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20 abr 2019






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jacksepticeye Hace un año
Punch that like button for jacksepticeye to be in Smash
Waluigi Hace un mes
jacksepticeye must be in smash as well as waluigi
jack calvin
jack calvin Hace 2 meses
Hi Jack I love your ESvid channel and my name is also jack and you are awesome
GamingGremlin Hace 2 meses
I reckon if he was in smash, then his recovery would be a blast from a shook up coke bottle
Bruski Mama
Bruski Mama Hace 2 meses
You are great jack
Epik 65
Epik 65 Hace 2 meses
Jacksepticeye is great
ippo me
ippo me Hace 11 horas
Jacksepticeye is great
Dougie K Powell
Dougie K Powell Hace 14 horas
Jacksepticeye is great!
Saoirse Doyle
Saoirse Doyle Hace 23 horas
Comic Girl
Comic Girl Hace un día
Jacksepticeye is great!
Emery Grace
Emery Grace Hace un día
Jacksepticeye is great
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis Hace un día
sean we love you and your great
Kitty Gaming
Kitty Gaming Hace un día
You are the funniest =)
Kieron Papps
Kieron Papps Hace 2 días
Jacksepticeye is great
ArtRola Hace 2 días
Jacksepticeye is great
Denise Troncoso
Denise Troncoso Hace 2 días
Jacksepticeye is the very BEST!!💫 Your welcome sean!
Grace Anne Snipes
Grace Anne Snipes Hace 2 días
Jacksepticeye is great
Bunny Hace 2 días
Jackscepticeye Is Great - Quarantine Club
The Taurus Trooper
The Taurus Trooper Hace 3 días
Jacksepticeye is G R E A T
Daan de Bakker
Daan de Bakker Hace 3 días
Jackseptickeye is great
Annika Cabañog
Annika Cabañog Hace 3 días
jack watches b99 i can die peacefully now
John Shehee
John Shehee Hace 3 días
Your amazing
foelecian universe
foelecian universe Hace 4 días
Death Bread
Death Bread Hace 4 días
hmmmmm is that a John Mulaney reference i sense??
Jewel Schlotterer
Jewel Schlotterer Hace 4 días
jacksepticeye is great
Music Addict
Music Addict Hace 4 días
Jacksepticeye is great
VideoCrafting 23
VideoCrafting 23 Hace 4 días
jacksepticeye is GREAT!
Wayne Stewart
Wayne Stewart Hace 4 días
JackSepticEye is the gr... sorry couldn't do it. Lol you are fun!
Bugs bunny Studios
Bugs bunny Studios Hace 4 días
Jacksepticeye is great!!!!!!
NRJ Vlogs and games 123
Jacksepticeye is great
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Hace 4 días
Jacksepticeye is great
Fierce Deity Link
Fierce Deity Link Hace 5 días
Jack Septic Eye is the Greatest!
Fierce Deity Link
Fierce Deity Link Hace 5 días
If Coke was smart enough to sponsor you, I would buy the coke zero vanilla.
Elkku _
Elkku _ Hace 5 días
Jack is great. There, I said it.
Midnight Hunter
Midnight Hunter Hace 5 días
Jackceptecye is great : done it Like the video : done it Subscribe : alredy was Just slap him : done it Mission pased
grass eater
grass eater Hace 5 días
The thing is he is advertising coke without coke needing to sponsor him 😌😲😲😲
grass eater
grass eater Hace 5 días
Jacksepticeye you are great, you are welcome
utahraptor ostrommaysi
Jacksepticeye is great
Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen Hace 5 días
"he said...ya know...like a liar" ah yes, we all have an inner John Mulaney
Kilbrn Hace 5 días
Jacksepticeye is great. That’d be lovely. Can you all subscribe as well, please? Can you all like the video too? Aw that’d be wonderful! Can this video hit 100,000 likes?
Jennifer Tate
Jennifer Tate Hace 5 días
i like how jack dessperatly asks for love in the comments,but then: everyone in the comments: how jack cant get the coke sponsership.
brew_ wind
brew_ wind Hace 6 días
Jacksepticeye is great!
Nicholas Markoutsis
Nicholas Markoutsis Hace 6 días
jacksepticeye is great! :D
Ren Mtz
Ren Mtz Hace 6 días
Dang jacksepticeye is great 👀
Bird Party
Bird Party Hace 6 días
I’m the only one in 2020 Oh you are to
M 4
M 4 Hace 6 días
Jacksepticeye is great you're welcome
Victoria Hace 7 días
jack is the greatest
Idunno Hace 7 días
Jacksepticeye is Great.
Jacob Burén
Jacob Burén Hace 7 días
From me to real jack I have subbed and liked hope u like it
Kathrine Sniffen
Kathrine Sniffen Hace 7 días
Seán: please comment that jacksepticeye is amazing Me: you stole my comment how dare you
Micah Danielle
Micah Danielle Hace 7 días
Here to give Seán some quarantine love
Sawyer Westbrook
Sawyer Westbrook Hace 7 días
Jacksepticeye is great! I'm a very literal person and also new here, hello!
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Hace 7 días
Jack your great
digital dickie
digital dickie Hace 9 días
Jacksepticeye is the greatest
DustyCrawdad Hace 9 días
Jacksepticeye is great
matthew rigdon
matthew rigdon Hace 10 días
jacksepticeye is GREAT jerkan/v bfhcoivherhgirhdfgvhwrgviodjioghed
Kaicee Wike
Kaicee Wike Hace 10 días
Jacksepticeye is great
Bryanna Tobias
Bryanna Tobias Hace 11 días
Does anyone notice he didn't use meme on the board?
R Robertson
R Robertson Hace 11 días
Jacksepticeye is great :D
Jayvee Hagg
Jayvee Hagg Hace 12 días
Jacksepticeye you are a potato
Gracie Bitzer
Gracie Bitzer Hace 12 días
Jacksepticeye is great at his job.
Dallas Veale
Dallas Veale Hace 15 días
I see Sean more than Jacksepticeye now
Andy Hawkins
Andy Hawkins Hace 15 días
Jacksepticeye is GREAT
kayla Hace 15 días
I love John Mulaney too
Bianca Dillen
Bianca Dillen Hace 15 días
Jacksepticeye is amazing!!!!!!!!
Wolf Mistress
Wolf Mistress Hace 16 días
Ur da best jack
Taki Amajiki
Taki Amajiki Hace 16 días
Man... jack is great
Sean Richards
Sean Richards Hace 16 días
kenelopy Hace 16 días
jacksepticeye is great
seán Willam
seán Willam Hace 16 días
2:22 - 2:33 Jack: leave my comments alone actually go in the comments and type jacksepticeye is great Me: jack you are great even without us
Richard Watts
Richard Watts Hace 17 días
Jacksepticeye is great
doubleblade Hace 17 días
and maybe some character sprites but I'm not sure
doubleblade Hace 17 días
@Ascendium that's fine I'm just throwing it out there doesn't hurt to throw it out there I mean you never know weird stuff has happened before
Ascendium Hace 17 días
Sorry to say but he is definitely NOT gonna see this :/
doubleblade Hace 17 días
Jack if you read this I need to know if you know somebody who can help me making some battle Sprites for an older RPG I'm making for you I have all of the story ready and all the scenes pretty much I just need custom battle Sprites is all
Elliott Couzens
Elliott Couzens Hace 17 días
Jacksepticeye is AWSOME instead of cool cause jack is AWSOME
the 360 golden xbox
the 360 golden xbox Hace 18 días
Jacksepticeye is great
gamer head
gamer head Hace 18 días
6:08 does he have a green screen or no?!?! im confused?
Latoya Foster
Latoya Foster Hace 18 días
Ivererenpotet Potet
Ivererenpotet Potet Hace 18 días
Jacksepticeye is great
Peanut Dragons
Peanut Dragons Hace 18 días
i just realised Jack is competing with MatPat for sponsorship from Coke
Alexander Lindblom
Alexander Lindblom Hace 18 días
Jacksepticeye is great
EMMA SCONCE Hace 18 días
Jack your amazing. No matter how late I am. Your amazing
Avery Rhem
Avery Rhem Hace 18 días
Anyone here part of Quarantine Club! Bell of nostalgia
IRS Here For Your Money
Velcome to da house
Aiden Hoffman
Aiden Hoffman Hace 18 días
When you’re allergic to diet soda so you sit here awkwardly silently supporting seán but running from his coke recommendations
Tiny Jordan
Tiny Jordan Hace 18 días
Jacksepticeye is great! 👍👏👏
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