10 Times Keanu Reeves BROKE the Internet

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At E3, Keanu Reeves stole our hearts and broke the internet when he called us breathtaking! But that wasn't the first time he proved he was the best boy of the internet! Here are 10 Times Keanu Reeves Broke the Internet! What's your fav moment?
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14 jun 2019

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Gaddin._.draws ._.
Gaddin._.draws ._. Hace 41 un minuto
Basically he is JESUS
Junior Morales
Junior Morales Hace 4 horas
3:33 What?
Kakashi sharingan
Kakashi sharingan Hace 12 horas
bless him and if you feel like it please watch this john wick video it could help us esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-aEX1VzcooMs.html and again god bless him
Nir Haber
Nir Haber Hace 13 horas
I don't like the John wick shit. The matrix is the love
nikhil sha
nikhil sha Hace 17 horas
976 dislikes are john wicks enemys
Danie Bosman
Danie Bosman Hace 20 horas
Keanu should be Kenshi for the Mortal Kombat movie
Jamez310825 Hace 20 horas
so the ultimate question has evolved? what came first keanu reeves or the memes?
Archie Hace 20 horas
Seriously there should be a new dictionary word. And it's Keanu . u have been keanued.
Archie Hace 20 horas
Only two legends I know , live aid and Keanu Reeves.
frenchxrxses Hace 21 un hora
*No you’re breathtaking!*
HrglassHealer Hace un día
Good for Keanu! The idiots who made the ‘not wanting to be metoo’d’ that’s the point morons! The rest of the animals w/octopus hands/runaway dicks should take lessons!!!!!
T10 Hace un día
For keanu reeves fan only: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-aEX1VzcooMs.html
Banana Seokjin
Banana Seokjin Hace un día
Keanu Reeves is older than my dad. I still think he is hot. This is something I have to accept.
Xd Blssd
Xd Blssd Hace un día
Everyone liked that
Boni Chodes
Boni Chodes Hace 2 días
Real shame I hate SquareSpace for scamming me out of $100 in debt. Also, he isn’t impervious to fire. The fire just loves him too much to try hurting him.
Allamuylejos Hace 2 días
He's just adorable!!
Xibosh Hace 2 días
Wake the F*ck up samurai
AgilityPoP Hace 2 días
who would win in a cinematic fight, Keanu Reeves or Chuck Norris?
Virgo Jackson
Virgo Jackson Hace 2 días
Keanu is so... umph...whatever it is its real...saturated from his insides; out. Needs no entourage and frickin rescues people. He's not Hollywood but can chill anywhere
caroline day
caroline day Hace 2 días
Love that beautiful men
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed Hace 2 días
This video is breathtaking!
Nobel Bin Eakub
Nobel Bin Eakub Hace 2 días
its always easy for ladies to understand who got crush on them, its actually keanu's gentlemanly to express hes crush on SB, to make it funny and respectful to Sandra! thats what i think.
Alibaba Hace 2 días
He‘s breathtaking
Ben Lyons
Ben Lyons Hace 2 días
I love Keanu Reeves.
Daniel Mansur
Daniel Mansur Hace 2 días
The man is a walking meme
piou77piou Hace 2 días
Keanu Reeves : Hold my beer Chuck Norris : Yes Sir Keanu Reeves : *petting* Good boy
Runa Begum
Runa Begum Hace 3 días
kek donalds
kek donalds Hace 3 días
So Keanu Reeves is basically the new Chuck Norris
Thegamingteam 325
Thegamingteam 325 Hace 3 días
Keanu Reeves doesn’t like being called nice, I’m pretty that he doesn’t like taking a compliment in general. He wants to be known as just any other guy on the street, he doesn’t like it anymore when people just comes up to him and takes a selfie with him, because he’s getting tired of not being able to go on the street without hundreds of cameras always being flashed at him. So please, whenever you’re walking around town and you see him. Don’t just take a picture without asking, mind his business. And let him go through the day without being interrupted. Thank you.
Robin Zitlau
Robin Zitlau Hace 3 días
We all just smile when we see Keanu. But we have to leave him in peace!!!
burningknuckle26 Hace 3 días
Keanu is a legend
AliviaSunner Hace 4 días
Keanu Reeves 2018: *appears on a game Keanu Reeves 2019: *appears on a game* Keanu Reeves 2019: *appears on a game and on E3*
SamSamit Hace 4 días
*Anyone here after the meme?*
Oh Finnie
Oh Finnie Hace 4 días
he is breathtaking.
LordsOfSkulls Hace 4 días
god i hope i look like that in my 50s =)
The Media
The Media Hace 4 días
3:27 Keanu Reeves isn't Korean though.
D Pagne
D Pagne Hace 4 días
He is such a catch... Someday i will marry sn like him
winston Hace 4 días
Watchmojo.com: OK almost there just make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications now let's get back to business Me: ohhh what it go.. Add plays: Me: we have a city to burn
simsportif Hace 4 días
Is keanu reeves a relative of chuck norris? Because he seems dangerously close.
zhane Shin
zhane Shin Hace 4 días
help me and please suscribe to my channel
There is always a rainbow After a little rain
Mosquitoes don’t bite Keanu out of respect
DeAnjelo Frizell
DeAnjelo Frizell Hace 4 días
Should Neo or John Wick be DLC in MK11?
your dead
your dead Hace 4 días
internet is a girl
Murat Tosun
Murat Tosun Hace 4 días
His literal life broke the internet
The PINKninja
The PINKninja Hace 4 días
Do a top 10 bruh moments
Timber Humphrey
Timber Humphrey Hace 4 días
Keanu, please do the entire world a favor and live on forever. please, don't ever die because we need you
s҉o҉u҉p҉ Hace 4 días
Craftman Seven Eighty
He's just a big sweetheart isn't he? I'd love to meet him one day.
Scarlett Morales
Scarlett Morales Hace 5 días
You're breathtaking 😍😍😍 *points to me* Happily dead.
Tanya Louise
Tanya Louise Hace 5 días
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