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This is the original version of this video. I had to create another video to ensure that one of these would be up (if the other one was removed for copyright claims).
watch for clear skin and good memories!
gen z who? I only know gen rihanna
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24 feb 2019






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hele Hace 11 meses
I made a Spotify playlist yesterday with (almost) all songs in this video! Enjoy! open.spotify.com/playlist/1qBrp7bjeGwHRSX3rjiEof?si=esm7TY4BS0q_QnRTN9WPsQ
Hello_brother1111 Roblox
I remember babys on fire Imy friend showed me this and I was like is this is earth
Iuri Kenshin Aragão
Eu até sei que ''ai se eu te pego'' é famosa aq no brasil só não sabia que era tão famosa fora
Alvaro lopez
Alvaro lopez Hace 2 días
Prod DTC
Prod DTC Hace 2 días
what about youtube.....
Ceanna Anselm
Ceanna Anselm Hace 2 días
you are a god
《Andy Muggle》
《Andy Muggle》 Hace 7 horas
Alexa Straite
Alexa Straite Hace 8 horas
I singing the whole time 😂🤣🥺👏
Kathryn Collins
Kathryn Collins Hace 8 horas
I'm 12 but I remember listening to all of these songs when they came out especially baby by just in beber and diamonds by rhiana
Jonathan Joyce
Jonathan Joyce Hace 8 horas
2010 to 2014 are like the best song (in my opinion )
Geraldin Flórez
Geraldin Flórez Hace 8 horas
Geraldin Flórez
Geraldin Flórez Hace 8 horas
K Cat
K Cat Hace 9 horas
2010 had some emotional songs
Leonardo Lima
Leonardo Lima Hace 9 horas
9:36 kpop is the revolution
diana Hace 9 horas
It feels like just yesterday these songs came out whenever I hear them! Good memories!🤟🏼❤️
Fabio Lucas
Fabio Lucas Hace 9 horas
Aí si eu ti pego
Kidrizzzle 94
Kidrizzzle 94 Hace 9 horas
where is justin bieber? he is legend
DW Nation
DW Nation Hace 9 horas
2000 babies we’re you at? ;)
DW Nation
DW Nation Hace 10 horas
People born 2000-2002 where you at? 😎🌟
Rahama Musa-Mamman
Rahama Musa-Mamman Hace 10 horas
I was just waiting for Gangnam style
Sasha Taylor
Sasha Taylor Hace 10 horas
Hmm so 2012 2013 was when I started listening to different music as I recognized less and less
Hikari Hikari
Hikari Hikari Hace 10 horas
When i think about the songs i was listening when i was a little kid.. this is cringy..
Sasha Taylor
Sasha Taylor Hace 10 horas
I'm a 98 baby so still grew up on these until I discovered my chemical romance and everything changed 🤣 but Rihanna really dominated damn
ッDesconhecida Hace 10 horas
Cool Dog
Cool Dog Hace 10 horas
Okay but where’s Fireflies?
Brandie Hace 10 horas
im VERY surprised that baby by justin bieber and toxic by britney spears didnt get in this video
Alondra Franco
Alondra Franco Hace 10 horas
I'm currently 19 years old and THIS is my whole childhood omg
Joaquin Cantela
Joaquin Cantela Hace 11 horas
POV: You’re listening to the video while scrolling through comments 😂
Joaquin Cantela
Joaquin Cantela Hace 11 horas
Most artists today rely on auto tunes and repeating the lyrics smh
Larissa Nunes
Larissa Nunes Hace 11 horas
kkkkk até a musica do michel telo tá lá kkkkkk eu me lembro muito dessas musicas
Joaquin Cantela
Joaquin Cantela Hace 11 horas
Murilo Eber
Murilo Eber Hace 11 horas
Alguém pode me explicar porque tem a musica do michel telo no meio de um monte de musica gringa?
Gabe Goodman MTB
Gabe Goodman MTB Hace 11 horas
only true ogs know the minecraft parodys to all of these!
Demii Keay
Demii Keay Hace 11 horas
Everyone: yeah yeah shes good when one direction comes on: Thats better When gangnam style comes on: OMG
African Logic
African Logic Hace 8 horas
Shut Up
Shut Up Hace 11 horas
You forgot the most important of all; Rolling In The Deep ~ Adele
Jossalyn Remlinger
Jossalyn Remlinger Hace 11 horas
This brings back so many memories when I was younger😥😊
Miguel Grejanin
Miguel Grejanin Hace 11 horas
Socorro conheço todas
Madison Reeves
Madison Reeves Hace 12 horas
where is "what does the fox say"?!
Sâmila Araújo
Sâmila Araújo Hace 12 horas
música brasileira no meio = tudo pra mim 🥺❤🇧🇷
Sâmila Araújo
Sâmila Araújo Hace 11 horas
@sun ¡ NÉ KKKKKK fiquei em choque quando vi
sun ¡
sun ¡ Hace 12 horas
pensei o msm scr
Madison Reeves
Madison Reeves Hace 12 horas
5:24 all the kids in school were singing this song back in the day
Madison Reeves
Madison Reeves Hace 12 horas
this brought me back to my childhood. i literally remember all of these songs
Isabel Fabila
Isabel Fabila Hace 12 horas
i grew up with a lot of black eyed peas
Gabbie Hanna Fan
Gabbie Hanna Fan Hace 12 horas
Half of these have turned into TikTok songs
Caitlin Phelan
Caitlin Phelan Hace 12 horas
2003 babies anywhere? ;)
Kate Turner
Kate Turner Hace 12 horas
They just don’t make music the same anymore and know I hate music
Amelia Kacperczak
Amelia Kacperczak Hace 12 horas
When I was Little I was scared of gummy bear i don't know why😂
Sonia Kafita
Sonia Kafita Hace 12 horas
I don't know about every one but I enjoyed "under the coconut tree" hit too
Error 404
Error 404 Hace 12 horas
I feel like i forgot 99% of this Songs 😂
Ryan Jayson Enriquez
Ryan Jayson Enriquez Hace 12 horas
Can someone help me? I've been looking for my childhood music I've heard, I don't really recall the lyrics because as far I remember i only listen to it twice but I do remember what the MV is but vaguely. It a girl singing while working on the deck(more likely a bridge? I guess) well she's walking and singing the girl is helping each people she encounter. The people she help give her something and she uses that something to help the next person she meet and that person give her something and use the thing to help another person again (that's what i remember as far as i could) I hope you help me find out the title of this song I think I was like only 5 or 6 when I heard this (that's around 2007 or 2008) By the time I was 10 (2012) I've been more active to music I suddenly I remember this but I don't know the lyrics only some fragments of its MV And from that I've been looking for that (well not like everyday cause I mostly forget about that I was looking for it but when I remember it I always search for it and hoping I find it but I gave up) I hope you can help meeee
mgeah Hace 13 horas
The best part is that most of these are songs I hated as a kid
Clio Nicole O'Brien
Clio Nicole O'Brien Hace 13 horas
Honestly danza kuduro reminded me of holiday and It acctually made me cry!
SAFO SOFIAN Hace 13 horas
Really!! you made my day💯💛
Alexis Lamouche
Alexis Lamouche Hace 13 horas
i still listen to most of these daily
Pauline GAROT
Pauline GAROT Hace 13 horas
No one has been able to recreate something as big as waka waka ever since and you know I'm RIGHT
emil niknam
emil niknam Hace 14 horas
lmao only girl playing in mcdonalds when u be getting ur happy meal aahhh the good old days
Eyben Nabalo
Eyben Nabalo Hace 14 horas
Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj the best
Hommie Dorito
Hommie Dorito Hace 14 horas
Who knows dynamite but didn't know the tnt Minecraft song first is crazy
Ezoo Kamau
Ezoo Kamau Hace 14 horas
Thank you for this 😭😭
Rin Spotify
Rin Spotify Hace 14 horas
how could u forget avril and kelly clarkson T.T
Dom4nn _
Dom4nn _ Hace 14 horas
Sim, eu sei que você se sentiu representado com Ai se eu te pego Br..
Mackenzie Thomas
Mackenzie Thomas Hace 14 horas
I was dorn in 2009 and I know all the songs
Lah Hace 14 horas
Começou ai se eu te pego e bateu uma vergonhinha da minha nação rsrs ANY BRAZILIAN LADIES HERE????
Pavle Teodorovic
Pavle Teodorovic Hace 14 horas
Maya hiiiiiiiiiiii
soroyo Hace 15 horas
I thought this is the global version>>>it's the US version
Almira Cornwell
Almira Cornwell Hace 15 horas
Anybody just started dancing when Replay came on??
Almira Cornwell
Almira Cornwell Hace 15 horas
...Or when Gangnam Style came on?
john lemon
john lemon Hace 15 horas
Me born in 2006 and not remembering any of this: ;-;
Almira Cornwell
Almira Cornwell Hace 15 horas
Anyone payed attention to the lady in Umbrella? She dances like a puppet on strings
Anning 4ever
Anning 4ever Hace 15 horas
All these songs... Man, such a fine childhood i had back then than the generations now
セックス大好きEpic Gamer
why tf am i having a mental breakdown at 16
Amanda Agreste
Amanda Agreste Hace 16 horas
Can we get an F in the chat for the new generation that's growing up with Baby shark, TikTok, and bitch lasagna? Like, these songs were the f-ing BOMB when I was a kid now people are drinking too much depresso in their espresso and trying to be edgy smh
セックス大好きEpic Gamer
i mean most of the populair songs from 2010-2014 were pretty shit too, just look at willow smith
Maren Longhofer
Maren Longhofer Hace 16 horas
Lady gaga just rocked this video
Riah Hace 16 horas
remind me how times where very good back then
Taycan Dream
Taycan Dream Hace 16 horas
Rihanna make 50% of all music list
Crazy Shay
Crazy Shay Hace 16 horas
Anyone realize that nicki minaj songs are here instead of Cardi b. That's just to show that she is a legend and will forever be no one can take her place Ps no hate on Cardi I love her but nicki will forever be apart of us cause she was here first let's not forget that 😍😘
bletanashi 3
bletanashi 3 Hace 16 horas
its missing avril lavigne and bruno mars broo :((
Crazy Shay
Crazy Shay Hace 16 horas
Let's admit it if you we're born in 2000s your childhood was the ish it was lit asf these we're the best songs ever made. I want my childhood back. Ps adding these songs to my phone . 😍😍😍
Rey Balbuena
Rey Balbuena Hace 16 horas
Dam even legends didn't make it to this darn list... Cough (linkin Park) cough.... :V
Glitching_. Hace 17 horas
I know all of em, let's goooo ✌
Daniel Knight
Daniel Knight Hace 17 horas
I was born in 2001 and I have never heard any of these songs
ndiogou niang
ndiogou niang Hace 17 horas
No Jonas Brothers ?? Okay
SLAVIC LEMON Hace 17 horas
My mom told me when i was a 2 years old, i always listened to adult songs instead of nursery rhymes
Ciwi Ciwi
Ciwi Ciwi Hace 17 horas
serasa ingin nangis anjir😭,inget lagu ini semua Gak terasa sekarang udah gede
Isaac Castellon
Isaac Castellon Hace 17 horas
This list is no where near complete
itzzio enzo
itzzio enzo Hace 17 horas
So , basically we grew up with rihana
Ivan The Awesome
Ivan The Awesome Hace 17 horas
Ah, the only good Tik Tok
Niya Perez
Niya Perez Hace 12 horas
Not true
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