100 Players Simulate a HUGE Minecraft Civilization Across DIMENSIONS

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Minecraft Civilization Dimension Edition is a video inspired by @Silver as well as @Magicgum and @Ish with their unique 100 Players Simulate Civilization in Minecraft Civilization Experiment videos. This 100 Players Simulate Minecraft Civilization Across Dimensions in Minecraft is a brand new video by MARCUSK . This 100 Players Build a Minecraft Civilization in Dimensions was an original idea by the great MARCUSK . This Minecraft Civilization Experiment was conducted over one day and involved 100 Players Simulate Build Kingdoms in Minecraft .

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8 abr 2022






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The fact that the end was the only one to stick together and not slaughter each other for power really shows how tough and hard times can make people stick together
Jolly : "Never thought I'd die side by side with a traitor."
Crazy how Phlow started out looking sus( with him stealing the enchantment table) but developed into a good guy. Meanwhile, Beebag start out ambitious and ended up being a cruel and power hungry. They switched places
The crucial error of the end team was being the first to attack, if they had waited for both enemy teams to be weakened they could've winned.
All dimesions in one word
Beebag's tyranny made me dislike him, but in the end it worked out for him and his team. The End's military suffered from poor planning (they rushed right into a fortified area without a strategy other than charge and chop), they also suffered from treachery, which in these kind of games will always be a disadvantage in the long run. Phlow developed into a proper leader, but wasn't as effective as he could have been because of (once again) treachery and mistrust among some of his people. I suppose in the end Beebag's loyal supporters were the main reason he staydd on top.
I was rooting for the end because they were able to get themselves organized even with no resources they respectfully choose a leader that most agreed on and they stayed as one big group instead of dividing each other and killing each other, like the other teams did.
The fact that everyone does this so well that I can't remember who came up with it proves that everyone is making it their own thing while taking the core premise. This is the first time I've seen the civilizations be divided by dimensions, really creative!
Even though I was rooting for The End civilization from the beginning, I honestly really respect 99one for both getting the Chicken and throwing the crown into the lava. Their team was gonna lose anyway because of the massive infighting (at least I assume Nether is going to lose since I'm only
Honestly I kind of loved how Beebag fully embraced the kind of villain persona, and every dimension felt so unique this was a really good video
I like how the civilisation with the least resources has the calmest and most orginized people.
BeeBag line at
I rooted for the end, mainly because overworld was boring, and I just really didn't approve of how beebag was violent 24/7 and thought of nothing else but wiping out the weak and being strong.
Overworld: hunting down one of their men
Phlow and Jolly need to come back. The dynamic was amazing
It’s kind of ironic that ‘communist’ nation started with a great famine, then purged some teammates (or should I say they ‘mysteriously disappeared’) then had a ruthless dictator. Hmm where have I heard this one before
“You might as well trust me because I’m Irish.”
“I will be whatever I need to be in order to secure the survival of my nation” is such a powerful sentence
I have to admit, Phlow had a big character development to get me to root for him in the end, mostly because i didn't want Beebag to win