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100 People Try Durian | Keep It 100 | Cut


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16 oct 2017






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Comentarios 11 409
Muhammad Amin Nur Rashid Bin Md Zan
hahah you all are just funny come visit malaysia and hola me up and i teach u how to enjoy durian promise u wont regret it
SULEYMANAQULAQUN 2016 Hace 10 horas
0:03 Best one FOR REAL
Arctic Seraph
Arctic Seraph Hace 14 horas
2:45 Oh shit! Is that a ghost?
Chelsea Quach
Chelsea Quach Hace 21 un hora
*watching this while eating durian*
Heavenly Dreams
Heavenly Dreams Hace un día
Nak Tan
Nak Tan Hace un día
They probably don't have a ripe Durian. They had to put it infront of their face to smell it. If it was ripe they'd smell it from several feet away. Love Durian BTW but I understand why alot people hate it.
manchukuo Hace un día
Well maybe if you guys got a normal durian.
Kezia Hewitt
Kezia Hewitt Hace 2 días
the hell....... isn't that Jackfruit?????
PinkLemonTV Hace 2 días
What kind of durian are they eating? It looks so bad and look at they way they cut opened it. Check out this esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jDQfHEG8p8Y.html This is what you call eating a durian (Musang King). It has such a wonderful creamy feeling and the taste? Depends on what kind of durian you eat. But then, it depends on personal taste.
Efsan Simanjuntak
Efsan Simanjuntak Hace 2 días
Believe it or not, this makes a good cannon ammo.
Sophie Lam
Sophie Lam Hace 2 días
Where Tf did you get this durian from? Looks shitty,supposed to be yellow and creamy
Kasfi Tamiya
Kasfi Tamiya Hace 3 días
LOL DUDE wkwkwk im indonesian, and that's not how you eat it... really, in SEA every time durian appears a flock of people would go crazy over it... that's just show how much we love durian
Ahmad Ihsanul Ya'qin
I like its
OG Rebel
OG Rebel Hace 4 días
Ewww did dude say dick cheese??
Endless FR
Endless FR Hace 4 días
Taste great with coke
Reith Hace 5 días
1:01 Getting some STRONG Brandon Rogers vibes from that...
Zaeen Camil
Zaeen Camil Hace 5 días
people from SEA : guys try this, it's great The International community : *-dead-*
Rayhan OC
Rayhan OC Hace 5 días
Makanan Asli Dari Asia :v
Gill And
Gill And Hace 7 días
Why anyone would eat this is beyond me lol
zami kdc uwu
zami kdc uwu Hace 8 días
Name of the song ?
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Hace 8 días
Bruh they got the wrong durians lmao
Eddy Salvatruchaz
Eddy Salvatruchaz Hace 8 días
What a noob
A Random Fox
A Random Fox Hace 8 días
I've never seen durian cut that way. Across the seed, like it was a layer of a cake meant to be eaten. And it looks like it's not fully ripe yet. It's supposed to be creamy and yellow-ish.
Colten Fuller
Colten Fuller Hace 9 días
2:45 She doesn't look like she have ever been outside
Katie Cheung
Katie Cheung Hace 9 días
Taste like yogurt!!!
Jayden Ashby
Jayden Ashby Hace 10 días
No one: Not even lil pump: 0:22 : WTF IS THIS
Nicky Jack
Nicky Jack Hace 10 días
Durian so soft not like a cookies Maybe unribe
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley Hace 11 días
Ok im not so pumped to taste it now -.-
Classi5d Hace 11 días
this video triggered all of the south east asian viewers
Chloe The cat
Chloe The cat Hace 12 días
Why tf was it crunchy
Fauzan Hadif
Fauzan Hadif Hace 12 días
i am so fucking triggered that's not how you cut open a durian you dumbasssssss😭😭😭
Brandon Brünious
Brandon Brünious Hace 12 días
*Taste like vanila milk and marshmellow but with strong smell.*
Khairul Ridzuan
Khairul Ridzuan Hace 12 días
They picked the wrong durian
Des Blanco
Des Blanco Hace 13 días
Kinda taste like onion and then it starts to taste like garbage and it smells like dick cheese and Vagina... got it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
gulagulasusu Hace 14 días
Very american. Yea...its all about the reaction. Those fake reaction. U know they do that all tha time..my 3 years old and 5 years old kid first time eat those and they loved it. Bunch of americans they describe it badly fist thats why they cant even it it. And those reaction are exaggerate. Their food are tasteless anyway that they had to describe it in paragraph like 'cooked with this and that, sprinkled with this and that' trying to make the food sounds great. In asia, the food is tasty that u dont have to describe it. They eat it, its good, then thats it.
Rendy Sol
Rendy Sol Hace 14 días
1:33 naruto eat durian for first time
Faris Hakimi
Faris Hakimi Hace 14 días
Maybe because it no longer fresh that why the taste diffrent
Faris Hakimi
Faris Hakimi Hace 14 días
If you want a fresh one come to any southeast asian countries like vietnam,malaysia or thailand
jiuu 23
jiuu 23 Hace 14 días
Okay but first thing first, yall cut it wrong, thats not how you cut durian, and i bet you choose the wrong durian
MilkByCow Hace 15 días
How much did you pay 100 people to overreact? Durian is not the best, agreed, but the way you these people reacting was like they were drinking bleach.
No Hxart
No Hxart Hace 15 días
It smells like dick cheese
Mokkori Chance
Mokkori Chance Hace 15 días
Durian was like buttery bitter sour with a terrible aftertaste thingy. I tasted worse things in my life.
Thida Loeffler
Thida Loeffler Hace 15 días
Why that durian is really white? It supposes to be yellow. Wtf
OrionTV Hace 15 días
I like durian so much and im asian. Idk why western dont like it
Ugly Rich
Ugly Rich Hace 16 días
I swear to god, my southeast asian ass really loves durian. Durian is delicious guys lol you just not used to it
Joci Borbás
Joci Borbás Hace 16 días
“Smells like dick cheese” I need to try this.
MixedArin Hace 17 días
0:39 my crush to her friends about me
Griefer 345
Griefer 345 Hace 17 días
Get a fresh one those look horrible and depressing.
Fitkamgummy Channel
Fitkamgummy Channel Hace 17 días
One time i open my fridge and smell a hint of durian It was onion
Ezell Arifin
Ezell Arifin Hace 17 días
I’m so used to eating durian. I can’t live without durian. The durian they ate is not the high quality one usually the meat of the durian is dark yellow, creamy etc...
Nathan Barraza
Nathan Barraza Hace 18 días
1:01 when she want me to go down on her the first date
Mumbai Glimpses
Mumbai Glimpses Hace 18 días
Thats an unripe durian! Unripe fruit isnt supposed to taste good...dumb video!
MusZico13 Hace 18 días
Bad quality durian,can see the texture..good quality durian have a soft almost creamy like texture..
MrBezPawz Hace 18 días
._. yummy
Annabel Corpse
Annabel Corpse Hace 18 días
At least let them try a good grade durian like the Musang King aka Mao Shan Wang durian....that durian in the video looks nasty... it's so pale! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
CattaC97 Hace 19 días
If you ate Durian, then you ate everything.
Mr Duffi
Mr Duffi Hace 19 días
Oh good its good fruit for me haha
olah czeena
olah czeena Hace 19 días
they picked the wrong type of durian😆🙅
Eddie M
Eddie M Hace 19 días
Westerners can stick to their flavorless food. More durian for the rest of us.
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