10 Star Wars Mysteries That Were Never Answered

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Here Are Our 10 Star Wars Mysteries That Were Never Answered.
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As one of the most popular franchises in all of pop culture, fans spend a lot of time dissecting each frame of a Star Wars film. The saga is a touchstone for generations of moviegoers, meaning that many people are well versed in each of their secrets. But even the most die-hard supporters can get stumped every now and then. There are aspects of the movies that have yet to be revealed. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Star Wars mysteries that were never answered.
Script by: Chris Agar @ChrisAgar90
Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis
Anakin’s Conception | 0:29
Vader Doesn’t Sense Leia | 1:00
Yoda’s Species | 1:29
Luke’s Dagobah Training | 2:00
The Maker Of The Prophecy | 2:32
Is Boba Fett Alive? | 3:02
Who Discovered The Force? | 3:35
Who’s Funding The Rebels? | 4:04
Obi-Wan’s Tatooine Vacation | 4:35
Where’s Lando? | 5:05
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24 mar 2016

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Kimberlyn Gamarra
Kimberlyn Gamarra Hace 4 horas
This really needs to be updated.
DieEne Enna
DieEne Enna Hace un día
Palpi literly Said “Son” to ani
social wars mi ejercito
Waiting for Luke to become old enough to learn about the force? That's another mystery. If Annakin was considered to be too old to learn the force being a 9 year old boy, why would Obi Wan have waited for luke to be about 19?
Claudio Como
Claudio Como Hace 2 días
How and where did Maz Kanata get Luke's original lightsaber? We'll learn about this in episode VIII... Not!
Max Imus
Max Imus Hace 2 días
At least Lando will be in Episode IX due to the fact that he was in the trailer
bruce kruger
bruce kruger Hace 3 días
Who discovered the froce? Easy Qui-Gon Jinn
#Star YouTube
#Star YouTube Hace 4 días
Lando owns a mining buisness on a planet (forgot its name) in Fate Of The Jedi: Outcast
#Star YouTube
#Star YouTube Hace 4 días
Also the first people to discover the force lived on a planet (idk what its called) way before the first jedi and sith
#Star YouTube
#Star YouTube Hace 4 días
All of these questions are answered in books, tv shows and movies.
Squidolaz Hace 6 días
Well, Anakin was conceived using the force and it was Palpatine who conceived him using the force as it was revealed in a Canon comic which I forgot the name of.
Blade Goodroe
Blade Goodroe Hace 8 días
Mace windu dies two times
ZordonYouTube Hace 14 días
As for Lando Calrissian, he will be in Star Wars episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker.
Aditya Phillips
Aditya Phillips Hace 16 días
Bobba fett was drunk before dying. "I drunk better when I drive"
DARTH VADER Hace 16 días
Click De-baited
Sam Parisesu
Sam Parisesu Hace 17 días
Time in space is different a couple days could feel like a couple hours
Colin G Scrowther
Colin G Scrowther Hace 18 días
Vader does sense Leia, in the carbon freezing chamber, when boba fett goes to shoot,, HE stops him, and he and leia look at each other. He then changes Leia to staying at cloud city to.putting them.On his ship
sinsot1 Hace 19 días
disney are blasphemous theres no disney in britain the film was made there mostly there fore disney are blasphemous, they brought a lie. Lucas can create his original ending no matter wot its called it'll have more credence than disney. stick with cinderella if you want lol p.s general greivous walking around with balloons makes me sick lterally
Penny McKnight
Penny McKnight Hace 19 días
In the books it is explained that Luke was with yoda for around 2 weeks that is why yoda was saying he must stay and complete his training
NinoValley Hace 20 días
Royal Penguin king
Royal Penguin king Hace 21 un día
Yoda is a muppet
Striiidh Hace 21 un día
About the one with the rebels, it was the senators WHO created it
Kostas pro
Kostas pro Hace 29 días
2 years ago we was asking where is lando look at the trailer rise of skywalker
Star Wars Nerds and Geeks
Most of those questions can be answered by reading Star Wars Legends books. I know its not cannon or official, but they do provide good explanations
ZeynSolo Hace un mes
when you should've made episode 1-3 first
Pedro Ribeiro
Pedro Ribeiro Hace un mes
Anakin’s conception has been shown in detail in the Darth Vader Marvel comic series
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace un mes
Dam yoda is so good at flipping 1 million times
Matthew Reviews and Ranks
Lando is planned to make in appearance in episode 9
Oliver savage 123
Oliver savage 123 Hace un mes
They only decided that leia was Luke’s sister when making return of the Jedi
Robloxing With Super
Lando is coming back in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker
Whitby Nerf Club
Whitby Nerf Club Hace un mes
Read the EU
Monty Boon
Monty Boon Hace un mes
It's because Darth plageus became so powerful that the midichlorians created a boy (anakin) solely from the force
Pef Hace un mes
@Monty Boon , you're welcome. But Shmi says there's no father. The Force trumps science.
Monty Boon
Monty Boon Hace un mes
@Pef thanks the science side of YT
Pef Hace un mes
That's the theory called 'System of Response' . The Force will address imbalances, forcefully. Although, I believe the Jedi Order had become too dogmatic and ossified, so the Force created a vector to remove them.
Tim DeCarlo
Tim DeCarlo Hace un mes
Plagusis is actually the reason y anakin existed. And anakins future was to be a sithlord. Since birth.
Hard Rock's Cafe
Hard Rock's Cafe Hace un mes
I had other questions. Like why didn't R2 tell Luke the short green dude was Yoda? When Vader turned back to the light side and killed Palpatine, how did that balance to the force? if Vader was supposed to bring balance then shouldn't Luke or Leia be a Sith?
Zana Salim
Zana Salim Hace un mes
LANDO is coming back in the final episode.
Jhony Boy Minecraft Änd More
Boba Lives Beacuse He Still had His JackBack And if You've seen Empire Strikes back You see And rocket Launcher In He's pocket Jackback. AND Lando Died because Of His actor. IVE SEEN THE VH1 Channel i Nkow what happend To Lando.
Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens Hace un mes
The lore master tells who found the force
Gustav Ramsö
Gustav Ramsö Hace un mes
Obi wan had saved luke from some kind of robotic aliens one time while he was on tatooine. He also killed darth maul when he came to kill luke
Gustav Ramsö
Gustav Ramsö Hace un mes
Anakin made balance. He killed almost all jedi so there were just as many siths as jedis. When Luke became a jedi, he had to kill a sith.
Shahroze Khan
Shahroze Khan Hace un mes
0:28 YW
R4ZZERS Hace un mes
It's funny how people have no idea on Star Wars. That's why I call them "Feeling Star Wars Fan", but they're not. 😆🖕
Jürgen Sven Fuchs
Jürgen Sven Fuchs Hace un mes
The bigger question about Kenobi on Tatooine is why he didn't start training Luke at the age of the younglings shown in the Jedi temple, but then had no qualms training him when he encountered Luke at a much older age than Anakin at his discovery.
shivi1 vishu19
shivi1 vishu19 Hace un mes
lando is in rise of skywalker
Roaring Tides
Roaring Tides Hace un mes
Lando is slated to return in Episode 9!
how do i delete my channel??
boba fetts alive, i saw it in a video looked it up and found that he is indeed alive
ham_sandwich39🐢 Hace un mes
Yoda is a space leprechaun
Ysmigra Arzygler
Ysmigra Arzygler Hace un mes
Here's something I always wondered - Why doesn't C3PO and R2D2 remember the whole story of the events of the first trilogy films by the time they show up at Luke's farm in Episode IV and why doesn't C3PO makes some comment to Luke about whether he is related to Anakin Skywalker, the guy who built him when he was a kid?. Also, wouldn't C3PO and R2D2 have remembered Obi-Wan Kenobi from the first trilogy films, and wouldn't C3PO have been happy to see Obi-Wan when he saw him in Episode IV in the same way he was happy to see Han Solo in Episode VII?
Zachery Sevier
Zachery Sevier Hace un mes
Are you kidding me??? Do your homework and read some comics before you make a video about nonsense...
William A J Thompson
Pretty sure the comic books all show most of these "mysteries". Don't you fools ever read???!!!
AquaDiver2 Gaming
AquaDiver2 Gaming Hace un mes
On the Obi wan one there is actually is a book that tells of his adventures after revenge of the sith
MrC Hace un mes
Yoda is a space leprechaun
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