1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)

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From about 1500 BC to 1200 BC, the Mediterranean region played host to a complex cosmopolitan and globalized world-system. It may have been this very internationalism that contributed to the apocalyptic disaster that ended the Bronze Age. When the end came, the civilized and international world of the Mediterranean regions came to a dramatic halt in a vast area stretching from Greece and Italy in the west to Egypt, Canaan, and Mesopotamia in the east. Large empires and small kingdoms collapsed rapidly. With their end came the world’s first recorded Dark Ages. It was not until centuries later that a new cultural renaissance emerged in Greece and the other affected areas, setting the stage for the evolution of Western society as we know it today. Professor Eric H. Cline of The George Washington University will explore why the Bronze Age came to an end and whether the collapse of those ancient civilizations might hold some warnings for our current society.
Considered for a Pulitzer Prize for his recent book 1177 BC, Dr. Eric H. Cline is Professor of Classics and Anthropology and the current Director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University. He is a National Geographic Explorer, a Fulbright scholar, an NEH Public Scholar, and an award-winning teacher and author. He has degrees in archaeology and ancient history from Dartmouth, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania; in May 2015, he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree (honoris causa) from Muhlenberg College. Dr. Cline is an active field archaeologist with 30 seasons of excavation and survey experience.
The views expressed in this video are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Capital Area Skeptics.

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-IOI- Hace un hora
What was Ghiza design and built for?
Lk T
Lk T Hace 2 horas
Many high schools taught the same deal,yes.
Kieran Ryan
Kieran Ryan Hace 6 horas
Great presentation.. concluding with an interesting Q&A.. I guess you‘re not suggesting that we‘re on the brink of another dark age given the similarities of then and now.. but the world is changing and fast thanks in part to the latest wave of ‚sea peoples’ or rather disruptive technology promising superior services at the expense of making older practices and institutions obsolete.. hopefully in the long run for the betterment of our civilsation.
rick eckley
rick eckley Hace 9 horas
excellent presentation thank you
Μιχ Λαζ
Μιχ Λαζ Hace 16 horas
The invasion of dorieus known in Greek as κάθοδος των Δωριέων was a theory that around 1200 bc some harder tribes came down to Greece and settle here maybe link some info,also the eruption of volcano in thira could force the people to leave not going straight to tsunami but going as a normal person do to the opposite site which means south to Crete which is Egypt/Cyprus/Syria.
Μιχ Λαζ
Μιχ Λαζ Hace 16 horas
Great lecture sir.When I was student 17 years old we tought that sea people detroyed Egypt and some parts of the known word.i was the only one that asked which were those people and couldn’t get an answer.Todays books in the same country is far far from what I was tought.its not going forward giving information but the opposite.
Fakhrerazi Nikkhah
Fakhrerazi Nikkhah Hace 18 horas
You have ignored the Iranian civilization , Indian and Chinese civilizations and say that in 1177 B.C the world collapsed by some SEA PEOPLE from some islands in White sea . The most advanced places in the world were in India and Iran . What the hell are you talking about ? You must be high or ignorant and puking out nonsense . Then , you give credence to Egyptologists , the very same crowd that have purposely kept Humanity in dark by telling lies over and over again . Acting like a Mafia organizations . Please , take a back seat and tell your wife that the Trojan war indeed happened .
Peter F-Model
Peter F-Model Hace un día
This is an excellent lecture, but the temptation to somehow arrive at some lesion which relates to our current time did spoil it a bit. There is no doubt there are pressures on our current global civilization, but if we are going down the same path as the Bronze Age “golden” age, we are well off the end point. However I must admit we can be said to be on that path. However if we drill down further the effect described here which precluded a rebuilding is a revolt caused by famine. Natural disasters, except a failure in crops, can all be recovered from. When the population cannot be fed they may be tempted to revolt, which makes a bad situation worse, thus there is no rebuilding. Even if there is just a crop failure, the population can arm itself and invade their neighbour, which must have occurred until all the targets were devastated. To compound this, a successful centrally managed economy can be very efficient, which will result in population to grow. When the crops fail and everyone else has the same problem, the result is a large population which is starving. That would compound the issue, possible the less civilised parts of the Mediterranean did not suffer such a fall, because they were never that advanced or populated. This is the path we are on, rapidly increasing population means any major ecological change could have a compounding effect which could cause a systems failure. That would be the lesson to learn from this. However I am more interested in what happened during that period than to somehow directly relate it to our time. There is still so much we do not know.
Alok Prasad
Alok Prasad Hace un día
where is information about harrappan Civilization ?
Pete Hoover
Pete Hoover Hace un día
After watching this lecture I'm fairly suspicious that the documented climate change might have come about in marginal areas by the spread of iron tool technology. While it's clear at this time bronze required long distance imports, where the knowledge existed to use it iron ore is fairly common, and it makes cheaper and better tools than bronze. Marginal areas like the Mediterranean on eastwards towards the Indus Valley Civilization might have experienced deforestation at this time because everybody now had a cheap ax and a machete. Saws were probably almost unknown before iron, and common afterwards. You can see that in the documentation he read about ship traffic. Someone has a LOT better carpentry tools than they used to. Certainly the spread of cheap iron weapons would have had the same destabilizing effect on populations that the spread of automatic weapons into the modern Horn of Africa has now. After iron not only were axes and swords better than ever before, but everybody had one of each. No wonder civilization collapsed.
prioris55555 Hace un día
Looks like it was a grand solar minimum causing dramatic temperature drop hence crop destruction. look at Greenland ice core samples.
John Maclagan
John Maclagan Hace 2 días
So much focus on Egypt, Greece and the middle east, its a big world out there. Scotland had trading posts back in these days, humans have been inhabiting Scotland for 14,000 years - thats 12,000 BC
r rar
r rar Hace 2 días
actually at that time there was civilizations in other parts of the world, mohandojaro, harappa, china, inca maya etc.
Maples01 Hace 2 días
Wow, climate change before cars, gotta be camel farts, had they taxed it, they'd have avoided the catastrophe.
Master Pep
Master Pep Hace 3 días
Very interesting presentation, thank you for sharing. The final theories on analogy with our modern age, I find far-fetched. Yes, we are moving towards a decline/destruction of cultures, but the drivers are totally different and the pace of impact: draughts and famines can be handled easier through technology and trade for those who have them available (and are in power) and weapons have reached an extent of destructive power so that the outcome of wars is pretty much decided before they start. There is no such thing anymore as obliteration of nations, cultures. What happens is a globalist take-over of local resources with or without bloody wars, that leads to modern colonization and slavery, which is basically a leveraging of resources to the already more powerful side. Cultures disappear globally, but in a "soft" way: they all become Coca-Cola/iPhone consuming masses where cultural identity diminishes to a few tourist souvenirs. In that sense, cultures "disappear", but in a covert way and hardly because of cataclismic events in the likes of the era in the presentation, that basically wiped out civilizations in no time. While I agree that there is no linear process of events and the presentation rightfully concludes that it is a complex whole of the parts that led to those events, the complexity of these changes in our modern age comes from the intertwined socio-economic system that influences our planet's resources, mainly the use of fossil fuels that may fuel an accelerated greenhouse effect and as a result, global food shortages. The globalized world however implies that local issues (such as draughts and famine) may be mitigated on a global scale and the ruling classes can defend easier against these (otherwise catastrophic) events and tendencies than the poor regions. This is not future music: look at the state most of Africa is in right now, which is nothing more than a resource used by the rich, to feed the rich. The modern colonists (=global corporations) however very much mind that the human resources that keep this machinery alive (=the local populace, the modern slaves) are very much intact in numbers and are led to believe that their quality of life is in fact improving. At the end, there are winning sides and loosing sides, but the difference with the events 3000 years ago is that now, there is no wipe of nations and population numbers, but a transition from cultural indentity to consumer and slave.
Resologist Hace 3 días
Watched this once. That was enough. Now, I don't really care to have ESvid recommending this same video, again and again and again, when I've indicated that I am "NOT INTERESTED"! Tell ESvid to STOP SPAMMING people to get them to watch your video. Expect a NEGATIVE RATING. Blame ESvid; but, is that the only way to get people to watch your videos? HAVE ESvid SPAM THEM WITH THE SAME RECOMMENDATIONS REPEATEDLY AND IGNORE THE "NOT INTERESTED" REPLIES???
william fitzpatrick
william fitzpatrick Hace 4 días
What a great speaker. Good voice & knows his material. I was never interested in archaeology or anthropology but this was captivating.
Buster Biloxi
Buster Biloxi Hace 5 días
Great lecture. This guy knows his stuff.
Steve W
Steve W Hace 5 días
how did they decipher the clay tablets?
martin martini
martin martini Hace 6 días
GREEKS didn't exist at 1177bc you're distorting history.
Pagan Dance
Pagan Dance Hace 6 días
The Shekelesh are obviously the Jews and looking at the queen's morphology, Punt definitely refers to America, proving the Egyptians already back then crossed the Atlantic. Today we see the Sea Peoples causing the Collapse of European civilization, maybe Punt and Shekelesh are behind this event too? - Anyway, a very interesting lecture and I think the period we're living in and started with the Bronze Age Collapse is now coming to an end with the Collapse of the Monotheistic World Order, triggered by climate change, overpopulation, rebellion against the Elites etc.
Craig Culbertson
Craig Culbertson Hace 6 días
Neatly 3 million views for a lecture? What's the world coming to?
S M Hace 7 días
If it took place? Well if you don't know for sure, you shld't be teaching!!
William Cox
William Cox Hace 9 días
So interesting . . . thanks for posting!
andrew lane
andrew lane Hace 9 días
The great lesson of history is that its never THAT simple. As our society increasingly craves simple answers that might be the most important lesson to be learned.
Commenter Five
Commenter Five Hace 9 días
At 55:44 "What can we do about it?" Leviticus 23 all. "In all your generations in all your dwelling areas". Notice v 3. Genesis 2: 2. And Especially Deuteronomy 28.
Mike Evans
Mike Evans Hace 10 días
The elected aoc and bernie sanders
Dianne Foster
Dianne Foster Hace 10 días
Another hypothesis of history that is maybe spot on, maybe partially right, maybe totally off base. This only serves to show us we know nothing. We only speculate. We put the bits and pieces of archeological data that we find and assemble them together based on our own cultural influences and the knowledge we have at the time and then form a theory. Then we make these theories and interpretations of history as did the peoples that wrote/told the stories and drew the pictures or carved the art. It is always good to have a theory, but one can never be sure it is correct. The only thing we do know is that the theory will change. We only have the written histories (were they telling the truth?), sometimes artifacts, and some current scientific knowns. We only make educated guesses and change or theories when we get other data or a different culture decides on a different theory. But what I do like is that this man is willing to admit that events might have been much more complex and not always linear like we want history to be. The victor or survivor writes the history. Things are never as simple as we think.
Pete V
Pete V Hace 11 días
What about Thera?
Salem Melas
Salem Melas Hace 11 días
ALL LIES presented by a an agent of deception.
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower Hace 10 días
This is the most confusing history i have listened to
Robert Carver
Robert Carver Hace 14 días
Perhaps it was an opportunity rich environment; earthquake, famine, drought, political unrest gave sea peoples a target rich environment, beat a man when he was down, like NYC when they had a power outage.
JBTechCon Hace 16 días
Weshesh = Welsh. True story.
SERGIO ANDRES Rojas Hace 21 un día
What an awful end. Really you gonna say in 1 minute that now the same is happening and the middle east is the sea ppl????? Looool. If anything the sea people is the US army collapsing eastern societies. Even college professors are muricans apparently
DelireWeb Hace 22 días
Isn't it Akhenaton who actually invented monotheism? I like the background picture at the end showing destruction chaos and fire with a big "Thank you", lmao
Arya Pourtabatabaie
Arya Pourtabatabaie Hace 19 días
I wouldn't be surprised if it were independently invented multiple times as it's quite a natural idea.
Mark Purslow
Mark Purslow Hace 22 días
it seems a shame to me that it took so long to collapse and rebuild. all the hallmarks of what happens today on the stock market. old established industries fade away and are replaced by newer more capital efficient ones. perhaps what was lacking is an overall picture. I dont think natural disasters are enough to cause a system wide collapse over that time frame. I suspect that economic rebellion is a better cause when people realise they can do better alone than they could do being part of an established empire. But we can only go with the evidence.
Mark Golding
Mark Golding Hace 23 días
The Americans are the Sea Peoples at the present time. Busily helping others to destroy things..
John Lammi
John Lammi Hace 24 días
of course thre was no "Turkey" at that time. Perhaps we could say Anatolia to describe the geographical area
Claudio Saltara
Claudio Saltara Hace 25 días
I never liked fixed set dates that pin point a period and as the gentleman pointed out in reference to the fall of Rome. I am now convinced I am right on my point. Everything is a continuum.
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Hace 25 días
ok sorry no but the phoenicians didnt just pop up out of nowhere after the canaanites. thats not how any of this works. the trappings were laid far before, meaning they already had some kind of government/tribe/military/society or other kind of civic institution. the phoenicians literally ARE the sea peoples, they probably separated FROM canaan over time
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Hace 25 días
why wouldnt the sea peoples be the phoenicians? they were the prominent naval power of the era. not only did they control ugarit where tin passed through to crete but they also colonized crete where tin was imported. everything about the sea peoples points to the phoenicians. i dont understand why that isnt obvious. I literally learned this in elementary school
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Hace 22 días
+Loki Hopkins right, and every new technology or iteration of technology requires lots of cooperative labor. think assembly line cars, bay area tech, manhattan project, american aircraft carriers, etc. in those times, these collaborative efforts were catalyzed by rulers of civilizations. tribal societies were historically incapable of building navies because they lacked the strong rulers necessary to unite various factions
Loki Hopkins
Loki Hopkins Hace 22 días
​+Michael Sanchez pretty much the only form of war during this period was land based, with chariots being the predominant military unit at the time. The effect of this is that the nations in the mediterranean were completely unprepared for the naval assaults, as they had never really had naval wars until this point, it's like attacking the US with a cyber assault, as they are not prepared for it (Iran actually did this: time.com/4270728/iran-cyber-attack-dam-fbi/)
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Hace 23 días
+Loki Hopkins again, i just dont buy it. there were multiple civilizations at the time encompassing the entire region and building fleets takes a tremendous amount of labor and resources. I don't see a bunch of scattered tribes building fleets large enough to topple civilizations. any such acconplishments would require concerted efforts. its like thinking china can take over the US just because they have more people without considering they dont have the resources and technology to actually do it
Loki Hopkins
Loki Hopkins Hace 23 días
+Michael Sanchez if you read the last part of my comment i said "The Phoenicians may have been some of the sea people, but they wouldn't have been all of them." alluding to the theory that rather than being a single united people, the sea people were a wide assortment of tribes and city states who were displaced during the sudden warm and arid weather at this time. These could include the Phoenicians, the tribe I was talking about, and many others, all being drawn to the sea during those times of failing crops and little water. To compare this to Somalia, the fishermen who became pirates were one particular group in the northern areas of Somalia, but as times got worse and the practice got more accepted, more Somalians from different ethnic groups would go on to become pirates.
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Hace 23 días
+Loki Hopkins one tribe cant crush the entire western civilized world. I find such a story unlikely. the oldest city in the world was under the control of the phoenicians and cities had infrastructure and labor to build fleets. I don't see how a tribe would do that
TheMoon Hace 28 días
if you know they import tin, how do you know they dont import pottery?
None Oyb
None Oyb Hace 29 días
That was excellent except for the last part where he mentioned democracy and monotheism and said that 'We would not be here today, doing what we do, if these guys had not collapsed'. What, if these events hadn't happened the Egyptians and Hittites and Canaanites and Myceneans would have maintained their topdown control and polytheism forever? There would be no democracy and the Americas would have remained inhabited by Stone Age peoples often engaged in brutal warfare with each other?
JN S Hace 27 días
People think democracy and monotheism would have been delayed.
2coryman Hace un mes
Etienne Ement
Etienne Ement Hace un mes
This is amazing. 'been doing some research in both history and culture over this period. The translation from writing to myth-passing he quickly explicits (but largely implies, even unwillingly), if put in perspective with things like Nietzsche's genealogy of morals or Jung's collective unconscious and historical esotericism... it gives a sense of how deeply our mind's framework seems to be connected to our civilizations'. being able to get this intuitive knowledge encouraged by such a wide connection of vastly diverse research fields, each one putting the other's conclusions at test, and being able to share it with 3M people that stand just as both puzzled and inspired as I feel right now... how blessed can a period be?
Junior Balls
Junior Balls Hace un mes
Fantastic lecture, very interesting and respectful of different theories.
VinnieDrawsART Hace un mes
Clapped at the end even though I'm alone in my office. Great presentation.
maija-liisa Piittari
New Ice-age threatening north while Golf-stream weakening, It will cause famine and migration to south increasing those cataclysms known under exodus from Egypt and familiar in Revelations as well. Those 7 years fat and famine while Joseph ruled in Egypt might have happened around 1600 BC and 400 years later exodus, Moses and Joshua, the wasps having done some job among other pestilences (Good's dooms) to Canaanites and giants there according Bible.
maija-liisa Piittari
Santorini and Thera might have happened around the 7 fat and 7 slim years(famine) in Egypt when Joseph was ruling. 1600 BC , 400 years after that Moses and exodus and Joshua moved to Israel. 1200 BC about. Nowadays when Golf-stream is weakening away, new ice-age might occur in north causing famine, migration south and some cataclysms appearing as well.
maija-liisa Piittari
When God is forgotten, dooms arise. In Germany late 1800:s christian faith slowly turned weak and namely. 1930 national socialism took place as doom. So it will be with every nation in turn when God forsaken. 1200 BC , Joshua's Days it was amorites, canaanites to be destroyed and God sent those days phoiniceans (philisteans?) to the shore (Gaza, Ashdod) to be as punishment to Israel when sinning. Nothing new under sun, or?
Dennis Gawera
Dennis Gawera Hace un mes
The bible tells that these were the times when the Tribes of Israel did there best, but ultimately failed to please The Lord who sent the ancient Shitites to conquer them. Now these were the sons of David who took a big poop early every morning ; the firstborn Amnon, of Ahinoam who took a big poop early in the morning the second Daniel, of Abigail the Carmelitess who also took a big poop early every morning 2 The third, Absalom who took a big poop early every morning, the son of Maachah the daughter of Talmai king of Gusher who took a big poop and a long flowing pee early every morning, : the fourth, Adonijah the son of Haggith: who also took a big poop early every morning, 3 The fifth, Shephatiah of Abital , and the sixth, Ihram , by Eglah his wife and also did they take a big poop early every morning, . 4 These six were born unto him in Hebron; and there he reigned seven years and six months: and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three years and they did poopest with great abandon. 5 And these were born unto him in Jerusalem; Shimea who took a big poop early every morning, , and Shaba who took a big poop early every morning, , and Nathan, who took a big poop early every morning, and Solomon who took a big poop early every morning, , four, of Bathsheba who took a big poop early every morning, the daughter of Ammiel who also took a big poop early every morning, : 6 Ibhar who took a big poop early every morning, also, and Elishama, and Eliphelet, who both took a big poop early every morning, 7 And Nogah, and Nepheg, and Japhia, who all took big poops early every morning, 8 And Elishama, and Eliada, and Eliphelet, nine who all took a big poop early every morning, 9 These were all the sons of David ( who took big poops early every morning) beside the sons of the concubines, and Tamar their sister who all took big poops early every morning, . 10 And Solomon's son was Rehoboam, Abia his son, Asa his son, Jehoshaphat his son who all took big poops early every morning, 11 Joram his son, Ahaziah his son, Joash his son who also took big poops early every morning, 12 Amaziah his son, Azariah his son, Jotham his son who also took big poops early every morning, 13 Ahaz his son, Hezekiah his son, Manasseh his son who all took big poops early every morning, 14 Amon his son, Josiah his son who both took big poops early every morning, 15 And the sons of Josiah were, the firstborn Johanan, the second Jehoiakim, the third Zedekiah, the fourth Shallum who all took big poops early every morning, 16 And the sons of Jehoiakim: Jeconiah his son, Zedekiah his son who also took big poops early every morning, And the sons of Jeconiah; Assir, Salathiel his son who also took big poops early every morning, 18 Malchiram also, and Pedaiah, and Shenazar, Jecamiah, Hoshama, and Nedabiah who all took big poops early every morning, 19 And the sons of Pedaiah were, Zerubbabel, and Shimei: and the sons of Zerubbabel; Meshullam, and Hananiah, and Shelomith their sister and likewise they did poopest. 20 And Hashubah, and Ohel, and Berechiah, and Hasadiah, Jushabhesed, five and likewise they did poopest. 21 And the sons of Hananiah; Pelatiah, and Jesaiah: the sons of Rephaiah, the sons of Arnan, the sons of Obadiah, the sons of Shechaniah and likewise they did poopest. 22 And the sons of Shechaniah; Shemaiah: and the sons of Shemaiah; Hattush, and Igeal, and Bariah, and Neariah, and Shaphat, six and likewise they did poopest. 23 And the sons of Neariah; Elioenai, and Hezekiah, and Azrikam, three and likewise they did poopest. 24 And the sons of Elioenai were, Hodaiah, and Eliashib, and Pelaiah, and Akkub, and Johanan, and Dalaiah, and Anani, seven and likewise they did poopest.
Alexander Vlk
Alexander Vlk Hace un mes
I watched this a year ago and happy I found it again!
Neil Marshall
Neil Marshall Hace un mes
So is there some subliminal shite happening that has no effect on me ?? I am astounded at the 'wonderment and enlightenment' statements about an average lecture that then dives into political ass kiss at the end. What nasty distortions........ Will you have to see your own families shot before you learn your leaders are not nice people ?? ISIS is a CIA operation - long proved.
Morten Friis
Morten Friis Hace un mes
Great stuff! Thanks
Robert St-Lauent
Robert St-Lauent Hace un mes
I can only imagine how Mother Earth feels when caressed so gently with the soft brushes that people like Mr. Cline use to remove millenniums of ‘stellar dust’ and bring back her magnificent beauty of the past to her surface skin. Your brushwork is as beautiful and precious as that of the greatest painters of all time.
Aaron Martinson
Aaron Martinson Hace un mes
Who would you invite to dinner, this guy and his wife.
Yahmez Hace un mes
"[Because of the past, the present is how it is]" ..no way!
The Helluva Party
The Helluva Party Hace un mes
This is as weird as academics get.
KTChamberlain Hace un mes
I'm surprised Sesame Street hasn't parodied the Sea Peoples as Muppets with C's embroidered on their uniforms and weapons and making all sorts of C-based puns. Those people Dr. Cline knew who won that costume contest beat them to the punch.
ztoob8898 Hace un mes
Captain Kangaroo, archaeologist.
Zeke Lentil
Zeke Lentil Hace un mes
Lukka - Italians from west coast (modern day Lucca), these were Normans (North Men). Ekwesh/ Weshesh - Welsh people, probably not only from modern day Wales, they were more likely from France and possibly Northern Spain. Teresh = Turkish. Danuna/Denyen - Danube river valley people. Tjekker - Czech people, likely from further south than modern day Czechia, part of the Danube river valley civilizations. Shardana = Sardinia. Shekelesh = Sicily. Peleset = Philistines.
Erilaz Hace un mes
You got few of those right, but the rest are without doubt incorrect.
free roamer
free roamer Hace un mes
Enjoyed that immensely! Perhaps the greatest lesson is, that major catastrophic events and a breakdown of political, social, and judicial infrastructure leads to centuries of decadence and decline. America take note!
sledge hammer
sledge hammer Hace un mes
This is not true! Don't believe it! What really happened was Chuck Norris was given some really bad hummus and Chuck hates rotten hummus. First, it gave him the runs and this caused Chuck to cover over 70% of the area under a thousand feet of Chuck shit. Needless to say, thousands and thousands died. But Chucks shit was also the greatest fertilizer ever made and in subsequent years the manure de Chuck caused the region to blossom and grow and civilization was once again brought back from near extinction by the worlds greatest man: Chuck Norris. So. If you ever see Chuck order hummus, FOR GODS SAKE MAKE CERTAIN IT'S FRESH!!!
columbus8myhw Hace un mes
I think it's too "narrow-view" to think of ISIS as the equivalent of the Sea Peoples.
albert joseph
albert joseph Hace un mes
For Exodus he says - "if it happened" But for Trojan War he says - "I do believe it happened". See the funny and biased opinion. @NCASVideo
ندى الفجر
ندى الفجر Hace un mes
Crimes against humanity called the discovery of the inhabitants of Western continents and their civilization where disappeared. These are the people of the occupied West
danjf1 Hace un mes
As humans it seems like we always repeat history - and never learn :-(
Thutmosis7 Hace un mes
Fake history
souloukex Hace un mes
Turkey was not exist in that ancient times. Turks came to the region at 10th century A. C
franklin thornburgh jr
Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence
Mich Arquette
Mich Arquette Hace un mes
Fascinating. Has me wondering whether the acceptance of this theory is serving economic policy right now - in some countries. What then would the role of establishing and improving trade routes be? I would like to hear from Eric's wife on the Belt and Road Initiative.
Prayon Kreutz
Prayon Kreutz Hace un mes
Evidence that Greece & China knew about each other has been found. It would be interesting to see if any evidence exists in China of the post bronze age Collapse in the Western World.?.?
spikeyapples Hace un mes
one civilization collapsed, another was born on its ruins. alphabet, monotheism, democracy etc. doesn't seem that bad in the end, although sure it's better to avoid such drastic changes. also, i don't think events such as Arab spring are that similar to invasions of sea peoples etc. modern day unrest in these counties is actually a chance for them and entire wold to get to democracy and thus improve rather than plunge; it's a separate question whether that chance will be seized
raboratory Hace un mes
Thulsa Doom did that..
Chris Schiebelbein
Chris Schiebelbein Hace un mes
Absolutely phenomenal lecture. Glad I caught this one.
Wim Coppens
Wim Coppens Hace un mes
Can they send these sandals to me? I need another pair. BDW. I think with all these disasters you still need to maintain the isolation ( maybe a pandemy ?)
bcd7977 Hace un mes
This is what you wasted money on in college
Ja'quavious Moor
Ja'quavious Moor Hace un mes
35:10 .. Thats the point to the whole Docu-- you people destroyed those artifacts...
Red Storm
Red Storm Hace un mes
Ummm....so close....if you would have only read the Egyptian and Greek Scripts. We now know what caused all of the destruction to the pyramids, Karnak, and trashed most of Europe and Asia. The alarming part is WHEN and WHAT caused it. Just a mere 3,200 years ago (1,200 BC), every civilization was hit with total devastation that cause the collapse of Egypt, Greece, Hittites and dozens of other cultures that resulted in a 300 year dark age. The shocker comes from Greek and Egyptian "Mythology" coming to life. The entire globe, as is stated by Homer and the Egyptian scripts, suffered the "Thunderbolts of Zeus". The entire planet was bombarded with a hundred years of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic explosions and plasma discharge from the close proximity of Jupiter. This would explain the burying of monuments , observatories and also explain all of the underground cities found in Turkey. It is a time that also lines up with the Bible and the story of Moses. The Egyptians go into full detail about the millions of bodies across Libya and Egypt that cooled from the inside, out and they just threw many of the bodies into the Nile, thus turning the Nile to blood. You really have to real the accounts for yourself. It was a horrifying fight for survival across the entire spam from Northern Africa, to Southeast Asia and even as far as the North Sea. Mainstream Science claims that all of the damage was cause by the "Sea People". Are you kidding me? 70% of life was not wiped out by seven ships of nomads, sorry.
RAGE DUde Hace un mes
My teacher forced our class to watch the whole video😤
edstar83 Hace un mes
You teacher is smart.
oryray amenay
oryray amenay Hace un mes
Grand Solar Minimum. (Look at the best estimate dates on a chart. ) You are welcome.
Jay Eisenhardt
Jay Eisenhardt Hace 12 días
I just saw a clip of an article: In Greenland, ice cores revealed new traces of an extreme solar storm that hit Earth almost 2,700 years ago. Also called “solar proton events" Got to thinking how terrain and weather can determine wars and great battles more than anything. I dunno if I brought it up last time I posted on this video but figure your right that a small change in the sun's weather would affect us even more. Think of CME if a large one or just a bad hit on earth could screw our civilizations that are overdependent on technology.
John S
John S Hace un mes
Funny and very interesting topic and lecture.
Jimmy Pellas
Jimmy Pellas Hace un mes
Engel land Engel land Engel land!
Constantinos 1377
Constantinos 1377 Hace un mes
The True People of God ''EL'' are The Philistines/Ellines originated from El-las/Greece (Myceneans,Spartans) and The Philistines/People Of The Sea (people with thalassaemia/blue) are THE LINK THAT CONNECTS ALL RACES AND ALL COLORS and that's why the Vatican,Orthodox Church,United Nations,Royals/Usurpers,Nazis,USA and every other Judaic PORPHYRIC/VAMPIRIC/RED scum ARE GENOCIDING ALL NATIVES/INDIGENOUS/ORIGINALS allover the world !!Look at Palestine,Ellas/Greece,Baskonia,Armenia,Canaan,look at Africa,look at ALL the Nations that the psychopathic zionazi Bush/Crowley ''family'' genocides for decades,look at the true American Natives ,look at the Australian Originals ,look at India,look at China ,Korea and Russia and now look at all the European Natives !!The Porphyrics/Vampirics are killing the people EVERYWHERE !!Open your eyes people !! Israel IS PORPHYRIC/VAMPIRIC and so is the Christian Church and The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are the same vampires (Porphyria in their blood) !!THE SEA WAS ALWAYS HERE...YOU WERE NOT !! Israel turned it's Royals (Palestinians/Philistines/Blue-blooded/People with Thalassaemia) into Jihadists !!STOP THE GENOCIDE OF THE PHILISTINES/PEOPLE OF THE SEA NOW !! ISRAEL DOESN'T DESERVE IT'S ''EL'' AND IT IS TIME FOR THE DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS TO GIVE US THE LISTS WITH ALL VAMPIRIC/PORPHYRIC ''PORPHYRIA'' IN THEIR BLOOD !!VAMPIRES AND ''GREYS'' GET OUT OF EARTH !! Show less
Constantinos 1377
Constantinos 1377 Hace un mes
Thalassaemia in the blood is what connected the Royals of these people.....they were the Philistines/People of The Sea and NOT of Judaic Porphyric/Vampiric origin.And even today we are still being genocided by the Vampiric/Porphyric jews ,the Vatican,the orthodox church,usa,israel etc. etc. we are talking about genetic genocide without any reason!
Ken Fannin
Ken Fannin Hace un mes
Excellent; thanks!
spaceheroTV Hace un mes
I'm half way through and I'm already going, 'what a great lecture'. Brilliant exposition.
Jahim IsAmazing
Jahim IsAmazing Hace un mes
Heres is my assignment: Take either outline, mind map, or cornell style notes on the lecture from Dr Eric Cline. This is a standard college lecture and what you will get 2 or 3 times a week in one college class. The notes weill recieve a 5 for incomplete notes, a 8 for notes that cover most of the lecture, or a 10 for quality notes that explore the lecture. After you notes write an Intro paragraph on the causes of the Bronze age collapse. This should be 2 or 3 sentences, with the last being your Thesis sentence. 5 points will be awarded for a poorly constructed intro, 8 for an intro that attempts to introduce the topic but is confusing, and a 10 for a well constructed Intro paragraph with a strong Thesis Sentence. An example if I was writing about the Collapse of Rome woule be: While history has seen many great empires emerge, few can compare to the glory and granduer that was the Roman Empire. Despite all of its power though, Rome's empire collapsed like so many before it. The ultimate collapse of Rome was caused by many favtors but the most important include the over extending of the empire, corruption at the highest levels, and an ecominc model where the cost of the empire outweighed its value. Watch the WHOLE lecture. This is a top notch presentation done by one of the best in the world. Considered for a Pulitzer Prize for his recent book 1177 BC, Dr. Eric H. Cline is Professor of Classics and Anthropology and the current Director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University. He is a National Geographic Explorer, a Fulbright scholar, an NEH Public Scholar, and an award-winning teacher and author. He has degrees in archaeology and ancient history from Dartmouth, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania; in May 2015, he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree (honoris causa) from Muhlenberg College. Dr. Cline is an active field archaeologist with 30 seasons of excavation and survey experience. Please complete it for me.
JN S Hace 27 días
David miorgan
David miorgan Hace un mes
In the end it sounds like the EU is a bad idea!
David miorgan
David miorgan Hace un mes
I've never heard even one time from historians the simplest fact that when there was excess the age of theft truly dawned, to steal by force, when theft became the main occupation, that is the secret destructive event which occurred! It has always been easier and more profitable to murder rape and steal than to work, like all trends in thought and action, the theft trend swept away all before it, the signs and symptoms of this are glaringly obvious. That is what happened, even the bible basically says the Hebrews borrowed heavily unto the Egyptians, and blah blah blah, theft is the destroying force, we have seen how it worked for the Spaniards. If you didn't know about the Spaniards and tried to figure out what happened to the Inca and Aztecs you would come up with all kinds of crap, but it was humans who destroyed it, Theft is truly the most destructive force the worlds civilisations have ever faced and will face in the future!
DonkeyLips McGee
DonkeyLips McGee Hace un mes
+David miorgan Is it an analogy for something? What am I missing? Literally theft???
DonkeyLips McGee
DonkeyLips McGee Hace un mes
+David miorganBig talk coming from a guy afraid of "theft". 😂😂😂"Theft"?!?!?!😂😊😊
David miorgan
David miorgan Hace un mes
Donkey lips McGee is the perfect name for a 12 year old basement troll.
DonkeyLips McGee
DonkeyLips McGee Hace un mes
Yup...theft. Theft is coming. Get ready for theft everyone...the end us near.
Skrt Skrt
Skrt Skrt Hace 2 meses
hmu with some notes
Thereis Hope
Thereis Hope Hace 2 meses
I see an analogy here- BUILD THAT WALL NOW! WWG1WGA
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson Hace 2 meses
50:00 I wonder if they had a brawl over it.
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson Hace 2 meses
It's good until 24:00 when he blames climate change. This is of course impossible because there were no Republicans born yet to cause it.
Nicholas Carlough
Nicholas Carlough Hace 2 meses
How do we know this was trade and not a gift economy?
Nicholas Carlough
Nicholas Carlough Hace 2 meses
Do people leave there dead under fallen structures after an earthquake?
Nice 'one eye' symbology ...
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
Eventually a financial system accumulates too much debt or other crap and has to be reset. Now we do it through printing money.
x iLeon
x iLeon Hace 2 meses
Aren't the Phoenecians really the most apt to fit the description "Sea Peoples"???? And doesn't Zukerman's argument rule out the rest (esp. the earthquake that Cline follows up with!) wrt Canaan?
haynesptrn Hace 2 meses
So, he questions whether or not the Exodus took place; but, he believes the Trojan war happened. Got it- he teaches history from the perspective of the heathen.
JN S Hace 27 días
There is zero archeological evidence for the exodus. The Bible is not a history book.
Butt Erscotch
Butt Erscotch Hace 2 meses
1200BC and there is no China or India as a civilisation? Man you are missing out a huge part of the history as a professor... hahahaha
JN S Hace 27 días
Not in the Mediterranean region
Irving Kurlinski
Irving Kurlinski Hace 2 meses
This is only the middle east that he's talking about. China was flourishing for millenia.
Baf Lange
Baf Lange Hace 2 meses
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