100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut
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19 may 2019






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Naruto Uzamaki
Naruto Uzamaki Hace un hora
I need more dating expirience Looks like i need a car & passport
Summer Yafi
Summer Yafi Hace 5 horas
"I was just like 'I'm out'.. BRUH WTF
Gina Monh
Gina Monh Hace 8 horas
My heart really goes out to the last girl. I’m going through the same thing. I can never hate him despite all he’s done. I’ll always have love for him. We were together for four years.
Xolox_ King
Xolox_ King Hace 9 horas
The last one 😂😂
Fatema Zannat
Fatema Zannat Hace 12 horas
me: cheated on me with my best friend 😔😔😔
wxstednxghts Hace 12 horas
3:12 damn same
Vivian Sahara
Vivian Sahara Hace 12 horas
Oh me too. Smoke some weeed
Animezelink 〈3
Animezelink 〈3 Hace 20 horas
Hey guys, I need some advice before doing something that I'll regret later on. My very first relationship started when I was 13 and now I'm 19 and I am still in that relationship. However, it was pretty rocky, to be fair we were kids and had no idea what we were doing.. I dont want paint my partner as the bad guy because really we are both to blame.. when they was 15 and I was 14 they began to like another girl. This really affected me to point where I was sad and depressed all the time(2 years). He didnt seem to care and insult me by saying how fat I was. Let me tell you was crying for entire year cause of those things. I didn't have the will to leave because I thought he was going to be the only person who will love me. In middle school I faced alot of bullying and racism. ( I'm Mexican/asian) my parents didnt really have time to focus on me.. my siblings were jerks to me.. sooo as you can see I wasn't receiving any love or affection at home. I had suicidal thoughts since I was nine. It's sad to say this but I feel that my partner was the only one to love me or what considered love... which why I stay so long. Fast forward 2017 I was tired of being pushed around by my partner and family so I spoke out about it my partner slowly began to realize what he did to me after I said I was there when you had no one. And you treat me like dirt. He started to changed, it was hard adjusting to the change.. he was nicer and sweet to me. 2018 came around we became distance cause of college. However we would text each other saying how much we care for each other... my first week of college I began to have serious anxiety, o could function properly for weeks. I was in therapy for a year. I got better but during this process I was completely alone not my family or partner cared enough to support me I suppose. That hit me hard and I began to have doubt in my partner again. They weren't their when I needed them the most.. imagine if we do end up together... I would think to myself. I'm going to be with one person for the rest of my life with never going to have another person...I've actually talked to my partner about this and they are reluctant to go on a break and have me date other people.. the thing is I tried to explain that I really need this. I feel extremely better than I did as a kid. I care for my partner after I told them that I needed someone to be there for me they tried there best a bit. You know in my opinion we need to grow up and give ourselves time apart.. they cant accept that... idkk I met a nice guy in my anthro class right now... I feel great around him.. i want to give myself a chance to date.. but I dont know what to do with my partner who refuses to break up.. I've been wanting the break since 2018. Any help? I dont want to considered a cheater..
Yellur Bandana
Yellur Bandana Hace un día
How has that girl in orange never been in a relationship? She's _gorgeous_ omg
salioelsol Hace un día
did everyine comlelty miss the fact that the blonde girl 1:27 broke up with partner multiple times, slept with her partes bff and are now together? am i the only one?
vani acharya
vani acharya Hace un día
Poppy Miller
Poppy Miller Hace un día
Just broke up with my boyfriend today. We both agreed. We'd been together for about just over 5 months. We weren't perfect for each other and I carried hurt from a past relationship and I pushed the boundaries of the relationship because I was hurting and I sabotaged it. I still feel like I love him and want to be with him. What do I do now? I'm heart broken.
Flor maria Castillo
Flor maria Castillo Hace un día
“The break up ?” NAHHHH💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hyng As
Hyng As Hace un día
Everyone is the good guy in their own story Edit: so just finished the video, i love hearing people take responsibility
Lillian Garvin
Lillian Garvin Hace un día
I swear the black girl who has been in a lot of videos with her baby's father. Man I feel for her. I want her to find love man, she looks so nice!
Otis Sutton
Otis Sutton Hace un día
I loved watching these. SO many times you feel like you're alone when you go through heartbreak and then you watch and see that you're not actually alone. Shout out to cut for this one.
Ty Life
Ty Life Hace 2 días
" I threw a burrito"
Comic Hace 2 días
Smoked some weed
queen bee
queen bee Hace 2 días
This shit is hilarious
Brooke R
Brooke R Hace 2 días
“Who the fuck is Jared??” I died 😂
100percent Romania
100percent Romania Hace 2 días
"My ex wanted me to choose between him and my kid" Girl what the heeelll????
Ya favorite New Yorker
She’d take my balls if she could🤣
zara rakkar
zara rakkar Hace 2 días
I feel like love isn't worth the high compared to the breakup tbh I feel so low
KB Mamoa
KB Mamoa Hace 2 días
I aing killing myself for no man fuck that weak shit
SweetLolita8 Hace 2 días
Worst breakup was when who I thought was “ the love of my life “ a few days after thanksgiving he shows up at my place then says “ I never want to get married “ then breaks up with me. He said the topic of marriage was brought up but in reality I know he was cheating on me he should of just said that instead of using marriage as an excuse. Since then I’ve moved on, focused on me, got a new job a few months after, I have fun and I have great friends and family who were there for me.
chris kim
chris kim Hace 2 días
Better than my ex dating me and another guy at the same time. Lol. Never paid for a date and wouldn’t mind having me pay for gifts and went to see the other guys parents after dating him 3 weeks, would not care to see my sibling or parents after same time period, went on a vacation with the other guy after dating for a week or two, scratched my car leaving a parking lot and got pissed off when she had to paid for it or when my parents called her just to speak with her, kept talking about how the other guy. One time, we walked pasted a section that had beds and how the bed she laid on reminded about the other guys bed and how soft his bed was and she told me that u slept on his bed twice and she said, how we just slept and didn’t do anything. I am one of those guys that would not care if a gf went out drinking, clubbing with a guy or friends, msg or picked up her phone but she would constantly message or pick up a call from a guy but totally would ignore my phone call or message if I messaged her once in a blue moon while she is having out with friends or out doing stuff. She was my coworker and if I wanted to go out for a dinner or sth on a weekday or do something over the weekend, I always had to make an appointment at least two weeks before. If I did anything with my ex over the weekend, she always said, I have to do something with the other guy during the weekday but if she spent time doing sth with the other guy over the weekend, she would not care rats ass to do with me over the weekday. I work for sales and she works as a researcher for the same company and she is like, I don’t understand anything about sales and she always told me, u don’t sympathize with me enough. She wouldn’t mind telling about her work problems or about certain situations with a company with the other guy but if I ever asked her, why didn’t you tell Me about certain issue, she ignored me. I’m like, hello, we may work for different stuff but we work for the same company. I think I can relate hell more than the other guy cuz we work for the same company. Her response was oh well. Once I asked her to pay for the damages to my car, she broke up with me without a text, company message, phone call but assumed that we broke up and told me never to contact her again without speaking with me for two months. She just ignored me. I tried my best to be her best boyfriend but ya. If anyone had worse bf or gf, I would like to know plz.
Alexa Aguipo
Alexa Aguipo Hace 2 días
4:46 - 4:52 IS SO MUCH BIG DICK ENERGY! I was thinking what my first breakup was and thought Nah I’m good. Can’t hate on nobody and then boom! All the “go to hell”, “fuck you Wayne...” or “Zack Warner, you’re a piece of trash”! HAHAHAHA BIG DICK ENERGY! I wanna say these to one ex!!!!
user 1400800
user 1400800 Hace 3 días
user 1400800
user 1400800 Hace 3 días
D Shack
D Shack Hace 3 días
"How can you leave these titties?" I guess he found bigger titties.
Itskimmysantos Hace 3 días
“How’d your get over it “ “Smoke some WeEd” 😂😂
Itskimmysantos Hace 3 días
“Everbody breaks up with you “ “Yeah “ I FELT THAT !!!
Delainey F.
Delainey F. Hace 3 días
“Who tf is jared?” 😭😭
Amy Watson
Amy Watson Hace 3 días
“I got frosty on my shirt”😂😂😂
Yomom Gay
Yomom Gay Hace 3 días
" She would take my balls if she could "
Donna Bowen
Donna Bowen Hace 3 días
Eating chocolate helps and being grateful for a wonderful life I have helps. It hurts like hell especially when he won't admit to anything very frustrating but lesson learned. Always trust your gut feeling it is never wrong unfortunately.
James Cole
James Cole Hace 3 días
Trust in a relationship is a great necessity for a long lasting relationship however watching out for red flags at all time is also very important. Trust is hard to earn and very easy to break or lose I still remember how disappointed I was the day I discovered my wife's lie and realised that she had been cheating on me through the help of unlimiteddevicehackers who helped to clone her phone without even touching her phone all I did was gave them her phone number and I got access to her social media handles including her Facebook,Instagram and her text messages I am still deeply hurt but I am happy I have enough evidence to file for a divorce. If you also need some help,contact unlimiteddevicehackers@gmail.
a Hace 4 días
4:22 LMAOOO 😂😭
Paled S
Paled S Hace 4 días
“How’d you get over it?....SMOKE SOME WEED :)”
Kami C
Kami C Hace 4 días
“but.. MY DOG”
Mingyung Gilyard
Mingyung Gilyard Hace 4 días
I tend not to watch these kind of vids because there's usually a lot of women in the comments talking about all men are the same, and all men cheat or men ain't sh*t ya know and like it makes feel kind of down
Sara E
Sara E Hace 4 días
While some of these stories are really interesting but please go check out me and my friends new ESvid channel when we talk about love relationships and dating. You make the conversation fun interesting and relatable let us know what you guys think and please like comment and subscribe.
heater9124 Hace 4 días
These people are so much better off......... woo!! Find beauty in the breakup people ❤️
Juvy Thao
Juvy Thao Hace 4 días
Am I the only one who came for the girl in the thumbnail?
Neon A.
Neon A. Hace 4 días
“How could u not love these titties” 😂
Breanna Hudson
Breanna Hudson Hace 4 días
“How could you leave these titties”😂😂😂
Grace Song
Grace Song Hace 4 días
I just wanted to hug the girl who cried poor thing
Hannah DeLay
Hannah DeLay Hace 4 días
Jasmine kuwonu
Jasmine kuwonu Hace 4 días
"not cute" 💀💀💀 he was speaking facts though
gucci down didi
gucci down didi Hace 4 días
"how could u leave these titties " 😂
Schwanzus Longus
Schwanzus Longus Hace 4 días
Stealing your dog? Wtf man! I would have gone really mad
glow milk
glow milk Hace 4 días
The one whose ex didn't support her having an abortion is devastating. I hope she's okay, and knows that, if she wasn't ready to have kids, this was the right choice.
Remi Oliver
Remi Oliver Hace 12 horas
Try and see it from his point of view though. That's his kid, and he legally has no say in whether his kid is killed or not. Men have no rights when it comes to their unborn children.
XsillyXx Hace 4 días
Did anybody watch Weeds and remembers Jill (Nancy's sister). I think she appears in season 4. Well, the girl at 04:54 reminds me so very much of her 😂
HeyImBae Hace 4 días
"he left in the middle of the night" "i just left in the middle of the night" ...
Lotus Arrow
Lotus Arrow Hace 4 días
"I threw a burrito"
Blessed Mwila
Blessed Mwila Hace 4 días
She stole my Dog I miss her *But my Dog*... Lol
j.jungoo Hace 5 días
5:23 this is such a sob story :( she's precious.
untold truths
untold truths Hace 5 días
The girl that just came out of the 5 year relationship broke me. I wanted to cry with her so much, damn. I hope she has a support system around her
Sneak Geek27
Sneak Geek27 Hace 5 días
Why are these people in gay relationships what about the straight people
Monica Gutierrez
Monica Gutierrez Hace 5 días
I’ll NEVER forget “the worst break up.”
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