100 People Tell Us If They've Ever Done Butt Stuff | Keep it 100 | Cut

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100 People Respond: Do You Do Butt Stuff? | Keep it 100 | Cut
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10 feb 2019






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Comentarios 2 699
rek131 Hace 9 horas
@3:31 Is a 10!
Xccrx Mothapo
Xccrx Mothapo Hace un día
Dae is so cool ugh
Saday Malla
Saday Malla Hace 2 días
What's the insta handle of the cute girl at 1.00?
Tjmurphy Hace 3 días
"straight men have like a harder time introducing but shit into the bedroom" "they have this weird masculinity issue with it" BITCH ITS CALLED NOT WANTING ANYTHING UP OUR ASSHOLES BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DONT LIKE THAT???? tf????
он гóпник
он гóпник Hace 3 días
1:48 so we all done it...
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh Hace 3 días
That one white girl’s always talking about small dicks, lol. I smell some trauma
BoyDanny93 Hace 4 días
2:04 Her: i'm still waiting for that perfect guy to eat my butt!! I fall in love with her.
cheyne_triathlon Hace 4 días
Maddie Jones
Maddie Jones Hace 5 días
"I know the structural integrity of all vegetables" CAN YOU HEAR ME SNORTING
Tyler M
Tyler M Hace 6 días
If my boyfriend won't let me fuck him in the ass with a spiked dildo. Hes got some masculinity issues😤
B M Hace 6 días
1:42 hot girl says she doesnt like it Man behind the camera: WHY NOT
kokohai Hace 7 días
I know people who eat ass who were also afraid of that whole Chipotle E.Coli outbreak lmao
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Hace 8 días
Eating booting is literally eating poop....
CinnamonsAnimations Hace 9 días
when he says butt stuff i think of whipping my ass
Ethen G.
Ethen G. Hace 10 días
Toxic femininity is real. To the lady who said, “straight men have some weird masculinity issue with it.” Maybe it’s because they’re straight. Wtf is wrong with her.
Matthew Niedbala
Matthew Niedbala Hace 11 días
I can tell u that it’s awkward asf, doesn’t feel better for the guy, and should only be desired for kinkiness and should not be attempted without a toy for the other female parts.
Chris adl
Chris adl Hace 11 días
Somthing about that last girl gave me an acid flashback, not sure what tho, just tripped me out
Satsuki Weissleder
Satsuki Weissleder Hace 12 días
1:59 guy 😍
RollTheD20 Hace 13 días
2:44 it's that really sad guy from the one ex's video! DID THEY EVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN?!
Jackson Murphy
Jackson Murphy Hace 15 días
"straight men have this wierd masculinity thing" okay...what about all the straight women that dont like their anus touched?? Is that wierd femininity?
Brolic Hace 17 días
0:57 .... Aye bro, be you man!!!
Kent Lechago
Kent Lechago Hace 18 días
Oh gawd I love it when a guy eats my booty haha
Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent Hace 19 días
Helll nahhhh!!!!
The interviewer sounds like Jackson Avery from Grey's Anatomy.
The boy you love
The boy you love Hace 20 días
the first guy looks wise
Roger Arvizu
Roger Arvizu Hace 20 días
I've been in multiple butts ever since 2012
Shawn Huffman
Shawn Huffman Hace 21 un día
The things that I have done....
Justin Sanchez
Justin Sanchez Hace 25 días
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean Hace 27 días
If you eat ass!! just know that Satan!!! is better than you are, you are Beyond the filthiest, nastiest, grimiest person on the planet smmfh
Andrew S. Hope
Andrew S. Hope Hace 27 días
2:07 cracked me up
Topics Hace 27 días
Go to hell you fucking degenerates
Lance Young
Lance Young Hace 27 días
we all know the 'no comment' guys are the real freaks lol
MickAizen Hace 28 días
the beast of a guy @2:51 who said he did butt stuff is hot af
PRonda Music
PRonda Music Hace un mes
As long as its clean
Mehak Sawant
Mehak Sawant Hace un mes
Straight men be quavering
lolmao500 Hace un mes
Its 2020 if you dont do butt stuff, you're boring
Giovanni Lizzi
Giovanni Lizzi Hace un mes
1:29 "i know every vegetable" me wondering about the watermelon
Alejandrina R.
Alejandrina R. Hace un mes
“Oh, like, in the booty?” 😂
Pandy Junior
Pandy Junior Hace un mes
b u t t s t u f f
Lucas Blanchard
Lucas Blanchard Hace un mes
I haven’t done butt stuff. But I wouldn’t be against it. As long as it’s gentle lol. Wow...why do I comment on this stuff...
Cocoa Vick
Cocoa Vick Hace un mes
“I’m still waiting for the perfect guy to eat my butt”...I felt that lol
Kermit Sewer Side
Kermit Sewer Side Hace un mes
"I know the structural integrity of every vegetable" OH MY GOD
Calm Linni
Calm Linni Hace un mes
Nohomo dog
moka lee
moka lee Hace un mes
Reagan Butrum
Reagan Butrum Hace un mes
3:25 how is she almost 50?
Maddi Hace un mes
if u talk about sth like this in Asia, y'all gonna die .
Maddi Hace un mes
ur parents hit u
Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos
Imagine fucking a girl in the butt and she shits on your condom
Amber Sexton
Amber Sexton Hace un mes
I'd say about three-quarters or more of the participants either nervously giggled when asked the question, blushed, or looked horrified when asked the question, even if they had done 'butt stuff.' We live in a society where 'sex sells' and a majority of the adult population engages in sexual activity, and yet oddly enough we still find it awkward and taboo to talk openly about our sex lives
A G Hace un mes
“I know the structural integrity of many vegetables” That man...
poet frog
poet frog Hace un mes
This guy: 1:25 Literally my face: 😦
Davy Platt
Davy Platt Hace un mes
that part where the 3 girls just went \/ killed me
Sylas Basham
Sylas Basham Hace un mes
Im a gay bottom yes
Liz Hoffman
Liz Hoffman Hace un mes
i would love to peg my husband 😳😂😂😂
José Antonio Cázares
Every time I watch a Keep it a 100 video, I see this white lady 2:33 and she always says that she would like to try a lot of things but her husband is not into it, I think she got married too soon or to somebody too vanilla
DowskiVision MagicalOracle
2:15 Butt shit .... interesting phrasing .... butt weird masculinity issues with it? "Weird"? Really? I think you're projecting there, Slutty McSlutFace.
Truthmonster Hace un mes
Diego James
Diego James Hace un mes
Tunechi Wayne
Tunechi Wayne Hace un mes
Zer0deltav Hace un mes
"I eat ass" - Filthy Frank R.I.P. Papa Franku
Jonathan Santillano
1:26 is secretly Jesse eisenherg
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