10 UFC Post-Fight Speeches That Won Over The Crowd

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14 mar 2019






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Comentarios 781
william wallace
william wallace Hace 3 horas
this is my fav video so far.
Baran 1907
Baran 1907 Hace 3 horas
I dont know why But i hate holly holm so much
HondaMan Vtec
HondaMan Vtec Hace 6 horas
Wrong.. people like Tony cos he once Kicked a building in New York that 15min later fall down
Ggggr Ggggr
Ggggr Ggggr Hace 7 horas
The Garbrandt one was so cringe
Nick M
Nick M Hace 7 horas
“You better not boo me ..... oh fuck you” 😆😆😆
Blood BRS
Blood BRS Hace 23 horas
"My balls was hot"
scooba Hace un día
The funniest thing about this video is that it really makes you realise how long Khabib has been planning to smash Dana's boy.
Manzilla Hace un día
rumor has it derricks balls are still hot
Musa Khamis Musa
Musa Khamis Musa Hace un día
7:33 Hey Guys, Didn't Know @MGK's Now A #UFC Fighter 😳
Albert Wesker9umbrellaspuppet9
I think Kevin Lee is a person who is desperate to be popular by any means necessary meaning he will fake any persona he think the mma fans will like.I dont think I've ever seen such a fake personality in my entire life...his true colors are shown when he talked shit about that one doods family for literally zero reason other than to impress /"get in their head" which is the lamest shit ever and a tactic used by those who aren't confident in their pyschical ability so they try to attack mental /emotional instability instead.and i am all for it but why so trashy?like you seriously had to attack his mom???like wtf...that's pathetic,desperate,and weak af.everytime he opens his mouth all I hear is "please ,I beg you all,to please be impressed with me!!!!"-kevin Lee
That Dude
That Dude Hace un día
The kid who got too wear the belt after battling Leukemia, made my eyes wet.
SLiMmcl Hace 2 días
FUCK BROCK LESNAR! (coming from a guy who wanted him to succeed since it was a rumor) He one a fight to get into UFC... awesome Got beat in ufc (Damn that sucks) Beat an opponent.... TITLE SHOT. Won against an old randy cotoure (I mean he was always old but this is after silva win for a while) So no he is undeserved champe IN a weightclass already upset about by fans (Split up Heavyweight between 235 and 265 for Heavyweight and Super Heavy weight) I beleive I forgot a fight at this moment (After randy Might have been a Mir Smackdown again... Good Job wont deny that) GETS FUCKED UP BY CARWIN TO HELL for some reason not stopped. (In all honesty I hope He gets checked for head injurey after that Because He didn't KO but he was lit up non stop) HE IS 5-3 YET ONE OF THE BEST FIGHTERS (Not including NC) BULLSHIT! Very Athletic and explosive/speed for his size HELL YA And that is why I rooted for him. But how it went down. I don't Agree with him being as "Good" or "popular" Because he just is. Ya know
Nathan Kyle
Nathan Kyle Hace 2 días
Tony didnt start the mcnugget line donald cerrone did.
talha Hace 2 días
Scary shit let lol
Kid Dynamite
Kid Dynamite Hace 2 días
Doo ho choi's post fight cage interview after losing to Swanson was also good.
I AM BAYTOR Hace 2 días
Naw, Lee's still a twat.
R Sb
R Sb Hace 2 días
"I'm not surprised mother fuckers"! #Mostgangstashitucouldsay@thatmoment.com
EKA The German Shepherd
I'm not surprised mother fucker! Well miss you Nate..!
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds Hace 2 días
Fuckin Cody Garbrandt made my allergies kick up, or somebody is cutting onions near me
Brandon Shalkowski
Brandon Shalkowski Hace 2 días
Wow Dana's face as Holly talks
SuperCannibas420 Hace 2 días
Ortega brought me to tears pure class
amon mercury
amon mercury Hace 2 días
speeches that won over the crowd ....... puts khabib speech that everyone booed (which was a cool speech but really really didn't win the crowd lol)
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Hace 2 días
Why is conner Mcgregor not on this
David Angle
David Angle Hace 2 días
Cerrone dawned McNugget whatchuu meeeaan
Trish Richey
Trish Richey Hace 2 días
Derrick Lewis has the best speech, ever. 😂😂😂😂
Jared Nixon
Jared Nixon Hace 2 días
masvidals most recent fight should be on here
who got cheese
who got cheese Hace 2 días
U had one job YOEL ROMERO!!!
omar ramirez
omar ramirez Hace 2 días
Lesnar forgot to thank good ole steroids.
Cheezeburger Walrus
Cheezeburger Walrus Hace 2 días
Damn you for making me tear up CODY!
Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Oxide Hace 3 días
Dominick Cruz after the fight with Cody Garbrandt is the greatest moment in Sports let alone MMA.
Freaky Knox
Freaky Knox Hace 3 días
You talk more than the fighters
Supracabra Hace 3 días
Robbie Lawler vs Rory Macdonald was the greatest fight of all time bar none.
Charles Walker
Charles Walker Hace 3 días
3:33 Brock should know its rude to use the term 'tranny' now. But good on him for having such a diverse training camp.
Owner of a Busted Ricecooker
my balls was hot - should be number one lol
Enzo Bodean
Enzo Bodean Hace 3 días
How could you miss that “Thanks for this wonderful.... PLATÉIA” from Napão Gonzaga? Or all Those gems from GSP
Kenzo Kooren
Kenzo Kooren Hace 3 días
Why don’t you actually show the moments of the speeches itself? You talk all the time while I’m waiting to hear the speeches and you only show little fragments.. that's quite disappointing
Lucas x
Lucas x Hace 3 días
Idk why people dislike lee, he is a good fighter i like em
rslider00 Hace 3 días
No GSP? When he begs for the title? May be too old for some viewers but I'll be damned if thats not #1!
True2022 Hace 3 días
Damn Brock's head is on roids .Imagine that on a regular body lol
Bob Rickleson
Bob Rickleson Hace 3 días
Dear guy, your videos suck a giant bag of dicks. How about just show the speeches and cut everything else out.
Graham Mask
Graham Mask Hace 3 días
Ortega bringing tears to my eyes man. Great video MMA on Point team.
arod9393 Hace 3 días
"don't fear me"
cmac brown
cmac brown Hace 3 días
I'm not surprised motherfucker
Arnold Hace 3 días
Everyone loved lawler before that speech.
Flaming Ginger
Flaming Ginger Hace 3 días
I really would have liked to see the Donald Cerrone vs Mike Perry post fight with his kid and his mom! haha that was a memorable one for me that turned my attention to cowboy
Ali's Archive
Ali's Archive Hace 3 días
4:23 This is some zombie shit right there.
Oğuzhan Öztürk
Oğuzhan Öztürk Hace 3 días
most glorious sport and nothing comes even closer?? ok ok we are big mma fans but you better get your head out of your butt from time to time. You are missing superbowls, nba finals, formula 1 and a bunch of others which are way ahead of mma. Also if you think mma is the toughest sport, bring your best of the best champion and let's go for a K2 climb and see what your champion is made of.. or lets put a crew together out of mma fighters to take part in volvo ocean race?? all your mc nuggets and tony morons or khabibs and shit would cry for their mama.. get real!
PartiZAn18 Hace 4 días
Masvidal's speech this weekend was rather good too. Won me over in a big way.
eM powerZ
eM powerZ Hace 4 días
Tony Ferguson's the type of guy to call his wife "khabib" while anal fucking her
Nico365 Hace 4 días
Corey Fellows
Corey Fellows Hace 4 días
10:30 to 11:00 put tears in my eyes....and I'm not ashamed to admit it.....wow
Corey Fellows
Corey Fellows Hace 4 días
Tito Ortiz is SOOOOOOO misrepresented by the media, he's a legitimately nice guy.
Corey Fellows
Corey Fellows Hace 4 días
I hope the black dude in the first clip made fun of his big ass ears!!!
Joe Malcolm
Joe Malcolm Hace 4 días
That Shout out was way too short tommy. You goof
elcabezon veintidos
elcabezon veintidos Hace 4 días
10:33 thank you for make me cry... You son of a bitch!!!
Nick Hace 4 días
Nate Diaz is a legend
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards Hace 4 días
ortega needs to revenge his loss to max one day'
Whoo M eye
Whoo M eye Hace 4 días
Cody Garbrandts tears got me
Will Crespo
Will Crespo Hace 4 días
I still like Cody but he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and keep his hands up. 🤷‍♂️
Michael Chmielewski
Michael Chmielewski Hace 4 días
what movie or show is 4:32 from?
Christopher Lomakin
Christopher Lomakin Hace 4 días
not surprise mf
PabloCruise91 Hace 4 días
Add Masvidal to the list
joel simms
joel simms Hace 4 días
Best post fight " I'm not surprised MF er!!
GAME4WAR Hace 4 días
12:44 McGregor-Nate can only count to 5 Nate- Yea
JT7 Hace 3 días
Nate said ten
Ben gia mama bengia
Ben gia mama bengia Hace 5 días
A I'm not surprised MF...
krylesangerbeaver Hace 5 días
Holly won me over with her win, not the talking. I felt really bad she wasn't able to defend, and ended up losing it to Misha of all people.
karljo mata
karljo mata Hace 5 días
Brock Lesnar pushing DC is heavyweight vs popeyes
Daley Davis
Daley Davis Hace 5 días
Better remake this list with Masvidal on it after last night lol
Badd Mouth
Badd Mouth Hace 5 días
I remember watching the Lawler/McDonald fight live. It was one of the top 3 fights ive seen in a live viewing. I was pumped up.
Shinee Hace 5 días
Conor: Nate only can count to five Nate: Ten Hilarious lol
Barry Ryan
Barry Ryan Hace 5 días
Tony Ferguson's the type of guy to call the police to his house to arrest them for trespassing
The Gent
The Gent Hace 5 días
Khabib was not lying when he said "this is number one easy fight in lightweight division". It was exactly that, for Khabib, when he and McGregor finally fought.
Bu Jammy
Bu Jammy Hace 5 días
Who teared up?
Adam Khan
Adam Khan Hace 5 días
he said daddy won
Lester Faapaiaga
Lester Faapaiaga Hace 5 días
Great list, Shane Young had a nice one too
DuBz118 Hace 5 días
Cody, yea buddy. :)
iclypto Hace 5 días
“Yeah you’re real tough in a weight decision full of midgets”
Ian G
Ian G Hace 5 días
"Can you both count to ten?" "Nate can only count to five" Funny as fuck.
Hame Kharpuri
Hame Kharpuri Hace 5 días
And then he immediately loses the Goodwill from the crowd when he decided to be an asshat again against Al.
TrippyTheShroom Hace 5 días
That was legitimately heartwarming. What separates UFC/Combat sports in general is the realness of those that perform and put their bodies in harms way to entertain us. Whether its a trained killer tearing up in the cage or seeing Woodleys mom hugging Usman in the back and him breaking down, it's amazing.
jgjal Hace 5 días
ehh this channel IS on point. Alright, you got me i subbed.
Brett Hace 5 días
How is Rose's post fight speech after her first fight with Joanna not on this list?
Sameer Bordoloi
Sameer Bordoloi Hace 6 días
This list is bullshit.. cm punk post fight speech should be number 1
Steven Z
Steven Z Hace 6 días
I always click the like button when I click a MMA OP video when its Tommy. I always click the X when its dan.
William's Pops
William's Pops Hace 6 días
Nate Quarry UFC 83. An American beats a Canadian in Canada and proceeds to give the speech that Rocky gave in Rocky IV. How did this not make the list?!?!?!?!
Andy Goodings
Andy Goodings Hace 6 días
Lawler vs macdonald will always be the best fight
zac oaker
zac oaker Hace 6 días
you guys to should do a video on mma terminology, like words that people use in the mma community/ mma slang.
just a random guy
just a random guy Hace 6 días
Al won me with that fuck you to the crowd lol
HeuristicalWorker Hace 6 días
Can anyone please tell me what music this is? Recognize it from a video on comparison of size of mega stars, in scale, likely same: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i93Z7zljQ7I.html. Hauntingly beautiful. Thank you to whomever know this and can and will and does respond.
john ng
john ng Hace 6 días
This list doesn't exactly live up to the title--- khabib was still booed by the pro-conor crowd, Holly Holm had already won over the crowd the moment she started beating the daylights out of ronda
Aakash Mash
Aakash Mash Hace 6 días
lawler vs conor is still the match
Fidan Rexhepi
Fidan Rexhepi Hace 6 días
eyy im not suprised motherfukers.
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis Hace 6 días
Ha! Kevin Lee didn't win anyone over
Dennis Krages
Dennis Krages Hace 6 días
Nate Quarry's Rocky 4 speech should be in this video.
K.M. Smith
K.M. Smith Hace 6 días
After I saw Kevin Lee on Rogan's podcast I became a fan. He seems like a good dude. Tito Ortiz is a tool. That interview is when everyone jumped on the Nate Diaz bandwagon.
MrEvitcartta Hace 6 días
Anyone else tear up with Garbrandt and Mattix (sp?) ? No? Just me.... alright
TheDXJC56 Hace 6 días
Feels good man
Mike Skidmore
Mike Skidmore Hace 6 días
Holley Holm was always a Class act after all she is a Conservative.. Ronda Rousey a Libatarded Berny Bros .. Disrespectful poor sport .. Who married a Woman beater..
Stone Osborne
Stone Osborne Hace 6 días
*posts from inside a wall*
daym tlili
daym tlili Hace 6 días
the comments got me laughing so hard . thank you guys ..
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