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100 People Try Durian | Keep It 100 | Cut


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16 oct 2017






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Comentarios 10 698
isa deathcore
isa deathcore Hace 5 horas
wrong way of peeling!😡😡
Chloe Ang
Chloe Ang Hace 7 horas
OMG I get so offended when they hate it and say something bad about it!! It's my favourite fruit!!! 😭😭😭😭
Rafael Sirens
Rafael Sirens Hace 20 horas
This is exactly like me tasting cheese for the first time lol
Rafael Sirens
Rafael Sirens Hace 20 horas
The way they cut the poor durian,I’m triggered And It does not looks fresh
PaTieNce Hace un día
That's, not a Durian...
Bobbita Hace un día
Southeast Asians are triggered 🇰🇭
geschepper Hace 2 días
You can buy sweets made out of it, almost like chips in a bag. Kind of dehydrated or so. When you shake the bag it sound like broken glass. These are really good! Never tried it raw before...
h e y i ' m z e l l e !
I'm craving 😋💗
prïncëss bälqïsh
durian is my fav fruit ever its very sweet, delicous and creamyyyyyyyy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
sorg3ns Hace 4 días
The way some of these people described durian makes me wonder what they're okay with putting in their own mouths.....
melayuku 123
melayuku 123 Hace 4 días
In malaysia we call it the king of fruit because its taste really good
Nostalgia Game Room
Nostalgia Game Room Hace 5 días
As a Vietnamese I don’t get it why you have that reaction to durians
Rosida Andriyana
Rosida Andriyana Hace 4 días
Nostalgia Game Room Because they are americans. they are idiots
Arbridge Caindoy
Arbridge Caindoy Hace 5 días
You open it wrong, you eat it wrong, some of it is not even ready to eat. Hahahaha, if it’s ripe, it takes like milky sweet.
hi Hace 6 días
Gökhan Tozan
Gökhan Tozan Hace 6 días
Next level challenge: People try feaces. Me: It smells like shit. A random triggered asian: Bu...but...It is cut wrong.
Gökhan Tozan
Gökhan Tozan Hace 6 días
Today I realised Asians worship this smelly fucking thing and I you don't like it they will get triggered. BOO HOO HOO!
Stefanie Tasya
Stefanie Tasya Hace 6 días
I think we southeast asians need to bring durian when we walk alone in europe. Just to keep safe guys.
Stefanie Tasya
Stefanie Tasya Hace 6 días
All American
All American Hace 7 días
I love the looks on their faces after they chew on it f ing hilarious!
Мария H.
Мария H. Hace 7 días
It’s understandable that non-South East Asians don’t like it because they don’t get used to its texture, smell, and taste. I’m Thai when I was a kid I hated it too, but now I’m freaking love it lol i don’t know why.
caroline carter
caroline carter Hace 7 días
Hurricane durian
George Gutierrez
George Gutierrez Hace 8 días
I don't care for the video I want to know who in the hell edited such a great masterpiece it made me laugh my pants off.
Jax Crax
Jax Crax Hace 8 días
Huh? Everyone's getting all these different smells and taste. I really want to try it, but this made me scared to 😭😂
Isabella B.
Isabella B. Hace 9 días
0:34 dickcheese
Claryes Ellen
Claryes Ellen Hace 9 días
darksweetgirl Hace 10 días
Im Indonesian, lives in Seattle and Durian is myFamily Fav Fruit. Watching this video is really hurt and disappointed... pls do more research and present it correctly !!
AHAKY TV Hace 10 días
DURIAN IS GREAT THO... ITS HAVE OTHER NAME : Musang King . the king of fruit in asia
Fujii Hace 11 días
Make a video about durian just to piss off the whole population of Southeast Asia
Na ss
Na ss Hace 11 días
It taste horrible for the first timers😂 but Durian was really good
Scourge Hace 11 días
The fruit was cut wrong, unripe, and served incorrectly. Some of these guys seemed like stereotypical pretentious westerners.
Jocelyn Magner
Jocelyn Magner Hace 11 días
How do they all taste something different????
SWDF swdf
SWDF swdf Hace 11 días
The dude who sayed it smells like dick cheese fuck he got me dead😂😂
Leon Sage
Leon Sage Hace 12 días
I'm Malaysian myself and I hate it
My owner cut my testicles
the Asians nae nae’d the white this time
n1gger stomper
n1gger stomper Hace 12 días
Sssshhheeeeiiitttt just gotta keep it 100 bruh namsayin bruh -卐-
Văn minh Lê
Văn minh Lê Hace 13 días
Vietnam's is best durian fruit 😁
Catherine Tran
Catherine Tran Hace 13 días
I love it and to me it taste good but funny how it taste different for everyone
whynottalklikeapirat Hace 13 días
0:27 Hipster Tormund Giantsbane tries durian ... 1:37 Someone completely forgets to "hold the door"
mira luhan
mira luhan Hace 14 días
In malaysia,we're really obsessed with durian.its too good u know.dont waste that durian.a lot of people would buy it even it pricey bcs we love it
Oohhh to be a gooner
Oohhh to be a gooner Hace 14 días
That's not a fresh durian.
Far Faraway
Far Faraway Hace 14 días
My top fave fruit. How come they cannot eat it. I can eat 2 whole durians with Brown rice. It's soooo good.
Far Faraway
Far Faraway Hace 14 días
It's cut wrong.
1000 subs without any videos
0:58 lol
fog71 Hace 14 días
Its fucking ripe enough...
Hataf Masood
Hataf Masood Hace 15 días
The asian girl over reacted, she has the durian in her fridge.
Tamara Megginson
Tamara Megginson Hace 16 días
Ok so it tastes nasty! Lol..an onion mixed with a citrus mildew taste..from most ppl opinions
Petrichor Hace 16 días
Iam south-east asian but i dislike durian 😅
zxqwerxz Hace 16 días
Of course the Asians understand, it smells good!
Ordinary Blog
Ordinary Blog Hace 17 días
Nail polish??stupid girl and no respect I ever seen in ESvid. I don't like Duran,but I never judge like that this all peoples here in the video saying about Duran how bad is no respect though omg.
granny phee
granny phee Hace 17 días
A good durian is very hard to find, even it's in Southeast Asian countries. Durian has very wide flavors, there are durian breeds that are both bitter and sweet at the same time, but most people seem to like one predominant taste over the other. Usually the best durian is probably from Singapore, Thailand Indonesia, or Malaysia. BUT STILL you need the pro to pick it up for you, ask the storekeeper to choose it for you and ur taste preference (sweet, milky or the bitter one). I don't think you've chosen a good durian based on the durian look, a good durian usually has a BUTTERY texture, the dry one is gross. I do recommend you to try "Mosang King" durian from Singapore, and redo this review again :)
Safura Jauliun
Safura Jauliun Hace 17 días
Who are the one cut the durian....soooooo stupid
E s s c e n c e
E s s c e n c e Hace 17 días
**chews** *”wHaT tHe fuCK?-“* 0:02 LMAO I LIVE FOR HER 💀💕
Horary Zappy
Horary Zappy Hace 17 días
“Smells like vagina” The dirty part of me: *where do I buy a durian?*
David Chan
David Chan Hace 17 días
My wife loves this stuff. They have durian icecream in the city .
Lazy-Emperor Hace 17 días
Do you guys know it's not enought to eat yet
TronPlayzV Hace 18 días
Just pick a good durian come on
Lyne Linnn
Lyne Linnn Hace 18 días
that durian doesn't even seem normal...
Sissy 98
Sissy 98 Hace 18 días
WHO THE FUCK CUTS DURIAN LIKE THAT?!!!! DISGRACE!!! Man you just dont easily cut them LIKE USUAL FRUIT. Seeing durian being treated like this hurts me.
Vanessa Ho
Vanessa Ho Hace 19 días
That shit not ripe and is not supposed to be cut like that. If your asian you'll understand. Or if you like durian.
Randa Salines
Randa Salines Hace 19 días
First time you eat a durian is a weird experience, but with time is kind of addictive, has so many flavours in it from pineapple to onions, dirty socks, watermelon banana, garlic,coffee...it's a flavour you will never forget
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