100% Sportsmanship Moments 👏 

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28 nov 2023






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@Cloonson Hace 29 días
Ramos not almost killing someone is indeed a sportsmanship moment
@jeffersonderozan3018 Hace 28 días
Just because was a friendly match 😂
@Oepsmoeps_FPV Hace 28 días
@@jeffersonderozan3018 ahh that's why he laughs 😂
@SadiqFelemban Hace 26 días
​@@jeffersonderozan3018لا خيريه
@mateator25 Hace 23 días
​@@Oepsmoeps_FPVye, it was a charity match
@Oepsmoeps_FPV Hace 21 un día
​@@mateator25 I know 😂 why u telling again?
@redflame1417 Hace 15 días
Ramos not sending someone to the hospital is sportsmanship damn
@user-ne7it2ek6n Hace 29 días
Sergio was like i am going to spare this mans life
@newpham957 Hace 26 días
If it was Barca.... Get that stretcher.
@alifwahyu6867 Hace 25 días
@kojwangbora5596 Hace 25 días
😂😂 he’s laughing
@marloncorreia7112 Hace 23 días
Jogo comemorativo, lance com Denilson show...dois grandes jogadores
@twitchcyclone1924 Hace 22 días
​@@newpham957it was a charity match thats why he pulled out of thr tackle
@human4885 Hace 3 meses
Di canio moment will be forever legendary😢
@arthurweldon2657 Hace 3 meses
Especially for true west ham fans like me
@Itzpatrick5 Hace 2 meses
Legendary profile pic😊
@saraveronika7540 Hace 2 meses
Di Canio ha picchiato un arbitro, Di Canio ha Mussolini e le svastiche tatuate in petto, dove sarebbe l'onestà?
@Ex-memegodita Hace 2 meses
Yep that time he made the fascist salute, truly legendary...
@saraveronika7540 Hace 2 meses
​@@Ex-memegoditaDi Canio ha le svastiche tatuate in petto ma è un eroe per gli inglesi 🤔🤔🤔
@chrisshields934 Hace 3 días
Ronaldo is a very humble human being and just an all around great guy. I was in the crowd at one of his post game exits from a visiting parking garage. There was a little kid that stood, with his mother, in the piss pouring cold cold rain for hours. He was one of a handful full of people still waiting on most of the visiting players to exit and get on their bus. This little boy had a Ronaldo jersey on. Ronaldo came out and got on the bus without talking to anyone. He was on the phone with someone and was distracted. The little boy turned to his mom and started bawling to his mom saying he didn’t even wave. One of Ronaldo’s teammates seen the little boy very upset, so the other player went and said something to Ronaldo. Ronaldo was already on the bus for about 25-30 minutes. So it’s very safe to say that he was settled into his seat. His teammate told him about the boy and Ronaldo jumped up and sprinted off the bus and came straight to the little fan and took a bunch of pictures with him, one even of the boy on his shoulders. Ronaldo gave him his game warning jersey, signed it and then told his agent to get the mom and boy tickets to his next game in that stadium (about two weeks away) and gave him autographed stuff. The little boy was so excited and no doubt walking away from that encounter with the greatest day and memory of his young life. Now which other one of the most popular players that has ever played the game would’ve done this for a complete stranger/fan? None that I know of.
@PINEDA3 Hace 16 días
@Ishowlife30 Hace 2 meses
Di canio's respect will be memorized for years in football history❤❤❤
@MaxStrazzeRevenge Hace 2 meses
Di canio will be remember for another thing when he was in lazio.
@ill_Barrett Hace 2 meses
@henrylouden321 Hace 2 meses
Di canio let’s go I’m a West Ham fan⚒
@midnight8555 Hace 2 meses
Wasn’t Di Canio a massive shithouse
@SuperVvaallee Hace 2 meses
Un coniglio, Roma ti odia
@user-mz8gs2gi6w Hace 10 días
นักกีฬามีน้ำ ใจกันมาก็ครับ❤❤❤
@shibrudawit2581 Hace 7 días
Respect of foot ball player❤
@Tom_raider666 Hace 3 meses
Ramos get stop because that match was charity match
@Davud-966 Hace 2 meses
А я то подумал,как Рамос и такое😊
@KhalilBalti-vv2im Hace 2 meses
And the other guy was like 50 years old 😂
@jonaiquelperez604 Hace 2 meses
@aldairpererah6896 Hace 2 meses
Outro cara como vc diz eo Denilson Um Dos Ídolos Real Betis Balompie Por Isso Ramos Não Parou Ele O Ramos Tem Meu Respeito e sempre vai ter ❤ um dos maiores zagueiro da história do futebol...
@karish3908 Hace 2 meses
👿 😊
@31794108 Hace 3 días
I'm not a soccer fan but these guys deserve much Respect!!
Respect, respect and much more respect. It brings tears of joy to my face.
Thats first time i see Ramos showing respect to someone💀
@elitecore778 Hace 3 meses
It was a charity match, I think
@user-ew8zh1xj3b Hace 3 meses
​@@gus58itRamos wasn't in Sevilla?
@BigBrownIceCream Hace 3 meses
@@gus58itno it wasn’t 💀💀 Ramos plays for Sevilla now
@yeLpy_ Hace 3 meses
⁠@@BigBrownIceCream He played before to you idiot 💀💀💀
@gus58it Hace 3 meses
@@user-ew8zh1xj3b soryy😂 when I see R I see Ronaldo
@holycrab6316 Hace 8 días
No one can topped Di Canio and Klose when it comes to fair play and sportsmanship
@garethw8884 Hace un mes
This is real sportsmanship. 💯 respect for them all
@Dinesh_Kumar007 Hace 3 meses
I felt like goosebumps whenever i watch that type of respect moments😌🥺 Thnx for 11k likes ❤️
@Kane12399 Hace 2 meses
Fax me too
@user-zs6ph4jp1s Hace 2 meses
@Its_DevsterFIFA Hace 2 meses
Same man
@user-zs8ph8rr4p Hace 2 meses
Ikr me too
@wellsyawal43 Hace 28 días
Cristiano Ronaldo kamu sangat berjiwa besar terhadap sesama manusia 👍🏻
Futebol vai além de um jogo ou partida futebol não e só um esporte ❤
A rare instance of Ramos showing mercy😂
@user-bi6ir5gf8t Hace 2 meses
its a farewell match
@Purlypurlington Hace 2 meses
He must have been tired
@Amaa-md8us Hace 2 meses
To one of the most skilled player in the world , Brazil 🇧🇷 only use him when they down or they need to win , check him out his old now
@cesar9564 Hace 2 meses
@RosangelaMendes69. Hace 2 meses
Também se mandasse esse carrinho no Denilson o homem não ia levantar mais não kkkkkkkkk
@sukilsukil9148 Hace 2 días
Last one is a emotion🥺
@Little-Borne Hace 19 días
من أفضل اللقطات في تاريخ كرة القدم عنجد الأخلاق والروح الرياضية فوق كل شيء ولازلنا نريد الكثير في قادم الأيام من هذي اللقطات❤️‍🔥😍😊🫶
@dariuspop7186 Hace un mes
Ramos remembered it was a Charity Match🤣
@user-cg9vp5np5k Hace un mes
@GazOwen177 Hace un mes
Wouldn’t have done that a couple of years ago that’s for sure!
@Is_tosaino Hace un mes
Exactly that was reason why he was laughing 😂 sliding and strong tackle is in man gene 😂
@saidsenhaji9440 Hace un mes
When Ramos came he almost had a heart attack
This is what life should be like in general. I love it absolutely.
@freemius987 Hace 20 días
Acuña y Montiel llevando a su compañero de selección ❤❤❤
@user-kv8ek3ls5p Hace 5 días
@danielsworld3492 Hace 3 meses
Ramos was playing in the charity match
@Whysoserious_330 Hace 2 meses
Yes that's why no legs was broken by the butcher this time.
@danielsworld3492 Hace 2 meses
@@Whysoserious_330 yea u r right
@Fays_SO2 Hace 23 días
he decided to do charity work and give a second life to a person
@jeffgreen7402 Hace 15 días
This is proof of good people are still in the world
@mankak7239 Hace 7 días
Respect every football player ❤
@supreme_dread9676 Hace 2 meses
Ramos was like”I’m not gonna end his career today”
@danielduarte3623 Hace 2 meses
Denilson já é aposentado kkkk
@jrgoncalves1 Hace 2 meses
Denilson está aposentado a 15 anos.
Bruh...what do u mean by the term "today"
@kingidowu1755 Hace un mes
@user-cc3ee2pt3e Hace 12 días
This genuinely made me tear up😭
@Football_edits631 Hace 10 días
Me seeing Ramos first time showing respect
Respect Ronaldo🫡
@Farid_Edits Hace 3 meses
@jerzee3600 Hace 3 meses
Why... he dived then told the ref no penalty as if he had checked VAR then Ronaldo gets a yellow card for simulation. Just trying to save his own skin. Dont see how this is a big respect moment.
@aflores8994 Hace 3 meses
@@jerzee3600nah ur crazy
@KS_Ladis Hace 3 meses
​@@aflores8994is real
He tried to fool the referee.. then he suddenly remembered that VAR exists. It would be foolish not to recognize it.
@cjr2131 Hace 27 días
I can still remember di canio plucking the ball from the air. That is the truest definition of sportsmanship there is. Wide open goal and instead of poking it in he halts it altogether, making sure none of his teammates could score it either
This is what football is about.
@Thegoatrashy007 Hace 2 meses
@aceracing7 Hace 2 meses
Yep, I was there at old Trafford when Martinez was carried off by the two Seville players, everyone in the stadium cheered for them and it was one ofmy favourite ever football moments
@deltte6384 Hace 2 meses
Neymar at the same time: Spin
@Tyranastrasza Hace 2 meses
This is what football SHOULD be about.
@rolandovera1760 Hace 2 meses
@r.i.3344 Hace un hora
La sportività è il rispetto verso l'avversario ❤
@jamalatifsidek2862 Hace 18 días
No evil game but only real sportsmanship.👍👍
@FIFAandroblox79 Hace 2 meses
Ronaldo don’t have a World Cup, but he has a golden heart💛 Edit: wow I started a war in just one day
@puiikhawbung5925 Hace 2 meses
He won a World without a cup
@nooneaskedok8652 Hace 2 meses
@pasindudilshan3917 Hace 2 meses
He has the world... he'll find a cup soon 😅 nd we all love him 😊❤
@AndrewtatepodcastG Hace 2 meses
Then why he firstly dived
One of the best videos ever and i mean it from the bottom of my heart.
@VictorGarcia-yk7bo Hace 16 días
Très belle vidéo pour une fois montrer les beau geste sa montre que y a de l amour dans le sport ❤
@Onlly-ff2vv Hace 2 meses
I am happy that Ronaldo respected my country's team 🇮🇷🇵🇹
لنگی؟ 😂
@ahmadrezaie6967 Hace 2 meses
@mpyoutubebro Hace 2 meses
امیرا لاشین
@arsheadhdare2422 Hace 2 meses
این امیره زیاد بهش اهمیت ندین😂👋🏻 باهات شوخی میکنم داش👍🏻
@arsheadhdare2422 Hace 2 meses
​@@0___lion___gang___0 از کیسه کشا بهتره
@user-tz6is4fx1q Hace 12 días
Thats what sports is all about.To be the best inside out.Healthy body with a healthy mind..❤❤❤
@user-et6cw4pi9k Hace 3 meses
Finally someone who showed perspolis (ایرانی ها لایک کنن)
@TerminatorGOATS Hace 2 meses
@ffded8029 Hace 2 meses
پرسپولیس چی میگه😂❤
@user-ux2tt7nh8x Hace 2 meses
سام علیک برادر
@user-fw2dm7xn3x Hace 2 meses
@tahamousaei8109 Hace 2 meses
هعی فزیزم
@Footywhispers216 Hace 9 días
Ramos being nice wow 🤩
Proof there’s still passion left in the beautiful game
@D1craigRob Hace 3 meses
Most of these clips are older than 5 years. Some over 10 years. Proof their use to he respect, I guess is What you meant to say?
@@D1craigRob with all due respect your wrong half of those clips are years old the other half are from the this year or the past 3 years
@user-bl2mu5dq3d Hace 2 meses
​​@@D1craigRobthere are 4 clips 2 of them are from the current year.
@danielmogni645 Hace 29 días
Lamentablemente cada ves vemos menos actitudes de generosidad deportiva, pero por suerte al ver videos como este, siento que aun quedan buenas personas cuyo interes es el deporte con todo su significado. gracias a ellos y a quienes gratifican mediante esta difusion la voluntad deportiva. GRACIAS!!
@clutchmatic Hace 27 días
that's why these clips are kinda old
@persianoperrisimo Hace 16 días
Y a Ronaldo, si le marcaron penal?
@zozareta6747 Hace 25 días
The morals of men in football are unparalleled
@SUIGOATRONALDO_7 Hace 2 meses
Ronaldo is so amazing
@ericaskerl7496 Hace 2 meses
@ayaankhan-ke1gy Hace 2 meses
Let’s ignore all the other times where he pretended to be injured 😂
@OffcialThoughts Hace 2 meses
Bro he’s playing in the Saudi Arabian league he’s not gonna need a simple penalty bro you guys are meat riding like crazy
@HelloThere-cl5ok Hace 2 meses
​@@OffcialThoughtsbut he still faked a foul, because it is normal for him to do it, because he did it 500 times.
@rosaguaman9020 Hace 2 meses
Hes not amazing hes just lazy
@user-qj2hw8wl2j Hace 26 días
The level of consideration is sky-high. I am impressed.
Pauli dicanio was a wild wild man, yet the moment he saw an injured keeper and an open net he caught the ball, true duality of man.
@albertprasanth Hace 2 meses
DI CANIO'S action touched my heart
me too
@mariopaolo5116 Hace un mes
He loves DUCE mussolini
Me too😢
@Bickle121 Hace un mes
Why ? He probably wouldn't have scored. Two players around him and he would've had to have volleyed it
@hmanfio Hace un mes
@SB-bk4rn Hace 17 días
Lihat ada pertandingan Indonesia vs Jepang Pemain futsal begitu rendah hati merelakan peluang hanya untuk menghargai lawan nya
@phenixmegalodon7951 Hace 29 días
ทุกคนมีน้ำใจของนักกีฬา น่าชื่นชมมาก
@Flyx27 Hace 2 meses
When Ronaldo said “No Penalty” was so kind Edit 1 : YOOOO TYSM FOR 643 LIKES!!! Mom I’m famous. Edit 2 : thx for 951 likes. And I’m just gonna ignore the toxic reply’s. Idc
@stephen8797 Hace 2 meses
why didnt he say that when he was flopping at real madrid and getting penalties left and right 💀
@bryanng8629 Hace 2 meses
@@stephen8797Do you think he would know?
@user-jo2fe9xk9z Hace 2 meses
I dont think so. He is not a referee. He is not kind but just arrogant.
@user-kk5su4uq5e Hace 2 meses
Idk he is 😊 kind
@pokespace5656 Hace 2 meses
Toxic messi fans are in the chat 💀
@mygame5347 Hace 11 días
0% Win... 100% Respect.... 👍👍👍👍👍
@matheusmendonca3539 Hace 18 días
@rahmathidayat8916 Hace 2 meses
Sumpah, merinding gw liat solidaritas mereka ✌🏻👌🏻💪🏻
@sergejsviridov5626 Hace 19 días
Золотые люди добра и любви вам
@raffzackk1275 Hace 15 días
Ramos make me smile
@diegolfb Hace 2 meses
Acuña and Montiel helping Lisandro Martinez, 3 argentinians 🇦🇷
@El_Focus Hace un mes
3 World Champions 💙🤍🏆
@joeparker8314 Hace un mes
They were also losing and wanted to get him off the pitch…..
@ttttt7483 Hace un mes
They only did this because he was a friend, otherwise they would have been shouting in his face, this is the extinct Argentine.
@user-rq6yb8hk5w Hace un mes
@Boy.69 Hace un mes
@alinalemmens314 Hace 10 días
They are so kind really❤
@user-dg5tv2wt4f Hace 20 días
Lovely with sweet emotion. My Dicanio..and Ronaldo
Now people can't call him "penaldo" respect the goat
@ashura0479 Hace 2 meses
No he just did that because it's saudi luege and he realizes ,that he got exposed please see the reality
@henrycheung6943 Hace 2 meses
​@ashura0479 The REALITY is that we SHOULD respect one of the best players and STOP calling them "pessi" OR "penaldo". thats reality
@ashura0479 Hace 2 meses
@@henrycheung6943 ?
@Momahdi0 Hace un mes
Referee wanted to check VAR and give him red card lol😂
@fairuzahmed3660 Hace 19 días
meanwhile The Football is a lifesaver game ever. we are glad this game exists.
@user-ib7zo7ye7d Hace 12 días
راموس قال خلي الولد يعيش قبل ما يموت 😂😂
@checkthisout8292 Hace 2 meses
Love any respect in football ❤ almost made me cry
@creamylatte3138 Hace 2 meses
@Eltuquitaliv Hace un mes
Casi nunca le cobran un penalti a Cristiano y cuando le cobran dice que no es penal
@user-ij6sh3gg3y Hace 9 días
Честный футбол, на такие моменты приятно смотреть
@ekowidiyanto10 Hace un mes
Di canio pemain buas tapi tetap saja memiliki respect ke pemain lain. 👏 Salute
@football-edits5354 Hace 3 meses
Ronaldo gets fouled almost al the time but referre says it's not a penalty then when he gets it he doesn't want it Respect to Ronaldo
@berat761gs Hace 2 meses
No, the referee said penalty but ronaldo said no penalty
@joaobrito2653 Hace 2 meses
Wow you are smart
@santo758 Hace 2 meses
Es el jugador con más penales en 2023 xd
@noahdoolin7583 Hace 2 meses
It was a clear foul
@angryapricot4601 Hace 2 meses
Seemed to take plenty of bs pens at Madrid tho
@damianverra1290 Hace 29 días
Se me alegró el corazón...❤😊
@josedasilva3755 Hace 15 días
Futebol jogado de forma honesta, fica melhor para ser apreciado e passa boas lições a grandes quantidades de pessoas, em todo mundo! Até melhor que um gol!
@brainkidofficial Hace 2 meses
I love the way Ramos laugh He feel like let him just go 😅😂
It was friendly match🎉Joaquin
@nyamakayishi1567 Hace un mes
He remembered it was just a friendly match 😂😂😂😂😂
@vooofficial9103 Hace un mes
Ramos turn off auto pilot
@derekchidubem Hace 24 días
Rolando literally made the referee look unprofessional, what Lionel Messi would never do.
@user-we6st5cy9y Hace 2 meses
Respect for Ronaldo , and for Sevilla players 👏👏👏
@xXPAKSLAYERXx Hace 2 meses
Sevilla players were trying to not lose time, they were against the clock and just took Lisandro off the lines so the game could restart
@mehmetcemcanan4070 Hace 2 meses
Ronaldo V A R dan bakılıp penaltı nın iptal edilebileceğini biliyordu ve kameralara oynadı
@@xXPAKSLAYERXxnope it’s because both Sevilla players are also Argentinian
@mateuszdylda6840 Hace 2 meses
​@@Footballelite_edits_Acuna and Montiel
He says no penalty because he act and refree go for car and Ronaldo says no penalty😂😂😂
@VICTORSOUZ062 Hace 28 días
Máximo respeito Galeno! Trindade te admira!
Di Canio is one of a kind.. #Respect
@gustavovieira1095 Hace 2 meses
Neymar would be rolling on the ground crying to this day
@moa.2989 Hace 24 días
Big RESPECT for this Players ❤
@dominikmuller4455 Hace 23 días
Feels like CR7 has upped his sportsmanship lately
@user-xs4ki8jo9x Hace 2 meses
People can not understand how Ronaldo is respect full🙃🙂
@mohamedrabhaoui4475 Hace 14 días
El mejor deporte del mundo sin duda ninguna
@user-vg9he5jo5s Hace 17 días
슬라이딩을 모션만 취하는 매너~❤
Ronaldo doesn’t need a World Cup, He already has a Golden Heart❤❤❤
@dylan9429 Hace 2 meses
Penaldo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 only scores penaltys🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
@SCPF. Hace 2 meses
​​@@dylan9429Think you can do better? I know I cant
@cookiemaster9436 Hace 2 meses
@@dylan9429He literally told the ref to not give penalty😂😂
@grayTWR Hace 2 meses
Bro stole that comment
Ramos was the funniest 😅
@user-cd9ls6uk3c Hace 17 días
Mucho respeto👏🏽
@amirps672 Hace 2 meses
من طرفدار تیم پرسپولیس هستم و این بازی را تماشا می کردم و رونالدو واقعا دل و قلب بزگی دارد❤❤😢
@user-mf6ep1to1r Hace 2 meses
ایرانی همه جا هست
@AbolfazlSabetghdam Hace 2 meses
هه ایرانی
@B.MOHTAVA Hace 2 meses
عمه جا ایرانی پیدا میشه چه بخوای چه نخای 😅🤣
@user-md4re5ug8f Hace un mes
بچه ی ایرونی😂
@user-tr6rp4sk7y Hace un mes
@bonaerenseldz1555 Hace 28 días
M saco el sombrero con estos jugadores leales
@Asta72 Hace 4 días
Di Canio has my uttermost respect
@luiszalazar9447 Hace 26 días
Aprendió Ronaldo después de mirar tantos videos jjj
Muchas gracias a quienes envían estos videos de que aún hay humanidad y buen compañerismo en el fútbol, siempre terminó chorando y muy emocionado 😢 😢😢 mil gracias ❤ reconfortar mi corazón ❤
@user-hm7jm8me3j Hace 2 meses
Роналдо фууууууууу
@sulardisulardi6243 Hace 2 meses
@voulagianna2916 Hace 9 días
Legendary di canio!!!! And of course respect to all
@Mymasterisgood Hace 11 días
Ramos really Say:i pass it today.
@NeuroPepe Hace 2 meses
The first one filled my eyes with tears. He may not be the goat of football for a fact. But he is the goat of ❤
But he is the goat of football. Duh
@joeycheckers114 Hace 2 meses
Bro's on hormones.
@nicolasvelilla5918 Hace 20 días
Grandes grandes jugadores y personas
@user-bv8ds6dh3d Hace 20 días
Winning is the most important thing in sport, over everything.
@TheCrayzBoii Hace 3 meses
Ramos Knew what he was going to do to him 😂
@Ismangulleh2209 Hace 13 días
La beauté du football ❤❤
@ahmadjaelani8434 Hace 26 días
Ini yg dinamakan kejujuran dalam olah raga, sejatinya kejujuran pondasi kita hidup
@Traffickcone Hace 2 meses
The players carrying martinez made me so happy,there chatting to him aswell trying to cheer him up.
@arthurlihanda4882 Hace 2 meses
Coz they both have one thing in common and that is winning the world cup
@elmisterio449 Hace 2 meses
Los 2 que lo llevaban eran compañeros de seleccion
@robertogalindo2032 Hace 2 meses
@randymorrison1761 Hace 2 meses
Cuz they are international teammates
Esse Ronaldo c é fenômenos 😂mais ➕ o di canio tbm é demais 😎
@cayles123 Hace 11 días
It almost make me cry
$1 vs $100,000,000 Car!
$1 vs $10,000,000 Job!