130W Wood Co2 Laser Cutting Machine with RuIDa 6442 Controller

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In the video, that is UG-1290L Co2 laser engraving cutting machine, with
# Reci W6 130W Co2 laser tube, fine cutting ability for plywood: 15mm, MDF:13mm
# Double working table: honey comb and knife strip #Auto lifting table
# Auto focusing
# RuiDa 6442 control system with WIFI router
# RDWorks V8 software
# CW-5000 industrial chiller
# Voltage: AC220V/110V,50/60Hz, single phase

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11 dic 2017






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The Retro Gamer 101
The Retro Gamer 101 Hace 8 horas
Cliclbait my cata laser didnt cut wood
Abhishek Abhishek
Abhishek Abhishek Hace 6 días
lejar machine ke 1 step tarika paletcating
P Patro
P Patro Hace un mes
Thickness of the wood please...
Andri Novrianto
Andri Novrianto Hace un mes
Can cut palette wood?
Yosef Lopez
Yosef Lopez Hace 2 meses
Could you do this same design, but instead of having holes make engravings?
Yosef Lopez
Yosef Lopez Hace 2 meses
@MySchizo Buddy What makes them better?
MySchizo Buddy
MySchizo Buddy Hace 2 meses
@Yosef Lopez full spectrum muse is a better product than dremel and by a reputable company.
Yosef Lopez
Yosef Lopez Hace 2 meses
@MySchizo Buddy I think it depends on what you're planning on doing. I'm looking to get the dremel and its price range exceeds $6000.
MySchizo Buddy
MySchizo Buddy Hace 2 meses
@Yosef Lopez engraving can be done with even a 5W laser. 130W is overkill. When you want to engrave with this machine you will have to use a low power setting. It's like buying a ferrari and driving it at only 10mi/hr. So it's better to save money and buy a 5W or 10W laser engraver for less than $500. This machine with 130W laser is over $5000.
Yosef Lopez
Yosef Lopez Hace 2 meses
@MySchizo Buddy Well, I didn't necessarily mean just engraving. I meant having a cut out with engravings in the design simultaneously. Why would this be overkill for just engraving?
Harune Malik
Harune Malik Hace 3 meses
I’m looking for a good laser cutting machine that will cut Acrylic. Can anyone help? Not too expensive...?
Harune Malik
Harune Malik Hace 2 meses
MySchizo Buddy Ah excellent! Thank you! Now just need to find a cheap decent one!
MySchizo Buddy
MySchizo Buddy Hace 2 meses
Any laser cutter with above 50W laser will cut acrylic. These 50W ones should be around $1500.
S & T Arts and Dies
S & T Arts and Dies Hace 3 meses
hi, can you supplied this machine in pune, Please give reference & contact so will visit there , & what is price of this machine
Virendra Sharma
Virendra Sharma Hace 3 meses
Hello i am designer and operator plezz connect number..7618872200 it's my WhatsApp number
Chand Khan
Chand Khan Hace 4 meses
Tuga Minhoto
Tuga Minhoto Hace 7 meses
What the laser power and what speed and power % you used to cut this?
Smail Mezaguer
Smail Mezaguer Hace 7 meses
What's the price to whatsapp 00213674735745
talkingalwayz Hace 8 meses
How thick can it cut thru wood? Ty
Echo Tan
Echo Tan Hace 8 meses
Hello,this is ECHO from Jinan, China. We are leading manufacture of CNC and laser machine. Whatsapp:+ 86 15666778391. Email: info@yorkcnc.com Welcome inquiry.
Saini Saini
Saini Saini Hace 9 meses
kitana prices h is masin ka
Virendra Sharma
Virendra Sharma Hace 3 meses
Bhai 5 lakh ke machine hi
Yogesh Wal
Yogesh Wal Hace 10 meses
Please send me details and quotation
Hi, pls inform me your email box, my email is info@upgoalcnc.com, mob/whatsapp:86-13869132173
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh Hace un año
Plz give me your contact no. I wanna some details about this machine to bought
Hi 9060 model, price around USD 2500, 6040 model with Reci, around USD 2250, if you are interested, pls contact us, will send you a formal quotation: info@upgoalcnc.com, Mob/Whatsapp/WeChat:+86-13869132173
Ildar Ashirjanov
Ildar Ashirjanov Hace un año
What price for 90*60 ore 60*40 with recci
Hello , pls contact: Amiee Zhang(Miss) Jinan Upgoal Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd Web: www.upgoalcnc.com upgoalcnc.en.made-in-china.com/ Email: info@upgoalcnc.com Mobile/WhatsApp/WeChat:+86 13869132173 Skype: amieezhang89 Thanks!
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