13 Morning Routine Pranks / Funny Pranks!

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The daily morning bustle is so boring and trivial round. But we know how to turn morning routine into a funny battle! Arrange a funny prank fight with your friends! It’s a splendid start of a day!
Supplies and Tools:
• Foam rubber sheet
• Scissors
• Acrylic paint
• Water
• Iron
• Sandwich
• Soy sauce
• Mustard
• Ziploc bag
• Drinking straw
• Sticky tape
• Paper coffee cup with a lid
• Tea light
• Matches
• Knife
• Empty fruit mask container
• Fruit jam
• Parchment paper
• Sugar paste
• Fork
• Rolling pin
• Food coloring
• Cotton candy
• Waffle cone
• Socks
• Balloons
• Bottle of Fanta
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Song created by Heather "1 Luv" Gayle
Engineering by Tyler Metz

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4 abr 2018

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Katy Andrews
Katy Andrews Hace 25 días
Teer Teer Het is gratis WiFi in gemeenschappelijke ruimten gaat u ioj de gemeente de ronde
Lance Voisine
Lance Voisine Hace 25 días
Troom Troom it’s pranks not prunks
Anshu Gupta
Anshu Gupta Hace 2 meses
Erik Lonesome 3rd
Erik Lonesome 3rd Hace un día
I do not troom troom it is so bad
Erik Lonesome 3rd
Erik Lonesome 3rd Hace un día
I do not like
NIkhat Rafiullah Syed
You are cheating on us pranking yourself
Ruth Wentworth
Ruth Wentworth Hace 4 días
Jesse Streeter
Jesse Streeter Hace 7 días
The one with the candle good way to cause a house fire or burning someone really bad
Kayleen Ruslan
Kayleen Ruslan Hace 10 días
So hilarious 😅😅🤣
Charles Coleman
Charles Coleman Hace 14 días
Shaniya Lloyd
Shaniya Lloyd Hace 14 días
Love it
Milly Chhoeum
Milly Chhoeum Hace 15 días
I like red head
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez Hace 15 días
I love your channel I subscribed 💝😍😍😍
Emma Zangie
Emma Zangie Hace 16 días
lololol fpfpfpfp
lololol fpfpfpfp Hace 18 días
Troom Troom Evi BFF
BASS SLAYIN' NOOB 86 Hace 19 días
What if redhead pop all the balloons and the friends right away
Vijayarengan R
Vijayarengan R Hace 21 un día
I’ll choose the sandwich
mrsmith4949 Hace 22 días
FhytyyuygdwwtffgdfghhhhyyttrrrwwsSxzddfrittyhyjhfhyyjkool,mnhfyhhnhcsrttyuyyyl Mnhhhhhhhh
tiffany alvarez
tiffany alvarez Hace 25 días
I love the pranks so much I even want to be a prankster
Meyta Mitu
Meyta Mitu Hace 26 días
Puppers 123
Puppers 123 Hace 27 días
8:52 why is the fork brown or did you put brown gummy bears?
michelle zaleski
michelle zaleski Hace 28 días
phọng thanh thanh
phọng thanh thanh Hace 29 días
Stephanie Kiefer
Stephanie Kiefer Hace 29 días
The ice cream one isn't even a prank cause cotton candy is still sweet so basically it is not a prank
Tiffany Nak
Tiffany Nak Hace un mes
Wow so cool
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar Hace un mes
Read head is my favourite
vernard velasco
vernard velasco Hace un mes
xAlyax And xMarinettex
1 like=More pranks 👇🏽
Viki Ferenczi
Viki Ferenczi Hace un mes
Jodi Wood
Jodi Wood Hace un mes
Prank mum
Amy DiPreta
Amy DiPreta Hace un mes
I had 3 dogs 2 dogs died 1 like=me happy 😢😨😰😥😓🥺😩☹️🙁😣😭
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Maman Suratno
Maman Suratno Hace un mes
for or you fruit
Ashlie Heitz
Ashlie Heitz Hace un mes
Your cool
kristine cromello
kristine cromello Hace un mes
I'm gonna turn off the water
Hacking tricks tech
i love pranks
Ruben Campos
Ruben Campos Hace un mes
Unsubscribes because it doesn’t work
minh phan
minh phan Hace un mes
Redhead turn off wifi prank emma
Xiomara Mendoza
Xiomara Mendoza Hace un mes
Anaiya Cooper
Anaiya Cooper Hace un mes
👩This is Amelia she is 0 every like equals her age.
Anna Lackey
Anna Lackey Hace un mes
on my sister
Anna Lackey
Anna Lackey Hace un mes
I will try these on mt sister
Huma and zunash
Huma and zunash Hace un mes
6:40 discusting they are eating a tomato
Damaris Perez
Damaris Perez Hace un mes
Cjbeast Playzzz
Cjbeast Playzzz Hace un mes
5:24 what the
Courtney Dugas
Courtney Dugas Hace un mes
What the heck you can poison her with the acrylic paint and water mix she could have DIED
Severinepig Gervais
That’s bad
Dave Fulcher
Dave Fulcher Hace un mes
Which of the balloons will you like to wear today blue red or green. There is no green
Brooke Richardson
Brooke Richardson Hace un mes
Yeah I got my first like Wait why is it blue
Thi Hoang N
Thi Hoang N Hace un mes
U don’t even have a like stupid like digger
Anusha Vigraham
Anusha Vigraham Hace un mes
Galaxy_Gamer 5647
Galaxy_Gamer 5647 Hace un mes
Curly sue:appears* Me:where has curly sue been!!?
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