10 ways Android is just better

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Comentarios 80
AliShuktu Hace 2 horas
5:45 - wait what?)) You were unable to download files from internet on eye Phong before?)) Lol! Just LOL!😂
Jareds Dad
Jareds Dad Hace 3 horas
I see everyone else talking about functionality no one gonna talk about how how easy iPhones screens break?
TurtleSauceGaming Hace 3 horas
The Microsoft launcher isn't half bad. I used it for a while.
Master of the dark
Master of the dark Hace 15 horas
3:39 can be harmfull so yea
Rohaq Legend
Rohaq Legend Hace 20 horas
0:58 Jokes on you, I put all my useless apps on another page inside a folder I ALREADY HAVE. That way, it doesn't even take up another screen.
Samuel Patton
Samuel Patton Hace un día
Face ID is way better than Touch ID. I’ve never missed a fingerprint reader.
CalebJackson2000 Hace 2 días
Who's here because their IPhone stopped working? 😆
Kapa Hace 2 días
I got a Pixel which should've had the December 2019 update, and I did install it successfully (that's what it said) but then I checked and it was still on October 2019. Google customer support told me to check for updates, and ignored me when I explained that it should be on the December patch. So only when using certain apps can you swipe to go back on an iPhone?
AsHisH PaTeL
AsHisH PaTeL Hace 2 días
A13 Bionic Running android ???
Here comes Wagle
Here comes Wagle Hace 2 días
Mkbhd .. sent me here..
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Hace 3 días
Much higher like to dislike ratio
Daood Zafar
Daood Zafar Hace 3 días
My Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has better specs than the iPhone 11 Pro Max in certain departments lol Better cameras Better battery AMOLED screen All for just £189.99 as it isn't a top tier phone, it has better specs than even the iPhone XR which is appaling
Offdopp Hace un día
Poor people who buy apple products
foxman coolkid
foxman coolkid Hace 4 días
apple is more secure
obama gaming
obama gaming Hace 4 días
It is
Aum Kalyanpur
Aum Kalyanpur Hace 4 días
I'm a MICROSOFT LAUNCHER user and its Not bad
C Ort
C Ort Hace 4 días
Andriod has pic in pic fir ESvid and maps and any video u watch plus any app you want open....number 1 reason an droid is better plus u can download off online dude
Austin Barrett
Austin Barrett Hace 4 días
I just recently got an iPhone 11 and I would take my old android over this thing. This thing is so annoying to use and lacks a lot of convenient features, not to mention it’s just harder to do normal things you can do with android phones. In my opinion it’s all just hype. I mean it is physically a really nice phone but operating it is another story...
Random crap Central
Random crap Central Hace 5 días
Oh ThiS VidEO SukS I caNT beLiVe tHEy maDe ThIS
Stef Hace 5 días
Use syncios for Iphone, much like android :)
Cyber Sev3n
Cyber Sev3n Hace 5 días
12:34 one reason not to buy an iPhone is..... -because it's an iPhone 😂😂
Cyber Sev3n
Cyber Sev3n Hace 5 días
7:52 And yet you decided to do a split screen using youtube and a music playing app😂😂😂as soon as youtube starts the Music stops 🤔😂😂
Soulja Boih
Soulja Boih Hace 6 días
13:15 automagically
MK0825 Hace 6 días
Sidenote: fingerprint is a blessing for visually impaired users. Most of the time you're looking to close to use facial recognition and entering a password is pretty slow.
Boyd Odell Tyler Baire
👍🏿🤘🏿 2back back -gbotb
Boyd Odell Tyler Baire
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 Hace 6 días
I love the buttons on Android I always use those instead of gestures
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 Hace 6 días
S20 Ultra in my opinion blows away the 11 pro max and I have the 11 pro max plus the S20 ultra so I see the difference
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 Hace 6 días
Android options and IOS is basic
Slavic Boi
Slavic Boi Hace 6 días
Guys I have an iPhone I came here to try to make fun of you guys but I see I’m majorly outnumbered
Sushiller 07
Sushiller 07 Hace 6 días
Android id better
Andrew (Drew) Harrington
androids suck
Offdopp Hace un día
Gimme a reason
ur mom gey lol fake
ur mom gey lol fake Hace 7 días
Shit y'all telling me apple can't download games on your browser? Damnnnnn
Itz Scythe
Itz Scythe Hace 8 días
It ain't andriod that's good its Samsung that's good
Jack Callahan
Jack Callahan Hace 9 días
*me using my Microsoft launcher*
Mr Blue
Mr Blue Hace 9 días
Apple sucks! I have one of the old IPhones and I try to download games on it. But it makes me sign up,and it's not that hard at first. I get to a part where I enter my credit card number thing which we don't have
Sad Hace 9 días
Fuck Android
Offdopp Hace un día
Y tho
QWERTY BG Hace 10 días
I am left handed but I use my phone mainly with my right hand
Krissy likes Bleach
Krissy likes Bleach Hace 10 días
who thot something different when he said dongle recipes
Maximillian Callender
Maximillian Callender Hace 10 días
This guy’s voice is soooooo annoying...
Carlos Alberto Maldonado Ángeles
10:24 well, you can go back on an iphone with a shype its the universal back on iPhone
pj masks and Marval yes and elmo No
This is probably going to piss you off but I’m an Apple user boiiiiiii I’m offending Google so much right now
Zac The biker
Zac The biker Hace 11 días
I’m watching on my iPhone lol
DottyOrb Hace 12 días
Bruh I use Microsoft launcher
Nawi Hace 10 días
dw me too I felt personally attacked lol.
Deepak Roundal
Deepak Roundal Hace 12 días
iPhone is not worth buying.
marshmellowfluffyyy aj
my laptop was 95$. Not exactly a budget laptop, but it works amazing. Its Acer-google. My phone was 75$. Android-google go. now this is an ACTUAL do more/pay less.
Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker Hace 12 días
4:21 Linus spits
Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson Hace 12 días
It's funny because that's how he always sounds to me.
Jarbot64 Hace 13 días
DO 10 ways Ubuntu touch is just better
Darren Chen
Darren Chen Hace 13 días
Microsoft launcher FTW!
ORIOLESFan02 Hace 13 días
The one thing I hate about android is in the ESvid App. When I am using an android phone, I get STUPID FRICKEN ADS WITH STUPID GAMES IN THE PLAY STORE AND WITH STUPID GAME MAKERS THAT DON’T KNOW HOW TO FRICKEN SPELL!!!
boom _2023
boom _2023 Hace 13 días
And the other portion sponsored by Android
America Hace 14 días
1. use ur brain for more than 1 second
TrillionDeTurtle Hace 14 días
ew he spat at 4:21
c0c0nutbeans Hace 14 días
kids with iPhones are lazy rich kids that don't know anything about phones and kids with androids either don't care, prefer Android, or are poor
Miguel Rodríguez
Miguel Rodríguez Hace 14 días
Nah, we all know that the Nokia 3310 is superior to all.
Jeffrey Ligomeka
Jeffrey Ligomeka Hace 14 días
Says the guy that uses twitter via iPhone😂😂😂
Callum Evans
Callum Evans Hace 14 días
Anybody else see Linus spit a fat loogie?
col0r Hace 15 días
people bully me at school for having an a10e
Ratul Shaw
Ratul Shaw Hace 16 días
You can actually remove default apps on iOS by going into “Storage” in “settings” & uninstalling them there. Am surprised not many people know this.
Scott Hace 16 días
who uses pin fingerprint (4) and face unlock
Walkertongdee Hace 16 días
I'll never go iPhone or apple because of their planned obsolesce business model they hold back tech, sell you the underdeveloped model and then spring the new phone on you that they say you just gotta have. If something breaks they NEVER repair it but say its cheaper to get the new one and by the way its a thousand dollars. Simply said they are a leader in predatory capitalism and don't give a shit about customers you are only there to rip off.
The Internet Fanatic
The Internet Fanatic Hace 17 días
Android user here, the first point, ummm I literally cannot uninstall Facebook...
Mardini7v Gaming
Mardini7v Gaming Hace 17 días
The best intro ever 🤣🤣🤣
FROSTKILLER Hace 17 días
"Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone XS"
FROSTKILLER Hace 17 días
them CC
Techno Junk
Techno Junk Hace 17 días
to talk about the in intro gag...on android you can disable and hide apps
Bobi Jebach
Bobi Jebach Hace 18 días
best intro ever
Sany One
Sany One Hace 18 días
fuck that voice Linus does creeps the fuck out of me XD
Reo8 Hotrod
Reo8 Hotrod Hace 18 días
2% in Indonesia buying n iPhone
Irshad Mavani
Irshad Mavani Hace 19 días
Imagine if Linus used the voice from the intro in every video 😷😷
MrMonter_Plays i
MrMonter_Plays i Hace 19 días
IPhone user:My iPhone makes better photos then the heawei p20 pro... WAITA SECOND IT'S BLURY Huawei p20 Pro user: My photos aren't blury stupid iphone
Avyay Anand
Avyay Anand Hace 19 días
Linus: *makes a video why Android is better* Also Linus: *makes a video why iphones are better* Me: *wtf*
FAoS Pills
FAoS Pills Hace 19 días
Androids are affordable but sometimes a little too much
mod8 Hace 20 días
I don´t know man. All of the mentioned stuff seems like a bullshit I don´t need.
Ko Playz
Ko Playz Hace 20 días
Mason McCall
Mason McCall Hace 20 días
did you even watch the video
Hoodey Hace 20 días
10 ways Android is better: 6.5k dislikes 10 ways iPhones are better: 31k dislikes
Nugglet McPoop
Nugglet McPoop Hace 20 días
Here’s a tech tip: Shut the fuck up.
Nugglet McPoop
Nugglet McPoop Hace 18 días
Matthias Börner what do you mean by argument? It was just a joke and just getting mad about it. If you can’t do anything without getting mad then just shut the fuck. Don’t say anything.
Matthias Börner
Matthias Börner Hace 19 días
@Nugglet McPoop Then your argument is worthless.
Nugglet McPoop
Nugglet McPoop Hace 19 días
Matthias Börner idk
Matthias Börner
Matthias Börner Hace 19 días
@Nugglet McPoop But why?
Nugglet McPoop
Nugglet McPoop Hace 19 días
Matthias Börner it’s just a joke
Infinitie Hace 21 un día
No VHS filter for that iPhone skit? unsubscribed
Kyan Hace 21 un día
Why use LastPass when Mozilla do it for free.
Doge Bylat
Doge Bylat Hace 20 días
Actually pretty much all search engines do it
popupADD! Hace 21 un día
Apple also make it harder to actually fix your phone buy your self and pay a bunch of money to fix a broken back panel, atleast android phones make easier to repair or pay them quarter of the money to repair it professionaly.IMO
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