10 Most Heartbreaking Disney Channel Breakups

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grab your tissues and get ready to cry with me folks
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Cheryl Herron
Cheryl Herron Hace 19 minutos
Liv and Holden
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 40 minutos
Dazaria Dickerson
Dazaria Dickerson Hace 3 horas
Austin and Ally 😭😭😭😭
Chantel Gray
Chantel Gray Hace 6 horas
Fletcher and Olive from A.N.T. Farm when they in the Z-Tech boarding school and Fletcher got into this great art program and had to leave!!
Tylor armstrong
Tylor armstrong Hace 11 horas
that awkward moment when i'm actually watching this at 3 am in the morning XD
KristinaXOXO Chim Chim is soooo wanted XD
Wtf is number 10?
Rose Salvatore
Rose Salvatore Hace 19 horas
Teddy and Alex scenes were the most heart breaking thing ever
Marilee Flowers
Marilee Flowers Hace 21 un hora
Biggest heartbreak of all is when disney decided no more good series after Liv and Maddie
emmaq415 Hace 21 un hora
why am i watching this while i should be studying for bio
Alle Sinclair
Alle Sinclair Hace 23 horas
My names Alle but spelled a different way, and then my BF's name is Austin. Hope r break up doesn't go like this.
Mia Crilly-Hamilton
Mia Crilly-Hamilton Hace un día
kskskssks im crying i literally can’t sos
Cori Baughman
Cori Baughman Hace un día
Omg Maddie and Diggy😭😭😭😥😥😥 I rewatched this show so many times and have cried so many times😥😥😭😭😭 I know......I’m pathetic but I love that ship Oh and I also cried during the Liv and Holden break up too I cried again when she showed it AHHHHH WHY DO I CRY SO MUCH
7Kiya Odekirk
7Kiya Odekirk Hace un día
Does anyone just watch these to see which couples you know and who you would vote for.
Policy of Unicorns
Policy of Unicorns Hace un día
"I just love how she throws the basketball"
Caitlyn Schuknecht
Caitlyn Schuknecht Hace un día
I really don't like any of the breakups to be honest their all to sad 😭😭😭
Charlotte Kitolano
Charlotte Kitolano Hace un día
Maddie and Diggie was the most heartbreaking breakup💔they dere so beautiful together😫
Last Call
Last Call Hace un día
Melissa Carrasco
Melissa Carrasco Hace un día
Liv and Holden had me crying 😢bigtime
Izobel315 Hace un día
Am I the only one that found these kind of funny 😂 just because of like the acting and stuff. Although Maddie and digberts was really good
Melissa Carrasco
Melissa Carrasco Hace 2 días
The second one. TOMAS!!!!!
Dylan MyDudes
Dylan MyDudes Hace 2 días
I cried three times watching this and I agree the Liv one was most realistic
jazzy vlogs
jazzy vlogs Hace 2 días
I started crying when Liv and Maddie broke up
Aoibhe Donohoe
Aoibhe Donohoe Hace 2 días
All of the ones before the one of Justin and Juliet and then when they came on a balled my eyes out 😂😂😂
Aoibhe Donohoe
Aoibhe Donohoe Hace 2 días
I meant 😭😭😭😭
Alena Garguz
Alena Garguz Hace 2 días
Just knowing that I'm planning in breaking up with my boyfriend soon bc he's a horrible person, anyways, this is just so sad.
Eleanor Butler
Eleanor Butler Hace 2 días
I love how Alex doesn’t choose either boy
Darkpix_ 10
Darkpix_ 10 Hace 2 días
Boy With Luv #Jikook is real
I remember crying for all of these, mostly Austin and ally and dove
Christal Long
Christal Long Hace 2 días
Austin and ally😩😩 i love them
Chesca Aguas
Chesca Aguas Hace 2 días
Ohhhh cmon director whyyy whyy did you break them up why holden??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Jd Squad
Jd Squad Hace 2 días
Georgia’s Life
Georgia’s Life Hace 3 días
Mines the one on wizards of Waverley place where Alex gets heart broken and she throws that red heart that mason gave her and she was left heart broken that’s probably one of my favourites
Kaitlyn Ward
Kaitlyn Ward Hace 3 días
My name is Kaitlyn
Annabeth Chase4life
Annabeth Chase4life Hace 3 días
Def liv and holden😭😭😭
Bionca Lant
Bionca Lant Hace 3 días
“i can’t lose you again” felt💔
Unassuming Soda
Unassuming Soda Hace 3 días
I stopped watching Disney channel like mid Liv & Maddie so watching the OG Disney shows MADE ME BAWL (I literally didn’t care about the newer ones lol also seeing Diggy’s ponytail thing again made me laugh sooooo hard)
Anomn Mooo
Anomn Mooo Hace 4 días
Since you watch soy luna what do you feel about Violetta
Virginia Serrano
Virginia Serrano Hace 4 días
simon and ambar god how could they
Ella Burklund
Ella Burklund Hace 4 días
In the breakup between Maddie and Diggy I couldn't stop laughing bc of the hair thing Diggy has it really just ruined the scene for me😂😂
Mika Rice
Mika Rice Hace 4 días
I just realized how much Holden looked like brendon urie
Mika Rice
Mika Rice Hace 4 días
I’m sorry but I can’t take the liv and Maddie scene with digberts long dread😂😂
Eleanor Clifton
Eleanor Clifton Hace 4 días
liv and holden were so cute together and in real life they would be great together.
Esha Sharma
Esha Sharma Hace 4 días
But Dove Cameron is with Thomas Doherty
Gwyn Gamez
Gwyn Gamez Hace 4 días
Can you make a video with just the clips, I honestly just wanted to watch the clips and not you talking.
Mystic Lyrics
Mystic Lyrics Hace 4 días
The holden and liv scene got to me ......... I AM NOT CRYING YOU ARE CRYING
The Lonely Potato Bug
The way Austin whines, "I don't wanna lose you again," broke my heart. I loved this show as a kid.😭❤
Alex and Mason traumatized me the most as a kid. Seeing it again hurt. 💔💔
Anilam cz
Anilam cz Hace 4 días
I have never watched Liv and Maddie, but I cried when you showed the last scene. It was so well done! You could see how they both wanted this relationship to work out but it just didn't. And the guy is a really great actor.
Katie Ore
Katie Ore Hace 5 días
Okay so I would have given this video a like if Oliver and Lilly were on here and Miley and Jake were on here or the whole Miley Jake and Jesse thing.
༺• Annika Curley •༻
11:40 yo i cried so much during that scene omggg
Nutsy Hace 5 días
Nutsy Hace 5 días
Austin and Ally was my childhood! I remember balling my eyes out to that seen 😭
omayma zgh
omayma zgh Hace 5 días
Melisa Palencia
Melisa Palencia Hace 5 días
Maybe it gets a bit lost in the translation but in Simon and Amber’s scene it kind of gets hinted that she is being manipulative...
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo Hace 5 días
*"Escuchame que estoy hablando"* My puertorican ass: BITCH WHO THE FU-
Taylor Q
Taylor Q Hace 5 días
How do you rewatch it I would like to watch it
Charysh Hace 5 días
tea time w/ emilie
tea time w/ emilie Hace 5 días
the way austin says “i don’t wanna lose you again” makes me cry-
Itz MaskedMack
Itz MaskedMack Hace 5 días
Chad is stupid AF
Raucous Ravenclaw
Raucous Ravenclaw Hace 5 días
I cry evry tme
Vivi Gonzalez
Vivi Gonzalez Hace 5 días
Can u do more soy Luna videos
Carmelle Claude
Carmelle Claude Hace 6 días
I was so mad with Liv and Holden's breakup. She should have thought about his feelings
R W Hace 6 días
Alex: “neither of you.” *what?* *what!?* *WHAT?!?!*
Ava Martin
Ava Martin Hace 6 días
What about Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical
Listing Ten
Listing Ten Hace 6 días
completely agree with all of them, Liv and holden BROKE me. but also Sky and sean, sonny and chad, and alex and mason were all my otps
Andreína Chaves Castillo
Alguien lo puede subtitular al español porfiss😘✌😅
Simply Lover
Simply Lover Hace 6 días
When Austin said “I don’t wanna lose you again” I just lost it.
Jenalee Kotula
Jenalee Kotula Hace 6 días
Ok. We all know that the worst break up of all time is when Ross and Rachel broke up in “friends”
Mariki Hace 6 días
I stan for some Soy luna
Penny B
Penny B Hace 6 días
I trini my fav scenes are the one of Juliet and Justin the other of liv and Holden and of Ambar and Simon I mean they are the most heartbreaking in whole video for me... I almost cried
Penny B
Penny B Hace 6 días
Oh and the one of chad and sonny...I almost cried there too
Penny B
Penny B Hace 6 días
I AM AN AVOCADO Hace 7 días
Maddie and DIGBERT lol
Zavian Dyett
Zavian Dyett Hace 7 días
Definitely holdliv (ive&Holden)
Summer Snow
Summer Snow Hace 7 días
I love your videos Does Alex.co get back together
Alexia Bratiș
Alexia Bratiș Hace 7 días
Judecăte pe tine. PROASTO.
Lea Hace 7 días
Most sad break up is spencer and teddy when they said goodbye too each other🥺 i really thought to see that inn this video
Zoey Hart
Zoey Hart Hace 7 días
Your so pretty 😍😍
Alice Rowley
Alice Rowley Hace 7 días
rosses acting was so good stfu wtf do u know
Thailia.sidtikun Hii
What was the movie called on the first break up???!
Rebeca Dikuiza
Rebeca Dikuiza Hace 6 días
Soy luna that's a serie😊
champagnexoxo Hace 7 días
Dove and Ryan😭💔; my feels
Marissa Rose
Marissa Rose Hace 7 días
the austin and ally one made me tear up 😭
Kate Jernigan
Kate Jernigan Hace 7 días
where does she re-watch all of these tv shows? someone please answer!!!
lanahlee clifford
lanahlee clifford Hace 7 días
After watching this video I though maybe it’s best if I broke up with my boyfriend and then I remembered I don’t have one ...
Audrey Lyn
Audrey Lyn Hace 7 días
Oh goodness, the Spenser and Teddy one and the Maddie and Diggy one. Probably just because I’ve been in both of those places and I would definitely let my diggy back into my life but the cheater is out for good 🤷‍♀️😂😭😭😭
Crackhead Michael
Crackhead Michael Hace 7 días
Whenever i see Maddie give the jacket back i get chills😢😭
Maseleine Grey
Maseleine Grey Hace 8 días
This video is 1560 seconds long
Kittygamer 3366ajpw
Kittygamer 3366ajpw Hace 8 días
My name is Kaitlin too!!
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Hace 8 días
God dang it I'm so saddddd Abby god
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Hace 8 días
#7 killed me
Guadalupe Montero
Guadalupe Montero Hace 8 días
Eve St. Pierre
Eve St. Pierre Hace 8 días
I honestly never shipped Maddie and Diggie but that breakup scene was so sad, I legit cried 😭😭
Piper Amey
Piper Amey Hace 8 días
I started dying when Digberts rat tail came out
Kiki Mayorga
Kiki Mayorga Hace 8 días
I cried watching theses bc I grew up watching all of these shows😭😭😭😞😞
Not Sure
Not Sure Hace 8 días
Not Sure
Not Sure Hace 8 días
kathleen gonzlalez
kathleen gonzlalez Hace 8 días
Why did all of these make me cry!!?!
Areyona Jowers
Areyona Jowers Hace 8 días
U talk to much
Alivia O'Bryant
Alivia O'Bryant Hace 9 días
I cried I cried during when Liv and Holden broke up I CRIED
Alivia O'Bryant
Alivia O'Bryant Hace 9 días
got u girl
evie marshall
evie marshall Hace 9 días
you added soy luna but no VILU & LEON (violetta) i love that show and there brakeup should of been no. 1
T-puff Hace 9 días
Soy Luna has such good acting oh my god I might have to go and watch it
Maria Fernandez Mellado
Hahaha singing in Spanish
Juliane Hace 9 días
I'm sorry that this has nothing to do with the Video but I really really like your hair! How did you do it? It looks sooo good.
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