100 Watt Laser Cutter Makes Paper Wedding Invitation

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Here's a look at a Gen 4 - BOSS LS-2436 (NOTE: GEN V NOW AVAILABLE) cutting out an example wedding invitation on some paper.
Paper is extremely easy to cut with a laser and you can do so quickly without any burning on the edges.
Click this link to see Boss' new GEN V laser cutters: www.bosslaser.com/entry-level-lasers/
Need laser cutting design DXF files? Below is where I got mine:
Laser engrave, mark, or cut wood, acrylic, leather, stone, cardboard, paper, foam, plastics, fabric, treated metals, anodized aluminum, and most organic materials
Feel free to call 888-652-1555 for more information about our machines.

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28 jul 2015






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Afroz Shekh
Afroz Shekh Hace 10 días
Sir how can get this machine and how much price please tell me
Moody Gsnee
Moody Gsnee Hace un mes
I need one like this
जब्बार अंसारी
सर जी मुझे भी लेज़र मशीन चाहिए,मेरा नंबर है 9935993565
Durga B.K.
Durga B.K. Hace un mes
Medo Amigo
Medo Amigo Hace 2 meses
Will it engrave on eggshells?
Uncle Fjester
Uncle Fjester Hace 2 meses
Making wedding invitations with this, will take longer than my marriage will last!
chandra shekhar vaishnav
This machine how much I want India Rajasthan Udaipur
shamim shorov
shamim shorov Hace 2 meses
How much this messin
Fritzi Lang
Fritzi Lang Hace 3 meses
Shawn Christopher White
男清水勝 Hace 3 meses
Aaron Hamilton
Aaron Hamilton Hace 4 meses
the glowforge is an awesome consumer friendly laser save 500 with this link glowforge.us/r/BOZGYPXT
Prashant Singh
Prashant Singh Hace 4 meses
What is the cost and how I can buy this any link kindly let me know plz
Nur Salam Amin
Nur Salam Amin Hace 4 meses
how to order from malaysia? can make delivery including service?
LitlClutch Hace 4 meses
Would you be able to setup a laser like that to cut thin polystyrene sheets? like 0.020 or 0.040?
Robyn Masters
Robyn Masters Hace 4 meses
What sort of wattage, speed and power do you recommend with 1 mil mylar or 0.5 mil polypropylene stencils?
Tonax Monax
Tonax Monax Hace 5 meses
HOw much cost??
BIẾT TUỐT Hace 5 meses
Just cutting paper
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan Hace 5 meses
Just looking at this you smell burnt paper 🤓
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan Hace 5 meses
Just looking at this you smell burnt paper 🤓
Master Maqbool Flex Design
Nice Video #MasterMaqboolFlexDesign
Ali Hasu
Ali Hasu Hace 5 meses
سبحان الله.
Jack Vandergriff
Jack Vandergriff Hace 5 meses
Lmao. My tabletop 2500mw engraver can’t even burn paper on max power in the slowest speed. My 40w laser is another story
Shabel GCDC
Shabel GCDC Hace 5 meses
hello, is it also possible for a 40W laser to cut paper without burning?
Jason liu
Jason liu Hace 5 meses
we are leading and professional laser equipment manufacturer CKLASER, please check our website: www.tastelaser.com/ , and contact me by email: 13926294759@cklaser.cn
SMS For YOU Hace 5 meses
Ali Çepni
Ali Çepni Hace 5 meses
Ahmad Mabruri
Ahmad Mabruri Hace 5 meses
So basically it's like cutting with 15W laser at the same feed rate?
BIKASH SHAW Hace 5 meses
How to purchase this Machinery
Sanhe laser Clayderman
dear, more information plz:whatsapp:+86 157 2939 3963
sebastian michaelis
sebastian michaelis Hace 4 meses
just look at the description, but for 14 997.00$ without options😁
Gulshan-e- hanfi
Gulshan-e- hanfi Hace 7 meses
How much machine
sakkarep ku
sakkarep ku Hace 7 meses
This machine need break and get some coffe
Adam Dal
Adam Dal Hace 8 meses
Hi what is the machine name & model
김반장 Hace 8 meses
가지고 싶다.
Sir Fa
Sir Fa Hace 8 meses
How do the burn marks look under magnifying glass? By the way, can this burn leather as clean as paper too?
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Art Hace 8 meses
Very nice #papercuttingart
sunny John
sunny John Hace 9 meses
Wow wonderful
Thny Cfn
Thny Cfn Hace 9 meses
Necesito informacion de su precio
agung laser
agung laser Hace 9 meses
bildahome Hace 9 meses
No one wants a card like this
MARCELO CH Hace 9 meses
Hola yo necesito una para uso en casa para trabajos de casa no industrial me pueden ayudar? ?????
Francisco Manuel
Francisco Manuel Hace 9 meses
hello, with the model ls-1420 65w can I cut the paper with the same speed?
vinoth Hace 10 meses
50w laser cutting and engraving machine www.amazon.in/dp/B07L8XKL24/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Ox9oCbM5654R0
NxvaSix Hace 10 meses
I can cut paper with my 2.5W laser so I think 100W is way over kill
Krakaka Hace 6 meses
It is. That's why he's using only 15% of his power, at a high speed. This machine can also cut wood/plastics up to 10 mm thick.
sVs Laser
sVs Laser Hace 10 meses
Christian Linkert
Christian Linkert Hace 10 meses
What the hell am I doing here???
Md Imtiaj
Md Imtiaj Hace 10 meses
Can you share with me this wedding invitation card design. Because i have a laser machine.please share with me this design in (brotherslasercutting@gmail.com) This mail number.
Dave Bakke
Dave Bakke Hace 11 meses
What settings did you use to cut that?
kasun N Rathnayaka
kasun N Rathnayaka Hace 11 meses
How much this machine
Mrs Asif
Mrs Asif Hace 11 meses
Price plz
Curtis Densmore
Curtis Densmore Hace 11 meses
Instead of saying "our" or "us", say your brand!
Gedoss Hace 11 meses
thanks youtube for recommending me this video.
Ray Navarre
Ray Navarre Hace 11 meses
These finely designed graphics maybe just right for this machine designbundles.net/reymamangun/13137-ten-decorative-heart-cut-out-design-1/rel=lm9kYd
Sudhisudhi Tkm
Sudhisudhi Tkm Hace un año
What a machine😱
Atomkey Sinclair
Atomkey Sinclair Hace un año
Okay - so you know I stopped to watch 100 watts, wondering what sort of super krypton paper you could possibly be cutting. 15% cleared things up and gave a chuckle too. Whew!
SurendraKumar Sharma
Very good machine is it possible in market to buy and what will be the cost of.
wajid ali
wajid ali Hace un año
Hello is Neno tempered Glass cutting is possible on this machine
Madhouse Hace un año
i'm late but one could try to stack the papers for a better efficiency.
Rajesh Khandelwal
Rajesh Khandelwal Hace un año
Price kya h My WhatsApp number 9350924745
Beckys FootSlave
Beckys FootSlave Hace un año
Would it be possible to get a laser cutter table with a crease wheel for corrugated paper! The lenght of the biggest table is OK with 2500mm (just cutting) but the width is "just" 1400mm! 2200mm is ne perfect! Just would like to know if that would be possible!
Ahmad Mabruri
Ahmad Mabruri Hace 5 meses
Yes.. It's possible..
pranit pawar
pranit pawar Hace un año
And that's a $100000 machine for a wedding invitation
Krakaka Hace 6 meses
More like 10k
BKC CHANNEL Hace un año
Very wonderful work .. We can share idea to work at www.ใจดีอะคริลิค.com/
madnessee81 Hace un año
woooow, I need this cutter
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