10-Year-Old Soccer SENSATION | Next Lionel Messi?

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10-year-old Chase Carrera is one of the BEST young soccer players in the world. He says he wants to be the NEXT Lionel Messi.
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26 feb 2019






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Comentarios 80
Whistle Hace un año
Check out our NEW video with Chase to see how his game has evolved! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-GNFAn4iWy6s.html
NG Myst
NG Myst Hace un año
Roy Keane
Shajina Nasar
Shajina Nasar Hace un año
@GGG TDM just good at passing? Oh please like his dribbling isn't amazing
Luca Rossi
Luca Rossi Hace un año
Danielle De Rossi
Aldrin Micaya
Aldrin Micaya Hace un año
The future Lionel Messi !
Hud Sheriman
Hud Sheriman Hace un año
@WW1-WW2CollectorHunter no i really hate him,i think i am better than him
Ollie Saunders
Ollie Saunders Hace 6 horas
5:06 No one : Me : well then
Thor E
Thor E Hace 7 horas
The kid is good but the worse thing you can do to him is to publicize him like this. There are 1000's of kids on Instagram as young as 8 years old who are as good or better than him. He needs to see those kids to get a sense that there is always of room for improvement and be self motivated. Good luck Champ!
Aamna’s World
Aamna’s World Hace un día
Coach:We try to make it as most game realistic as possible No keeper......................realistic Me:your wierd
Diana Cavendish
Diana Cavendish Hace un día
you know that one friend that plays goalie and sweats so much and rushes as soon as he/she gets the ball this is that kid
GalaxyTails Hace 3 días
It is called football not soccer
Andre 1up
Andre 1up Hace 3 días
Hes sick
haxtc_Cyanide Hace 4 días
Why is his mouth slunted in the thumbnail
LSD Moahi
LSD Moahi Hace 5 días
Kid your a wonderful player to be honest I train every day just so that I can play like you
Jake Palorski
Jake Palorski Hace 5 días
No defending prodigy’s...
Aussie Jumpers
Aussie Jumpers Hace 5 días
He sounds humble!
Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown Hace 6 días
Can he do it in a rainy night in stoke
Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown Hace 6 días
The USA team is terrible
Exility /\%
Exility /\% Hace 6 días
He’s a good player for his age just for his age
Xexlipze_x 05
Xexlipze_x 05 Hace 6 días
5:09 look whos talking "Im gOiNG tO bE BeTTeR ThAN MesSI"
Xexlipze_x 05
Xexlipze_x 05 Hace 6 días
Kinda triggers me he calls its "soccer" ITS FUTBOL FOR GOD SAKE (btw futbol was its original name in america until football was invented they took the name so futbol was turned into soccer)
Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku Hace un hora
It’s football mate and I’m the next football wonderkid
Baseball by Natedog
Baseball by Natedog Hace 6 días
I dont like how cocky he is.
Fly eagles fly
Fly eagles fly Hace 6 días
Bro USA will never make the World Cup again Mexico always knocks them out
Fly eagles fly
Fly eagles fly Hace 6 días
Your not going to o better than Messi if you keep thinking your funny you will end up on the reserve not even on the bench
Lucy_anne 1
Lucy_anne 1 Hace 7 días
Mate his coaches thinks he's amazing try working under Zinedine Zidane!! His ego is big at he's so cocky. He calls cr7 cocky. MATE LOOK AT UR SELF and also he calls football "Soccer" he's rich af and he says "I went to a tournament to play against some of the best academy's" mate do u think we care?
WL Football
WL Football Hace 7 días
This kid does his ACL when he’s 18. He might not even be a pro. How do you know he will become pro
Dylan Peavoy
Dylan Peavoy Hace 7 días
I saw this kid last nigjt
Cosmic Glitch
Cosmic Glitch Hace 7 días
Let’s be honest guys... It’s better him being overly confident than under confident. at least he is happy.
IAC Relic
IAC Relic Hace 8 días
No hate but go to Europe his career will get ended
I am a Ronaldo fan but there has been so many people that we’re supposed to be the next Messi but I could be wrong
Jaime XO
Jaime XO Hace 9 días
The most important thing while being a athlete, is the support of others and believing in them. You will always have a challenge, someone better than you. In my sight, he is not a “champion”, he is a kid who saw someone else and wanted to do it. He is cocky and doesn’t realize these things. One more thing, he is not “a miracle” he is just a hardworking kid. I, myself, is a tennis player and was playing with college teams by the age of 5! Keep working, and never forget your passion.
Rokkie9 here
Rokkie9 here Hace 9 días
If he's better than messi why does he call Football, "SOCCER"
Louisiana Hace 10 días
Who else comes to the comments to see comments about his ego
george N
george N Hace 10 días
Anyone who calls football soccer can't become great
NamoryBtw Hace 10 días
Must be easy with the money Trust me if any kid had 5 different trainers And the best equipment I bet he wouldn’t of been noticed. The best football players were were brought up with Hardly any money and the place they trained was on the street
J Kim
J Kim Hace 11 días
It’s cold but it doesn’t really bother me him wearing double layer and a bribe with sweat pants
J Kim
J Kim Hace 11 días
He’s 6 ft from the goal
Sian Cooke
Sian Cooke Hace 11 días
This is just a normal American kid who can do skills with a football.
Berleezy’s booty Cheeks
I think he will make it keep training kid don’t let anything stop you don’t let haters stop you.
john creol
john creol Hace 12 días
Guys check his Instagram he's actually good just search up chase carrera
Oof Man
Oof Man Hace 12 días
Him: one day i hope i’ll play in the world cup for the USA and win it Me: USA have to be in the world cup to do that🤣😂
Oof Man
Oof Man Hace 12 días
In America: he’ll start every game and be number 10 But in England, Brazil, and Spain: he’ll be crying on the bench with that ego😒
Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons Hace 12 días
Chase at 10- does all this exercise everyday Me at 10- watching to see if the fridge light goes off when I close it
Fernazzz _07
Fernazzz _07 Hace 13 días
This kid is cocky af
Isaiah Solomon
Isaiah Solomon Hace 13 días
In every neighborhood in Paris there’s at least 10 kids better than him at that age
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz Hace 14 días
I’m better than him Read more I’m the next Ronaldinho
Mr. Futbol
Mr. Futbol Hace 9 días
Emre Ilgaz ur not the next ronaldinho , ur the next you
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz Hace 9 días
No ur not
Mr. Futbol
Mr. Futbol Hace 13 días
I’m better than him to
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz Hace 15 días
Imagine he becomes a pro then on fifa he is on the reserves and he is 58 rated LOL I think he will end 97 rated
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz Hace 15 días
The guy is English chase is USA
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz Hace 15 días
The next Messi
Emre Ilgaz
Emre Ilgaz Hace 15 días
Very talented
Piers Ogden
Piers Ogden Hace 15 días
Legend has it that he started playing fortnite and never played soccer again
Alfaro TV
Alfaro TV Hace 16 días
In the U.S he's good but if you take him to spain in gets very scary for him.
CMLT_Ari Hace 16 días
Next messi “cap”
Nassa Hace 16 días
People be saying that if he went to Europe he would’ve been destroyed but if you guys didn’t hear he played for a Spanish soccer club.
Mike Hace 17 días
This video proves how privileged this kid is.
LKYT Hace 18 días
I’m late but god this guy is so cocky and he says he likes humble people such as Messi 🤣
Maurits Van Bever
Maurits Van Bever Hace 18 días
Take him to Europe he will be quick on the bench
Monald Zump
Monald Zump Hace 19 días
Bet each and every one of you $1,000,000 that this kid will be devastated when he doesn’t make the team one time. These trainers need to discipline this kid sometimes.
Luke Warburton
Luke Warburton Hace 19 días
Did anyone else get really triggered is how he said I play soccer
Gonzalo Cabrera
Gonzalo Cabrera Hace 19 días
game realistic? go play on the streets with no shoes.
Dylan MD
Dylan MD Hace 20 días
He’s probably a Fortnite kid now
blayne22 Hace 20 días
When it’s soccer day in gym class
Shriyansh Singh
Shriyansh Singh Hace 21 un día
Me: Why do you need boxing when u wanna be a football player? Chase: It HeLpS mE tO sTaY oN mY tOeS.
Lama is my name
Lama is my name Hace 20 días
I found this guy who is the next football talent and he’s from Canada surprisingly 😱 and I believe he will be of the best talents that I ever seen with my own eyes esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-_A575-8hacc.html
There different stuff
There different stuff Hace 21 un día
Him ronaldo is cocky and I’m like bruh look in the mirror
Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku Hace 21 un día
I’m the next best football talent
Rina Hezan
Rina Hezan Hace 22 días
"I prefer Messi because he isn't cocky like Ronaldo." Less than 1 minute later: I want to be better than messi
Lama is my name
Lama is my name Hace 20 días
I found this guy who is the next football talent and he’s from Canada surprisingly 😱 and I believe he will be of the best talents that I ever seen with my own eyes esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-_A575-8hacc.html
Haadi Hassan
Haadi Hassan Hace 22 días
No legend ever started off like this. Remember that
Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku Hace 21 un día
I’m the next best football talent remember the name Glen Opoku
Asami from wii sports
Asami from wii sports Hace 22 días
is anyone just watching this cuz they r bored
llYouGotMossedlI Hace 22 días
been training for 15 years, not good as me. :)
Dave Curry
Dave Curry Hace 23 días
stfu watch when you get older
KTQmenoLOYOLA Hace 23 días
I hate you your haircut gives off a punching vibe
Elliana McCabe
Elliana McCabe Hace 24 días
“I know it’s gonna separate me from the kids that are not doing it” bruh go to Brazil
Sharat Kamath
Sharat Kamath Hace 24 días
This how's how rich he is personal football and agility coach
lil boy
lil boy Hace 25 días
You are so arrogant and it's football not soccer you pretencious lil git
Unity Hace 25 días
Chase: I don’t like Ronaldo cause he gets too cocky Also chase: I think one day I’ll be better than Lionel Messi
We live in A society
We live in A society Hace 26 días
This kids ego is bigger then he’ll ever be in professional football
sm productions
sm productions Hace 26 días
Hes trash
Jake Mackay
Jake Mackay Hace 26 días
All I’ll say is watch this esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-wbJYtyV1Q-g.html
Jake Mackay
Jake Mackay Hace 26 días
If you put Messi at his age next to this kid he definitely wouldn’t be saying he’s gonna be better than the Greatest Player Of All Time.
Logan Selsing
Logan Selsing Hace 27 días
But has this kid played in the champions league final on cold tuesday night in a packed stoke stadium against the world’s best defenders for 90+ minutes? Just wait 😂
Quinn Stucker
Quinn Stucker Hace 28 días
No offense but he's not that good I play in a national league and he would not make it there also I'm not that good and he does not have a chance to be the best in the world
Vinny Hace 28 días
I'm just going to say that in order to play like professionally you have to be in the academy for a professional soccer team to have the best chance to play professionally
TEKI Hace 28 días
I'm a young football player fro France and I'm not bad but I'm here to say that this kid is very good even in Europe but tell me why he's good?He have a lot of specific trainers material etc...
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Hace 29 días
be as game realistic as possible does a roulette every five seconds
Kzxm Hace 29 días
I don’t feel myself I don’t feel anything shoot and nothing will happen I am a robot
CF06 _
CF06 _ Hace 29 días
If he was to come to England Spain Brazil France or Germany or basically your the whole of Europe he’s a bench warmer. He’s only good the the shot cringy us
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