12 Funny Mall Pranks And DIYs

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Who says that shopping is boring? We suggest turning it into a funny prank! Insert slime into the palette instead of makeup, put your friend's photo on the store shelf and attach the fake finger instead of a hook in fitting room. Watch these and other pranks in our new video!
Supplies and tools:
• Chocolate
• Fondant
• White food pearl powder
• Brush
• Edible glue
• Manikin finger for manicure practice
• Clear polish
• Old jeans
• Scissors
• Needle and thread
• Cotton fabric
• Safety pins
• Hoodie
• Polyester stuffing
• Printed out sign that says “Best Shop Assistant”
• Double-sided tape
• Colored paper
• Sneakers
• Foam rubber
• Acrylic paint
• Hot glue gun
• Eyeshadow
• Clear Elmer’s glue
• Borax
• Picture frame
• Photo of your friend
• Parchment paper
• Paper ice cream cup
• Wooden ice cream stick
• Teabags
• Dried squid
• Power strip
• Screwdriver
• Party popper
• Cardboard
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Troom Troom
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Anamaria Savu
Anamaria Savu Hace 16 días
I love troo m
Izzy Fondant
Izzy Fondant Hace un mes
Nesrin Ouahdi that's not how you spell troom troom!
Irenio Day-ong
Irenio Day-ong Hace un mes
Troom Troom it's that funny
Irenio Day-ong
Irenio Day-ong Hace un mes
Troom Troom
Tony Manuel
Tony Manuel Hace 2 meses
I love 💖 troom troom
snowflake gatcha
snowflake gatcha Hace 6 horas
*How to get kicked out of stores* Featuring troom troom
Nancy Astor
Nancy Astor Hace 5 días
LAIBA HASSAN Hace 27 días
I love red head and her pranks ❤❤❤❤
Afna Nazar
Afna Nazar Hace un mes
How you know she will take this
Alyssa’s world
Alyssa’s world Hace un mes
If you like the videos You’ll love mine. Make sure to subscribe because at 1000 subscribers we’re doing a giveaway, You don’t wanna miss out.
summer gacha
summer gacha Hace un mes
You would need to buy the items but why would you just go into a random dressing room and tell the employee "I'm gonna use you're dressing room and make you close it so no one can come in"
Ajit Ghatkar
Ajit Ghatkar Hace un mes
Who's here after Slayy Point ?
Niraj Ghatkar
Niraj Ghatkar Hace un mes
Adi Lloyd
Adi Lloyd Hace un mes
How does anybody have any of these prank ingredients in a MALL?
Manish Devkar
Manish Devkar Hace 2 meses
11:09 So funny
HALLY DANCE Hace 2 meses
Troom troom is the best video here at youtube
Monique Jones
Monique Jones Hace 2 meses
I have a New i pad
basicalcoholic Hace 2 meses
aw man!
Drama Queen
Drama Queen Hace 2 meses
Am I the only one who lost brain cells watching this?😂😂
Johara Parojinog
Johara Parojinog Hace 2 meses
I NEver knew malls allow you to bring glue borax and scissors inside
Juliah Calhoun
Juliah Calhoun Hace 2 meses
11:24 definitely not this life if you agree
Juliah Calhoun
Juliah Calhoun Hace 2 meses
So like, do they just have pranks on hand?
6:12 *When you realize you’re a third wheel*
Tasneem Ahmed
Tasneem Ahmed Hace 2 meses
3:30 does we are going to do this in mall
Game stars 1047
Game stars 1047 Hace 2 meses
Are we taking cutter double side tape and other things to do prank in the mall?seriously.security gaurds will ask us are you here to buy something or fixing up.😯😯😯😯😯
Peter Lius
Peter Lius Hace 2 meses
Ok I play
Larkin Long
Larkin Long Hace 2 meses
How did redhead have enough time to plug in a glue gun and make " melted dipping dots" in the time Sydney turned around. Why is her name redhead anyway? You cant glue stuff to the wall in stores, especially scary fingers.
Hey it's abi
Hey it's abi Hace 2 meses
santhiyagu raja
santhiyagu raja Hace 2 meses
I like your shopping trick
Big Red Nix
Big Red Nix Hace 2 meses
How do you fo the pranks in the store
Mirza Suhail
Mirza Suhail Hace 2 meses
I like your views very very much Can you give more new views 🏰🎾🍦🍮🦄🤠😇
clerklouise pielago
clerklouise pielago Hace 2 meses
supper funny hahaha.
Amber hamilton
Amber hamilton Hace 2 meses
lots of these pranks you have to do at home not at the mall
Slime Minecraft
Slime Minecraft Hace 2 meses
Who else thinks these HAVE to be a joke
Arlie Belle
Arlie Belle Hace 2 meses
Would they have enough time to do this at the mall when there friend is doing something that takes what thirty seconds
Arlie Belle
Arlie Belle Hace 2 meses
I hope they didn’t take these clothes from the mall with out paying and started sewing marking and ripping the clothes
Kong Tzingming
Kong Tzingming Hace 2 meses
Angela Thomas
Angela Thomas Hace 2 meses
Now how in tha hell is u gone do all of this in the *mall* 😒
Ilhaam Luhar
Ilhaam Luhar Hace 2 meses
That was actually a redhead
Dragon 1127
Dragon 1127 Hace 2 meses
we shop not not be stupid
Bella Kilmetova
Bella Kilmetova Hace 2 meses
Yeah I will definitely stich hoddies that I haven't brought
Angela Paulene Olaguer
Poor shoe
Lizzy Camilla
Lizzy Camilla Hace 2 meses
I love Troom troom 😍😍😍
Lizzy Camilla
Lizzy Camilla Hace 2 meses
Synergy Marketing
Synergy Marketing Hace 2 meses
Ammmm..........Meow wowwwwwwwwwwww!
Janine Holland
Janine Holland Hace 3 meses
Sydeny More like Sydney Opera house
Joan Glodoviza
Joan Glodoviza Hace 3 meses
i love troom troom
Dora Dora
Dora Dora Hace 3 meses
What a name red head 😂😂😂
Niamh Lambert
Niamh Lambert Hace 3 meses
Sasha Hace 3 meses
"chop up some dried squid" yes because who doesn't have dried squid conveniently laying around at home?
Gary Zhang
Gary Zhang Hace 3 meses
playing in the fitting room, really?
kyla davies
kyla davies Hace 3 meses
how do they know which store their friends are going in???? and why is "Stevie" taking the others to an unknown place????
kyla davies
kyla davies Hace 3 meses
0:03 honey...did you just touch yourself
yordansy guilarte
yordansy guilarte Hace 3 meses
I love your fings how did you do this
lulu the skeleton :3
Is her name Sydney or cindy?
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