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100 People Eat a Raw Oyster | Keep it 100 | Cut


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24 jul 2017






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Comentarios 2 520
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets Hace 3 horas
Ok I have a crush on 1:12
Heaven_Wolf :3
Heaven_Wolf :3 Hace 4 días
2:00 Me when i pass a test
_ . pats uka. _
_ . pats uka. _ Hace 5 días
Remind me of Mr bean😂
Azera Loves This
Azera Loves This Hace 10 días
...so its more of an acquired taste?
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter Hace 11 días
0:23 me preparing myself to eat out my girlfriend after she was in the bathroom for an hour
Ester Oliveira
Ester Oliveira Hace 13 días
They had to stop the music for the cutest "cheers"
Ester Oliveira
Ester Oliveira Hace 13 días
What kinda of pussy did this people see that looks like this?
Xabiso Vili
Xabiso Vili Hace 14 días
Do this shit again, but in slo-mo!!!
Wellie Hace 17 días
1:25 Did anyone else hear Missy Elliot saying "flip it and reverse it" after that?
Katy Keir-Ferguson
Katy Keir-Ferguson Hace 18 días
me, a cape cod native: these wimps
Nikou N
Nikou N Hace 19 días
I like mine charbroiled #NOLA😋
Alex Shih Mendez
Alex Shih Mendez Hace 20 días
I probably ate 50 oysters last Christmas
Alex Shih Mendez
Alex Shih Mendez Hace 20 días
They aren’t just raw, they are alice
citrus Hace 22 días
people from south louisiana know that we eat these for fun down here
RINCON _1818
RINCON _1818 Hace 22 días
You guys should do rocky mountain oysters
Sara Ch
Sara Ch Hace 22 días
I love oysters
Meena Umair
Meena Umair Hace 25 días
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim Hace 27 días
"Is it raw? *slurps* that's good"
Adya Tawde
Adya Tawde Hace un mes
1:26 isnt she marina? From hiho kids? Didn't expect that word from her...........
Paolo Democorro
Paolo Democorro Hace un mes
The one on the tumblr im inlove with her
0:50 girl name pleaseeeee
cool 123
cool 123 Hace un mes
Just watching them makes me wanna puke........ewww
Deer Man Of Dark Woods
1:23 - 1:25 and i aint fuckin scared of him
mickael cordero-villaman
@1:21 could be wifey, she looks hella fine
guilty conscience
guilty conscience Hace un mes
0:39-0:40 dude I'm straight but she is so gorgeous I wanna know her name
luan trieu
luan trieu Hace un mes
Gonna need some cocktail sauce and lemon on it
Drums 4 Life
Drums 4 Life Hace un mes
To sum up the whole video: SsssLlllUuuuuRrrrrrPpppp
Lalisa Manoban
Lalisa Manoban Hace un mes
1:29 girl looks so cutee
Nikki Sto.domingo
Nikki Sto.domingo Hace un mes
1:31. My man.
rlcbtl Hace un mes
this reminds me of Mr.Bean goes on vacation
Ruby Gabriel
Ruby Gabriel Hace un mes
I was taught to not Chew it 💀
J Gadis
J Gadis Hace un mes
1:43 my man really thought it looked like a vagine.
Aji Priambodo
Aji Priambodo Hace un mes
1:53 he should slurp it out you know👀
Aesthelux Hace un mes
Marina is like cursing on this channel but on Hiho kids she is a sweet role model lol
pro tec
pro tec Hace un mes
I felt so had for ilah when she was crying 😂😂😂
di Hace un mes
*is it gon hurt ma tummyy*
T Ly
T Ly Hace un mes
What a waste
Shane N
Shane N Hace 2 meses
The noises
YOUNG DDE Hace 2 meses
oyster is very vvvvery delicious !!!!!!!!
Jasmine Lepelaar
Jasmine Lepelaar Hace 2 meses
Erin: that's not vegan Oh wait, wrong channel
ChunKy LadiEsss
ChunKy LadiEsss Hace 2 meses
0:48 Getting soap in ur mouth
Gary Nelson
Gary Nelson Hace 2 meses
I wanna try a oyster
Dania Castellanos
Dania Castellanos Hace 2 meses
F. J. Blakemore
F. J. Blakemore Hace 2 meses
id do it habds down sea food is great
FatKidWithFudge Hace 2 meses
My god I fucking despise slurping. No idea how I didn't think about it beforehand, considering they were eating raw oysters.
Good Bye
Good Bye Hace 2 meses
Bathroom break, be back in 5
Pêppèr Śprâÿ
Pêppèr Śprâÿ Hace 2 meses
When I look at my failure of a life 0:19
Paige_ Jones
Paige_ Jones Hace 2 meses
Mmmmmm nothing like listening to people slurp oysters
Andrew Vu
Andrew Vu Hace 2 meses
put a little bit of tabasco on that shit
Yan Jia
Yan Jia Hace 2 meses
i can eat them all day , my favourite food for sure. with lemon would be better .
im.workingg Hace 2 meses
0:01 when the school thot opens her legs
Jaha Whitaker
Jaha Whitaker Hace 2 meses
Fuck yes 😂😂😂😂 lol
Nadine Fourie
Nadine Fourie Hace 2 meses
I love these funny ones! Please do first jalapeño or something spicy
Teaing Hace 3 meses
1:40 "I don't know what it is gonna be like but we gonna try" *Eats it like a booger*
Matt Malagamba
Matt Malagamba Hace 3 meses
i'm allergic to those stuff
Gachalife-forlife Hace 3 meses
I love oysters plus I live not For from places near beaches and seas
Musical Boy
Musical Boy Hace 3 meses
Ella Ames
Ella Ames Hace 3 meses
As a Washingtonian, this was funny as shit and mildly angering. And jealous, cuz that shit is good!
UCC 930ml
UCC 930ml Hace 3 meses
They made deliberately disgusting expressions and they spit oysters before they tasted enough. And they made the video while doing such actions while knowing all the results in advance. What is the message nature of this video? Should never be allowed, poor handling of food, blasphemy against food culture.
eri Hace 3 meses
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