10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

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16 jun 2019

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Comentarios 15 477
Jay Perez
Jay Perez Hace un hora
This video proves that men find you attractive by looks, and women by personality.
Static Sting
Static Sting Hace 2 horas
Is this the same Andrew from Truth or Drink?
mysterygirlsparkle 234
Does no one notice how the black girls r not his type.
Kennedy Pierre
Kennedy Pierre Hace 2 horas
I feel like he’s into blondes & all these girls have darker hair.
Joanna Asher
Joanna Asher Hace 3 horas
4:10 OMG same! I'm not even kidding! That is so me!
yelyah cents
yelyah cents Hace 4 horas
This guys lame, all the ladies are too good for him lol
Furry Hunter69
Furry Hunter69 Hace 5 horas
why are u people mad about his preference in women he doesn't like black girls and that's okay I'm sure some black girls dont like white guys and thats okay
Sabrina Tippie
Sabrina Tippie Hace 6 horas
Dora is so beautiful ❤️
Lil Jackxerr
Lil Jackxerr Hace 6 horas
Nature conservation 😞
Saddam Hussain
Saddam Hussain Hace 7 horas
Bring a Tyrone 🧔🏿
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 8 horas
Damn she was bangin
Ebrahim Chowdhury
Ebrahim Chowdhury Hace 8 horas
U can’t really rate someone’s personality after a few words.....
Hien D. Nguyen
Hien D. Nguyen Hace 10 horas
haha, men are always men. Whoever saying they choose personality over looks is a hypocrite lol
Idle Asf
Idle Asf Hace 10 horas
Ok giving the two black girls the lowest rating... nice...we get it...you don't like black girls
Anonymous Brunette
Anonymous Brunette Hace 10 horas
I’m over here tryna see wich one I look the most alike with so I can see what he’d rate me😂😭
Taheem Lewis
Taheem Lewis Hace 10 horas
Dora and her pixie cut are a 20. does she have a insta
Mayya *
Mayya * Hace 11 horas
Rip to us tall girls
Ayy Space
Ayy Space Hace 13 horas
She went on her phone right after he picked her to have a longer conversation & get to know each other more
arib yt
arib yt Hace 16 horas
Fawad Fawadi
Fawad Fawadi Hace 16 horas
3:43 - 3:53 😂🙈 4:15 yeah right.. 5:53 not bad choice
Fawad Fawadi
Fawad Fawadi Hace 16 horas
2:05 - 2:11 Racist :P
Brody Smith
Brody Smith Hace 18 horas
he reminds me of a less attractive older version of archie from riverdale
Marjore Dixon
Marjore Dixon Hace 19 horas
Black Screen
Black Screen Hace 20 horas
i hate when people say personality’s quit lying, you perfer looks
brøkêń_båñdîtø Hace 21 un hora
I think looks and personality should be added together
Des. Hace 21 un hora
Why is everyone alright with the girl version of this, but think he’s in the wrong? He picked the girl who was attractive to him. Why’s that bad that we have preferences?
Jessica Mendez
Jessica Mendez Hace 21 un hora
I love reckless love as well , I’m also Christian ❤️
Jessica Mendez
Jessica Mendez Hace 20 horas
brøkêń_båñdîtø same here !! Good to know that theres other people as well who follow Jesus
brøkêń_båñdîtø Hace 21 un hora
Me too I was surprised when she choose that song but happy
Mr. Game & Watch
Mr. Game & Watch Hace 23 horas
Christina (the 2nd Indian girl) is a solid 9.5
Dety louisa
Dety louisa Hace un día
An hour later he says he would pick the girl with best personality then he picked the girl with the best look
Jordan Lynn
Jordan Lynn Hace un día
im sorry but protect him at all costs ):
Benoit Cosner
Benoit Cosner Hace un día
The 1 and 9 are my favorites he might be blind they are 8-9 not 6
James Rountree
James Rountree Hace un día
I feel like a misogynist?? But that means hatred of women soooo.... wtf?
stop racism man black girls are the prettiest and the best
Mr. Game & Watch
Mr. Game & Watch Hace 23 horas
It isn't racism
Iftekhar Ahmed Ifty
Iftekhar Ahmed Ifty Hace un día
It was a good practical experiment
Sharothi Gitagama
Sharothi Gitagama Hace un día
I'll go out on a limb and say he is not into black girls
Ashley Edwards
Ashley Edwards Hace un día
I would take Dora all the way Looks: 1000000000000 Personality: 1000000000000000 (I’m on moms acc)
zouk61 61
zouk61 61 Hace un día
Sophia kinda has a Courtney Kardashian vibe
Anthony Cascante Fonseca
good choice, that girl... amazing
paulina puczek
paulina puczek Hace un día
I could never put myself in this situation. Instant depression .. xd
Breeze Hace un día
put your ear buds on *girls dont put any music on*
Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson Hace un día
Did he say he only liked girls with dark hair before all this?
Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson Hace un día
5:36 The Power of the British Accent. LOL
DailyActivity Hace un día
just confirming the reality about white men lol
shaista malik
shaista malik Hace un día
"Personality is more important" chooses looks 👏
Bro the girl 2nd to the end was a solid 8
Emily Aspen
Emily Aspen Hace un día
woah.. couldn't get a more friendly guy?
Aubryana Hace un día
Im pretty sure the 4th one is a man
Anna Via
Anna Via Hace un día
Ijeoma just captured my soul 🥰 we must protect her
William Black
William Black Hace un día
Yo legit make up is cheating. Who knows what half of these girls will look like when you wake up the next day next to them.
Elda Cantu
Elda Cantu Hace un día
YES THAT WOMEN THAT TALKED ABT JESUS.Plz if you’re watching let’s be friend.😭
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