100 LEGO Minifigures Simulate a City… 

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In this video I made 100 lego minifigures build me a city. I made a asian styled city because i’ve been loving rewatching ninjago lately while building but i’ll be doing other styles in the future. If you are reading this comment “General Brickman below”


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30 may 2023






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Sacred Hace 3 meses
Thank you to Genshin Impact. They helped me with this big video so try them for free: hoyo.link/7bavCBAd Use this Gift Code: WTQ2E83WS869 (May 20th - July 20th) to get 60 Primogems and 5 Adventurer's Experience! Thank you all your for being patient for this video. I spent over a month and a half on it and it’s really fun. THIS SUMMER BOUTA BE CRAZY 😈
Isak-Goksoyr Hace 3 meses
You hav the best videos and i hate ads
Copster Dog
Copster Dog Hace 3 meses
Can’t wait to watch this video
Ivo Bakardzhev
Ivo Bakardzhev Hace 3 meses
Yay I'm the 4 comment I just wanna say keep up the good work love your videos
Marcusr712 Hace 3 meses
No matter if genshin is good or bad, I won't play because genshin is cringe, and weird.
BrysonTheElite Hace 3 meses
Thank you to this ratio for- nah Im not doing that lol
The B3
The B3 Hace 3 meses
The origin story we didn't know we needed 🔥
Woto Hace 3 meses
hi The B3
Johnny Sharp
Johnny Sharp Hace 3 meses
The b3 your the best.
ANormalPersonDude Hace 3 meses
Bricktastic And Beyond
Hi the b3
mark ingram
mark ingram Hace 3 meses
I love how your starting to incorporate animation in your videos makes everything come to life amazing man!!! Animation is a good hobby to get into if you want!!! I’ve been doing it for 4 years or more
Kohen C
Kohen C Hace 3 meses
Agreed. I’m starting to think that they all got together and decided to animate now.
RandomViewer Hace 3 meses
I was not expecting the return of Gen. Brickman, but I'm glad it happened! (Even if he, you know, sort of conquered an entire city)
I mean, it's kind of his thing to conquer stuff, but you're not wrong.
TheJumiFilm Hace 3 meses
Nice to see more stop motion being used in LEGO videos all over ESvid!
ProCreeper Hace 3 meses
Yes it is
Sacred Hace 3 meses
Didn’t use as much as my Mario or War video but still looks fresh
Chotch Hace 3 meses
The video was good but that definitly wasnt 100 minifigures I counted and didnt even get past 90
Lego Cooking
Lego Cooking Hace 3 meses
vedat3600 Hace 3 meses
Friendly Fire Studios
I love how he implemented stop motion into already great videos great work
A & A Studios
A & A Studios Hace 3 meses
You know it is a good day when Sacred bricks uploads a video!😊
KoolKerrons Animations
DinoProductions Hace 3 meses
been and haden!!
been and haden!! Hace 3 meses
KoolKerrons Animations
@DinoProductions the sacred comments section is the brickfilmers meet up spot lol
Sean's Brickfilms
Sean's Brickfilms Hace 3 meses
@KoolKerrons Animations Yooo AA, Dino, and Kerron all in one reply section??
RB brickz
RB brickz Hace 3 meses
Love all your builds❤️❤️ Keep up the great work!!
Ronny C Siregar
Ronny C Siregar Hace 2 meses
This guy is the only dude in ESvid that can turn making an entire city in lego into a video that's less than 10 minutes long
Johnny Sharp
Johnny Sharp Hace 3 meses
All these builds look great!!! You earned a sub.
Hunt3rYT31 Hace 3 meses
This ESvid channel is literally making my childhood dreams come true *THANK YOU*
semi normal roblox player
love the vid could you do a part 2 with modern city? or maybe the war 2. those videos were fire!
Sacred Hace 3 meses
Wutsizbukkit Hace 3 meses
Sacred:'Why is that man mugging the old lady without me?' Me: 'Wait, what? Without him?!'
Optimum Pride
Optimum Pride Hace 2 meses
Yep, that's the joke.
Terminator Studios
Terminator Studios Hace 3 meses
This has a better storyline than half of the movies on netflix
Ok, the sudden idea of a backstory of General Brickman is awesome and all, but now it's giving me a theory idea: What if the sensei had a son before he was defeated by Gen. Brickman during combat, and then Giga's son (who was Sargeant Sausage all along) went on to avenge his father by becoming his nemesis' right hand man and betraying him later?
Micah Mirabella
Micah Mirabella Hace 3 meses
Great video! Such a heart wrenching origin story. Such drama! Such suspense! Can’t wait to see what comes next!!
Shold333 Hace 3 meses
And when the world needed him the most, he returned.
Cheyenne Meap
Cheyenne Meap Hace 3 meses
Blud, the city looks so beautiful. Very cool story🔥
Tammy Whitson
Tammy Whitson Hace 3 meses
Epic! The Brickman plot twist could me off guard for sure! Real nice!💀💀💀💀💀
brownie Hace 3 meses
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Muffin god
Muffin god Hace 3 meses
I’m gonna go make this
Gax004 Hace 3 meses
Bro what💀💀💀
Carter Joseph
Carter Joseph Hace 18 días
Why did you comment this
Çzléryna Aléatoire Maritime
Wow! That twist really surprised me! I’m pretty sad though, because I now wished Sensei Giga appeared to fight back against General Brickman in the LEGO War video! Edit: I have a theory! What if Sensei Giga, shaved his beard, turned his hair into a mowhawk and Dyed it red to turn into Sergeant Sausage, and gained the trust of General Brickman by becoming his right hand man, just to betray him, because of what he did to him and his people!
Sacred Hace 3 meses
you a genius. idk if that will be true tho. writing the story as we speak…
Hunt3rYT31 Hace 3 meses
“The most intense workout machine ever… a tea stand” 💀
Baldi Hace 3 meses
Yes! More General Brickman!
Rebecca Quinn
Rebecca Quinn Hace 3 meses
hearing Tyler’s voice as the Karen is amazing 🤩
Coolguy Hace 3 meses
its like ninjago but on steroids 😂keep up the great work man!
Xxninjagaming Hace 7 días
Man this was sick we need a sequel to lol
RiptideTheDice Hace 3 meses
Oh No! A man has fallen into the river of civilization!
Melon Funny,
Melon Funny, Hace 3 meses
Build the helicopter !
Skech animations4455
​@Melon Funny, lower the stretcher
RiptideTheDice Hace 3 meses
@Skech animations4455 then drop them again!
Yoo Brickman is back! Can we get a story of his beginnings? Awesome video!
Pineappletoast21 Hace 3 meses
Can't believe the plot twists in this video, and the stan lee cameo aswell!?!?
I forgot animations
I forgot animations Hace 3 meses
The gention impact add was very well thought out because he knew people would skip the add so he made the add split up into the video
Pietro o épico
Pietro o épico Hace un mes
Its not split up, the entire video is the ad itself
I forgot animations
@Pietro o épico true
SilverStud Hace 3 meses
wow I'm pretty good at lego mocs too, though not entirely sure you made all of that. thanks for the elite content
Sacred Hace 3 meses
i used sets in this video. but my past ones are usually mocs
Disappointedgaming Hace 3 meses
Love your videos keep up the good work
SirPiedrecita Hace 3 meses
How you promoted Genshin Impact is a very well done sponsor.
Sarah Anne
Sarah Anne Hace 3 meses
"Why is the guy mugging an old lady without me". 😂😂
Davi Mag20
Davi Mag20 Hace 3 meses
General Brickman's origin! And we already know that Dave the Deer's origin is that he was that wizard from the "choose your adventure" video.
Cats N Creepers
Cats N Creepers Hace 3 meses
Watching Sacreds videos always makes me want to build eith Legos.
Evan Rawls
Evan Rawls Hace 2 meses
The Ninjago vibes from this vid go hard 🥲
Kelly Belcher
Kelly Belcher Hace 3 meses
Dang general brickman's story is getting juicy!
How he explains gunship through the video, we can't skip the video
SuperEliasboi64 Hace 3 meses
The lore is getting crazy
Felipe Alvarez
Felipe Alvarez Hace 3 meses
You are the absolute GOAT man!
Tphakina Hace 3 meses
Generic Stud
Generic Stud Hace 3 meses
That headshot was HARD 🔥🔥🔥
1kadr Hace 2 meses
what is the see through stick you use to control minifigures
Lina Melcher
Lina Melcher Hace 3 meses
Love the back story!
Sarah Hernandez
Sarah Hernandez Hace 3 meses
I'm pretty sure that bull that can light up is supposed to be a brazen bull which is dark
Bricksburg Films
Bricksburg Films Hace 3 meses
Are those ai voices? If so where did you get them? they sound real. Like for the sensai, the man in black and the Irish ninjas
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens Hace 3 meses
Hey sacred I love your vids Some video ideas for u 1. Simulating a giant marvel battle in Lego 2. Making Lego art Hope these help!
im just speaking facts
“Why is this guy mugging this old lady without me” 💀
Kid Collectable404
Kid Collectable404 Hace 3 meses
W video Sacred! Keep up the great work man!
Sage Noble
Sage Noble Hace 3 meses
R.I.P Karen let us take a moment to appreciate the fact that there is no orphanage 😂
General pakistan
General pakistan Hace 3 meses
General pakistan
General pakistan Hace 2 meses
At least he died by sergeant killing him
Justin Huntley
Justin Huntley Hace 3 meses
Thank you for this video, it lifted my spirits
Primate Hace 3 meses
This video is sick! Imagine GTA5 in Lego 🤔
Brickit Productions
Brickit Productions Hace 3 meses
Origin stories we need to see: Seargent Sausage Glizzy guy
pyro Hace 3 meses
Where do you get all your voicelines?
reality squared
reality squared Hace un mes
A ESvidr isn’t a ESvidr without genshin
oCandy Hace 6 días
Theory: what if the red ninja is sergeant sausage and he had the plan to betray general brickman from the start
DragonZ Hace 3 meses
Scared bricks your a legend I always wanted to do many things with lego but you can show me things I can and could never do
Eli? were
Eli? were Hace 3 meses
This is like a Travis Scot concert got me dead 😭
FOOD123 Hace 3 meses
Love it ❤
MR_BRICKZ Hace 3 meses
This is the start of the sacred bricks cinematic universe
TANKCAT Hace 3 meses
Hey, for the next video you make something like this can you make a Lego figure named “superchad”?
the real fake crash
the real fake crash Hace 3 meses
Dude is wish you would upload more but anyways great content
Sacred Hace 3 meses
More videos coming!!!
Jo5&!b Hace 3 meses
We need more lore
A Blessed Family
A Blessed Family Hace 3 meses
stormfire Hace 2 meses
"no why is this guy mugging an old lady without me" 💀
That Kid
That Kid Hace 3 meses
Best origin story 😂
greyyo !!
greyyo !! Hace 3 meses
“it’s like a travis scott concert!” 💀
Serverhop Hace 3 meses
Like how no one is talking about how this is lego genshin impact with all the similarities😂 W vid though
AgentX1313 Hace 3 meses
i got a vid idea:2 diffrent worlds are on the same land the firey one at the bottom and the normal one at the top and at the end they will go to war after trainng there troops and learning things from past battles!
Bricktastic Lego Ideas
General brick man is pretty goated
Fluffymessi10 Hace 3 meses
The Tea Stand Best quote ever
Raven Shadow
Raven Shadow Hace 3 meses
We need a part 2 bro
owl city.
owl city. Hace un mes
Who remembers the action brick? I cant believe the action brick has made lots of ytbers
The Brick Magnet
The Brick Magnet Hace 3 meses
Sacred, I love your work and have been watching your videos for as long as I can remember. So I was just wondering if we could do a collaboration.
Oscar Leong
Oscar Leong Hace 3 meses
Love this kind of video 😊
i mega itay
i mega itay Hace 3 meses
This city got 100000000+ social credit
UserIpad (Changed for me keep my privacy)
Who saw that it ended up being the origin story of general brickman and the man in black was general brickman
mynamebebaguette Hace 3 meses
at first i couldn't tell if sacred was a weeb or sponsored by genshin impact
Noric Rai
Noric Rai Hace 3 meses
SpeedyCOD Hace un mes
“Hey, that’s my daughters Ice cream” HAD to be TD
Master brick
Master brick Hace 3 meses
I will say that the best character in genshin is Kazuha he is sooooo cool
Pineapple Hace 3 meses
1:25 “After the figures were satisfied with noods”😂
Built different
Built different Hace 3 meses
#Sacredbricks #1 mil subs sacred! Can’t wait to see you get 1 mil subs soon
Jacobus Badenhorst
Jacobus Badenhorst Hace 3 meses
Your content is the best👍💯
Stone Man
Stone Man Hace 3 meses
That was super Awesome ÀnD ÀweŚoMe Builds
sheilla1234 Hace 3 meses
You should've called him master Kamayamama
митя lego
митя lego Hace 2 días
Maaaan your videos have so adorable vibe
I see your dangerously close to 1M soooo I say you should do a face reveal. Also dope video bro
Flameball Hace 2 meses
2:29 GARMADON AND WU 😮 Edit : Literally Ninjago but our heros lose
Colin's Creations
Colin's Creations Hace 3 meses
Amazing bro❤❤❤
Me And My Boys
Me And My Boys Hace 3 meses
He is a menace, General Brickman
Holden I Guess…
Holden I Guess… Hace 3 meses
imagine playing genshin impact
Felix slayer five
Felix slayer five Hace 3 meses
Half of his videos, just him telling us about Genshin impact
Tumtum Hace 3 meses
Can you please show us how you built the tank
sketchy_ Hace 3 meses
This video is literally the best but just one thing..... A third of the vid is a genshin impact ad
Moma Lion
Moma Lion Hace 3 meses
I like how you talked about you're sponsor while doing the video
That one friend
That one friend Hace 3 meses
Mate I’ve been waiting for u to upload for so long, I’ve been so bored without new content