10 ways iPhones are just better

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I’ve used both iPhone and Android - including the Google Pixel 3 - smart phones extensively and there’s still some things that iPhone (and iOS) do better. And don’t mention Windows or Amazon phones kthnxbai.
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23 oct 2018






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BATTLE BOY ON Hace un día
Well that something is on it's way, just wait until I grow up a little bit.
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman Hace 3 días
Why is he talking like there's a gunman behind the camera?
Vermilion Hace 4 días
I hate iMessage
Shreyansh Shrivastva
I do believe there will be someday there will be a perfect android phone that can give iphone a tough competition
Sc3nt FN
Sc3nt FN Hace 5 días
Arkin's Corner
Arkin's Corner Hace 6 días
I have used my ipad mini 1 for eight years
Jannes Stöber
Jannes Stöber Hace 7 días
clean 98.00 likes ... this is satysfying
Player Hace 9 días
iPhone's are trash they can never be as good as android
Bautista CORNU LABAT Hace 11 horas
@Player I said that because it pisses me when ppl start complaining of what phones they use. I personally use android because I like the customization it offers but when ppl start saying oH iPhOnEs aRe TrAsH just because they’re overpriced it pisses me off.
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@Player ikr
Player Hace 7 días
That's what you think. I admire both android and iOS operating system android because it provides more flexibility and iOS because of there integration between eachother. I said bad about the iPhone to see how people react on that, look how mad you are
Grow up you fucking idiot. You sound like an angry 10 year old spoiled boy
FlightIsAKing Hace 9 días
Most android fans disliking this video are broke 12 year olds with budget phones.
FlightIsAKing Hace 4 días
@Aquack Aquak you've stopped replying you broke boy hahahaha
FlightIsAKing Hace 5 días
@Aquack Aquak also stop lying about having an s20 fe, that's your parents phone, not yours
FlightIsAKing Hace 5 días
@Aquack Aquak you play roblox on a phone, mobile gamers are broke gamers
FlightIsAKing Hace 5 días
@Aquack Aquak I have a gaming pc unlike you
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 5 días
@FlightIsAKing HAHAHAHAHA you've stopped replying
Nitin ekka
Nitin ekka Hace 9 días
You will paying 1000 dollar to open app faster 🤣and privacy Apple gives you so much privacy that you can do nothing on it
Hello Hace 11 días
fuck ishits
Sathvik Allamsetty
Sathvik Allamsetty Hace 11 días
Top 10 Anime Betrayals
meme master
meme master Hace 12 días
Wait android is the copycat of apple hahahaha. Oh man You don't want to go there. But honestly pretty good video and the points are solid. Apple symbol as touch ID is a solid idea!
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 3 días
@ROHAN KAUTS so when did android copy apple ?? Anyway , who said copying is a bad thing. No one
ROHAN KAUTS Hace 3 días
@Aquack Aquakboi Android copied whole smartphone idea. Few functions copy cannot nullify that
meme master
meme master Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak I know but overall the video wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
Android is the copycat of apple ??? Apple copied more things like face ID and attempted to get credit for it but they got exposed and stopped taking
Zeus Lalani
Zeus Lalani Hace 13 días
One of the main reasons for iphone sales is the brand value of apple
SlendyDie Hace 14 días
I agree with most of those as an android user. Iphone put more time and effort into their OS and animations so it feels smoother and all the competitors do is fix these issues with hardware instead of putting some effort into animations and stuff like that. Not so well optimized OS? - more RAM, animations dont feel smooth? - 120hz screen. Some of those are subjective like iMessage. I have way too many friends religiously into iphone but literally used imessage for a week to play pool and dropped it. Some can even be seen as a minus, like the ecosystem most of my friends that love iphone absolutely hate macbooks and the whole ecosystem. For me some of those are useless: I dont use cases and accessories on my phone, i dont want to be put into an ecosystem, my phone almost never has the sound on, so the mute switch is useless to me, apps launching first on the iphone, and i dont think i'll ever use imessage. But to some people these will be very important. Objectively tho I have to agree on smoothness/speed, security and support.
Hold the Door
Hold the Door Hace 14 días
sometimes it feels like there's no androids fans, they are iOS haters. same with PC and console wars, or PS and XBox wars. jesus the dislikes. grow the hell up mates
Vito Coppola
Vito Coppola Hace 5 días
@Aquack Aquak as an android user, shut
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
Just accept the fact that android is better
YEETer477 Hace 15 días
the thing is that there is a android is better video and there are things android is better at. so whoever dislikes it or comments android is better ia the most inmeture person in the world
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
Just accept that android is better
musaed alqattan
musaed alqattan Hace 15 días
i love iphone BUT apple cheat costumer in iphone 7 some model thay use modem from intel and Qualcomm that not fare and now iphone 12 have different 5G ANTINA USA AND OTHER COUNTRY AND WHAT THAY DO ABUT SLOWER IPAD OR IPHONE AFTER UPDATE ITS BECOM SHIT
Aljosa Cebokli
Aljosa Cebokli Hace 16 días
iMessage.. So pathetic to bang on about in every iOS video by every reviewer. Newsflash: NOBODY USES IT OUTSIDE OF US
Ogge Pogge
Ogge Pogge Hace 16 días
hahahahaha look at the different in dislikes on the 10 ways Android is just better vs 10 ways iPhones are just better. Just a bunch sami fanboys haha
Ogge Pogge
Ogge Pogge Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak BRUH
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
Just accept android is better
BTG BEAST Hace 17 días
there is also one more app that will NEVER EVER in the world come to android App store lol.
XoniX Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak fax
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@XoniX you can even filter the apps to find the apps that you're looking for easier
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@XoniX yes
XoniX Hace 13 días
Google play store better. Way more apps on there and you can download apk files from outside the store
Mari Love live sunshine
As a android fanboy I'm watching this video
labros labrou
labros labrou Hace 19 días
i kinda disagree with some of your points like imessage, cloud thing, shut up toggle. only a friend of mine is in imessage but we all have a facebook account. it is like saying windows is better than linux just because there is more people in windows. this is not objective, we should review for the featuers. shut toggle is an extremely minor thing, i mean do you really care? (if yes thats ok) what is wrong with google cloud services? also more free gb per account. I think android as software have made massive improvements over the last years. for the end i want to say that pixel phones overcome some of those cons.
Joejoe Hace 19 días
They’re just phones for goodness sake. Just buy whichever you prefer.
Mike Ames
Mike Ames Hace 19 días
Android is slow, the screen is dark, and the font is weird
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
Android isn't even slow you're so dunb
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
I think you're stuck in like 2006
T2Medium Hace 19 días
yeah good point with imessage in Germany everybody uses WhatsApp
Stingray Hace 20 días
One should have an iOS experience!! Well i don't have one but still i wanna have it.
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
You shouldn't want it
artemis 0406
artemis 0406 Hace 20 días
I am still using my moto G4 plus purchased in 2016. 4 years and still going
Will Jacks
Will Jacks Hace 20 días
This used to be what politics looked like
Destroyer Man
Destroyer Man Hace 21 un día
I used the iPhone 6 for 5 years, but at last when I got s chance to upgrade to an iPhone 11, I said bye bye to it...
Luis Ahiram García Salas
Bullshit!!! This video didn't age well
Derqa Tarzan
Derqa Tarzan Hace 22 días
I switchted to Apple after 4 brand new Galaxy's in a row broke in a month. The Iphone I replaced it with, stood up to -67 in winters and +110 in summers with 0 failures in the oilfield. I'll never own an android again, this coming from a previous android only user.
Derqa Tarzan
Derqa Tarzan Hace 6 días
Still prefer Iphone. The Os feels better for a phone, it's simple, quick and hardly has an issue and has every feature I personally want in a phone. I don't have a use or a need to switch and won't unless it improves quality of life.
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@Derqa Tarzan android was crap at the times you got the galaxy coz who switches their phone so quickly so you got prolly got it in 2016 which is when most androids used to be so good
Derqa Tarzan
Derqa Tarzan Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak For me they aren't, android left me high and dry way to many times in the field, haven't had an Iphone let me down in the harshest of conditions in 5 years now. Personal preference for sure but I'd rather have a phone I can count on.
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
I have both android and apple and android is better
Sakhawat Rahman
Sakhawat Rahman Hace 22 días
Is it just me or are Android fans way more salty than Apple fans overall. The android version of this video has less than a 1/4 of the dislikes on this video, even though it only has 500,000 views more.
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya Hace 5 días
@Aquack Aquak yea that's the thing both are better in different things
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@Aditya Bhattacharya I was joking chillaxe. Anyway , I'm an android fan and idc if they have iPhones they can get whatever they want. Generally , people get iPhones because they like the design and new colours rather than admroids
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak the amount of rage your comments have shows how big of a fanboi you are
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
Just accept android is better
bertraminc Hace 23 días
The iPhone is almost a perfect piece of hardware... destroyed by the programming of idiots.... go try and uses any "move & scale" code associated with placing photos (e.g., lock screen photo and desktop photo). Apple broke this code back in 2013 with the release of iOS 7.0. Prior to that release you could move and scale a photo and it would fit on the phone. After that release you can no longer get a photo on your iOS device to fit. Why? Because there is no competent management at Apple any more. Period.
Julian Dittrich
Julian Dittrich Hace 23 días
I love how all of that also applies to Google Pixel :)))
Brendan Toscano
Brendan Toscano Hace 23 días
I never even looked at imessage once in the 10 years of having an iPhone . I think it came out a bit after in iOS 8 or 9 I think and I never opened it for iMessage only for my sms like otps.
Jodhvirs Burner
Jodhvirs Burner Hace 25 días
apple aint no snitch 1:20
Mr. SoiSauce Films
Mr. SoiSauce Films Hace 25 días
Look, the iPhone XS was Apple’s S year iPhone. There’s a reason y there were no significant upgrades over the X. Every S year, Apple lays low. They do it after every big iPhone, like the 4, and the 6, and they’re probably gonna do it again with the iPhone 12 next year
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
The iPhone 12 is trash
Valentina Anastasia
Valentina Anastasia Hace 26 días
6:35 debunked
Tysm, my mom wont say no
marcvought Hace 26 días
the angriest positive video ever. lol. great as always!
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
But android is better
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet Hace 27 días
If I’m totally honest I only Bought my iPhone is because it looks so much better than android phones but that’s my opinion that it looks from the hardware to the software android
GamingFoofe Hace 27 días
Guys stop arguing about android vs iphone. THERE BOTH ARE BASICALLY THE SAME THING.
Andrew Sapountzoglou
Andrew Sapountzoglou Hace 28 días
We need a new version of this video
Jeff Diggs
Jeff Diggs Hace 28 días
I rather Galaxy cuz they keep up with latest technology and iPhone alway be behind. Its rumored that iPhone makes the old iPhone to lag or mess up just so u can be kinda forced to buy a new phone. And first off u can set a 3rd party chat app as a main chat which iPhone can't do, Iphone can only use stock apps. Galaxy has android beam which uses nfc, we always have charging device phone with another phone, android is always more customizable, and iPhone removed the headphone allegedly removed the headphones jack as a greedy money scheme cuz ppl wouldn't be able to use the phones while charging your device so u would have to be forced to use wireless Bluetooth headphones which consumes battery life and sooo much more reasons andoids specially galaxies are waaaay better in my opinion.
Yourboy Vlogs
Yourboy Vlogs Hace 28 días
APPLE rules
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
Yeah , apples rule in terms of fruit , not technology coz android is way better
Zachary Day
Zachary Day Hace 28 días
12:12 - I don’t think Linus predicted the LG Swivel thing
Zachary Day
Zachary Day Hace 28 días
As an iPhone guy myself, I also don’t understand why people refuse to download other chat apps. I’ve got like 3 other than the built in messaging app because fun fact I have friends who use android that I enjoy talking with
Randy Jaeya
Randy Jaeya Hace 29 días
Why do you think you can sell Apple whose 3 years old higher than an android with the same age? we both know the answer, you're just denial. It's because Apple is more than android.
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
How is apple more than android
Gabriel Hace 29 días
All the dislikes are from blinded android extremists that can’t see that Apple is not all that bad!
Gabriel Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak iOS is easier to use, more secure, the iPhone is made so that the hardware part makes the most of the software part and the software part makes the most of the hardware part, the camera is just better, the battery life is amazing too (also it doesn’t count when you say iPhone batteries are shit just bc you have an iPhone 5s from 2013 and the battery is degraded) it’s just better...
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@Gabriel how is android not better then????
Gabriel Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak to that I get to use my favorite frase! *nah mate nah mate...*
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@Gabriel android is better
Maric Hace 25 días
@Gabriel but windows is better than mac0s but apple wins in mobile
luca h
luca h Hace un mes
had an ipad Air, 7 years of updates
Soft Hace un mes
Android users: Haha ur using a iPhone that mean ur dumb  users: ok bye, I love my phone!
Potskill Hace un mes
Well, if we talk about performance apple iphone will surely never have 120 hz
PON4IK Hace un mes
Linus was pointed by a gun in this vid:
JakePlays 3.0
JakePlays 3.0 Hace un mes
Old Tv
Old Tv Hace un mes
Ugh i hate my stupid android, definetly getting Iphone next
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
No , you should get another android. Trust me , I have android and iPhone and Android beats it in another level
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
What android phone is that?
Ammazer 122
Ammazer 122 Hace un mes
Reason i stick withthem is the ecosystem and really good trade in deals for iphones like really good and far better value than android upfront costs are higher but once your in it is actually cheaper per upgrade than most androids
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
Androids even have higher upfront cost nowadays...Buh the issue is with apple trying to squeeze out as much money from its user as possible by removing earphones and chargers and refusing to use usb c in order to make money from lightning port commission
i not normal srsl not
Apple fanboys boo dislike
Campbell McPhail111
May be secure but if you drop it on a soft pillow ut snaps in half
Campbell McPhail111
Android is better
TheJaisah Hace un mes
I used android for 4 years and then iOS for the past 5 years. I recently bought a Note 20 Ultra and after 2.5 weeks I decided to switch back to my iPhone XS. Android and Samsung for that matter are just unfinished messes. I’m happy to be back on iOS.
Steven Grenz
Steven Grenz Hace 5 días
@Aquack Aquak doesn't matter where I buy an iPhone, I know exactly what I'm getting, look I'm not trying to be mean or anything to you, I've said it before, the note 20 ultra is an awesome device in most regards, but as @TheJaisah pointed out there are serious issues, my main problem is the 4-5 hours of screen on time, I expect better at this price, and definitely expect to not get the weaker of the same device at the same price. And please don't think iPhones are just horrible phones, they're not at all. Calling myself or TheJaisah isheep does nothing to help your argument. Take care
TheJaisah Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak Honestly man, I can’t be bothered. It’s clear that you’re an android fanboy and there’s nothing I can say that will convince you. I spent $2179 NZD of my own money to buy a top of the line android phone and I didn’t like it so I sold it and went back to my iPhone XS. It’s as simple as that. Everyone is entitled to their preferences.
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@TheJaisah okay then you tell me how iOS is better
TheJaisah Hace 6 días
@Aquack Aquak I used android phones for 4 years before moving to iOS....
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@TheJaisah anyway , you only bought one android phone and judging the whole of android
Zane Austin
Zane Austin Hace un mes
Anyone who’s an adult in the real world knows that Android vs Apple is a debate only waged by a certain loud group of generally younger people. There’s a lot of people that don’t even pay attention to anything about either company
Rec Bros
Rec Bros Hace un mes
When I had my android I had to talk to myself for 8 months because I couldn’t talk to my friends
Rec Bros
Rec Bros Hace un mes
@Kafui. xx alright
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
@Rec Bros oh ok sorry for disturbing you then...✌🏾
Rec Bros
Rec Bros Hace un mes
@Kafui. xx but I have iPhone now
Rec Bros
Rec Bros Hace un mes
@Kafui. xx yes
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
@Rec Bros oh ok fair enough...They use face time?
Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker Hace un mes
I love my iphone but definitely miss touch ID in these mask wearing days
Азат Курманов
Я английский учу)))
Starlightt Hace un mes
I switched from android (which I had been using since 2010 and before that I used boost mobile phones) to iOS back in 2016, I didn’t start out with the most recent iPhone I started out with iPhone 5 and now am using iPhone 8 and will maybe be getting iPhone XR, but ever since I had used android EVERY SINGLE PHONE had been crappy at responding to anything, games and apps lagged ridiculously, and the phone screens seemed to always get broken so easily. iPhone since I’ve switched... is just amazing! I’ll never ever ever go back to android, Ive dropped my iPhones a billion times and it still hasn’t broken the screen, the response time is spectacular and the apps and games run like they should run, the ONLY annoying thing for me is not being able to download free ringtones of actual songs as easily as I could on android, but really I just use the default these days. I also love the camera and portrait mode on my iPhone and I love taking photos, people on my Facebook have often asked what I use to take pictures. Also the new headphone jack 😠😣 hate it.. but I just use Bluetooth headset now.
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 6 días
@Kafui. xx lollll ikr
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
Androids used to be crappy tbh but not anymore...Dont judge androids on one crappy android you used 4 years ago
glorious Hace un mes
Watching this late, but the iMessage point is a COMPLETE miss for me. How can a virtually necessary feature be better when it's locked to a single manufacturer's ecosystem? It's not better than SMS because you can't use it to communicate with everyone, and no amount of stickers, "read" flags and group messages can redeem that. It's only better if you'd expect everyone to own Apple devices only... which doesn't need explanation of why it's bad - the same way it would be bad if WhatsApp was Android only and the roles were reversed. And even that would be slightly better since you wouldn't be limited to a single manufacturer. How iMessage made the list is beyond me. In the end, you're forced to use a different app if you want the same functionality with Android users. You're "stuck" with the "additional" WhatsApp, but you're not "stuck" in the sense that it's way worse, or limited - you're stuck because your OS put you in that position. The only point to be made here is convenience, as my mom can work her way around most tech stuff but she still refuses to do tasks that carry a form of responsibility in case they're done "wrong" (i.e. online payments or... yes, installing apps). So I understand how the fact you don't have to do something you may not be comfortable with is a plus, but that's about it. Everything else simply outweighs it.
David Moore 66
David Moore 66 Hace un mes
I hate apple but if your gonna get mad if someone uses vis versa your not fit for those world
Rohan Kar
Rohan Kar Hace un mes
5:10 iPhone 6 with the box of iPhone 8?
E K Hace un mes
Security? LOL.. You don't know what you're talking about.
i fucking hate the i phones u pay 1000 to not be able to plug in head phones
Akshat Kembhavi
Akshat Kembhavi Hace un mes
iOS > Android. That’s it.
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
Soomar Hace un mes
Me who is using whatsapp on my iPhone 7:”intresting”
Airdskydiver Hace un mes
Linus get back on your message clearly you are not ready to quit
Hunter Bowman
Hunter Bowman Hace un mes
I used Androids for 8 years, then switched with the iPhone 11 coming out. My reason for preferring iOS. Swift. It’s a damn good programming language, and I prefer it over the Java based frameworks of Android. And being able to program personal apps for the ecosystem is handy too.
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
Valid reason👍🏽
PiePie_Rex Hace un mes
Yes better price
Aditya Bhattacharya
10 ways iphones are better 96k likes 33k dislikes 10 ways Android is just better 126k likes 7k dislikes Lol grow up both fanbois he didn't even say that this is better than that he just stated 10 ways these are better than that of course nothing is perfect chill
Minecraft Roleplays
I have used ios for longer than android even though I am afraid of helvetica font.
AsumiLuna Hace un mes
Stop. Do not cross this point, my comment is a barrier to all of the triggered android fanboys. Stop here
HesADork 13
HesADork 13 Hace un mes
how did this man just make me NEED an iphone more than ever even tho he prefers android...
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
Watch his video on 10 ways androids are better
[AuEx] The Unnamed Mustashio
Well this is an ipad so it isnt really that important but i have been using My ipad mini 4 for around 5 years and is still very good im gonna upgrade to ipad pro soon
Eric Chen
Eric Chen Hace un mes
Pc enthusiasts and Android bois get so angry when Linus complements ios lmao
AsumiLuna Hace un mes
Linda Does Stuff
Linda Does Stuff Hace un mes
Good to actually hear what is good about this phone... I was starting to think I've wasted my money. Ugh. I guess I'll live with it for a few years and then see if I can buy a cool android again.
fat and ugly
fat and ugly Hace un mes
* Valid for North America and certain European countries.
Beyondhair Craze
Beyondhair Craze Hace un mes
I'm not buying an 1,000$ iphone when I can get an 100$ android phone
AsumiLuna Hace un mes
@Rudy Rodriguez ive used androids for years, it took until about 4 years ago for androids to become good. Any android from 4 years down were just depressing hunks of bricks that always seem to never last more than 3 years. Now androids actually last a bit longer! Amazing innovation, i wonder if anyone else has been doing that, i doubt it. You never had lag issues because you sit there and buy a new android every single year, if you tried to keep your phone for more than 2 years then say bye bye to performance and security updates because OH BOY you are in for a treat. I tried to use a galaxy s1 3 years after it came out and it was damn near unusable, so much lag, it was clunky and doing simple thinks like writing text messages and do google searches were painful as hell. Tried to use a galaxy s3 about 2 years after it came out, it was even worse! Hell, some android manufactures make super garbage flagships, like lg phones, for years they were so bad, they are finally somewhat descent, id only trust Samsung if i were to want to use android for whatever mundane reason. I have an iphone 6s that was released back in 2015 and i literally have never had any lag issues period, it is still supported on the latest version of ios, ive never seen my phone lag once, after switching to iphone, i forgot what lag even meant. If iSheep were jealous of android then they would just get an android. seems like you dont know what jealousy even is. You make out not having expandable storage to be an issue, do you really need 64gbs of storage? Come on lets be reasonable here, what in gods name are you doing to fill up over 64bgs of storage? Filming feature length films? Do you have 200 different games on your phone? Come on.
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez Hace un mes
@AsumiLuna what lag? I've used android for more than 6 years and never had any lag issues. A $1,000 iphone doesn't even have the ability to expand storage. Shows how greedy apple is and they force you to pay for more storage on icloud. what a joke. Saying android lags is just an overused defensive comeback used by jealous isheeps because they're always overpaying for products that are so inferior.
Beyondhair Craze
Beyondhair Craze Hace un mes
@AsumiLuna True but i have 3 points that can end this agrument, 1. Viruses don't just go into your phone 5 seconds after you start up your phone like that, 2. "iPhone cant get viruses" that isnt true, as If there isnt viruses that can surpass multiple phone capabilitys (including iPhone) But I dont get why we are talking about viruses when you can CHOOSE to get them, viruses can't forcefully be able to go to your phone without doing anything, 3. The price, iPhones may be good and such, and even has things better then android, but the downfall is the price, there are iPhones that are 400-1004$, I mean it's good but that's way too much, sure theres an iphone 6 that's 90$ but it's not gonna be as good as those "no lag" iphone 8's and more, clearly no, yes there ARE androids the same price, but they will have no lag too, I dont see the point about caring about viruses if you can literally choose to get them, So yeah, if you can reply anything more then an hate comment this will be over.
AsumiLuna Hace un mes
@Beyondhair Craze if you are using a damn 10 year old iPhone then yeah. Man you are persistently ignorant, good effort, props to you.
Beyondhair Craze
Beyondhair Craze Hace un mes
@AsumiLuna You cant get an virus on iphone? You can, but you can CHOOSE to have an virus _just like android_
JanushPRO Hace un mes
I have just ordered iPhone SE (2016) as it was actually the cheapest phone with good specs available for my price range available on ebay. They also tend to be quite future proof compared to any android device I have used over many years. Iphone 5s for example still holds up pretty well and I am generally tired of oversized phablets, so I went with the most powerful 4-inch phone available yet.
Been Boyage
Been Boyage Hace un mes
Real tech experts would disagree
CoolDiamondGamer09 Hace un mes
wait you can use iMessage without a sim in the US? in my country you need a messaging plan for it while WhatsApp is free
Simon Wright
Simon Wright Hace un mes
I really want to switch to android, i love the hardware advantages, but a) I use imessage for work literally constantly, and b) I keep my phones for 4 years minimum. Ultimately, a flagship android would end up costing significantly more as I would need to upgrade much sooner to keep getting security updates. Please, android manufacturers, commit to 4+ years of software support! It's not that hard!
Redsir103 Hace un mes
Who doesn't love older phones that are purposely slowed down
Rachit Piwlatkar
Rachit Piwlatkar Hace un mes
iPhone just feels better. People are just complaining because they can’t afford to buy it. (*cough* neither can I)
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
*laughs in $1300 note 20 ultra"
8834 Hace un mes
The dislikes are from salty android users who can't handle an opinion
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 4 días
@Luxxxu ?
Luxxxu Hace 4 días
@Aquack Aquak Huh, I've mainly seen reviews and battery tests so i can't know for sure, but the usage is pretty important
Aquack Aquak
Aquack Aquak Hace 4 días
@Luxxxu I have an iPhone 11 pro and an S20+
Ahmed Ezzat
Ahmed Ezzat Hace 4 días
@Luxxxu i can't argue more
Luxxxu Hace 4 días
@Aquack Aquak Highly depends on phone as well. Idk which phones you have but if you're comparing smn like an iphone 7 to smn like a brand new top tier samsung, there's obviously going to be a difference. Also depends what you use the devices for.
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman Hace un mes
Things I love about iPhone: Privacy protection 5 years of software updates Things I hate about iPhone: No customization Big notch 720p LCD display Poor battery life Slow charging speed Too expensive (outside of USA)
רועי בן יהודה
Ok iphone 6 user
PlutoIX Hace un mes
i like how ios looks over android but idk thats just me
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
Fair enough
Nikewrayy Hace un mes
the weirdest thing is.... this video have more dislike than the android vid lol
japudjuha Hace un mes
I 100% percent agree, Face ID is useful, but nowhere near as flexible as fingerprint ID. Especially because you have to look straight at the phone to unlock it, not so handy on your nightstand When do you want to pick it up and unlock it in one motion to use it
Cheese Flesh
Cheese Flesh Hace un mes
Is this that gamer guy i see on memes?
Kafui. xx
Kafui. xx Hace un mes
nayraa 68
nayraa 68 Hace un mes
Stop arguing, my Nokia 3310 is better than whatever you have.
Sander Kambskard
Sander Kambskard Hace un mes
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