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20 abr 2019

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jacksepticeye Hace 2 meses
Punch that like button for jacksepticeye to be in Smash
Springy Trap
Springy Trap Hace un día
YES!! Although... I don't have the game.. Now I wish.. ;;-;;
Coolbeans The best
Coolbeans The best Hace 2 días
jacksepticeye why do you want me to sub twice I can’t
Heaven Fell
Heaven Fell Hace 3 días
Sarah Bera Rera
Sarah Bera Rera Hace 12 días
been subscribed for years jackaboy and you are the best <3
James Lockwood
James Lockwood Hace 12 días
PRR Productions
PRR Productions Hace 31 un minuto
Jacksepticeye is G R E A T
Isak Hace un hora
Jacksepticeye is great
antsonadesktop 22
antsonadesktop 22 Hace un hora
Nobody can stop the thirst of the garlic gladiator
Tanya Hace un hora
Sean is GREAT (not hahaha)
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Hace 2 horas
Jacksepticeye is great U happy
Jeffrey Kroezen
Jeffrey Kroezen Hace 4 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
Jeremiah Zazaza
Jeremiah Zazaza Hace 4 horas
liked the ending
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Hace 4 horas
Jack is awsome
•kingof Nothing•
Jack is great
Unmooseable gaming
Unmooseable gaming Hace 4 horas
Jack is great
Random stuff
Random stuff Hace 5 horas
Jacksepticye is great
Roblox Minder
Roblox Minder Hace 5 horas
Z0NE Hace 5 horas
Jacksepticeye is great.
Mr.Kayblade 681
Mr.Kayblade 681 Hace 6 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
Emporer 1986
Emporer 1986 Hace 6 horas
Jacksepticeye is the best Subscribe to jacksepticeye
CODY MOSES Hace 7 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
Grayson Halstead
Grayson Halstead Hace 7 horas
Jacksepticeye/Sean is great
Merlin the Wizard
Merlin the Wizard Hace 7 horas
2:30 Jacksepticeye is gr...gr..... GODLIKE, sorry jack can't do it.
Bo bob
Bo bob Hace 7 horas
The office!!
Joshua Keith
Joshua Keith Hace 8 horas
Jacksepticeye is an amazing person and I love him (no homo and no disrespect to gay ppl)
Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 Hace 8 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
Lava Monster
Lava Monster Hace 8 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
Netsuji Hace 9 horas
Why would coke sponsor you when you’re already advertising for them?
Pink Bunny
Pink Bunny Hace 9 horas
Jackseptikceye is the greatest
Lovdov 126
Lovdov 126 Hace 9 horas
I’m subscribed and I liked the video and jacksepticeye is great
Shadow Wolf Army63
Shadow Wolf Army63 Hace 10 horas
Ok jack the constant showing and hinting at you wanting Coca-Cola to sponsor you is getting annoying please stop before i unsub which i dont really want to
Starkiller-Games and More!
Seàn just lost 400,000 subs, stop this unsubscribe chain
Sad Comrade
Sad Comrade Hace 10 horas
Hi Jack had a German accent in the beginning REMIND YOU OF SCHNEEP
Negative One940
Negative One940 Hace 10 horas
Jack is great
Logan Collier
Logan Collier Hace 10 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
Zippy LTM
Zippy LTM Hace 10 horas
Jack is great
KingsCrownGaming Hace 10 horas
Jackseptice is fucking amazing
PewDiePie must Win
PewDiePie must Win Hace 10 horas
Coca Cola isn’t gonna sponsor jack because he’s already taking good about there product. Why would they pay for it? XD
Chili Bean
Chili Bean Hace 10 horas
Cool guy 342
Cool guy 342 Hace 10 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
waffling iron jr
waffling iron jr Hace 10 horas
Your great
adi handoko
adi handoko Hace 11 horas
jacksepticeye is great
Mylott Vlogs
Mylott Vlogs Hace 11 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
Landon Scott
Landon Scott Hace 11 horas
2:28 Asks to say Jacksepticeye is great, then ask people to subscribe. Life must be hard for Jack.
Little Sugar Bear
Little Sugar Bear Hace 11 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
game master 500
game master 500 Hace 11 horas
Jack is great
Hunter Clugston
Hunter Clugston Hace 11 horas
Jacksepticeye is the greatest
royalparadigm Hace 11 horas
brb getting a coke
angela coon
angela coon Hace 11 horas
Jackaboy is gooder than the dabe
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez Hace 11 horas
jack is great
Yasir Alattar
Yasir Alattar Hace 11 horas
Jacksepticeye is grape
Balling Gamers
Balling Gamers Hace 11 horas
Jack is great
Stupid Idiot
Stupid Idiot Hace 12 horas
Jacksepticeye is great!!!!!!
Joshua Fronda
Joshua Fronda Hace 12 horas
100% real comment
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