10 ways Android is just better

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9 feb 2019






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Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hace 7 horas
4:21 he spat
VoidLordy Hace un día
At 4:21 linus mouth spits water
Sebastian Luna
Sebastian Luna Hace un día
I felt sad because people where bullying me for having an android but the comments made my day
10K subscribers with no video challenge
Waiting for android user fight to apple user
Kreative Mindz
Kreative Mindz Hace 2 días
Bruh wtf u can side load on an iPhone too Linus don't be dumb and u don't need iTunes for interactions with the desktop. And iTunes is good for actually servicing ur iPhone and stuff I don't think Android has anything similar from google.
Manideep Battula
Manideep Battula Hace 2 días
So many android mobiles doesn't support Power Delivery (PD) and every Iphone and mac support..!!!
Sonicspeedsters2020 Hace 2 días
Oliver Prendergast
Oliver Prendergast Hace 2 días
the main thing for me is the thought "i wonder if i could do X?" and with a google search 9/10 times it shows me you can do it with android, but not with iphones, you just cant experiment
Luke McConnell
Luke McConnell Hace 3 días
They fixed this in iOS 14 so maybe they’re watching
Err0r Hace 3 días
good thing we still have the back button because iphone doesn't have that and its the absolute best but i swear if apple does this they better be called copycats
ur a bitch and i know it
Some android phones has gestures that can be use to go back home or access the recent apps.
chipmunktubetop Hace 5 días
I would get a land line before an iPhone.
NinjaNumber15 Hace 5 días
And android have one more thing that makes android better... Additude they are more nicer and they dont make every phone a big deal
AlexAlexAlex Hace 5 días
I love Sony phones. I know, noone really cares about them, but I've had a sony since the original Sony Xperia Z
Franny P.
Franny P. Hace 5 días
Now more than ever having a fingerprint sensor is way better than having Face ID. I for one uses it for most occassions. And obviously Face ID will not be effective if you're wearing a mask whereas a fingerprint sensor works majority of the time so as long as you're not wearing gloves. Point is Android has many ways to be unlocked rather than just a two step Face ID and a PIN. I mean Apple to be fair has the means to make Face & Touch ID available together in a device. If they can make it in screen like those many CAD renders here in ESvid well they really deserve to be praised for that. Also the lack of microSD card support is something I will FOREVER hate about iPhones/iPads. I've been an iPhone user since highschool (with a backup Android or Blackberry as my secondary phone) and not having an expandable microSD card support will forever be inexcusable and straight up Apple bullsh*t. Also not having a way to hide the notch or even just mask it is the biggest reason why I hate its design philosophy as a smartphone whereas on Android you can do it on most manufacturers if you hated the #Dotch (hole punch cutout) or the #Notch. Also to be fair 64GB is not really a based model for a flagship phone in 2020. I wonder what's with Apple's very unpatterned devicr storage capacity where it starts at 64GB then immediately jumps to 256 and goes to 512GB? Why couldn't they just do 128GB as their based model? I would never come into terms with that. Cuz if they start at 64GB then followed by 256GB then the next available storage must not be 512GB rather 1TB (1024GB) already. I think that is more sensible. #NuffSaid #NotHatingApple #JustBeingTruthful
Kayana Shabirania
Kayana Shabirania Hace 5 días
Very relatble
Kayana Shabirania
Kayana Shabirania Hace 5 días
Very true
Kayana Shabirania
Kayana Shabirania Hace 5 días
Khurdhula Harshavardhan
so we're not gonna talk about the resemblance between linus and ellen ?
Franny P.
Franny P. Hace 5 días
Hahahahahahahahahaha! 😜🤪😜🤪😜🤪😜🤪😜🤪
Dhirajsingh Dubela
Dhirajsingh Dubela Hace 6 días
I love your acting Man. Kudos. I think you should be in a Movie. I would use Apple if they are giving it to me for Free. Then only I would use it. Android I love it.
Andrew John
Andrew John Hace 6 días
One area that iPhone will forever thrash Android is memory management. An iPhone eg.my XR, in order to match 3 gb of RAM on my phone...an Android needs like 6-8 gb of RAM. Lag stinks and I love the smoothness of the apps etc. So while I like both iOS and Android for different reasons I can appreciate the weaknesses and strengths of both. ***Android users, if you want a really good Android experience, get the Pixel 4 XL.
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Hace 6 días
Lol android is better. Typed on iphone
Alt Account
Alt Account Hace 6 días
Gacha life users agrees with this video
george healey
george healey Hace 6 días
i hate touch id it literally never works for me lol
Edmon on blitz
Edmon on blitz Hace 6 días
Why are some videos perfect for my screen but others have black sides?
My phone is razer
MPG187 Hace 6 días
13:03 They used the only have mobile for premium members and gave a free trial, but they must have accepted net neutrality by now...
MPG187 Hace 6 días
12:01 If the manufacturer stops updates, the community can still issue updates...
MPG187 Hace 7 días
6:11 If only it was read/write and all files, not just photos, were like that.
MPG187 Hace 7 días
5:40 About time Apple caught up (they were also slow to add copy and paste). On my iPod Touch if I opened an email attachment or direct link to media file I couldn't save it. I could play it as long as I didn't switch apps or go to sleep mode, like watching a video, unlike listening to a song in the media library... I heard there are even Micro SD readers for iPhone. So Apple does recognize there is a need for better file management, but unlike Android having the MicroSD on board, they make it a pain so still try and get you to do their their way, so much for "Thinking Different..."
MPG187 Hace 7 días
5:10 Not like a Flash Drive. Flash Drive uses USB Mass Storage. On older phones that uses this mode you could not access the memory/card while plugged into the computer. Newer phones use MTP so you can access data on the phone's memory or SD Card on the PC and Phone side!!!
MPG187 Hace 7 días
5:04 That's why I never bought an iPod (I was giften and won one) and use anything normal. When my brother copied songs from his PS3 to his iPod, he had to plug it into a computer and resyc them in iTunes. Not problem if you avoid Apple...
MPG187 Hace 7 días
Also you can make an Android phone an SSH Server and copy files wirelessly!!!
MPG187 Hace 7 días
Haha I can put songs on my old Samsung MP3 player without a computer using my Samsung Phone with USB OTG!!! I wished my HTC Touch Diamond had access to external storage only having 4GB in such a small form factor...
MPG187 Hace 7 días
4:48 China doesn't censor the Apple App store, because Apple does it for them haha!!! But if you have Android in China you are forced to side-load apps then?
Faris Aiman
Faris Aiman Hace 7 días
this comment section does not pass the vibe check
Itay Hace 7 días
I agree with most of your points, but some people just like it more streamlined and dont like to deal with the hustle of customising their phone
Marius V Rensburg
Marius V Rensburg Hace 7 días
No wonder Apple is getting their ass handed to them by Samsung....
AVOKADO Hace 7 días
f off with ur pauper ass androids
DAVYN Hace 7 días
My phone has a headphone jack.
David Aguilera
David Aguilera Hace 8 días
via Twitter for iPhone
_xXSimoXz_ Hace 8 días
No. Just no.
Mr AK Hace 8 días
Am I the only one who noticed that they misspelled devide ?
UniverseNerd Hace 8 días
the other portion is sponsored by android
Sgt Haddix
Sgt Haddix Hace 8 días
y’all know you can delete all of the bloatware now right
Peter Starzynski Tech
And now with ios 14, iOS will allow you to change your default email app and web browser.
MD Reaj
MD Reaj Hace 9 días
10:50 I'm left handed
Skill None
Skill None Hace 9 días
I sneezed on iPhone and it broke But the iPhone still needs some better armor
Novo12 Hace 7 días
Yeah it's gonna be hard to recover data from that broken iPhone But too bad that Little Mac pfp can't recover like that iPhone
pur3 col3
pur3 col3 Hace 10 días
Cal Goman
Cal Goman Hace 10 días
I have an iPhone 11 I don’t know why I bought mostly bc at my school you get called a broke kid for having an Android
Cal Goman
Cal Goman Hace 8 días
I’m Canadian
Alex Tud
Alex Tud Hace 8 días
If you have phone numbers from some iOS friends, take your Android phone and text them with the Characters that makes iMessage crash. You can find new characters for iOS 13.5.1 online for example the 🏳0🌈, but that was patched. New ones come quickly though.
Sand Person
Sand Person Hace 10 días
brruuuuuuh choose what you like more,don't get affected other's opinions
Irad Nuriel
Irad Nuriel Hace 10 días
0:44, well, I have the best technique, just don’t have useless apps on your phone...
Probros Hace 10 días
Fuck iPhone
Probros Hace 10 días
U try
Schematic Hace 10 días
Ah, nice to see the retarded phone wars still going on
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith Hace 10 días
3:15 What game is that?
Bill cipher
Bill cipher Hace 11 días
Waldir Braz
Waldir Braz Hace 11 días
4:21 spit lol
Waldir Braz
Waldir Braz Hace 11 días
Wait that intro no longer work with IOS 14 lol
APPLE_ Printer
APPLE_ Printer Hace 11 días
a lot of this got fixed in ios 14 lol
Sand Person
Sand Person Hace 10 días
well android had those features along time ago and will probably get more that apple will copy after 10 years
Shavindu Hettiarachchi
10 ways android is better or 10 ways to hate Apple 😂
Mr.S4lt Hace 11 días
U xan also swipe to use the back Button
francisco villarreal
francisco villarreal Hace 11 días
microsoft launcher is business and well cheating since a update cause my pc to download it by force as a update
Vali Zeth
Vali Zeth Hace 12 días
Android + KDE connect is all you ever need
Garrett Zucker
Garrett Zucker Hace 12 días
In 2016 I bought the new Samsumg Galaxy S7, it was my first android & prior I was a 100% apple user. Well I'm still using that phone today, & it's great. Battery life is still good, no throttling, & its fast for everything I use it for (light games, google maps, & ESvid). It gets the job done perfectly for me & I have no intention of switching whatsoever within even the next 4 years. As long as it works I will continue to use it. Sadly my iPhone became so slow it was absolutely unusable & the battery decayed past the point of no return.
The Shadow
The Shadow Hace 13 días
I use iPhone and I regret buying it they are just money grabs and break easily even with screen protectors
Francis Atta
Francis Atta Hace 14 días
I work in a guest house as a receptionist and for what I've experienced iPhone users always struggle with simple things as connecting to a network, guest always bring their iPhones for me to assist them with the connection, even my boss faces the same issue, not only that apple keeps playing smart tricks on its users to force them buy their new devices by making old devices inconvenient to use. (A whole lot of problems)I cant say everything. Those of you about to buy aged iPhones should be warned!!!
Ballsdeep69 Hace 15 días
1. “Update ur phone” 2. “iTunes is not available right now” I will do more later
cruisin down the street in my 64
I respect all of your opinions but I love my iPhone! It’s simple, clean, easy to use, sleek, can have a nice case, works super well with all the other apple products and its enough for me! I don’t really care about the customisation or new features. If you like Android, great! If you like IPhone, also great!
Bhaskaran P
Bhaskaran P Hace 15 días
Rooting android voids its warranty so root it after its warranty period in over
Alex Tud
Alex Tud Hace 8 días
Not all device manufacturers void your warranty
Bhaskaran P
Bhaskaran P Hace 15 días
Kingoroot does not work on android 9 and 10
Alex Tud
Alex Tud Hace 8 días
Don't root with KingoRoot
Bhaskaran P
Bhaskaran P Hace 15 días
Rooting android has been much harder since Android 9 has been released
shutseal7206 Hace 15 días
iPhone SE 2
Aof2009 Hace 15 días
4:21 anybody notice how he spit
awdadw adwad
awdadw adwad Hace 13 días
atleast 5 persons commenting/liking above
Jaykayy Hace 16 días
He spit on the 4:21 LMAO
Yashasvi Misra
Yashasvi Misra Hace 16 días
Those dislikes are iPhone users
Stonky Stuff
Stonky Stuff Hace 16 días
Hi Iphone user i'm afraid the comments your looking for aren't here
Xander Buck
Xander Buck Hace 16 días
Xander Buck
Xander Buck Hace 10 días
@Sand Person lol he said you can vote with your wallet for the features you think are important
Sand Person
Sand Person Hace 10 días
Ethan man
Ethan man Hace 17 días
1:39 is the real start
Borderline Pro
Borderline Pro Hace 17 días
Why windows phones are just better...
Borderline Pro
Borderline Pro Hace 8 días
@Alex Tud :|
Alex Tud
Alex Tud Hace 8 días
Lumia 950XL is the best
Jordan Crowley
Jordan Crowley Hace 17 días
iPad splitscreen was iOS 9, not 11
A_ GIRL Hace 17 días
Now there just better in all way samsung(an android phone) produces iphones screen
TimBo Hace 17 días
How can you in good conscience suggest that people put their trust in a third party password keeper?
SAM THE MAN Hace 17 días
4:20 Linus spits
Sam Green
Sam Green Hace 18 días
Linus just saved me he said battery life and I looked at my battery and it was at 1% thanks my guy
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