10 year iPhone user switches to Galaxy! Here's why.

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Check out why I ditched my iPhone XS Max and left the Apple Ecosystem after 10 years! I am officially team #Galaxy now!

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8 abr 2019






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The Tech Millennial
The Tech Millennial Hace 5 meses
🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 I'm doing random GIVEAWAYS to my followers on my social media platforms so go follow! ⤵️ twitter.com/TechMillennial_ instagram.com/TheTechMillennial/
Mahera Mahmood
Mahera Mahmood Hace 3 días
StevenCoolVideos! They aren’t the best they both have there ups an downs
mark smith
mark smith Hace 12 días
As I've commented below my mrs loved apple products. But I had ipads for years and android phones and I noticed I device's were so disposable as soon as you unbox your new ipad your planning on buying the next one. And funnily enough my ipad pro got glitchy very quickly especialy when the other ipad came out 🤔 funny that isnt it. The idevice obsolescence is very aggressive. I have a Samsung galaxy tab s4 now it's superb
the Ultra
the Ultra Hace 22 días
Long live samsung!
the Ultra
the Ultra Hace 22 días
@StevenCoolVideos! when you say the best it means that it is a unique phone and where is the uniqueness when the i phone 11 is just the same built size with the last year's model they just add the third camera
Umar Lawan
Umar Lawan Hace 26 días
Ur ig username pls
sajid mahmood
sajid mahmood Hace 3 horas
I have both, the screen is better on the Samsung other than the curve. The perceived build quality on the Samsung is also good but the actual quality is not as good as IPhone 10. For example, when you play audio on the S10 plus you feel the vibration on the back. The iPhone on the other hand feels like an expensive speaker completely vibration free.
Psycho peoples
Psycho peoples Hace 3 horas
I'm thinking about switch ios from my Android and ESvid recommended me this!!! What...!!😥😐
Elle Marie
Elle Marie Hace 6 horas
I’m in the middle of wanting a iPhone XS and Samsung S10 lite
Sam Pierre
Sam Pierre Hace 17 horas
go to fuckin hell apple i the best
Icceman87 K
Icceman87 K Hace 21 un hora
Samsung blows iphones out of the water.
CladDogger / Jonas
CladDogger / Jonas Hace un día
Android gang
Prodigy Hace un día
The cinematic of "The Tech Millenial" made ma subscribed Holy shit that was satisfying
anthony al-haddad
anthony al-haddad Hace un día
i am sorry to the apple users but im switching to sammsung
PizzaBoyPBMEO Hace un día
Android is too confusing i prefer an iphone
Epic Yeshua
Epic Yeshua Hace un día
and, it won't break after .000000000000001 nanoseconds of use
TheLocoLuco Hace un día
Omg this was me yesterday...........
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Hace un día
well, it's not for long...or actually mb it didn't happen irl, coz all of the video from the beginning till the end looks like an AD to me 😅
DeadlyMffin Hace un día
Android Users: Hi! How are y- iPhone users: Ew- an android user. Android users: But-
AlmightyPush Hace 2 días
Holy shit.. Imagine being with apple so long that the pixel 2 impresses you. Geez, you poor, poor man.
Ashvez Hace 2 días
Him discovering S10 feels like a caveman discovered civilization lmao
heartwell manalo
heartwell manalo Hace 2 días
Sir Give to me your iPhone I can better use it. As a student..
darkcg79 Hace 2 días
The "dark side". To be honest, the dark side is represented by Apple, not Android. Buying 1000+ dollars phones with only 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, that's the dark side. So dark that you must be an idiot.
Spencer B
Spencer B Hace 2 días
I switched to a Galaxy 2 years ago, Samsung is WAY ahead of Apple as far as innovation.
Krysty PZ
Krysty PZ Hace 2 días
no its 6s and 7
Ana Stojevska
Ana Stojevska Hace 2 días
I really love Samsung i have Samsung Galaxy phone too ❤
SirToast Hace 2 días
one of the reason i changed from samsung s8 plus to iphone xs is because i hate the edge display
BoomBang Hace 2 días
It got better with the s20
Mr. Wafu
Mr. Wafu Hace 3 días
Funny how people still fight which of the 2 is better. It just never ends... fucking childish.
Darf der Kevin Spielen kommen
Welcome to the Android Empire xD
Jordiee Hace 3 días
lance ogot
lance ogot Hace 3 días
A girl texts the millennial in hangouts: The millennial:lies,,,smh
elmoaf Hace 3 días
I did 2 iphones and went to note 2 and I was never gonna go back... tried it out for about 3 months in-between phones and switched right back
Kurtis Dischert
Kurtis Dischert Hace 3 días
Aaron Matillano
Aaron Matillano Hace 4 días
You have made a big mistake. Wait for a year or 2 later and youll know what i mean.
Junior Jimenez
Junior Jimenez Hace 4 días
11:20 Although I agree, just watching him turn off that iPhone was low-key kinda sad ngl
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Hace 5 días
Yup, come on over to our dark galaxy. We are the rebels in the phone game. Team android rides with each other!
Hualde17 Hace 5 días
Wellcome to the right side
Ioana Komartin
Ioana Komartin Hace 5 días
I love both of the systems, and I can say that I don't understand why people fell the need to do this either your an apple person or an android person.
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Hace 3 días
Because arguing on the internet is an olympic sport.
Tharindu Liyanaarachchi
Samsung 👑
TheOtakuLord Uzumaki
Can we also talk about have you have to pay for extra storage for ios....like with android they have a second sim card holder and you just pay for that sim card that will be like 20 bucks or less
UnfoldedPerson Hace 5 días
iPhone are mostly bought for kids that wants to show off in school and Android phones are used for adults that don’t want to waste much money on shit that are overrated
Edwin Bermudes
Edwin Bermudes Hace 5 días
The next purchase is gonna be galaxy buds
Aleksandar be together not the same
because iphone is overpriced low end garbage
Jamz 4 Your Ears
Jamz 4 Your Ears Hace 5 días
Im a year late but, that intro was sweeeeeeet! Edit: outro was sweeeet as well!
Mardo Gamer
Mardo Gamer Hace 5 días
I really want to see your reaction when you buy galaxy s20 ultra
Sliced Wrestling
Sliced Wrestling Hace 5 días
Note 10 Plus>
HYPE KA Hace 5 días
lara Hace 5 días
I use an iphone 6+ but the battery on it sucks it always drains fast, so im currently looking for a new phone. But its kinda hard to choose between s20 and iphone 11 pro max. Which one is better? :0
Marv0712 Hace 3 días
S20 ultra hands down. Better camera. up to 100x photo and 20x video zoom (11pro can only do 6x video and 10x photo zoom). No notch on the s20, up to 1.5 TB of storage, bigger battery, 108 MP camera, 120hz display, 8K video, crazy video stabilization, reverse charge (Wireless or with cable). i could go on but those are the main points.
chillbow Hace 6 días
I just like Samsung because they actually have budget phones unlike Apple
b3stanman Hace 6 días
I switched from android to IOS, loving it. I can make an argument for both. Just got tired and bored with droid. But I will say that my XS Max is still running lightning fast as if it’s brand new, I can now see why their is no need to upgrade.
HopeNObody Hace 6 días
Why after this video. You continue with unboxing iphone video? WHY? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I DON’T UNDERSTAND
supertrollface Hace 6 días
Welcome 🙃
Roy Weasley
Roy Weasley Hace 6 días
Totally agree, IPhone never listen 👂 to user's voice, we buy iPhone bcoz We want a clean simple straightforward user experience, now it's like android, only less function, if we want android, we will not looking for android in iPhone, going to s10. Plus dex perfect
Husqy44 Hace 6 días
And then there was that whole "We're slowing your device down so you have to buy a new one" thing.
William Tyler Willis
I have literally had none of these problems with iPhone
KenSuelto PH
KenSuelto PH Hace 6 días
Rich Bitch use Iphones
Pie PowDino
Pie PowDino Hace 6 días
I want switch to android too!
DDrawgan Hace 7 días
Borh brands has its ups and downs, it comes to preference. This comes from a user that has both
André Aguiar
André Aguiar Hace 7 días
Oh look, I changed my phone. What an amazing event!
Evan Ah-Tani Ngau Chun
NIce work in your review... How is the battery life on the S10+ when you have the Hotspot on?
Nataki Hace 7 días
i did the same thing and now im not regreting it
Tim Casey
Tim Casey Hace 7 días
Couldn’t see an 8 or an 8plus - lack of commitment - we don’t want you anyway.
vTideLacez-sxvca Hace 7 días
Wanna know what's funny? I just switched to Galaxy and this somehow showed up to my recommendations 😂
Fernando Hack
Fernando Hack Hace 7 días
lets trigger the comment section. APPLE is better.
Marv0712 Hace 3 días
an Apple is pretty good must say but i prefer peaches
Iki Ajha
Iki Ajha Hace 7 días
Android getting glow up Ios getting glow down iPhone what hapen tO u , why u getting uglier day by day
͡ ͜ʖ ͡
͡ ͜ʖ ͡ Hace 8 días
You've made a grate choice buddy
André Alves
André Alves Hace 8 días
I finally replace my iPhone 11 pro for one Note 10+. Despite iPhone battery last a bit longer than Note10+, it takes a bit longer to fully charged as well... The performance of Note 10+ is simply amazing... I notice a huge jump on Android performance from my oldest one Samsung S5 and S6.
Enrique Enriquez
Enrique Enriquez Hace 8 días
I use to be an android fan until i had to many problems with the software or viruses or it freezing when I scroll to fast. I do miss the freedom but at the same time I don’t cause I haven’t had any problems with any of my iPhones, my iPhone 6 lasted me through 4 of my wife’s androids cause of the software and viruses from downloading apps or lagging behind because she has to many things running or in the background but none of my iPhones have ever gotten any of them problems. Now the only thing I do hate about iPhones is the $$$$ and nothing really exciting ever changes but I can get over it cause my iPhones have lasted longer than any android my wife gets, even she’s thinking about switching and trying iPhones.
Mario Hace 8 días
I tried Apple back in 2010. Hated it. Went Samsung after. Tried it again in April of 2020 for 3 days!! 3 freaking days!!! Still hated it. Back to Samsung.
mustang17gt Hace 8 días
Welcome to the galaxy side!
Rann May Alano
Rann May Alano Hace 8 días
And here I am on a Note 8 scrolling through the comments and still ordering iphone. Hhmmm I must be tired from all my Galaxy and Note issues :(
Happypumpkinboy Hace 8 días
After almost 7 years on the iPhone, I've made the switch to the Galaxy s10. I'm super happy about it!
Amani Abu Laban
Amani Abu Laban Hace 8 días
so you're telling me that samsung had the three cameras thing A YEAR before iphone
Mihail Chehlarov
Mihail Chehlarov Hace 8 días
The moment a company tries to tell me what to do with my device, which i payed and own...that's enough for me. I had all Iphones from 4 up to 8 and i'll never buy another one until something drastic changes in the way Apple think in general....and yes, Samsung is way ahead already in every aspect. I'm always amused by the Apple fans. They buy so over prized phone for what it is, just for the logo XD
phazze Hace 9 días
To be fair, you can add turn off Bluetooth + WiFi in the Shortcuts app. But I agree that the toggles in the control center are essentially useless with this half-off state. If they wanted to make it impossible for the user to disable it, why not go full way and remove the toggles entirely, not leave them there in this current state. Not being able to reorder or customize and the mandatory "airplane mode" is another thing which is rarely used but always there.
Beyond the surface
Beyond the surface Hace 9 días
Killed it
Solonduin Hace 9 días
I’m sat here with my face pressing against my iPhone screen trying to see the individual pixels nothing! Glad I didn’t bother with the 11 pro
AKCR Hace 9 días
My iphone 10s max has a more premium feel because its full of compressed anything that unless you break your phone you cant access
Eijirou Bakugou
Eijirou Bakugou Hace 9 días
I almost started crying, I'm so proud of you. :')
jihadi isa
jihadi isa Hace 9 días
The best part of this type of video is the comment section.....the argument which is the best... Android or IOS. To me, it is your money....buy which one that suits you. 2. There are comments from iphone users that android users can't send video messages. Actually, they can. Android users can send videos, audios, gif, documents and pictures and text.
Crystal The Wolf
Crystal The Wolf Hace 9 días
I've been using Samsung phones for years then tried an iPhone and immediately switched back after only a few months mainly because I was annoyed by how cluttered the UI of iOS is, it made the phone feel really old
Danny Samuel
Danny Samuel Hace 9 días
Last year I bought my dream's phone, an ALL SCREEN, ROTATIVE CAMERA *Galaxy A80* 💘
Sick introduction 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😫😫😫😫😫how do u do that
robin hill
robin hill Hace 9 días
Here is amazing phones all of Nokia the reason why is they all installed very fast another Android device it is known as the Galaxy fold if you fold it out it will lead to a massive tablet screen if you fold it in words it will lead two screens which is in a phone shape
Raveno's Frame
Raveno's Frame Hace 9 días
i personally love both... but that was dope video dude!! Appreciate! 👍👏👏👏
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