10 Things Kyle Kuzma Can’t Live Without | GQ

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Lakers Forward Kyle Kuzma welcomes GQ into his home to show off the 10 most essential items in his life, including the one thing that he can't travel without. Check out some of Kyle's products here:

- Cantu Coconut Hair Cream: amzn.to/2tb3TXQ

- Fire TV Stick: amzn.to/2MTvKVx

- Apple AirPods: fave.co/2WOtUd5

- AirPods Case: amzn.to/2tawqNb

- Apple MacBook Air: fave.co/2WO4LiD

- Caymus Wine: fave.co/2TAMvaK

- Cakebread Wine: fave.co/2BmxNNx

- Nike Blazers: fave.co/2RNJH8q

*Please note, if you choose to buy one of these products, we may earn affiliate commission that supports our work.

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10 Things Kyle Kuzma Can’t Live Without | GQ


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7 feb 2019






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oh yeah yeah gang
oh yeah yeah gang Hace un hora
My best things are 1.food 2.food 3.food 4.food 5.food 6.food 7.food 8.food 9.food 10.food
AvanceSK Hace 3 días
He used to use Let’s JAM classic! 😂😂😂 I f*** with him for even saying that!
Jaylon Young
Jaylon Young Hace 3 días
Y'all heard how he said hudu
Joe Seida
Joe Seida Hace 4 días
Robbie Sloan
Robbie Sloan Hace 7 días
Paradox Bot
Paradox Bot Hace 8 días
2019 anyone? O wait
Noah Gjer
Noah Gjer Hace 8 días
Who heard this with AirPods? Like if u did
Soso Sanchez
Soso Sanchez Hace 9 días
Yass Osark...
Brandon Tong
Brandon Tong Hace 15 días
Enjoy that LOOONG summer break Kuz and watch the Magic in the playoffs
Noah Silliman
Noah Silliman Hace 16 días
places on the west coast.. Milwaukee...🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Kwok
Kevin Kwok Hace 17 días
You hook up your firestick to your MacBook pro???? What?
Jannik Fey
Jannik Fey Hace 19 días
Chronic Blast
Chronic Blast Hace 20 días
I probably never ever disliked a video
Pot ruck Star
Pot ruck Star Hace 20 días
Eww AirPods 🤢🤮
east bay925
east bay925 Hace 20 días
Ozark best show ever lol
koffiged Hace 20 días
Update: Kuzma definitely can’t live without Katya 😊
cj Hace 21 un día
Wait why he need car keys if this man on the road for games
Jones Misheel
Jones Misheel Hace 23 días
omg my crush
DestroZ Hace 24 días
*LeBron buys iPhone for Lakers player* I'm sorry for the trade rumors. Here's a iPhone.
Marissa Cheah
Marissa Cheah Hace 25 días
Dora the explorer bag.
Majestic Snow Chimp
Majestic Snow Chimp Hace 26 días
Kuzma 🙌🙌
JR Smith
JR Smith Hace 27 días
Bill Blass
Bill Blass Hace 27 días
Kuzma got himself a GQ video? This kid has potential, im rooting for him
gerard asuncion
gerard asuncion Hace 28 días
10 things ryan reynolds can't live without
Jacory Guy
Jacory Guy Hace un mes
Kyle such a cool dood Much Respect💯
yes I am a ball hog
Are we all going to ignore that Kuz said *"I can hook it on my Dora bag."* Ok you do you
Slamblume40 Hace 19 días
yes I am a ball hog no he said “Dora the Explora bag”. So I wonder if the bag has like some designs to make it for grownups
IcyRaptorKing Fortnite
1 like = a point for Kyle Kuzma in the nba season
Dai's the name
Dai's the name Hace un mes
Kuzma got good taste in music
It's 25. You can't count!
He is such a fun guy
Ridhwaan A. Salaam
Ridhwaan A. Salaam Hace un mes
Is kuz even 21 yet?
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Hace un mes
Am I the only one who sees that his teeth resembles ariana grande's? 😂
Paul Rios
Paul Rios Hace un mes
Shhhhhhomething i cant live without ishhhhhhh... curlshhhhhh, shhhhhhoeshhhh, my shhhhhhowshhh all that kind of shhhhhtuff
Durga Reed
Durga Reed Hace un mes
what brand is his shirt
Donovan Villa
Donovan Villa Hace un mes
LeBron gives gifts to his teammates coollll
Genuine Servant of God
Cantu Fire stick Airpods MacBook Wine Hoodie Shoes Watch Car keys That's actually 9 things
Louie P
Louie P Hace un mes
One of the essentials is his jersey
VantheMan96 Hace un mes
Does anyone know what watch he is wearing?
Milos23 Hace un mes
So we're just not gonna say anything about his teammates forcing him to underage drinking!?
Damien Plancarte
Damien Plancarte Hace un mes
Do James harden
Gonzalez Moralez
Gonzalez Moralez Hace un mes
Brayden Welch
Brayden Welch Hace un mes
Brayden Welch
Brayden Welch Hace un mes
Have the same exact hair jell in my room
soulonfirexx Hace un mes
Good taste in watches!
Mark Aguilar
Mark Aguilar Hace un mes
Kyle kuzma is amazing
incognito 82
incognito 82 Hace un mes
This guy a millennial
Parker Playz
Parker Playz Hace un mes
did he say dora the explorer bag?!
Jon Lock
Jon Lock Hace un mes
Porsche and a Patek. This man has great taste
Soufiane Bahij
Soufiane Bahij Hace 19 días
Jon Lock yup
king greco
king greco Hace un mes
2:37 oh so who is 6ix9ine then😂
Malik Giovanni
Malik Giovanni Hace un mes
Kuzma is a better than Lonzo, Don’t @ me
Ben Schapiro
Ben Schapiro Hace un mes
"new music sounds the same" so right
Conner Boatwright
Conner Boatwright Hace un mes
2:37 he gonna get arrested 😭
Mykolas Vilkelis
Mykolas Vilkelis Hace un mes
Do One with DeMar DeRozan
sweg Hace un mes
lonzos passing apparently
CaaPo0NeJeR Hace un mes
who can tell me what kind of shirt he's wearing?
logan WM
logan WM Hace un mes
Kuzma sounds like a dope dude after watching that and I don’t say that often about stars
Kylie Kristen
Kylie Kristen Hace un mes
Baby ♥️
Pore P
Pore P Hace un mes
well, he can live without a ring it looks like
Horizon897 Horizon
Horizon897 Horizon Hace un mes
It smells like broke in here!
Lance Sicat
Lance Sicat Hace un mes
Number 1: *LeBron*
Ariana Rojas
Ariana Rojas Hace un mes
rev up those fryers
2:37 interesting....
Javier Machuca
Javier Machuca Hace un mes
Who else thought he would have a lighter voice?
Jon Hardin
Jon Hardin Hace un mes
This boy said 2Pac. Salute to Kuz
Christopher Johnson
He was finna say new music sucks 🤣😂
Jaren Dagoat
Jaren Dagoat Hace un mes
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball Hace un mes
Yeah narcos got boring after season 2
Morgan Bishop
Morgan Bishop Hace un mes
Focus on playing better
Random Person
Random Person Hace un mes
isn’t lebron signed to samsung😂😂😂
Adrian Altezza
Adrian Altezza Hace un mes
Number 11: defense
ABraham Vang
ABraham Vang Hace un mes
he said he is 69 and i thought he meant the rapper
Alan nolove
Alan nolove Hace un mes
Best Lakers player
Janayn Melis
Janayn Melis Hace un mes
We use the same hair product! Lol
Charlies chocolatefactory
overrated n cocky
ALLinMgmt Hace un mes
POOP MEISTER Hace un mes
Bianca M
Bianca M Hace un mes
Jay Casteline
Jay Casteline Hace un mes
Wow nobody cares. Stupid video stupid topic
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll Hace un mes
John Livingston
John Livingston Hace un mes
Anyone know where to get that hoodie ? 🙏
Santiago Trujillo
Santiago Trujillo Hace un mes
Too bad the Lakers suck right now
dipsetkory Hace un mes
Can't live without possibly getting traded LMAO
seancoyote Hace un mes
Steady supply of and access to food, air, water, shelter, warmth, medicine, social interactions, relations, entertainment, and information. That is my list.
Deadshot Hace un mes
buddy where is the phone as an essential
Stratos M.Kampourakis Staras
Gq....Where is Antentonkoumpo thought???🙄🏀🇬🇷💙
Bobby Gloss
Bobby Gloss Hace un mes
Abigail Almassy
Abigail Almassy Hace un mes
This is my cousin
josh Hace un mes
*I can't live without PornHub*
Giveaway at 100 subs
Guess Kuz don’t speak broke
YFG RE Hace un mes
What kinda firestick is that
Daglaseq_15 Hace un mes
BallerBenny YT
BallerBenny YT Hace un mes
If my phone is dead I need a watch
Hans Deleon
Hans Deleon Hace un mes
How about Paul George, Russell Westbrook, KD and Jayson Tatum
Leeioh Hace un mes
Hans Deleon adventuring on my channel
Zulu Hace un mes
Number 11: Katya Elise Henry
D Chingi
D Chingi Hace un mes
My friend
D Chingi
D Chingi Hace un mes
Jasper CY
Jasper CY Hace un mes
Such a chill dude
RayRay_ Gaming
RayRay_ Gaming Hace un mes
Do paul george
arnout vanquaethem
arnout vanquaethem Hace 2 meses
Arent this 9 things
Swae Lee
Swae Lee Hace 2 meses
Number 11: Lebron
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez Hace 2 meses
Devin booker
A D Hace 2 meses
*Pount* 🤭💨
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