13 Year Old Singing Like a Lion Earns Howie's Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent

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Howie Mandel presses ‘America’s Got Talent’ Golden Buzzer for 13-year-old singer Courtney Hadwin
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13 jun 2018

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Catherine Hermansen
Catherine Hermansen Hace un año
She's not that shy. She's making the contest circuit.
XenaTheCorgi Hace 11 días
Amanda Chapman
Amanda Chapman Hace 18 días
Its probably her dad trying to use her as a meal ticket. Its not unheard of, parents throwing their kids into acting or singing.. Then becoming their "managers". Just to earn money.
kiss Of Life
kiss Of Life Hace 2 meses
Navy B52
Navy B52 Hace 3 meses
I hate this talent shows and they way they ruin young talents! Of course she is acting shy...
Navy B52
Navy B52 Hace 3 meses
ALRICK ALPINO Hace 3 horas
It doesn't matter for me if she's shy or not.. She's performance is very great!! Proud of this girl =)
Kaution Tice
Kaution Tice Hace 13 horas
Abshir Mohamed
Abshir Mohamed Hace 18 horas
She can dance too Beast mode bloody crazy this is crazy men and the story and the song and the girl wow
Michael So cool fan
Michael So cool fan Hace un día
She is beautiful
Skrilleze Hace un día
What jenis joplin song is this?
Corinne Collins
Corinne Collins Hace un día
Ferdy Scoch
Ferdy Scoch Hace un día
LooneyMooney Hace un día
What song is she singing?
Bilal Haider
Bilal Haider Hace un día
Baby here I am I'm the man on the scene I can give you what you want But you gotta' come home with me I have got some good old lovin' And I got some more in store When I get through throwin' it on You gotta' come back for more Boys will come along a dime by the dozen That ain't nothing but ten cent lovin' Pretty little thing, let me light your candle 'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle now, yessir'am Action speaks louder than words And I'm a man of great experience I know you've got another man But I can love you better than him Take my hand don't be afraid I'm gonna prove every word I say I'm advertising love for free So you can place your ad with me Boys will come along a dime by the dozen That ain't nothing but ten cent lovin' Pretty little thing, let me light your candle 'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle now, yessir'am
ethereal Hace un día
came here from "girl sings jocelyn flores" smh
Nessie Nightcore
Nessie Nightcore Hace un día
glenda white
glenda white Hace 2 días
I HATE This Act!!
wins channel
wins channel Hace 2 días
Caroline Wiggins
Caroline Wiggins Hace 2 días
My sister says that she fake and not nervous or shy
lil mop
lil mop Hace 2 días
1:03 Special ed kids when the music comes on
Linnae Takigawa
Linnae Takigawa Hace 2 días
Her: *has real talent* Me: I can make ramen does that count as a talent
nasty potato man
nasty potato man Hace 3 días
0:00-1:04 me around people trying to socialize 1:05-2:22 me home alone in my room
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos Hace 4 días
Joplin is alive
Lux Main
Lux Main Hace 4 días
She scared me.
Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton Hace 4 días
Antonio Báez
Antonio Báez Hace 5 días
A.K4L Fam
A.K4L Fam Hace 5 días
Martin Ward
Martin Ward Hace 5 días
She ain't nervous 😂😂😂😂
rum0Ur _
rum0Ur _ Hace 5 días
The singing was great but the dancing....... Not so much.
Nima Gole
Nima Gole Hace 5 días
Can anyone tell me name of this song
Jeremiah Spiceland
Jeremiah Spiceland Hace 6 días
2:14 is me when school is out
agustdipity Hace 6 días
simon’s reaction when she started singing had me dying
Chiara Asr
Chiara Asr Hace 6 días
Maaaaaaaaa..... secondo me sta ragazzina nn sta bn.. me mette ansia...
super skull_gamer
super skull_gamer Hace 6 días
Howie: hits the golden buzzer Janitor: AH SHIT, HERE WE GO AGAIN!!
Francisco Gomez
Francisco Gomez Hace 7 días
Paul Fisher
Paul Fisher Hace 7 días
remember courtney ur awesome n don't quit!!
Stephen Call
Stephen Call Hace 7 días
Oh my gosh. The music at 3:08 lifts up, then Howie comes in all inspirational. That was actually really cool to listen over a few times.
mario beroiza
mario beroiza Hace 8 días
What's the name of this song ??
西祐輔 Hace 8 días
ErikaDIY Hace 8 días
I really love her passion and her voice she amazing thank you for being a rock girl
Mark Dela Cruz
Mark Dela Cruz Hace 8 días
Damn! She nailed it! Girls version of AXL ROSE of Guns N Roses!
たざっち Hace 8 días
Mackenzie Fritz
Mackenzie Fritz Hace 9 días
how can i get on america's got talent does anyone know?
Jajoux Msp
Jajoux Msp Hace 9 días
i am choquing ......... OMG not anglish x)
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo Hace 9 días
Sad. Too much noise to listen the music.....
werqa123 Hace 9 días
The best of i ever seen
Boy Yosi
Boy Yosi Hace 10 días
Howie’s speech gave me the chills
SHAWON MAHMUD Hace 10 días
Loved it.I watched it 100 times
Carter Hall
Carter Hall Hace 10 días
As Simon said and I quote. "Bloody hell."
Nehir Eryılmaz
Nehir Eryılmaz Hace 10 días
Wowww 🔟 love 😻😻😻
。。 Hace 10 días
ExpirezFN Hace 10 días
Howie was so happy
SUZU EMI Hace 10 días
魔法少女ごろう Hace 11 días
Carlos Peláez
Carlos Peláez Hace 11 días
Coñooooooo que vaina tan buenaaaaa, EXPECTACULAR, la adoro!!!
Isabella Negrete
Isabella Negrete Hace 11 días
2:10 that auto tune tho🤦‍♀️ she is such a good singer why they put auto tune
Juju Hace 8 días
There is not auto tune...
Deeboss Hace 11 días
I'd like her if she wouldn't move like a retard
Joe Yasuhara
Joe Yasuhara Hace 11 días
God bless
Althea Castro
Althea Castro Hace 12 días
Its like someone possessed her😂😂😂😂
The control in her voice.... I got CHILLSSSSSS
Sebastian Maidana
Sebastian Maidana Hace 12 días
aaam like
Johannes Johnson
Johannes Johnson Hace 13 días
Me : Shy Inner self: Hold my beer
Älännä Lïmä Lima
Älännä Lïmä Lima Hace 13 días
Como ela canta que nem um leão sendo que leão não canta???
ppipe Hace 13 días
Whats the original song named
[HS]Kurai Hace 13 días
I thought the title implied that she sounded like a lion
The Colemans
The Colemans Hace 13 días
Omg I'm so in awe
Joe Yasuhara
Joe Yasuhara Hace 13 días
God bless
dixienelly Hace 13 días
Alesha you look like scary spice and sound like her 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💁‍♀️👩🤩
ErikaDIY Hace 13 días
Omg what a talent I love her
Madison Espinosa
Madison Espinosa Hace 13 días
simons reaction kills me .!💀
ふるーつぽん Hace 14 días
くるみ. Hace 14 días
Amir Muhay
Amir Muhay Hace 14 días
Mckenzi Waterman
Mckenzi Waterman Hace 14 días
Om goodness is has the tellnit she my favorite
Christina Carne
Christina Carne Hace 15 días
Amazing strong voice
RBLX Lucifer9836
RBLX Lucifer9836 Hace 15 días
How are you? Abit nervous... *Sings music in manly voice with not a single bit of nervousness..*
NicoFox Productions
NicoFox Productions Hace 16 días
When her arm said “〽️” I felt that
virtual_ninja_ Hace 16 días
By the ways which song is this?
かほかほ Hace 16 días
Anthony Lopes
Anthony Lopes Hace 17 días
Isso foi insano! o.O
R013 Hace 17 días
Proudest dad ever haha so amazing!!
Hantu Ghost
Hantu Ghost Hace 17 días
Who wacth this on 2019 up u thumb
Sunita Gautam
Sunita Gautam Hace 17 días
I tried to sing like her and..... I sounded like a CROW CAWING😅😅😯😯 speechless!!!!
Mncedisi Ramaano
Mncedisi Ramaano Hace 14 días
ash kumm
ash kumm Hace 18 días
She sounds like niki😉
XxshadowxX Hace 18 días
When i heard her singing i was like: HOLY MOTHER F****R SHE SINGS GOOD LIKE F*****G H*LL HOW IS THAT F*****G POSSIBEL HOLY MOLY S*IT SHES F*****G BETTER THAN I SING I F*****G WANT TO CRY BLOD HOW THE F*****G H*LL HOLY S*IT WHAT THE H*LL!!!!! (Dont mind how mutch i sweared just😂)
Jack Luke
Jack Luke Hace 19 días
I just don't get why she has to move like she's being possessed
Abdullah Animation
Abdullah Animation Hace 19 días
Now that is content
Bano Allauddin
Bano Allauddin Hace 20 días
Whats the song name tell me
Vanessa Hi
Vanessa Hi Hace 19 días
Bano Allauddin It's Hard to handle !
ardita v
ardita v Hace 20 días
0:41 how no one noticed that her wig is falling
oh yeahyeah
oh yeahyeah Hace 20 días
Nobody: The creature I see during sleep paralysis:
Ass Ass
Ass Ass Hace 10 días
@ShiFt barfm you're
oh yeahyeah
oh yeahyeah Hace 11 días
@ShiFt barfm yeah im extremely jealous of her dancing😂
oh yeahyeah
oh yeahyeah Hace 11 días
@gamer girl21 😂😂
ShiFt barfm
ShiFt barfm Hace 11 días
Frick off she's good and your just jealous
gamer girl21
gamer girl21 Hace 16 días
U seeing yourself because that's the only creature I see
Ayla Eweka
Ayla Eweka Hace 20 días
She scares me
ConnorColeman 03
ConnorColeman 03 Hace 21 un día
2:11 and there goes the auto tune 😂
Wind Singer
Wind Singer Hace 21 un día
Bob H
Bob H Hace 21 un día
Best voice i ever heard
こざかな Hace 22 días
FACHRI 2609 Hace 23 días
Oppai Master
Oppai Master Hace 23 días
Tyra face is everything
Tuliocsmed Hace 23 días
Well, that escalated quickly..
Renato de Carvalho
Renato de Carvalho Hace 23 días
Além de linda canta muito!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sandy D
Sandy D Hace 24 días
Que genial canta y wow, wow!!
fernando molina
fernando molina Hace 24 días
Donna Nash
Donna Nash Hace 25 días
I have watched this too many times.
Ewa Madina Masłowska
Ewa Madina Masłowska Hace 25 días
How isthis song called?
alessandro alaimo
alessandro alaimo Hace 27 días
Lo he visto unas 7 veces ya
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