10-Year-Old Soccer SENSATION | Next Lionel Messi?

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10-year-old Chase Carrera is one of the BEST young soccer players in the world. He says he wants to be the NEXT Lionel Messi.
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26 feb 2019






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Comentarios 11 962
Chester Lester456
Chester Lester456 Hace 8 horas
The team mate all us beginners fear 😂
Aski CS
Aski CS Hace 12 horas
I play for the best football club in norway. I am 14 yrs o. Every ten year old in the u10 team is better than him...
Daniel Ceja-Ortiz
Daniel Ceja-Ortiz Hace un día
Of course this kids favorite player is messi
ErokFPS Hace un día
I’m sorry but he’s American?
Elison Massih
Elison Massih Hace un día
I want him to go to europe or africa. He'll probably be destroyed
mud walkn
mud walkn Hace un día
This is America, only scout players with money. then there’s talent without the help of personal trainers.
Nathan 7
Nathan 7 Hace 2 días
Hate to say this but he’s good but he’s in America go to anywhere else and u will get flattened by a solid center back
Sayhan Awan
Sayhan Awan Hace 2 días
How dare he disrespects the name of the great Lionel Messi like that.
MrCare Wak
MrCare Wak Hace 3 días
Next Jessie lingard
Aidan Hendrickson
Aidan Hendrickson Hace 3 días
Im 11 a keeper I can't what to see u on the USA team 👏👏👏👏
Big Shrungus
Big Shrungus Hace 2 días
Y’all Americans be tripping
Aiden Suh
Aiden Suh Hace 3 días
How is Ronaldo celebrating cocky?
Aiden Suh
Aiden Suh Hace 3 días
He tries to show off his skills he doesn't even need
Mauricio Lozano Martinez
He kicks with his left foot like me
Blake09 Man
Blake09 Man Hace 4 días
This inspired me😳
Mr Dark
Mr Dark Hace 4 días
My mom thinks the us will win the world cup bruh
Tima Volvovskiy
Tima Volvovskiy Hace 4 días
he is a showoff
Burger Studios
Burger Studios Hace 4 días
He also might be good, but being cocky won’t get you anywhere
Burger Studios
Burger Studios Hace 4 días
Oh there is a girl in my class and she’s way better than this dude.
Racooun Hace 4 días
Anyone could be good at any sport if their passionate about it
scott brown
scott brown Hace 4 días
But the melsly,how you even come up with though,I mean,melsly?
scott brown
scott brown Hace 4 días
How did he just pronounce the guys name?kid,the soccer player is not a lionel from zelda
French *
French * Hace 4 días
Dude you can’t just wake up one day and become a god
MarlonLouis M.L.
MarlonLouis M.L. Hace 4 días
Sounds like someone programmed to say and act the way he is. I dont know if anyone remembers that kid who worksout like crazy and looks like arnold swarchnegger? But in the end of his career he ended up pursuing something else because some adults in his young life wanted to controll him and the way he is.
ROAM ROAM Hace 5 días
First of all it’s football
Hdog fishing
Hdog fishing Hace 5 días
He is cocky
GTX_MYSTIC Sweats Hace 5 días
Little boy come to Africa u will get so skilled out that u will retire football
Jesus Castro
Jesus Castro Hace 5 días
Soccer's bad
Cassie Neale
Cassie Neale Hace 5 días
I thought I was good
Enzo Urquizo
Enzo Urquizo Hace 5 días
This kid is talented but I played him once and my team destroyed his
Ryan Herdel
Ryan Herdel Hace 5 días
This kid is too cocky... does have a good work ethic though
Cone of icecream
Cone of icecream Hace 5 días
I would take the ball of his feet like De Ligt did against Gnabry in the Ucl
Simp Hitz
Simp Hitz Hace 5 días
SV2 literally the kids on there are better
Dark Lord Maximus Lopes, The Ruthless
But could he do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke?
Pensfan 29
Pensfan 29 Hace 6 días
His dad “never gonna see a kid more dedicated then chase” me what about Ronaldo jr
Bidoof Studios
Bidoof Studios Hace 6 días
Him: “someday I want to win the World Cup for my team”. Bruh you’re American
Daniel Hyso
Daniel Hyso Hace 6 días
Yo if that kid beat messi fuct off
jessica chavez
jessica chavez Hace 6 días
Well obviously your gonna be good if you have like 5 trainers. And i don't think that he will ever be better than Messi.... He payed for the talent not born with it
George Bowman
George Bowman Hace 7 días
How does he just know that at such a young age.
Brendan Belciug
Brendan Belciug Hace 7 días
He’s not gonna become Messi if he keeps saying *soccer*
Chelsea Jaide
Chelsea Jaide Hace 7 días
he’s 1000000% gonna burn out
NoMxrccyy Hace 7 días
Bro almost all the kids at my school are better than him with no trainers
Eevees Closet
Eevees Closet Hace 7 días
The people saying "he has like ten coaches!? Of course he's good!!!" seriously need to grow up. Not many kids his age would put in even an ounce of the dedication this kid shows. Just because he has trainers and mentors alongside him doesn't devalue his achievements; his passion and talent are natural to him, and he's utilizing it to become a phenomenal player. He has a gift that not many kids have. Some people are really inconsiderate, smh.
fifa_god Hace 8 días
He is not going to be messi
Mania Hace 8 días
" messi motivates me" 2minutes before that you said "im not motivated by anyone i just want to work"
T Roberts
T Roberts Hace 5 días
Mania I think he said inspired and motivated. Two different words. Go read a book and learn the difference before you sound like an even bigger wanker. 😂🤣
Mania Hace 8 días
aha he is so cocky holy
Mensah Jayden
Mensah Jayden Hace 9 días
I don’t think he is a great player but he is pretty good
Skate Lover
Skate Lover Hace 9 días
Ronaldo is better
Ronaldo Fan
Ronaldo Fan Hace 9 días
ronaldo? cocky? it’s pretty self explanatory why he’s like that if you ask me. i’m a fan of ronaldo and i train like him
Dawson Easler
Dawson Easler Hace 9 días
I know I’m copying but why he practice with no gollie
Dawson Easler
Dawson Easler Hace 9 días
Your good but boy you want to be the best more than any thing 0:22 wow
Alberto Alvarez
Alberto Alvarez Hace 9 días
Hey guys I have a new youtube watch it at tom and manny
Alberto Alvarez
Alberto Alvarez Hace 9 días
You can tell that it is a little click bate.
Mensah Jayden
Mensah Jayden Hace 9 días
This guy is not good I play soccer and I am way better than him
Jacob Hawkins1205
Jacob Hawkins1205 Hace 9 días
Who else hates this kid
Charlie Ptak
Charlie Ptak Hace 9 días
Messi is better than ronaldo, ronaldo is just cocky
James Boland
James Boland Hace 9 días
yo kid im 10 wanna play a 2v2 1 goal keep and 1 out field
Samuel Elliott
Samuel Elliott Hace 9 días
He's not that good
booston_booston Hace 9 días
He’s not even that good
Nicholas Temnycky
Nicholas Temnycky Hace 10 días
1:48 he tries to Meg him
Giraitis Family
Giraitis Family Hace 10 días
Nah don’t think next Messi not to make him feel bad
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