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Lakers Forward Kyle Kuzma welcomes GQ into his home to show off the 10 most essential items in his life, including the one thing that he can't travel without. Check out some of Kyle's products here:

- Cantu Coconut Hair Cream: amzn.to/2tb3TXQ

- Fire TV Stick: amzn.to/2MTvKVx

- Apple AirPods: fave.co/2WOtUd5

- AirPods Case: amzn.to/2tawqNb

- Apple MacBook Air: fave.co/2WO4LiD

- Caymus Wine: fave.co/2TAMvaK

- Cakebread Wine: fave.co/2BmxNNx

- Nike Blazers: fave.co/2RNJH8q

*Please note, if you choose to buy one of these products, we may earn affiliate commission that supports our work.

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10 Things Kyle Kuzma Can’t Live Without | GQ


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7 feb 2019

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Derek Fulmer
Derek Fulmer Hace un día
Porsche is my favorite car brand!!!!
Gian Prayoga
Gian Prayoga Hace 10 días
Rich LeBron
Arvin Galeno
Arvin Galeno Hace 11 días
What is the brand of the watch that kyle kuzma is wearing? Thanks??
SEM HS Hace 11 días
Could’ve met this guy at my local CVS!!!
xd 205 -
xd 205 - Hace 13 días
2:37 Nice
Facts no Hacks
Facts no Hacks Hace 22 días
2:55 He predicted the future of Area 51 memes.
Sanskriti Karki
Sanskriti Karki Hace 8 días
Yeah like literally . I even posted it on gram
Potato Turtle
Potato Turtle Hace 23 días
Balencya Hace 23 días
He predicted the area 51 meme
iLucasPlays Hace 23 días
Were are all the comments on essentials
LittleAsianBoi 0
LittleAsianBoi 0 Hace 23 días
Abad Kpebane
Abad Kpebane Hace 24 días
Where are the freaking comments
Lazed Ok
Lazed Ok Hace 24 días
What the hell happend to the comments
King Connor
King Connor Hace 24 días
Wtf happened to the comments
dylan ward
dylan ward Hace 24 días
I think they buy views and likes all their videos are like this
Dylan Galvin
Dylan Galvin Hace 24 días
Csabi Klnda
Csabi Klnda Hace 24 días
Whats happend at commnets?
Rj Ramirez
Rj Ramirez Hace 24 días
Why aren’t there any comments
pETRA Hace 24 días
On all videos tho
Rj Ramirez
Rj Ramirez Hace 24 días
I’m like tf
GloBoi-Savage Hace 24 días
Rj Ramirez damn you right
Harpreet Bains
Harpreet Bains Hace 25 días
He is so fine 😍😍😍😍
Ella Deignan22
Ella Deignan22 Hace 29 días
lmao "cars, watches and wine man...elegant"
Suc_Me_Sideways ?
Suc_Me_Sideways ? Hace un mes
He predicted area 51 raid
Daron Chau
Daron Chau Hace un mes
Bron got him drinkin wine
Tennessee Caudill
Tennessee Caudill Hace un mes
I know he is storming area 51
Darkrocko Hace un mes
Kuzma gonna raid area 51 2:55
Pepsi Dog
Pepsi Dog Hace un mes
Where is the monster energy?
The Legend
The Legend Hace un mes
Kuzma going to Area 51 raid
ME_SHOOT _GREENS Hace un mes
Why tf do kuz got the summer league mvp trophy
Meliodas - Sama
Meliodas - Sama Hace un mes
11: to be one of Kendall's draft pick
Chris Sanca
Chris Sanca Hace un mes
Forgot Kendell Jenner now too.. 😂
LÆ ZNM Hace un mes
His MacBook looks hella small in dem hands😂
David Im
David Im Hace un mes
lebron sponsored by samsung doe ain't he?
DJones21 Hace un mes
Boring. And i fw dude
andini cesar
andini cesar Hace un mes
Doesn’t Lebron have an samsung sponsorship? Why he giving out iphones?
Señor Beast
Señor Beast Hace un mes
Honestly his things were pretty down to earth and basic 😂
alexis bouyer
alexis bouyer Hace un mes
One thing kyle kuzma can't live without: ig thots
Landen Seymoure
Landen Seymoure Hace un mes
“I’m 69” no your not your Kyle Kuzma you silly goose😂
Lani Tochhawng
Lani Tochhawng Hace un mes
Make more videos of him, want slto see more😊
Sharky Hace un mes
Area 51😂2:54
MXL Hace un mes
Yeaaah that's gonna be our official uniform
Rinhlui Chenkual
Rinhlui Chenkual Hace un mes
My fav. Person 😪❤💙💚💛💜
Sky Hawk
Sky Hawk Hace un mes
can’t live without kendall jenner too..
Joel Flake
Joel Flake Hace un mes
My dude said Sally's, lmao the spot for your brushes, they sleeping on the wave cream though
hillmut berger
hillmut berger Hace un mes
Just hit Kendall and run. 🤣
Yo Ro
Yo Ro Hace un mes
kuz all about off white
Bharath varmagc
Bharath varmagc Hace un mes
Make it 11 and add Kendall Jenner too
Sang Pham
Sang Pham Hace un mes
1. Kendall Jenner
ZachFoll Hace un mes
Lightning Singh
Lightning Singh Hace un mes
Lmao Lebron has a deal with Samsung and still gave out iPhones
s3kushi Hace un mes
kuzma just said "wine is healthy for you"
Ruffruff 38
Ruffruff 38 Hace un mes
Some is
Alden Dimick
Alden Dimick Hace un mes
Me and kuz have the same AirPods case
Jai Knight
Jai Knight Hace un mes
Wait wouldn’t his first jersey as a laker been Nike not adidas?
corbin hamilton
corbin hamilton Hace un mes
Clearly not.
Kobe._. Hace un mes
*NBA PLAYER*--“I don’t leave the house”
Ruffruff 38
Ruffruff 38 Hace un mes
He means for other things
zenatrall zerkin
zenatrall zerkin Hace un mes
He said he is 6 9
Sawyer Bix
Sawyer Bix Hace un mes
Andy Butsakone
Andy Butsakone Hace un mes
I think Kyle is under aged for wine🤔
Brett Roach
Brett Roach Hace un mes
Andy Butsakone nah he’s 23 or something, he played 4 years in college
Juris SanJuan
Juris SanJuan Hace un mes
Kyle like 1 glass of wine But my dad finish a whole bottle of wine lol
Kai Long
Kai Long Hace 2 meses
He really using a Mac, sad
Luis Zozaya
Luis Zozaya Hace 2 meses
Devin booker
Kuzma : I don’t leave the house but leaves the house for all his games that he is playing in
Sayid Jurado
Sayid Jurado Hace 2 meses
I need his hair product⚡️
Jack R
Jack R Hace 2 meses
Number 11 IG models
go fuck your self dumbass
Wow i didn't know diss god played basketball
lebron james
lebron james Hace 2 meses
Netflix and hudu
Ya Boy Venom
Ya Boy Venom Hace 2 meses
Ig models
Izzy R7
Izzy R7 Hace 2 meses
Cars ,watches,wine and shoes.LOL
Jimi Feng
Jimi Feng Hace 2 meses
Kuzma should be named Whosema? Bug eyes staring at LED lights. Moon.
Sanskriti Karki
Sanskriti Karki Hace 2 meses
Cause I'm 6'9 so 😂 Kyle's excuse
G Wolf
G Wolf Hace 2 meses
jmorrow18 Hace 2 meses
2:46 Milwaukee isnt on the east coast
Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma Hace 3 meses
Good times!
Navi Blue
Navi Blue Hace un mes
Hey kuz
GayJew Hace 3 meses
Lonzo...that's it. 😍
ALLinMgmt Hace 3 meses
Subscribe to Kuz ESvid channel esvid.net/show-UCiTsWZaXcon2OANYXhQRn-g
TimmyTurner Withtheburner
Where’s da grey Nike tech he always in ‼️?
Samuel Kazandjian
Samuel Kazandjian Hace 3 meses
looks like making the playoffs wasn't an essential
Fluid 4k
Fluid 4k Hace 3 meses
Hulu has live sports
Banca Quisqueya Cafe II
Traduce los videos Al español
Dimas Hernandez
Dimas Hernandez Hace 3 meses
1:40 same
901 ic33
901 ic33 Hace 3 meses
1:22 did he just say dora the explorer bag lol
Rabi Ali
Rabi Ali Hace 3 meses
I like him.... he uses Cantu!
Hmuntea Tochhawng
Hmuntea Tochhawng Hace 3 meses
I felt when he said "Part of One means Party Of One"😂😂
jared the tellatubi
jared the tellatubi Hace 3 meses
Y'all bbq chicken
Samantha Chhuon
Samantha Chhuon Hace 3 meses
Named my fish Kuz after him
Lights Hace 4 meses
"East coast.... Milwaukee"
oh yeah yeah gang
oh yeah yeah gang Hace 4 meses
My best things are 1.food 2.food 3.food 4.food 5.food 6.food 7.food 8.food 9.food 10.food
UnicornKeo Hace 4 meses
He used to use Let’s JAM classic! 😂😂😂 I f*** with him for even saying that!
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