10 Things 2 Chainz Can't Live Without | GQ

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From a custom Goyard lighter to his favorite lip balm, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz runs us through the 10 items he can't live without.
2 Chainz's album 'Rap Or Go To The League' is out now on streaming platforms.

Check out the things 2 Chainz can't live without:
- RAW rolling papers: amzn.to/2GVEsm0
- Apple AirPods: amzn.to/2UpYdWd
- Vaseline Lip Therapy: amzn.to/2EKwES3
- Orbit Peppermint Gum: amzn.to/2XDoB0w
- Fiji Water: amzn.to/2UfRKN7
- Bond No. 9 Sutton Place Eau de Parfum: amzn.to/2EMya60
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10 Things 2 Chainz Can't Live Without | GQ

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5 mar 2019

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Comentarios 2 033
Serra V
Serra V Hace 2 días
such a humble man 🙏🏽🙏🏽
STORMM ZZZ Hace 3 días
He such a simple guy I love 2 chains 😭
RazarkXtreme Hace 3 días
Wtf we have the exact same phone and phone case lol
virtualmelo Hace 4 días
this is show and tell for celebrities
junior cabrera
junior cabrera Hace 4 días
Fiji??? You mean Tati water🧐
Cos Vigil
Cos Vigil Hace 5 días
Full capitalist video my comrades
sarrouritta Hace 5 días
He has enough money to buy a lipbalm factory and he's using vaseline the s*** that u shoudnt get close to.
Mr Wetcloth
Mr Wetcloth Hace 5 días
My guy doesn't know what organic is 😂😂😂
talha khan
talha khan Hace 5 días
maybe that's why music sounds so bad these days cause artists review it on their aiprods lol
retro aesthetic
retro aesthetic Hace 5 días
▶️U͠ Ⓜ
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan Hace 5 días
The brush tho
Angela Y Zou
Angela Y Zou Hace 6 días
Bond no.9 👌
Slime Couture
Slime Couture Hace 6 días
I thought everything would be covered in diamonds
Allnight Purging
Allnight Purging Hace 6 días
I love 2 chainz man you can't hate this guy!
kendria davis
kendria davis Hace 6 días
"I have enough money to buy 10 iphone 10s" 5 seconds later *pulls out 10K*
xmwoboa xmwoaba
xmwoboa xmwoaba Hace 6 días
What about food and water
Aldrin Yong Siega
Aldrin Yong Siega Hace 6 días
You cant live without water
WillWillDoIt Hace 7 días
x would have had brought out his beats headset instead of airpods
Acquired Thoughts
Acquired Thoughts Hace 7 días
Like nobody seen $10,000 before they all get quiet
100% Tired
100% Tired Hace 7 días
1 guy single handedly carried GQ for 2 Chainz
Neilsen Janz
Neilsen Janz Hace 7 días
pulls out a lighter,"it's flammable"
Olim Mannonov
Olim Mannonov Hace 7 días
Do lil skies
Raymund Hace 8 días
lmao that last statement about cologne. thank you! i thought it was just me
ランイCYBR Hace 9 días
Say he got no money for iphone 10 but has a whole stack on the tabel, then again i dont blame him i still got a 7
awora Hace 9 días
Chain number 1 and chain number 2,what are the other 8 things?
NK GANG GANG Hace 10 días
About the air pods I feel the same way
Sayuri's World🤣
Sayuri's World🤣 Hace 10 días
Chainz "They still at lunch" Guy: Yeah Chainz: They fired
Basketball Gød
Basketball Gød Hace 12 días
I love he calm he was he was so chill like it's just ten thousand dollars
Eddy Cruz
Eddy Cruz Hace 12 días
Why not feed the kids
Alijah Randolph
Alijah Randolph Hace 13 días
Camera man: what's this? 2 chainz: 10 thousand dollars Camera man: room gets quiet ...
Michael Tracy
Michael Tracy Hace 14 días
2chains makes millions of dollars off gangster rap but he went to college all this is a market strategy so you empty your wallets
nico boul
nico boul Hace 14 días
Sydney Van-dunem Madope
2 Chainz just said "Água"... I´m happy to see him speaking portuguese!(Maybe he said in in Spanish, sounds the same)
Pika Pika!
Pika Pika! Hace 10 días
Nate Davis
Nate Davis Hace 16 días
He so high right now.
#TEAM B Hace 16 días
I really like 2 chainz his a good guy still real even with money
digitalbathdive Hace 17 días
He spelled “you” wrong in “tru”
Ryan Norman
Ryan Norman Hace 18 días
Basically, these are essentials for many girls too
James Folder
James Folder Hace 18 días
I think I already know two of the things
ricandude4u Hace 19 días
First "My Essentials" that doesn't seem sooo....advertised . And is believable.
Zuhair Khan
Zuhair Khan Hace 20 días
How is he not sweating in those clothes.
Fidel Charlemagne
Fidel Charlemagne Hace 21 un día
Says water is essential, then throws it
Uzi Quattro
Uzi Quattro Hace 22 días
2 things 2 chains cant live without : 1 : chain 2: another chain
imSader76 Hace 22 días
great. does he have chalk powder for lifting barns?
freddie mercury
freddie mercury Hace 22 días
so he can live without food n water?
Nicholas Decker
Nicholas Decker Hace 23 días
This man with the most real essentials out of anyone on this show
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace 24 días
You forgot water
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Hace 25 días
Like how his dog has a better life than me😂
Ciarra Jones
Ciarra Jones Hace 25 días
When he sprayed the cologne I breathed in thinking I was gonna smell it 😂
LeanGod Hace 25 días
2 chains is so rich he doesn’t need to prove it
Mr. Timothy King
Mr. Timothy King Hace 26 días
Why nobody says they cant live without the bible
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