100 Years of Halloween Costumes | Glamour

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Take a look back at the last hundred years of women's Halloween costumes. Whether it's the creepy DIY Papier-mâché masks of the 1910s, the pin-up girl inspired costumes of the 1950s, or the Wonder Woman inspired costumes of the 1970s, here is how women's Halloween costumes have transformed over the last century.
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100 Years of Halloween Costumes | Glamour


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2 oct 2019






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Glamour Hace 2 meses
In the 1940s let’s just pretend we said "famous pin-up girls of the 40s ." (Believe it or not the 50s did in fact come after the 40s 😉sorry about that, too much coffee!)
forestdonkey Hace 15 días
Smagel UwU
Smagel UwU Hace 27 días
Could we get me costumes throughout the years?
N H Hace un mes
Kind of nuts that you would choose a lederhosen costume for the 40s...for what I hope are obvious reasons
Ray Hightower
Ray Hightower Hace un mes
I was going to say something about that.
Ivy Vaz
Ivy Vaz Hace un mes
I just wanna say that I'm the 9th K like. Give me a cookie
Mystical Damsel
Mystical Damsel Hace 3 horas
The music is so apt!
lais nardi
lais nardi Hace 4 horas
the mask of the first one looks like pretty little liars and death congratulates you
Noor Clean
Noor Clean Hace un día
Meanwhile in 2019 we have people dress up as tampon
Você já Sabe
Você já Sabe Hace un día
So tem eu br aqui?
ChesterFox Hace 2 días
2010's: Harley Quinn 2019: Joaquin Phoenix's Joker they really cant be separate can they at least it's not Jared Leto's Joker lol
Taif Alrasheedi
Taif Alrasheedi Hace 2 días
0:20 I didn’t know that the purge mask was famous back in 1910
IssyRo Tiger
IssyRo Tiger Hace 3 días
The reason why this video doesn’t have more views is because after seeing the first costume everyone clicked another video and turned the lights on 😆
Henrique Hace 5 días
When the 1920’s girl was walking into the screen she looked A LOT like björk
Alvin Teng
Alvin Teng Hace 5 días
can someone please give me background music lists
JuryDioxate05 prev. JuryGamer05
I've just realized that all of the models, idk is all female.
Jonathan Michael
Jonathan Michael Hace 6 días
Y’all see them trying not to get that copyright strike for the 80s 😂 (it’s thriller)
gacha world
gacha world Hace 7 días
The Muncie mouse one is dumb
Chesska Likes Shawarma
Try dressing up as electric bills,water bills and wifi bills etc. It will be very scary
Ezgi Su Yurdalan
Ezgi Su Yurdalan Hace 8 días
The most beautiful in 1910
minatozaki kayla
minatozaki kayla Hace 8 días
2019: dressing up as k/da akali
RAGINI SINGH Hace 8 días
The Minney mouse coustume was so cute🤩🤩😍
fancy Hace 8 días
What is song?? (00:00 ~ 00:34) does anyone know?
Daka Hace 8 días
I can't believe it took a hundred years to make this video.
ToutCQJM Hace 9 días
Wow, Halloween is a huge waste of money.
RottenChickpeas Hace 9 días
ok- but do men even exist on this universe
t Dttn
t Dttn Hace 10 días
5 26 song please
B3NNY Hace 11 días
Women 😍 i love you!!!
Valecs Hace 11 días
0:26 so scary wtf
Emma Schuurmans
Emma Schuurmans Hace 11 días
Clueless is mijn favo film
Niyawazzup Hace 11 días
Can I just ask how there are hundred of years of Halloween costumes? I’m con . Fus. Ed
Chocoloxx Hace 11 días
after 1990s i literally thought that i wasn't in the same video
唐詩唐詩 Hace 11 días
I think you forgot the part of "Halloween".
Cooking with Pizzagirl
My friend literally put on a tortoro onesie bc she didn't have a costume
Vidal Aguilera
Vidal Aguilera Hace 11 días
When harly queen was there it said 2010 it was actually like 2016
Danii uwu
Danii uwu Hace 11 días
My mom: there are many things you can dress up as Me: ok, um I think I'll be tord again xd
Franjinha sz
Franjinha sz Hace 12 días
Qunn 101
Qunn 101 Hace 12 días
Some of my friends dressed up as VSCO girls, wigs and everything. They even bought hydro flasks to throw around and dent. . . . . . *They're guys.*
Darek Alonzo
Darek Alonzo Hace 13 días
2019:Fortnite And Vscos Me:Cat: My Brother:T-800 Reply If You Know Who The T-800 Is
Mahsum Hafeez
Mahsum Hafeez Hace 13 días
Didn't the girl in the thumbnail looked like Camilla cabello
Meu_Mundo_ Loko
Meu_Mundo_ Loko Hace 13 días
Eu ainda tava em 1960 XD só que eu obviamente não saia com um chicote na rua ,_,
Natalia Arcia
Natalia Arcia Hace 13 días
The firts cause me fear
Gryffindorbeater 134
Gryffindorbeater 134 Hace 14 días
2019: me: dresses up as Hermione
kit and kat
kit and kat Hace 14 días
The 60s is so cute. What the heck is the first one tho
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