10 ways iPhones are just better

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I’ve used both iPhone and Android - including the Google Pixel 3 - smart phones extensively and there’s still some things that iPhone (and iOS) do better. And don’t mention Windows or Amazon phones kthnxbai.
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23 oct 2018






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Comentarios 80
Captain Obvious!?!
Captain Obvious!?! Hace 5 horas
Android users are lame and should go to another the flat earth
Alain Sheratan
Alain Sheratan Hace 19 horas
Oh screw android ! Imma go apple🍎🍏
Jennifer Snow
Jennifer Snow Hace un día
With a Google account you can sync between Android devices. It might take a little longer than to do it through Apple devices but it is still possible.
ok Hace un día
Apple fan: *makes a good point* Samsung fanboys: "aPpLe sLoWs dOwN oLdEr pHoNes"
Clarence LOL
Clarence LOL Hace un día
When android is complimented Apple users: Android users: see thats why im better When apple is complimented: Apple users: Android users: NO U SUCK *immediately says some random flaw of apple ignoring their own flaws Seriously, android fans are **mostly** so much more toxic than apple fans
Arthur Khazbs
Arthur Khazbs Hace 8 horas
Apple's heavy marketing encourages heavy dismarketing
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy
There’s a setting for iMessage to get sms. 😐
Bentypundure Hace 3 días
My dad bought his MacBook 10 years ago and it still works and it is silkier and smoother that Ben ungermann's ice cream
Ginn Freecs
Ginn Freecs Hace 3 días
why does Linus looks like hes dying very very slowly while talking about the All mighty iPhones. because he does know its sucks. and cant customize it to his preference. iPhones: You buy it and it control you! Android: You buy it and you control it!
Energized A.G.O
Energized A.G.O Hace 3 días
All those 10 things are why apple is better.. Samsung: Am I a joke to you?
FICO Software
FICO Software Hace 4 días
iMessage not free in middle east dear also no FACE Time available here
alexandru bodea
alexandru bodea Hace 4 días
Nop, apple is shit just for the os
Evogen X Gamer
Evogen X Gamer Hace 5 días
iPhone is just a show of status now. No one is interested in using it for its features,they just wanna show there richness. But the thing which iPhone users must remember Buy iphone worth 50k Needs 10k if screen broke 😑
Evogen X Gamer
Evogen X Gamer Hace un día
@ok bro I understand , I just wanna say iPhone has now become also a platform for status, Eg: Cars,Watch,PC etc etc
Akili Preston
Akili Preston Hace 5 días
iPhone has copied everything from galaxy
Akili Preston
Akili Preston Hace 5 días
Wow this is sad don’t need to lie that’s why I only watch FLOSS your talking to just iPhone users lol galaxy’s A series is way to close in comparison but ok
verne golia
verne golia Hace 6 días
"This is the good video" life saver that one
On Flame
On Flame Hace 6 días
Iphone sucks
Jeffrey Hansen
Jeffrey Hansen Hace 6 días
Lack of Touch ID is exactly why I’m still on my now almost 2 year old 8+. I tried face unlock with android when they released it like 6 years ago and it was garbage. I can’t imagine it’s gonna work any better on Apple. That being said as Someone that has never been a big fan of apple I do prefer my iPhone over most of the android phones I have had. It just works better. There is no one reason just over all functionality is better.
Jeffrey Hansen
Jeffrey Hansen Hace 5 días
PixelTiger I did not. Ima have to look into that. Thanks.
PixelTiger Hace 5 días
you know the newest model has touch id right
Owen Wang
Owen Wang Hace 7 días
Now I have more reasons to win the IOS vs Android arguments I have with my brother
Paolo Massoud
Paolo Massoud Hace 6 días
You just said that your brother is smarter than you.
nojo pro
nojo pro Hace 7 días
I didn't and never have bought an iPhone my question is why is it always so sold out and just to make it very clear and less I see a really good reason I never will buy an iPhone
Goobiesbro Hace 7 días
Apple is just way more organized and straight forward. I went from an iphone se to a galaxy s8, then to an iPhone XS and then an 11 pro max. I just like apple products way more. It’s preference, but I also noticed that the android lasted maybe 10 months before the performance dropped.
Alexis Ward
Alexis Ward Hace 7 días
I have an LG Stylo 5 and it works just as good as an iPhone
AJ Seda
AJ Seda Hace 7 días
After I sent this to my friend the text bubble turned blue
Master Chief
Master Chief Hace 7 días
Didnt hear any wothy pros🤷
Polina Ivanova
Polina Ivanova Hace 8 días
Why am I watching this three days after buying a samsung to replace my iphone lol
Nicolas Fernandez
Nicolas Fernandez Hace 8 días
Anyone else here after s20 released and the speed and fluidity point isn't valid
Daniel Hace 8 días
what's up this dislikes, I am an android user but there are definitely certain things that iPhone does better
1000 subs with no videos?
Laughs in my razer gaming phone
Sanc Max
Sanc Max Hace 9 días
Haters gonna hate lol funny android fanboys
romicnan Hace 9 días
How are people still commenting on this video
bruheffectjpg Hace 11 días
android is better, just facts 🤷‍♀️
Muadz Mazlan
Muadz Mazlan Hace 11 días
Been using android for 5 years and switching to ios for 4 years , i cn say tht they do have a pro and cons iOS known for its OS - Closed souce make its hard for unregistered developer to put their apps in apps store meaning a more secure and less hardware issues of malware . And Apple also a few step ahead in their OS Update as its compatible with the older devices , even the 6s still get the ios 13 but not for android pie who compatible only for newest model and chipset . Also Apple created its own os that compliment very well with their own hardware making the issues of lag , malware attack and security seems a no big deal . Thts make the iphone with 1gb ram runs more smoothly thn the android phone with 4gb of ram . Even when your iphone broke down , its easier to find any shop tht cn do third party repair and for the sparepart . For its cons is tht issue of lack of customization of theme , no memory card upgrade are such a smaller issues for those who are looking for a stable and less hassle phone . Also wht the best part of buying iphone is tht you really get what you ve paid for
Trench Hace 11 días
My 10 years old android is more usable with modern apps than my 10 year old apple. LOL
Jack Razor
Jack Razor Hace 12 días
Wow when I tried to play this video it says *This can't be played in the background* Maybe ESvid hates apple
Paolo Massoud
Paolo Massoud Hace 6 días
If they did they can easily kill apple by removing google services. 😂
Fryndor Hace 13 días
having both is better
Saad A
Saad A Hace 13 días
These 32k dislikes are from android users
Saad A
Saad A Hace 2 días
ok ok lol
ok Hace 2 días
What do you expect from those Android fanboys? They can't even handle an opinion, let alone criticism.
Yousef Mustafa
Yousef Mustafa Hace 13 días
4:46 i have my S5 since its release till this very year (6 years)
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 13 días
Breaking things, imac ipad iPhone ismack ismash
Kayden Wilkins
Kayden Wilkins Hace 13 días
The mute switch is not cr bye Apple but Apple has the the rights to the the switch case so no one can use it
Mrleafy gamer
Mrleafy gamer Hace 14 días
The next price for the iPhone is going to be100000000000
Nicolas Vallejo
Nicolas Vallejo Hace 14 días
It’s hip to be a fruit 😂
Wild Exploration
Wild Exploration Hace 14 días
Clearly android users don't like the truth judging by how many dislikes there are
Daniel Hace 8 días
biased idiots
space lapis
space lapis Hace 12 días
some are just toxic non rational people
Fuad Mammadov
Fuad Mammadov Hace 14 días
Apple users: I prefer iPhone but android has good phones Android users: NO IPHONE IS TRASH YOUR OPINION IS UNVALID
AsumiLuna Hace 15 días
10 ways? did you mean every single way?
Obsideon Gaming
Obsideon Gaming Hace 15 días
iPhone is the best
Bo4 Elite
Bo4 Elite Hace 16 días
” one cycle or two “ yeah, that’s right!
Haoran Gong
Haoran Gong Hace 16 días
Alright, time to make my own word Petefumana: A person who fight (still) which phone is better 32K android fan have watched this
Klaudius Harsch
Klaudius Harsch Hace 16 días
Why would you need a password organizer on IOS? Apple has a great one
Paolo Massoud
Paolo Massoud Hace 6 días
And so does google.
Ali Omid Safa
Ali Omid Safa Hace 17 días
You have paid
Kyon Davis
Kyon Davis Hace 17 días
who else came here bcuz of a meme
Andy with the skills
Andy with the skills Hace 17 días
Why don't we combine these phones?
Paul Andrew Guerrero
Paul Andrew Guerrero Hace 17 días
I Phones suck! Period!
Alvaro Angeles
Alvaro Angeles Hace 9 días
You didn’t watch the video lol
Josh Fiso
Josh Fiso Hace 17 días
What about the ability to run an iOS simulator if you love iMessage that much?
MrX Hace 17 días
After using iPhones since i sold my Blackberry years ago i tried going to Android even buying a Blackberry Android, i couldn’t do it. Apple is just so easy to use and there is something so addicting about the ios its just too satisfying.
Spider Fan
Spider Fan Hace 18 días
I'm an Android user of 13 years....might need to man up and try out iphone
British Thought
British Thought Hace 18 días
Idiot Operating System
Naushad Ali
Naushad Ali Hace 18 días
Why people compare apple with orange,nuts, spinach, or dates etc. All have different benefits & functions. it's your life Goal,promises, your Aim,your dream who decide which phone( oppo,🍎,Samsung etc),which cloths,which food,sleep hour etc is imp. for you. It's your goal who decide what you have to do not you.
Naushad Ali
Naushad Ali Hace 18 días
Little knowledge devide us
G2 Hace 18 días
6 years, lol my mom has had her iphone 6 for 10 years
space lapis
space lapis Hace 12 días
and it’s still supported by apple unlike on a s5
G2 Hace 16 días
@Mark Graham I must be wrong about what model my mom has because I know shes had her iphone for 10 years
Mark Graham
Mark Graham Hace 16 días
G2 The iPhone 6 isn’t even 6 years old buddy....
Eugene Sayers
Eugene Sayers Hace 18 días
Damn now I want an iPhone
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
But dude the Apple logo cost $500
꧁P̷u̷r̷p̷l̷e̷ p̷r̷i̷n̷t̷1̷2̷꧂
I'm watching this with an Android I'm getting an iPhone soon
Paolo Massoud
Paolo Massoud Hace 6 días
I feel bad for you.
British Thought
British Thought Hace 18 días
Don't watch the 10 reasons why Android is better
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
Android is better in my opinion
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
You can face call with android anytime its not that hard
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
Androids have message installed in the phones system so even I phones can go with android users like Gmail. And there's video compressors now so you have no respns that ios is better
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 12 días
@space lapis hey hey guess what 10 Trillion ismash
space lapis
space lapis Hace 12 días
But iPhones have iMessage which is free and you don’t have to pay for SMS unlike on android
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
The android boots in a very good amount of time and fast charges and is great on battery life
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
You just proved that I phoned become slow because they want money
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
Androids again have memory freers to prevent this so again android beats apple
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 13 días
@ok I'm going to ismash
ok Hace 13 días
Tec Master You don't even know what you're talking about. iDevices have been known for their good ram management, smooth performance, and longevity.
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 13 días
@ok ok android uses ram for better performance. Unlike your laggy apple that got bit by android.
ok Hace 13 días
The problem is Android uses up 1/2 of the phone's ram, and iOS uses way less than that. Not to mention that iOS apps doesn't need as much ram.
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
Actually androids beats specs and price so about 5 reasons taken over.
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 6 días
@sousa sousa so do i
sousa sousa
sousa sousa Hace 6 días
@Tec Master I have an android.
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 6 días
@sousa sousa if yes th en when was the phone released then from when that iPhone you have was released
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 6 días
@sousa sousa well have you tried androids phone?
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 6 días
@sousa sousa actually I should of said ismack
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
Android has optimiser.
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
Yes and you are responsible so at least android warns you and you should have antivorus built in these days
Robert Lincoln
Robert Lincoln Hace 19 días
I just got a s20 ultra but considering switching for an 11 pro max!!! What do I do?!?!
AdoringFan Hace 12 días
Iphones have supported IOS unlike samsung that only supports devices for 2 years for each android update. If ur into custom themes and roms ur better off on android if ur gaming it may feel smoother on IOS depends on urself.
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
Android has great security like a custom pin so you can put 4 to infiny characters in!
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 19 días
Face I'd was on the Samsung s2 from years ago..
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 6 días
@ok but android did face Id first so beat it android>apple
ok Hace 6 días
Tec Master 2D face recognition is nothing big, it just takes a simple picture of your face and compare it when you try to unlock the phone. 3D face recognition, however, is not simple at all. My previous reply stated that.
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 6 días
@ok not to mention the phone was from 2010 when after 7 8 or 9 yrs then the iPhone introduced face recognition feature as the BIG thing.
Tec Master
Tec Master Hace 7 días
@ok is it like you demonstrated it in a video?
ok Hace 7 días
The face unlock on those old Android phones is 2D, which uses the front camera to take a picture of you, store it in the phone and then compare it to your face when you try to unlock it. Not to mention that it can easily be fooled using an image. iPhones are different, they use flood illuminators and sensors to create a 3D image of your face, capture it using the infared camera, and convert it into a 3D depth map. When you try to unlock your device, it'll generate a new depth map for your face and see if it matches the one stored on the phone.
Diamond Wolf Qween555
Diamond Wolf Qween555 Hace 19 días
I'm an Android user and I only came because of the thumbnail, no shame #Androidsrule
Hasan Muhammad Aftab Nasim
Android is better then ios because of display
Instinct Gaming
Instinct Gaming Hace 19 días
I was hoping for a *Sponsored by Apple* at the end
Minecrafter Boy
Minecrafter Boy Hace 20 días
i have ipad 2 still working
Oscar William Gates MELVILLE
This Guy Is Good
Oscar William Gates MELVILLE
TotallyEinstein Hace 20 días
lets be honest Imessage is godly
Joshua Green
Joshua Green Hace 20 días
In my opinion I disagree I still subscribed. Like and turned on notifications
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