10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

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16 jun 2019






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Comentarios 19 924
paola huerta
paola huerta Hace 57 minutos
I feel anger with this boy
Rumaiza Ansari
Rumaiza Ansari Hace un hora
This guy was being honest to what he likes and not faking it so I appreciate that. And to judge him over an 8 mint video ain’t gonna be fair; anyways I hope they end up together because they so cute together !
Heather Bodnar
Heather Bodnar Hace 3 horas
Anyone ever thought that when he talks about the girls with earbuds on, they could have the sound off? Idk
Cambi Hace 3 horas
I love “Reckless Love”!!!!!
Silvia Fashion
Silvia Fashion Hace 3 horas
Sis really said he cared about personality instead of looks but instead picks the one with looks 💀
The Pretzel Boy Channel
I’d give all of them at least a 6. Imo
• Flixx •
• Flixx • Hace 5 horas
How was the middle tall asian girl only 7.5?
The Pretzel Boy Channel
This video is frickin’ awesome.
Kathryn Viduya
Kathryn Viduya Hace 6 horas
0:33 you mean ed sheeran? XD
Jaden Gargiulo
Jaden Gargiulo Hace 7 horas
Racist BTW
Hana Araki
Hana Araki Hace 7 horas
I think sophie or sophia I dont which one but I think shes the one I like she really pretty smart and just a great personallity
OMFG ZH Hace 7 horas
LMFAOOOO so everything was similar to mine LMFAO
Alperen Yenigün
Alperen Yenigün Hace 8 horas
I need that short hair girl mannn
JRH Hace 10 horas
Oh man this is evil😂
noe Hace 12 horas
he is freaking hot
Amir Grigoryan
Amir Grigoryan Hace 13 horas
Where are GAY characters? I see White, Black, Asian, why is everyone straight?
Obligatory Fail
Obligatory Fail Hace 20 horas
Why is his teeth like this though? \ \/ /
J. Stockton
J. Stockton Hace un día
"I like personality more" proceeds to pick the girl rated highest on looks
Thomas Daly
Thomas Daly Hace un hora
He also gave her a high personality rating she had the best average
Megatron Hace un día
Yeas Sophia and that tall Asian girl were really cute. Everyone looked fairly chill too.
Sam Finelli
Sam Finelli Hace un día
It's obvious, he's gay
Freddy Levy
Freddy Levy Hace un día
why don't the girls get to choose if they like him?
Mob '
Mob ' Hace un día
Doesn't he look like Logan Paul?
D.Wilkinson Hace un día
Bisexual episodes of versus would be way more interesting!
Alvin Del Rey
Alvin Del Rey Hace un día
Dang he really gave the two black girls the lowest scores based on looks. Smh
Yshai Sebastian Diez Villarroel
So... *HoW wOulD yOu DesCrIBe thE coLOr GrEen to a BliNd peRsOn??*
iLikeAlfredo Hace un día
dora reminds me of eleven from stranger things lol
Alexander Trenton
Alexander Trenton Hace un día
For anyone who ever says personality matters more then looks. There lying.
Xander_cali _boy
Xander_cali _boy Hace un día
Ghost Girl
Ghost Girl Hace un día
How is he gonna say the black women are ugly. Because of their skin color? Everyone is beautiful no matter what color their skin is or how they look, how their body is. You are beautiful:) (just gonna day I am white)
842 0273
842 0273 Hace un día
3:30 eight I'd rate IT an eight
842 0273
842 0273 Hace 9 horas
Lincoln Hace 9 horas
Her personality, people aren't numbers
Tv Confusion
Tv Confusion Hace un día
6:33 Haha!
Zaryn Kamara
Zaryn Kamara Hace 2 días
I feel sorry for those 2 black girls. Imagine getting called ugly multiple times in a comment section of a ESvid video that has millions of views
Taylor Windham
Taylor Windham Hace 2 días
How tf did she only get a 6.5 she was freaking gorgeous
Skylar lol
Skylar lol Hace 2 días
This proves my thought unattractive women have the best personality
brycly Hace un día
The 3 he rated highest in looks he rated as 3 of the top 4 in personality, if anything it proved the opposite point
Preston Coley
Preston Coley Hace 2 días
she said reckless love i felt that👌🏼
EliteBuzzy Hace 2 días
Woulda definitely went with dora hands down!
Avengers Assemble please
I would give every single one of them a 10
MK245 Hace 2 días
*Femenists aggressively typing*
aaron narvez
aaron narvez Hace 2 días
wheres his eyebrows?!!
Sil Teixeira
Sil Teixeira Hace 2 días
The 3rd girl came with a nice question, really authentic... his answer was like what? Doesn't matter? As people said here, the natural girls had bad scores, cos it's obviously she likes girls that shape the make-up no make-up look.
Darius Carlos
Darius Carlos Hace 2 días
Guys like him don’t mean to be assholes....but they come of as ones💋
eddyertang Hace 2 días
bro ko'ed it by picking the girl for her looks, nobody saw that coming. And she was highest score overall too.. Nicee
mango Pie
mango Pie Hace 3 días
He said he likes personality more than looks but ended up by choosing the looks over personality 😅😂
Natashea Hace 3 días
Looks are more important to people than most are willing to admit but I don’t understand taking how someone sees you to heart. It’s like getting upset that someone’s prescription isn’t the same as yours. If you think you are a 10 then honey you are a 10🥰 Keep in mind though that what most people THINK is beautiful comes from what we are shown the most in a positive light. I used to struggle with finding myself beautiful but I started surrounding myself with media who look like me and my perception changed plus therapy helped a lot.
Avinash Vasudev Vlogs
He just told he looks for personality And He Just Rated Most Beautiful Girl In It 8.5 Wow amazed😂😂
Shunyuan Zhang
Shunyuan Zhang Hace 3 días
'personality more important' --> 'i would say the girl I rated by looks'.
Giovanni Giunti
Giovanni Giunti Hace 3 días
OMG I felt SO bad for the low rated girls!
Anthony Kurosaki
Anthony Kurosaki Hace 3 días
The Chinese girl wanted him🙁 She was so cute too! I wish he chose her!!!
Nathan 10196
Nathan 10196 Hace 3 horas
Anthony Kurosaki he didn’t like her, why do u care who people like
Ronel Kirby
Ronel Kirby Hace 3 días
I'd go with the reckless love girl. love to listen songs with her
Summoned Skull
Summoned Skull Hace 3 días
"I'm not attracted to (blank) people" is racist, btw.
Summoned Skull
Summoned Skull Hace un día
@mycatisabird Where did I say that?
mycatisabird Hace 2 días
Yes because you should be forced to date someone because otherwise you're a bad person. This is exactly how love works.
Jens Hace 3 días
good job jubilee, youu managed to find the biggest simp in the world
Ria Meset
Ria Meset Hace 3 días
He said he likes personality and at the end, still the look is his choice 😅
Killary Witch
Killary Witch Hace 3 días
Did you have to use a ginger!
If put on the spot my brain would just go blank and my balls woulda given everyone a ten
MyJrgl Hace 3 días
Is this the only single guy in LA? He's in 3 other videos!!!!!!
Tynisha Hace 3 días
They misinterpreted Black women so bad in this video 🙄we come in many different complexions and shapes. I guessed before the video he would rate the black girls the lowest lol.
rainbow ss
rainbow ss Hace 3 días
it might not be like he is not into black girls but both of them were not that beautiful to be honest! i m sorry for being mean
Insain Person
Insain Person Hace 4 días
some of these rating are ass lmao
puppy lover
puppy lover Hace 4 días
That Indian girl was the prettiest and the most natural looking
caelestis Hace 4 días
Indian girl’s hair and everything is beautiful 😍
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