying 😭
Kalea Bitting
Kalea Bitting Hace 22 horas
liv and holden
42이비 Hace un día
I always wound up asking myself why don't I wanna be in a relationship, than I watched this and I was like "Ohhh right, that's why."😒😂
Nephii Hace un día
The lodge omg I’m only in a few minutes and it’s already good
Nephii Hace un día
Soy Luna is superior 😂
Christine Ho
Christine Ho Hace un día
i'm like only staring at her dimples, dimples are so distracting to me lskdjflksjf
Panic! At the chimical fall out
When diggey broke up with Maddie I was like I outta cut that mony tail off
Christine Ho
Christine Ho Hace un día
throwback thursdays guys
iiDandy Hace un día
Liv should have thought about *holdens* feelings, but she didnt think about that, she was putting off how he was feeling
Anime TigerZ
Anime TigerZ Hace un día
You gotta be on some sorta depressed to compare breakups 👌
iiDandy Hace un día
diggie deserves to....die
Bailey Ferguson
Bailey Ferguson Hace un día
16:50 i cried..............
Jeannine Montes
Jeannine Montes Hace un día
Soy Luna is in this but Violets isn’t? Come on, Violetta and Leon has some SAD one! Leonetta for life!😌
Rageing Bulldoze
Rageing Bulldoze Hace un día
If u turn on closed captioning at ambars part it says "No pornography mm yeah" 😂😂
Mae_Does_Gymnastics Hace un día
Austin and Ally Alex and Mason
Gabbie Hanna Stan
Gabbie Hanna Stan Hace un día
Ivonne Mata
Ivonne Mata Hace un día
teddy says clap your hands clap your hands oops teddy died
I cried at Austin and Ally's breakup, Sonny and Chads and Alex and Mason's
Madison Brown
Madison Brown Hace un día
The first to shows I have never seen before! Is that sad???
Dark Beauty
Dark Beauty Hace un día
All was Sad 😭😭
Sarah Trotman
Sarah Trotman Hace un día
The last one. Liv had 2 break ups
Theresa Turner
Theresa Turner Hace un día
I love them all
Theresa Turner
Theresa Turner Hace un día
Dont gave up on love have faith pray to God he will love you and he will find you he a other person to love
Sofie Ehrhardt
Sofie Ehrhardt Hace un día
Alex and Mason 😭
Kristi B
Kristi B Hace un día
Alekzandras Hace un día
Neverland Nightmare
Neverland Nightmare Hace un día
I CRYING BY THE TIME TEDDY SAID: "how could you??" AHHHHHHH *sobbing* Edit: hi I'm back Austin: "I don't want to lose you again" WHO IS CUTTING ONIONS?!?!?! edit2: sonny: "you won the recount but u lost me" me: *inhales deeply* WHY DISNEY??
superkawiichan gaming
I felt like Holden was such a jerk
Dayna Millien
Dayna Millien Hace un día
this is sad
Aubryne Hace un día
Luna and Matteo are the Hispanic version of Austin and Ally
it’s iman
it’s iman Hace un día
when maddie said what abt me i lost it
moonlight 96
moonlight 96 Hace un día
It would be better if u didn't talk thru the whole video
NemoLowe Hace 11 horas
moonlight 96 lol that doesn’t even make sense? Yes I did write a whole comment that contained my opinions because I’m allowed to say my opinions. Good observation there bud 🧐👌
moonlight 96
moonlight 96 Hace 11 horas
+NemoLowe yeah that's why u typed a whole essay 😂 lame
NemoLowe Hace 11 horas
moonlight 96 so can I. 😘
moonlight 96
moonlight 96 Hace 12 horas
+NemoLowe YAWN I didn't even read it 😂😂 stay mad boo. It was my opinion I can say whatever I WANT 😘
NemoLowe Hace 12 horas
moonlight 96 I’m calm. It’s irrelevant whether you meant to be rude or not, you just were mean. Caitlin put a lot of effort into this video and she can do what she wants with it. If you wanted a compilation, compile the clips yourself.
Lauren Hace un día
omfg thats Ryan McCartan w h y did I not know he was in a disney show
Lauren Hace un día
I was so happy when Sonny stood up for herself and broke it off with Chad
Kelsey Bittecuffer
Kelsey Bittecuffer Hace un día
I loved liv and Maddie that scene made me so mad Diggie is such a jerk
Zara Hoffman
Zara Hoffman Hace un día
Justin and Juliet were definitely a better ship.
Jose Rosa
Jose Rosa Hace un día
The most hertbreaking one was for sure liv and holden's
Leo Macías Ho
Leo Macías Ho Hace un día
algún latino?
Lucy Mclaren
Lucy Mclaren Hace un día
I will never let you go 😭😭😭😭
Lucy Mclaren
Lucy Mclaren Hace un día
Omggg Thomas Doherty is in this Dove Camerons boyfriend but this is so sad
Ciara Golson
Ciara Golson Hace un día
Holden and liv 😢
Ciara Golson
Ciara Golson Hace un día
Justin and Juliet and Alex and (I call him Wolfie) but ya there sad too but I LOVE WIZARDS IF WAVERLY PLACE
kboov6 k
kboov6 k Hace un día
Liv and Maddies part is so sad
Nea Appollis
Nea Appollis Hace un día
Liv and Holden 1st yassssss Love them two ❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖❤💖❤❤❤💖❤❤💖❤💖💖❤💖❤💖😍😍😍😍😍😍
Bianca Johnson
Bianca Johnson Hace un día
You kind of look like Teddy, just with glasses
Simply Cringe
Simply Cringe Hace un día
"I don't wanna lose you again" and "how could you" are two heartbreaking lines and it hurts
Caitlin Wilder
Caitlin Wilder Hace un día
.....when your name is Caitlin too.... o.o hello sista!
J Hace un día
11:43 Friendzone
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