10 Star Wars Mysteries That Were Never Answered

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Here Are Our 10 Star Wars Mysteries That Were Never Answered.
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As one of the most popular franchises in all of pop culture, fans spend a lot of time dissecting each frame of a Star Wars film. The saga is a touchstone for generations of moviegoers, meaning that many people are well versed in each of their secrets. But even the most die-hard supporters can get stumped every now and then. There are aspects of the movies that have yet to be revealed. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Star Wars mysteries that were never answered.
Script by: Chris Agar @ChrisAgar90
Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis
Anakin’s Conception | 0:29
Vader Doesn’t Sense Leia | 1:00
Yoda’s Species | 1:29
Luke’s Dagobah Training | 2:00
The Maker Of The Prophecy | 2:32
Is Boba Fett Alive? | 3:02
Who Discovered The Force? | 3:35
Who’s Funding The Rebels? | 4:04
Obi-Wan’s Tatooine Vacation | 4:35
Where’s Lando? | 5:05
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24 mar 2016






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12345 67890
12345 67890 Hace un hora
How did Maz get Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber? And what if she also has Luke's mummy-fied hand?
Bubba Sahlberg
Bubba Sahlberg Hace un hora
Landon is on episode 9
alexbeginswitha Hace 14 horas
Landon is in the next movie
Sideswipe 84
Sideswipe 84 Hace 15 horas
You missed the Brodo Asogian species. Aka E.T.
ROU Xenophobe
ROU Xenophobe Hace 18 horas
How did Kylo get off the exploding planet...
ROU Xenophobe
ROU Xenophobe Hace 19 horas
Where to start..., how about OB1 not remembering ever owning any droids...
Boris Life
Boris Life Hace 22 horas
Oh Lando is just in the new star wars movie trailer :))
Derka Derka
Derka Derka Hace un día
Soros is funding the Rebels
Derka Derka
Derka Derka Hace un día
What species is Yoda? He's a robot chicken
Bill campbell
Bill campbell Hace 2 días
Schmee was a heavy drinker. Palpatine was a gentle date rapist.
Me2monsta -
Me2monsta - Hace 3 días
Half of these were already answered just not in the movies.
Lars Westerhausen
Lars Westerhausen Hace 3 días
Yoda is a Ferengi.
Fixar Mrkvička
Fixar Mrkvička Hace 3 días
Lando will be in Ep. 9
Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson Hace 4 días
I’m watching in 2019 and he is going to reappear in episode 9, fat and chubby
TheMan 122326
TheMan 122326 Hace 4 días
Lando is in the rise of SkyWalker
Jason Grier
Jason Grier Hace 4 días
Lando’s in the newest upcoming Star Wars movie
FlamerGamer YT
FlamerGamer YT Hace 4 días
FlamerGamer YT
FlamerGamer YT Hace 4 días
2:08. That one's easy tf. His family was strong with the force so he didnt need much time since he had it in him.
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann Hace 5 días
Adam Sifford
Adam Sifford Hace 5 días
Plagues created Anakin
Geo Hace 5 días
Thanks for the click bate asshole.
Euclid Eureka
Euclid Eureka Hace 5 días
yodas species is a green elv
80stylebaby Hace 5 días
Sooooo. Lando is in Episode 9.... Someone watched your video. :P
AD Li Hace 6 días
Lando in episode nein
clyde jones
clyde jones Hace 6 días
then smoke another deathstick lol
clyde jones
clyde jones Hace 6 días
I want to go home and rethink my life
Gammerguy 154
Gammerguy 154 Hace 6 días
It's pronounced DAY-GO-BUH
Robert Mullis
Robert Mullis Hace 6 días
I want to know how the Jedi never knew about Darth Zedious(Senitor Palpatine), all that time he was right there with the jedi order as a senitor and manipulating things to brign about the rise of the sith and the Jedi never once even senced it
reed the hedgehog
reed the hedgehog Hace 6 días
It was never really said who ordered the clones.
Marc PR
Marc PR Hace 6 días
Lando is back on episode 9
TakerTCL Hace 7 días
Yoda is an elf but green
Satzu is the way
Satzu is the way Hace 7 días
Lando is back boizz on episode 9
jason curiel
jason curiel Hace 8 días
Why did the cgi or graphics look terrible in movies 3&4 compared to 1&2
yizues Hace 7 días
Because star wars episodes 4,5,6 were filmed in the late 70s - early 80s
Liam Donohoe
Liam Donohoe Hace 8 días
Boba fett is alive and yes it is official cannon
Cristian Hace 8 días
#1.) how is marey sue so powerful?
Will Narasimhan
Will Narasimhan Hace 8 días
Spacy YT
Spacy YT Hace 8 días
MagicandGaming FX
MagicandGaming FX Hace 9 días
Luke barely learned anything from Yoda in empire strikes back. But after han was put in carbonite Luke kept training and they skipped time. Han even says "Jedi Knight?" When Leia tells him Luke has become a Jedi Knight.
demonicmaster 05
demonicmaster 05 Hace 9 días
So the episodes 4 5 6 were made before episodes 1 2 3
Adam Morgan Rivamonte
Lando is in the new trailer for the rise of skywalker
itsApex Hace 9 días
marcus lopusan
marcus lopusan Hace 9 días
I think Ray's real father is Homey the Clown
Rodeo Father
Rodeo Father Hace 9 días
Lando is about to be in the new one dumbass
Alpha 1157
Alpha 1157 Hace 10 días
Lando is back
Lachy Dachy
Lachy Dachy Hace 10 días
Lando is in the new movie (rise of skywalker
Hampus Galenborg
Hampus Galenborg Hace 11 días
because Disney dont know what star wars is. they just bought a dog and dressing it up with fancy clothes for the media and NONfans to like.
BJ Fromer
BJ Fromer Hace 11 días
Most of those questions were answered in the books, if you read the a most 400, which Disney departed from.
bahamutskingdom Hace 12 días
Bille Dee Williams.....Episode IX
BassPlayah Hace 12 días
Anakin was created by Darth Plagius
The Mr Dude
The Mr Dude Hace 12 días
Lando is gonna be in the the 9th movie
Ravi Adluru
Ravi Adluru Hace 12 días
Lando is coming in the rise of Skywalker
Star Wars Girl
Star Wars Girl Hace 13 días
Vader probably didn’t sense Leia because he probably did, but he thought Padmé died before she could give birth. And thought it was only one child.
You Are Blind
You Are Blind Hace 13 días
Lando is Back In IX
Axel Carmona
Axel Carmona Hace 13 días
Lando is in 9 anyone from April 12 2019
TeKnoVKNG23 Hace 13 días
Most of this is revealed in books, comics, and video games, which unfortunately, Disney basically said F' All to. The Old Republic series of games, including the MMO, covers a lot of pre-force and force discovery during the Jedi introductory levels/story.
Martha Vargas
Martha Vargas Hace 13 días
SSSilky ,
SSSilky , Hace 13 días
Bro landos in the new episode 9 trailer!!!!
Joshua Bowman
Joshua Bowman Hace 13 días
Lando is in episode 9! Trailer today!
supersaxyguy Hace 13 días
Lando is going to be in the IX movie. MYSTERY ANSWERED!!!! Prove me wrong!
Phynor Hace 11 días
Dragon Hace 13 días
Aha, but Lando is in Episode 9 ;)
Phynor Hace 11 días
Matthew Hace 14 días
The reason Vader doesn’t immediately know that’s its his son and daughter is because all beings are force sensitive. The force is like a cosmic binding in the universe (it holds everything together) Jedi and Sith are just trained to manipulate the force around them. So while yes, Leia isn’t a Jedi she can still “sense” things and so can anyone else.
Music Enthusiast
Music Enthusiast Hace 13 días
so it’s true that everyone has midichlorians, not everyone “activates” or even utilizes them in a way that shines through, so that’s why i think only some people are special, and strong midichlorian blood is passed on through bloodlines which is why the skywalkers are all so strong
Music Enthusiast
Music Enthusiast Hace 13 días
Matthew well i don’t think just anyone can sense the force like luke and leia can, i think that the people who have the potential to become jedi have a very strong presence with the force and they can either be trained to use it like luke or just left there and be used minimally like leia. this is why i think the blind guy in rogue one had a strong force presence but just wasn’t trained to utilize it.
Alexander Kim
Alexander Kim Hace 14 días
Bobba Fett had an entire story after the events of the trilogy in the canon comics
matthew jones
matthew jones Hace 14 días
Yes. Fett is alive. Idiots.
Mary Ann Del Rosario
Mary Ann Del Rosario Hace 15 días
We know that Boba Fett is alive because of books and slave 2
Chris Pollard
Chris Pollard Hace 18 días
Here's mine: Why did the protectors of Anakin's children think that the best place to hide his son was on his home planet with his same surname? And how were the Emperor and Vader unable to find him there?
Unitato Spaz
Unitato Spaz Hace 21 un día
He did bring balance to the force by killing palpatine in return if the jedi
Mr stop plz
Mr stop plz Hace 21 un día
Hello their
Jared Colbridge
Jared Colbridge Hace 22 días
Lando was originally supposed to be a defective clone trooper but was changed last minute
Sky_stider223 Hace 22 días
Read the books A lot of the answers are there Lol I learned quite abit from the star wars novels
robsolf Hace 23 días
His dad was Jar Jar. Shmi just didn't want to admit it.
the minyminotaur
the minyminotaur Hace 26 días
It's clear they have never watched star Wars
Katy Mikaeil
Katy Mikaeil Hace 27 días
Pfft anakin is born bc of the force he was the chosen one and he got cells in it
Katy Mikaeil
Katy Mikaeil Hace 25 días
Pfft I know lot more then you
xXSoulSistersXx 80
xXSoulSistersXx 80 Hace 25 días
Katy Mikaeil uh..u keep believing that, but by what u say i know u barely know anything about star wars
David Rooks
David Rooks Hace un mes
the very first one, Anikin's birth not being answered is false, maybe they didn't answer it in the movie but they did in the book, again, they revealed yoda's species in the book, and again, how boba fett got away is in the books, maybe screen rant should read more???
Wyatt Ford
Wyatt Ford Hace un mes
Yoda’s species is an ancient muppet Jedi master
Aiden Salazar
Aiden Salazar Hace un mes
Vader didn't sense Leia because he knows that Leia is his daughter du
Actually according to canon comics Boba Fett did escape the sarlac
Lanwarder Hace un mes
Solo gave parts of answers about how the rebellion is funded
홍성지 Hace un mes
Big Mystery = how do Jedi get haircuts?
It’s Awesome
It’s Awesome Hace un mes
Who else got clickbaited
roastlonely Hace un mes
jeeze. Luke doesn't leave Yoda as a Jedi night. Yoda tells him to stay to complete his training. Luke decides to save his friends against Yoda's advice. He goes back to Yoda in ROTJ to complete his training etc....
Benn Ree
Benn Ree Hace un mes
Every screen rant Star Wars video mentions Luke’s training... yawn
Michael H
Michael H Hace un mes
Jedi training takes years
MarcusAurileus Hace un mes
Learn to pronounce Dagobah and Plageius properly
Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards Hace un mes
Most of these mysteries can be sol ed you jyst have to look close at the movies. Like Leia she could of had more of her mother in her then her dad. Making her less force sensitive.
Andy Watson
Andy Watson Hace un mes
Lando is going to be in episode IX
Malicious Megan
Malicious Megan Hace un mes
Another mystery: In "A New Hope", how come Obi Wan doesn't recognise R2D2?
Ray Martinez
Ray Martinez Hace un mes
Well lando mystery is now answered
Mark Mattin
Mark Mattin Hace un mes
Who's Rey s parents?
Ja Gie
Ja Gie Hace un mes
OT canon is only canon.
Mark Mattin
Mark Mattin Hace un mes
Why is nt Luke the same as he was in the return of the Jedi ?
Mark Mattin
Mark Mattin Hace un mes
How did Kyro get darth Vader s mask
Mark Mattin
Mark Mattin Hace un mes
Who's Rey s parents?
Derka Derka
Derka Derka Hace un mes
Yoda's species... That question was answered on Robot Chicken
videomaster412 Hace un mes
With Anakins conception I got a theory: What if Plageuis found a way to "fool" the female reproduction organs in all female members of all species in the galaxy to "think" that they had been "visited" by the male organs "juices". In other words: used the Force to activate the regeneration process. He then gathered a bunch of women of different species, BUT ONLY Shmi's child, (Anakin), survived gestation period. Shmi then fled to prevent her son from being used against the Jedi and thought that she had got a ride with someone who instead sold her and her child to Gardulla the Hutt. After all, she says "I can't explain what happened". That could mean that she is worried what he will do because if she reveals all Qui-Gon Jin would NEVER had taken him away from Tattoine.
Monique Lang
Monique Lang Hace un mes
Lego Star Wars the Saga already spoilered what happend to Boba Fett.
Is Lando's absence in ep.7 and 8 really a mistery? Galaxy is a huge place, he can be anywhere. If he does not participate in the films does not mean that he simply vanished.
Happy Coconuts
Happy Coconuts Hace un mes
Palpatine probably made the prophecy
FriendlyEwok Hace un mes
So many of these are just wrong wtf
Juan Catalan
Juan Catalan Hace un mes
Pretty much all of this was already covered in the Original Cannon. And in Revenge of the Sith, Yoda says that Obi-Wan is going to be undergoing training with Qui-Gonn Jinn's spirit. Qui-Gon teaches Obi-Wan everything possible about aspects of the Force the regular Jedi never knew. Including the Force Ghost Technique. That's why, contrary to popular belief, Obi-Wan was actually stronger as an old man in "A New Hope" than he was in his younger years. He purposely sacrificed himself in order to become a distraction to Vader. Vader was still strong enough to oppose him in battle. After all, Vader was a master in his own right. Remember that his duels changed. Before it took him forever to do a dool or land a blow. Even in the New Cannon, in Star Wars Rebels, he pretty much killed Maul in a split second. That's because his force training was superior at that age than when he was younger. There's an old Cannon book where Obi-Wan Narrates his experience as a Force Ghost. It's really cool. Figured I'd mention it. He has flash backs of the good and young student he once trained while fighting Vader. Also, in the Clone Wars series, Yoda was told by Qui-Gonn to go learn from the Force Priestesses the same secrets as Qui-Gonn had taught Obi-Wan. So there's another character that grew stronger with old age.
Uto Resa 519
Uto Resa 519 Hace un mes
In the canon book from a point of view Obiwan says he has become weaker.Wiser yes but he didn't practice the combative abilities of the force that much any more.
Frank Vendetta
Frank Vendetta Hace un mes
Darth Plagueis was Anakin father then??
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