100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut
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6 ene 2019

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Comentarios 7 106
Hann Hace 55 minutos
Guys not joking I think I’m rich 188k a year
Mahala Bradford
Mahala Bradford Hace un hora
How much does the RN get paid????? No wonder everyone's leaving the NHS and moving!
Johnny S
Johnny S Hace un hora
Most of the people not saying is either they’re not filing their tax returns, or have child support to pay Oh and 3:16 likes to stick metal rods into his cock, he was on this channel before
Thu Phat
Thu Phat Hace 2 horas
Most of these people look like Bernie Ssnders supporters.
Adriauna Mk
Adriauna Mk Hace 5 horas
Ima be makin like 0 a year And then die I mean.. what
Kathy Fan
Kathy Fan Hace 5 horas
When’s the thumbnail
DamnPapi Hace 5 horas
Why the F DO PEOPLE CARE ABOUT TELLING HOW MUCH THEY MAKE, it’s literally just a question it’s not a big deal they act like people gonna go around chasing them 🤦🏻‍♂️
Sergio Aguirre
Sergio Aguirre Hace 6 horas
lmfao 51% of Americans make 33k per year or LESS. The excuses for not coming clean were pretty funny though. Notice those who made the most were in sales as they directly add value to their company.
Crystal Ramirez
Crystal Ramirez Hace 8 horas
*IRS has entered the chat*
Tara Jam
Tara Jam Hace 9 horas
2:54 shoutouttttt man honesty :p
OG Jxxmss
OG Jxxmss Hace 9 horas
2:54 $45k n still those teeth ? Damn
Lil.QUeEn’S DreAmS
2:38 4:51 me trying to explain why I was lying
SuperSportRob95 Hace 10 horas
“How much money do a bunch of liberals make”
GameLaser Hace 10 horas
A first class flight from New York to Dubai on Emirates is around 30k so yeah...
Harveer Singh
Harveer Singh Hace 11 horas
Fast food workers make 20k a year in my province and cops make 60k so I’m surprised Americans make so little.
Andersen Petrazzi
Andersen Petrazzi Hace 11 horas
I make 146,000 dollars a year im a physical therapist
anonimo anonimo
anonimo anonimo Hace 11 horas
The actors of Friends made 1 million dolars per episode
Meg Hodge
Meg Hodge Hace 12 horas
I feel really bad for the people who refused to share their income; they've obviously been trained by society to think that topic is super personal and their income is only relevant to them when in reality transparency is a great tool for success
Jin Nij
Jin Nij Hace 12 horas
Dam u people are broke lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacob Largosit
Jacob Largosit Hace 12 horas
My dad makes 500k a year ha you broke ass nigguas
GameplaysGusGamer Hace 12 horas
something I observed watching this. Stupid people that are full of ideology, drink a lot and smoke weed earn less. More serious ppl earn a nice salary :)
Jacob Largosit
Jacob Largosit Hace 12 horas
I just clicked on this cause out of those 100 there must be a millionaire Update: i was wrong
Leo Hautanen
Leo Hautanen Hace 13 horas
How the fuck do these random ass people make that much money? America is broken
Megan Lynch
Megan Lynch Hace 13 horas
I don’t really get why money is a taboo subject... is that just my millennial mind
gigio abba
gigio abba Hace 14 horas
people talk about their sexlive as it is nothing but salary is to private...
Flavia Giordano
Flavia Giordano Hace 18 horas
Just come here to see which are the bests jobs to apply 😅😂
\Adobe\ Hace 19 horas
Broncano que te han robado la pregunta xddd
dimoboychev Hace 19 horas
2:35 i fucking love her
chee hiong Yeo
chee hiong Yeo Hace 20 horas
you should do an episode on ppl getting paid for the same job/same company but different countries. HAHAHA that would be cool af. For my job i think my US counterparts make double the gross amount. ;s
chee hiong Yeo
chee hiong Yeo Hace 20 horas
And my gross is double or triple compared to some of my regional countries' colleagues.
Sauron The nerd 1001100
Sauron The nerd 1001100 Hace 21 un hora
Wait 1:40 she has kids under 18? What she’s like...
Epickimster 188
Epickimster 188 Hace 22 horas
We only make 25 million dollars a year
icesharc TM
icesharc TM Hace 23 horas
Theyre sad for those 17k?? My dad makes 100 a year man.
Rapu 9
Rapu 9 Hace 15 horas
Your dad lives year with 100$ so basically if he eats twice a day macarons he got no money in like 2-4 months
Gravy Hace 23 horas
I don’t give a fuk
Malik L Griffin
Malik L Griffin Hace 23 horas
This is why there are so many wage gaps..people afraid to talk about it
Undergroundkid Hace 23 horas
No one really makes money in america danm
Sky Marcel
Sky Marcel Hace un día
Unemployment : All this because of Barack the coward Obama
rakshit kumar
rakshit kumar Hace un día
How is that fat bitch a yoga teacher tho
Logan Longtin
Logan Longtin Hace un día
1:50 looks like Cookie Monster
Rapu 9
Rapu 9 Hace 15 horas
Luis Espinoza
Luis Espinoza Hace un día
We need to end this stigma about talking about how much we make
Jessie Larson
Jessie Larson Hace un día
4:25 Badass female electrician working hard for that $$$. Congrats 👏
shevotedforobama ohyeahyeah
Where my brothers at Oh yeah yeah
Haawi ·
Haawi · Hace un día
Im a journalism beat that
Ale Moore
Ale Moore Hace un día
I make 14k a year
Milk MSP
Milk MSP Hace un día
I wanna be a stripper for the money.
Phil Mccrevasse
Phil Mccrevasse Hace un día
Get off your ass and hustle
Fluffy Suga Kookies
Fluffy Suga Kookies Hace un día
GhettoHouseinLA Hace un día
“How much money do you make?” Bill Gates: multiply your salary with everyone’s salary in the world plus the amount of times I fucked your mom lmao
Toby Ryberg
Toby Ryberg Hace un día
3:03 dude lowkey looks like sheck wes 😂
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Hace un día
People in the Bay Area freaking out rn
edgar chapa
edgar chapa Hace un día
All the pussies afraid
Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn Hace un día
Thanks now I know what job I will do😁
ZedNotZee Hace un día
My dad makes 150k a year
Meagan Polin
Meagan Polin Hace un día
$100,000 a year electrician? Maybe with massive overtime. My husband has been an electrician for 29 years and works in management positions and he doesn't make $100,000 a year. He makes around $55,000 a year on regular 40 hour weeks.
dachicagoan Hace un día
People need to be more ambitious
oh yeayeayeayeayeayea
I need back up
Jenna Wilemon
Jenna Wilemon Hace un día
Wait the unemployed person makes more money than the people that work. What is America
JoinAnamoly Hace un día
Hypothetically speaking a drug dealer I know made 150k last year but only has 300 in his bank account
aKa Frostyy
aKa Frostyy Hace un día
lol what is wrong with people ? are they embarrsed that there poor and useless
Poorboy Sneaker head
1:50 who's man's is this cuz I love him
Yoon Yoon
Yoon Yoon Hace un día
I make money in my dreams..i would be a millionaire for the amount of times I’ve said hello, thank you,goodbye, fu-
Ladytee23 Official
Ladytee23 Official Hace un día
Damn watching this makes me feel blessed as fuck
Alberta gracheyla
Alberta gracheyla Hace un día
How much u make a year "3billion$" What u job "liar"
Septicguns Hace un día
How do these people survive? Anything less than 30,000 is just unbelievable like u can’t live off that
I is berd peck peck FAM
Jeffree Star:OOOOH GIRL I MAKE 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars a day hunny📐🛍💉💸🔇
Andy Hace un día
You can't get fired for discussing your salary. It's actually illegal to do so. You are only enabling your employer to compensate you or your coworkers unfairly by not discussing it
laura 97
laura 97 Hace un día
not including money from the daddy's"😅
Janny Lin
Janny Lin Hace un día
These rich ass people gimme half the money
Star Weaver
Star Weaver Hace un día
So we are just going to ignore the thumbnail huh
Kenneth Jacksack
Kenneth Jacksack Hace un día
k everyone go watch adam ruines everything” on carear income
Fhv Hjb
Fhv Hjb Hace un día
People are poor
Vlone LouiS
Vlone LouiS Hace un día
What the actual fuck. People make like 100k in a year with a normal job but where i live making €3500 a month is a lot. I’m confused
Gabriela Pulgar
Gabriela Pulgar Hace un día
2:58 what an honest person
Gabriela Pulgar
Gabriela Pulgar Hace un día
2:58 had me DEAD
Sincerely Saira
Sincerely Saira Hace un día
VP of sales. Got it my next calling
StuffIsCool Hace un día
“Aircraft painter” “Oh that’s cool” “It’s not that great” 100% relate 😂
Anthem Hace un día
2:35 "Is it weird telling people your income?" "I don't give a fuck." I wanna be like her.
slothcrocks Hace un día
my dads an animator I think he makes a bit more than the last person. (NO FLEX INTENDED)
Aurielle Hace un día
I converted this to my currentcy and like wow. Gotta get into American daycare
Stussy Hace un día
60 000 a year. I'm a server. LMAOOO WHAT
Myrthe tjhie
Myrthe tjhie Hace un día
Dutch people would tell you easy we don’t give a F*ck
Marina PS
Marina PS Hace un día
1:20 shes spaniard right???😂😂
MarioKilled2Pac Hace un día
All black girls get offended lol
Skyline Hace un día
3:32 i didint know whit ass bitches could be " Real Niggas"
Mwmen Shaker
Mwmen Shaker Hace un día
”that’s a personal question” Ooh, we get to ask ya how gay you are but can't ask how much you make cuz that’s personal!!
4-Jayden Chase
4-Jayden Chase Hace un día
My dad makes 200k a month
Nooby Noob
Nooby Noob Hace un día
4-Jayden Chase no one asked fam, my dad makes like 4K a month so ya know ya boi struggling out here
Sojansetly Hace un día
I wanted to know their jooobs
TA TA Hace un día
1 cent
ChocolateWafle With Banana
3:51 number please
Poiklip TM
Poiklip TM Hace un día
in my country the average payment a year is like 4500$
Don Potter
Don Potter Hace un día
And beggars in London making 3,000 pounds a month...
Dennis Kompus
Dennis Kompus Hace un día
Where the drug dealers at ?
RubyCooper Xo
RubyCooper Xo Hace un día
Not including money from the daddies😂
Livy Baughman
Livy Baughman Hace un día
“Not including money from the daddies”
Percybeth Forever
Percybeth Forever Hace un día
How are these people chosen for this?
DnBMobb Deep
DnBMobb Deep Hace un día
Oh yeah yeah
Ellzville Hace un día
*Googles Jobs for VP of sales at software companies*
Rick Glasser
Rick Glasser Hace un día
Why is discussing salary so taboo? You should be discussing your salary especially with your coworkers because you should know whether the company you’re working is paying you less than someone with the same job. Companies like to say that you can’t discuss salaries, but the federal government has said that you are free to discuss your salary with your coworkers through the National Labor Relations Act; your employer *cannot* fire you because you discussed your salary with a coworker.
Amina Nedjar
Amina Nedjar Hace 10 horas
Rick Glasser true
Andra Parasdyah
Andra Parasdyah Hace un día
Oh glad, my dad make 250 dollar per month, (from Asia Country)
xander Hace un día
Most poor people wouldn’t share
Filiberto Gutierrez
Filiberto Gutierrez Hace un día
*Mr. Crabs Entered The Chat*
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