Beyoncé - 16 CARRIAGES (Official Visualizer) 

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10 feb 2024






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@AwesomenessTV Hace 9 días
@NeonLife-qi3uo Hace 9 días
Is a theif and a liar and STOLE this music from another musician. Your hero is a rotten demon.
@tinachristine4573 Hace 9 días
I KNOW! 🥹🥹🥹🥹 she's just..... 💕💕💕😊
@icarrus4u Hace 9 días
Absolutely her! 👑
@keishachilds9873 Hace 9 días
@NeonLife-qi3uo Hace 9 días
@@icarrus4u Yup, Beyonce is Queen of the Jews. That's why she doesn't care about Palestinian people. Don't believe me? Go look up who her attorney's are.
@asiadailey82 Hace 6 días
I dont know about you guys but this song makes me cry. 💜 It makes me think of how i feel driving my children to daycare and having to work long hours and dealing with daddy trauma and protecting my mom all while trying to create a legacy for my children and holding down my husband. That might have not been the point of the song but it brought emotion out of me. Thank you Beyonce for this song
@Rarebeauti Hace 5 días
Literally this is what i felt
@xxGuItArGiRLxx89 Hace 5 días
Can your husband support financially until they start school? They need mama.
@Andreasplace Hace 5 días
Yes my 5 year old is about to start school and I have worked through it and I just want to be with him like I was with his 4 siblings! 😢
@soulcology Hace 5 días
🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽4 🫵🏽❤
@johnmccoy9058 Hace 2 días
Loving this. The composition is beguiling. That machine-like beat slamming phrase after phrase, the overall Gospel feel, the trickle of notes falling like water. Superbly conceived and executed. Brava!
@DJMSEA Hace 2 días
Check out my remix of 16 Carriages esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-uZ6Li6sG_H8.htmlsi=IgtZ_mo-1xp73DKM
Ho pensato proprio lo stesso 😍👌👌👌
@ashnicole9354 Hace 4 días
Going so hard now I MISS MY KIDS!!!! A mother, a worker, a student, a soul searcher, a daughter, a aunt, a big cousin, a co worker soooo much to just be… I feel this Beyoncé I’m tired too. I can see the carriages ride away with my childhood dreams in them too. I had to take care of home at an early age too. I grew up early too due to trauma … I seen my momma crying (cancer at 27 I was 9 and an only child) I seen my daddy lying leaving us to be with other women while my mom had cancer and those baby are my 16 carriages. Still watching them ride replaying everyday in my mind wish I could have ran with them. I GET IT BEY THANK YOU!!!
@mosimawithlove Hace 3 días
The strength it takes may it be refilled as it ain't easy.
@FLOKADO Hace 3 días
Remarkable! You’re a survivor. 🫶🏽
@coonalisa230 Hace 3 días
God bless you
@forever39 Hace un día
Beyonce always had the options to travel with her family alongside nannies..This is song is fictional in regards to her, but can hit home for some
@TheNinjapancake14 Hace un día
Ash Nicole, you are strong. God bless you. This song is real for you and many others. Nothing wrong with pointing out that Beyonce the BILLIONAIRE had to use a little imagination in order to relate to you
I love that she doesn't put herself in a box. Always growing and risk taking. Full creative control.
@leilanilogan40 Hace 4 días
That's what you do when you're no longer relevant
@keyy_west Hace 4 días
@@leilanilogan40yet you’re under her video commenting 😂💀 now catch that dirt
@tasha602 Hace 4 días
blessing 2 beyonce she did tht country music love it ❤❤🔥🔥🔥
@marteenyo Hace 4 días
@@leilanilogan40 how would you know when you've never been relevant?
@PatrickEvina4891 Hace 4 días
@@leilanilogan40Blind hatred of someone is a type of mental illness, so you may need to see a shrink. Her last album (Renaissance) won 4 Grammys and had a number-one song on the Billboard Hot 100 (“Break My Soul”), then her tour of the same name grossed $580 million in 2023 and became the highest grossing tour by a female artist in history. So you’re obviously a troll with no credibility whatsoever.
@braxtonbreezytv Hace 9 horas
Beyoncé Got The Girls Wearing Cowboy Hats And Cowboy Boots 💯😂 I Love It ❤️🔥 Lol
Hace 9 días
Wow, Beyoncé never fails to amaze me. This country sound is everything!
@lalag4000 Hace 9 días
Does not sound like a country sound at all
@@lalag4000 it definitely is! Haven’t you watched what’s been happening in the industry lately!? It is definitely giving country 😂
@TechTalk1x Hace 9 días
​@@lalag4000 well we created it we can make it sounds in our own way... stay mad.
@TheLynLyn57 Hace 9 días
@@lalag4000 Then you simply don't know country.
@keepingitreal5533 Hace 9 días
Her vocals aren't country at all. She would have had to scale back much more and kept the melody simpler to really convey country. But we'll see how it goes...
@dianaseoketsi6918 Hace 4 días
I love how it's one scene put on replay throughout the song, it shows the overworked part. Its her getting ready to do the same thing over and over again, doing what she has to. Maybe I'm off but that's what I see.
@abigailzulu1500 Hace 2 días
You're. Right, she is a workaholic
@bitokay147 Hace 2 días
I love that perspective, good point
@Handling.i Hace 2 días
You my friend, are point on! Shoot 💥
@ralfiejr34 Hace un día
It's not that deep. All her visualizers are like this...lol
@africanfufu Hace un día
@@ralfiejr34😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 EXACTLY!
@lovedove3355 Hace 6 días
I always knew Beyonce would be here one day since she part with Destiny Child and published Dangerously in Love. That whole album she was able to display how versatile she was and I knew she could do any genre of music. I have been a huge fan since Dangerously in Love album back in 2001/2002. I’m so honored to see her flourish in this industry/become a wife/become a mom/ and creating a legacy for her family and everyone to remember her whether they like her or not. ❤❤❤
@fulviawriter9445 Hace 4 días
Sixteen carriages drivin' away While I watch them ride with my dreams away To the summer sunset on a holy night On a long back road, all the tears I fight Sixteen carriages drivin' away While I watch them ride with my dreams away To the summer sunset on a holy night On a long back road, all the tears I fight At fifteen, the innocence was gone astray Had to leave my home at an early age I saw Mama prayin', I saw Daddy grind All my tender problems, had to leave behind It's been umpteen summers and I'm not in my bed On the back of the bus and a bunk with the band Goin' so hard, gotta choose myself Underpaid and overwhelmed I might cook, clean, but still won't fold Still workin' on my life, you know Only God knows, only God knows Only God knows Sixteen carriages drivin' away While I watch them ride with my fears away To the summer sunset on a holy night On a long back road, all the tears I fight Sixteen carriages drivin' away While I watch them ride with my fears away To the summer sunset on a holy night On a long back road, all the tears I fight Sixteen dollars, workin' all day Ain't got time to waste, I got art to make I got love to create on this holy night They won't dim my light, all these years I fight It's been thirty-eight summers and I'm not in my bed On the back of the bus and a bunk with the band Goin' so hard, now I miss my kids Overworked and overwhelmed I might cook, clean, but still won't fold Still workin' on my life, you know Only God knows, only God knows Only God knows Sixteen carriages driving away While I watch them ride with my fears away To the summer sunset on a holy night On a long back road, all the tears I fight Sixteen carriages driving away While I watch them ride with my fears away To the summer sunset on a holy night On a long back road, all these tears I fight Ohh, ohh Ohh At fifteen, the innocence was gone astray Had to take care of home at an early age I saw Mama cryin', I saw Daddy lyin' Had to sacrifice and leave my fears behind The legacy, if it's the last thing I do You'll remember me 'cause we got somethin' to prove In your memory on a highway to truth Still see your faces when you close your eyes Sixteen carriages drivin' away While I watch them ride with my dreams away
@marsthatdamnrebel Hace un día
Thanks for sharing lyrics. The video didn't move me at all but the voice and lyrics are incredible. No need for three minutes of primping in front of a mirror on repeat, Sis. EVERYBODY already knows you're gorgeous.
@dsmmike95 Hace 3 horas
You know if you click CC it shows the lyrics
@alisiazinken-gs1pl Hace un hora
Needs a better beat to the song
please don't ever stop making music 😢 you are the gift that keeps on giving.
@MasterChief37 Hace 4 días
She doesn’t make music, hundreds of people make music for her which she sings.
@preorder_prea Hace 4 días
@@MasterChief37she writes lots of her music though, along with producing lots of her music especially.
@RSpark Hace 4 días
@RSpark Hace 4 días
@@MasterChief37see for yourself that u r wrong .. go to genius lyrics scroll down on this song and see in the credits-who produced it and wrote it 🐝 is 1 of the producers and 1 of the songwriters.. why saying untrue things? Not cool
Like herpes. Earache from that trash song
@makemoney2114 Hace 4 días
Incredible body of work that Beyonce has created may God bless us all .This country needs each one of us to pray and stick together ❤️ 🙏.
@Marymackdancefitness Hace 10 días
Releasing country singles during the Super Bowl in Black History Month is that iconic ish we love to see. ❤
@patriceharrison1011 Hace 10 días
Dont get no better❤
@chenellebeautytv Hace 10 días
@samlightshines Hace 10 días
@TrollBot. Hace 10 días
@pablotvvlogs1718 Hace 9 días
@DustinMont Hace 6 días
My favourite Beyoncé song maybe ever. The instrumentation, her vocals, the weight of the lyrics, the relentlessness of the melody. Masterpiece. 🙌🏼
@GiselleHeart Hace 5 días
Facts ! This is absolute genius and talent ❤
@DGRIFF Hace 3 días
As a man that doesn't listen to Beyonce, this is probably my favorite as well. I loved If I Was a Boy about the same. Both songs are poweful and Beyoncé's voice is just incredible.
@SilverSkies94 Hace 2 días
Damn Im actually liking this a lot more than “Texas Hold Em.” Dang. And I’m a dude who listens to classic rock almost all the time. Im adding this to my spotify playlist.
The fact that she’s not trying to sing in that cliche country accent but somehow still sounds authentic is crazy! Not necessarily a fan of her but I have to give her credit, she is definitely a professional!!
@CourageUnderFire87 Hace 3 días
She’s from the South and so is the rest of her family!
@ARL1977 Hace 2 días
sounds natural because she is from Houston.
@user-lo8vu5zq6g Hace 13 horas
This isn't EVEN close to a country song, it's pop with acoustic guitar.
@roxyroxii1152 Hace 10 horas
@@user-lo8vu5zq6g like any Shania Twain standard.
@MarlaHughesFL Hace 9 horas
@@user-lo8vu5zq6g THANK YOU.
I just cant begin to say how thankful I am to live in the same time as Beyoncé. Thank you for giving us EXCELLENCE with every project. Thank you for standing 10 toes down on your art and its direction. Have been a fan since I was 5 going on into my 32 summer.
@soulcology Hace 5 días
This touched me ❤
@RSpark Hace 4 días
You’re a true fan! I covered 16 carriages, would love if you checked it out, thx!🤘
@CryStealHeart Hace 14 horas
To me, This seems to be a contemporary version of the Southern country in the 1850s before radio. Glad she is bringing it back. I love it ❤
@Brunajdb Hace 10 días
She’s not here to follow standards, she creates the standards. Now everybody is gonna cry to country music.
@lyb244 Hace 10 días
??? Country has literally been dominating the charts for years. She’s just rebranding, like she always does. Finding a new niche is her marketing strategy and has been for years.
@bunchielove6893 Hace 10 días
Not her first time doing country.
@Brunajdb Hace 10 días
@@lyb244 girl chill. Country is not what people listen the most right now and we know that, what i meant is that she behaves differently than most of the artists that just make music to be famous and get money.
@Hoopa234 Hace 10 días
@@lyb244this just isn’t true country music is not nearly as mainstream as pop or her other genres
@turquoiseoctober5586 Hace 10 días
@@lyb244that’s what every artist does lol
@NotCommon_Foh_1795 Hace 6 días
THIS WOMAN!!!!!! I am from New York CIty... and I do have what I think is a pretty diverse music palette, even with my early admiration for Dolly Parton, the Dixie Chicks and hell, Miley. BUT THIS!!!! I will be taking a DEEP DIVE into today's new country which is becoming more inclusive. And NOW I Pray it will help bring people CLOSER TOGETHER! #ThanksAgainBeyonce!
@Lon.BedStuyforLife Hace 3 horas
Well said! 💯🥰
@deewill5469 Hace 6 días
This is so sad I hear her pain!!! Wow 😮😢❤ even the strongest people hurt.
@tamekacolley3896 Hace 4 días
Man I'm going through it working being underpaid but gotta keep going matter what a struggle but, it's a strength no one can give but,GOD ❤
@marcyjones2667 Hace 19 horas
Ok so I'm a Beyonce fan and a country fan and i was excited to see her take on country music. First i heard Texas hold em, and... It was cute but i didn't think it was it. I've always felt like any good country music has something to say. This one makes me feel a lot better about her new album. I wanna hear what else she has to say.
@ztwilisrealm Hace 10 días
She's really reclaiming the black music genres and bring them back to its roots. First it was house music, now it's country. Can't wait till she redeem rock and roll next.
@AdeptiStriker8888 Hace 10 días
No cause the revival is real!!
@prettydarq Hace 10 días
Did you need to comment this twice
@iamdanibritt Hace 10 días
I said the same thing. Especially after her rendition of you outta know by Alanis Morissette
@yaaaanaaa Hace 10 días
@zvyyyy Hace 10 días
@@prettydarqthey did 🤣😂
@alicemiriah Hace 6 días
My granny left home at 14 from England, Arkansas to Chicago, Illinois. In 2014 I moved to Dallas, Texas. This song reminds me of my Granny ❤🤠
@nollidgestm1238 Hace 3 días
She was boring and reductive? That's not a nice thing to say.
@@nollidgestm1238my mom made my sister and I listen to country music stations while driving to Pennsylvania. Most of it had the same theme (talking about getting girls and drinking at the bar). There is some great country music out there but to say this is boring is sacrilege 😂 I keep listening to it over again because the lyrics are well done with subtle changes each time
@nollidgestm1238 Hace 14 horas
@@tiredoftheworld4834 Saying there is great country music does not preclude this individual song from being boring and reductive.
@alicemiriah Hace 13 horas
@@nollidgestm1238 music is subjective 🤷🏽‍♀️
@nollidgestm1238 Hace 10 horas
@@alicemiriah Taste is subjective but there is objective truth.
@ALIZAY851 Hace 6 días
A u t h e n t i c V i e w s D a w t C a w m 💖 and Beyoncé are a match made in heaven, Best song on album this song ❤🎵🎶 😌🔥🖤😎🧡
@laquettaowens6120 Hace 3 días
I love she showing the Texas side of her we love country music here.
@stephaniemoody1127 Hace 5 días
I truly love this talented lady... great vocals country music tells a story and she Did that baby!!!
@randomhandle Hace 4 días
This track is so freaking good. And this is coming from a long time metal head.
@bee8368 Hace 10 días
As a Black woman that grew up listening to country music, I am excited for this project.
@Will-zd2lj Hace 10 días
@userJFK Hace 10 días
You and me both
@terrie325 Hace 10 días
Me too
@madss82 Hace 9 días
Sameee it’s one of my fave genres
@cleopatramyers6134 Hace 9 días
we have been waiting!!!!
@yellowhousecafe Hace 5 días
brilliant, beautiful, Queen of metamorphosis...dig that she is elevating Gidden's work too.
@ccraisins2005 Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who doesn't like Texas Hold Em but already is IN LOVE with 16 carriages? I could listen to a whole album of this vibe. I love when she does more ballad type songs. I can't wait to hear what the rest of the album has in store for us.
@alicemiriah Hace 4 días
@brizo_small Hace 3 días
Me too, couldn't even finish listening to it
@brizo_small Hace 3 días
Me too, couldn't even finish listening to it
Go look for her songs , “ That’s Why You’re Beautiful “ and “ Daddy Lessons”
@alicemiriah Hace 2 días
@@InspiredByEbonyLove love those songs. I still listen to that’s why you’re beautiful. It’s like a country/rock sound
@thatsbrujaafrikana Hace 9 horas
@shirease4675 Hace 6 días
Beyoncé is a vibe. Beautiful song.
@cymicagrant3352 Hace 4 días
I love that Beyonce will try everything. She will never be in a box ❤
She's literally trying to stay relevent by doing a genre she has no background in
@Whackadoo1 Hace 10 días
As a longtime fan of both country music and Beyoncé, my soul is swelling with joy and peace hearing this song.
@Niaraimani Hace 10 días
swelling so so soooo wide🥺
@nya55155 Hace 10 días
she wants to be lana del rey so bad
@Reko_89 Hace 10 días
@antonios4187 Hace 10 días
Love it ❤❤
@graciemacquoid Hace 10 días
@@nya55155Obsessed much?
@tarnesh88 Hace 4 días
I’m really starting to understand the whole Renaissance thing. It all makes sense now. First the house music now country music. This is dope artistry.
You mean following trends to keep relevent?
@justinb864 Hace 2 días
@@MYNAMEISGARY I don't think Beyonce has any issue staying relevant.
@Tiffbigsis Hace 2 días
I heard after this she'll be doing rock n roll. I'm here for it.
@pierremarquez6369 Hace 19 horas
Act three, rock! Can’t wait!!
@lisadenille Hace 6 días
OMG.....sounds so beautiful. A duet with Chris Stapleton would be bomb 💣 😍
@yoeshikoecreer384 Hace 18 horas
@therealgoldensheep Hace 14 horas
This is a really sad song. LIFE imitates ART!! We're ALL going through something.💔❤‍🩹❤‍🔥🖤❤ Praying for continued strength.
@heatherholland8653 Hace 6 días
I love all music and country is what I was raised on. I am here for this and Texas Hold Em.
@Smurray182 Hace 4 días
Never was a huge Beyonce fan. I just knew she was a big pop star and recognized her music. I love country, and hearing this queen come to this genre and absolutely kills it. Now i get it.
@oldsalt8011 Hace 4 días
Hot bod for sure.
@ADMAFIA210 Hace 3 días
Apparently you dont
@Smurray182 Hace 3 días
@ADMAFIA210 Well, maybe I don't. But for me to comment that I think she did great, and I get why people love her voice so much and then see your thick headed comment. That I don't get. "Apparently," lol
@oldsalt8011 Hace 3 días
All the right curves!
@katl.9771 Hace 3 días
You very very very far from get it. She’s sold her soul that’s why she’s wildly popular- that’s the thing you were not getting. Not talent, the influence of the devil and money.
This is too much, I’m overwhelmed, overstimulated, flabbergasted, fed and full. Thank you Beyoncé
@ibeDWRECK Hace 10 días
same here... this new era is opening up my chakras or something idk but i like it
@ldkea05 Hace 10 días
Me after rn I can't focus lol
@ldkea05 Hace 10 días
@@ibeDWRECKI like it too
@lelahill9778 Hace 10 días
Well damn! Lol me Too!
@RSpark Hace 8 días
I covered 16 CARRIAGES and would love if you checked it out, thx! :)
@leannahbrown2318 Hace 5 días
This type of story telling is going to bring this new generation back to real music! I love this for us:)
@nathenlopez3558 Hace 5 días
This song reminds me of my mother to a T. Leaving her country at 15 on a back of a bus for a better life. Overworked and overwhelmed barely being able to see her kids just to provide for us. She’s such a strong woman for everything she’s had to endure this song just does something to me and I’m working on my life so I can be able to one day return the favor to her❤️
@user-ss2zz7qo8b Hace 3 días
I felt that...😢
@brandia2904 Hace 3 días
I'm not a Beyonce fan, but this the only song she's made that spoke to me. It been 38 summers for me and I started at 14. I've been grinding this whole time taking care of my family. Doing my eldest daughter duties still, being a wife, and a mother. All of that and working 60 hour weeks. I'm exhausted, but I still feel accomplished because I worked hard for what I have now. This song reminded me of how far I've come and how much more I can do.
@stealthisvibe9208 Hace 2 días
Make sure you’re still taking care of you too bb (if you can) 💖 you sound incredibly strong. Your people are lucky to have you in their lives.
@alexahornsby9202 Hace 6 días
I just Thank God for you Beyoncé this song just gives so many of us the rise we need to awaken from these dry bones all the mental stress we have been impacted with daily in this world this song man I just can't stop crying playing it I'm so overwhelmed with joy for you sister for us✊🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bey did it again and always...my gal...Love this song and love her 4 life...she been my girl from the start of her career...I hope she never stops making music❤❤❤❤
@itsalllove4355 Hace 10 días
NOW, it all makes sense as to why she wore that country outfit to Grammys. WOW!!! Love you, Queen Virgo....❤
@shannarafryer3111 Hace 10 días
She wore something similar in public after the Grammys too, everyone was certain she was going to drop country music and they were right
@ChinkyEyeNovi24 Hace 10 días
I came to say this! It all makes sense cuz at first I was like girl what 🤣
@lovelyladycarter3687 Hace 10 días
I just said the same thing 😂💯👏🥂❤️
@BlueRosesandSapphire Hace 10 días
@nappilygorjess Hace 6 días
The way I sobbed to this. I felt every word in this song was raw and deep. I love this era of Bey. She’s been giving us her most authentic self and reminding us thru herself who WE are. Reminding us that as black women, how hard we grind to keep it together, to not always give into our emotions but push to make things happen so others (the ones we love) can live better. Reminding us how black ppl have not only had a place in country music, but we’re the first cowboys/girls since the beginning. Most importantly, Bey is reminding us how hard SHE grinds and sacrifices her life, her time with her kids, her family so that WE (her fans) can experience her gifts, her artistry, talents, music, creativity, entertainment beyond this world. Beyoncé has always had one icon she’s always wanted to be like and that was Michael Jackson. Baby Bey, that was the smartest choice because there is NO ONE like her! Our girl is in a league of her own. The more they hate, try to stop her shine, the more she shines and grinds. I’m hearing country radio stations refusing to play her music? Yea okay….no she’s not a “country” artist. She’s Beyoncé breaking off into a diff genre of music. No diff from what other artists have done. Yall forgot how she used to yoodle, etc?! Heeeehhaaaaawwww!
@lavivaali2817 Hace 3 días
All of this is so true, it brings up some very strong emotions thinking of all the sacrifices she has made. 😢 luv the song so much.
@hollywilson1927 Hace 15 horas
how hard do you think it is for her? do think only black women fight this fight?
@nappilygorjess Hace 14 horas
@@hollywilson1927 I can only speak for black women because I am a black woman. Idk how hard it is for her, but she face challenges and sometimes the same challenges we do by constantly being reminded that no matter how successful she is, how rich she is, she’s STILL BLACK. It reminds me of Jay-Z’s song “O-Jay” on his 444 album…he talks about diff scenarios of the same things. So of course I do think other women of diff races face challenges as well, BUT us black women have to fight harder. Always have! I hope that answers your question.
@hollywilson1927 Hace 10 horas
because she's black she faces challenges? Like what? I don't think she's got many challenges that make for obstacles in her life! What makes black women have to fight harder? How? for what? Come on, it's 2024 and life for most is not hard no matter what color you are@@nappilygorjess
@sp00kyma2 Hace 6 días
me crying before the end is crazy, the power in her voice is unmatched
@elmicka6820 Hace un día
OMG ,this music is more than just sound. It reaches our spirit, emotions, and feelings. Only those who are on a low wavelength don’t catch the vibe and reject it.
@Houseofcutie777 Hace 4 días
I love the simple 3-part-stacking so smooth on this song And "16 Carriages" has my heart already! Love that song People don't realize Beyoncé is very talented her voice is amazing.. you really got understand the art technique and the art music I love the way keep her brand in all her music
@seanknox6035 Hace 7 horas
Amazing how only people who are relevant today in music get their props for being creative or innovative. Cyndi lauper has recorded pop , rock , dance , standards , blues and country records and doesn't compromise herself and creates great records. I'm not a Beyonce fan at all , but good on you. You sing like yourself and don't change who u r , but the country works for you.
@a_2502 Hace 10 días
This song make me want to look outside the window thinking about life with tears rolling down my eyes.... BEYONCÉ 16 Carrigaes is a gorgeous song 😭🤎
@stupatt Hace 10 días
Same!!! I started welling up
@YouKnowImRight99 Hace 10 días
😂 facts! She definitely captured that country music feel!! 🐝
@nya55155 Hace 10 días
she wants to be lana del rey so bad
@gumhkawngla2327 Hace 10 días
​@@nya55155get out
@xarcr Hace 10 días
@@nya55155LMFAOO that’s the funniest thing Ive heard today🤣
There is so much soul in this. 🤎
@DjBRedd Hace 5 días
Right soul. Not country. She would’ve did better releasing a southern soul/blues song. This fit that.
@user-px4ho2ti5x Hace 4 días
This woman just opened so many people up to such a beautiful genre of music.
@jeffroberts2279 Hace 3 días
It was already opened and this is actually pop. Just because she has a cowboy hat on doesn’t make it country. If I tote a Glock 9 around in my waistband does that make me a gangster? 😂
@studdpuppy85 Hace 3 días
Have to agree. Much more on the pop side than country side. It’s not bad but it’s not country at all. Darius Rucker went country. wtf this is I don’t know.
@lolalustar Hace 3 días
​@@jeffroberts2279no, it makes you sound very ignorant for say such a thing. Yes, it's not trying to be funny it was just stupid.🤷🏽‍♀️
@jeffroberts2279 Hace 3 días
@@lolalustarwhatever you say. This isn’t country at all and that’s a fact. It’s terrible actually
@peterberglund5492 Hace 2 días
It's what a true artist does! Gotta continue to grow! You go Woman!
@DJMSEA Hace 2 días
Check out my remix of 16 Carriages esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-uZ6Li6sG_H8.htmlsi=IgtZ_mo-1xp73DKM
@Sol_dier_on Hace 5 días
Was listening to it while eating,had to pause it and continue my meal coz otherwise it cuts too deep.What a relatable song❤
@rosiegregory Hace un día
Just got hearing aids for the first time today and came to listen to Beys new song. Wow the bridge... I'm so pleased
@anthonygiovannixx Hace 10 días
I love how she can dominate any music genre. One of the only artists that are this versatile with their art. She truly is such a icon and forever will be one.
@Saintmiragex Hace 10 días
She’s taking back Black genres.
@uksoul2001 Hace 10 días
@@Saintmiragex Exactly.. reclaiming the roots.
@anthonygiovannixx Hace 10 días
@@SaintmiragexAs she should. She’s continuing to make history as we speak
@olavihekandjo2928 Hace 10 días
How is she dominating in this regard?
@anthonygiovannixx Hace 10 días
@@olavihekandjo2928 I wouldn’t say dominating like being the most popular. I mean how she can capture each genre successfully in her own way
@daniellefagan7984 Hace 5 días
Absolutely love this ❤❤❤❤❤ Beyoncé is Country!
@yolandagreen6108 Hace 6 días
So much pain , too much weight placed upon her shoulders, teenage life taken at an early age , relationship lost between her and her dad (torn by it ) but in the end like she said WE WILL REMEMBER HER ,HER NAME WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY ❤❤❤
@butterflyd1269 Hace 14 horas
That country album is banging!!! You go girl!!!🎉🎉🎉
@ThePltsweet Hace 5 días
Im not a fan of country music but i love this song and Texas hold em. I love how this woman reinvents herself despite the massive hate she gets. She keeps going despite it all.
@christine0513 Hace 3 días
check out Willie Jones. Beyonce ....jogged my memory of how beautiful we sound when we sing country,
@yohotoho4486 Hace 3 días
You love this because it’s not country music
@jody9766 Hace 3 días
This ain't no COUNTRY MUSIC fool
@jody9766 Hace 3 días
​@@yohotoho4486but yet they define as country music to ruin country music
@justinb864 Hace 2 días
@@yohotoho4486 What about this song disqualifies it as country? And if we take a gander over most of the country charts right now, it sounds like the "real country" is trying it's best to not sound country. If they count, why not this?
@QueenDivineLove Hace 6 horas
Cried like a baby to this song, feeling like she was talking about 16 carriages with all the emotional baggage 😢 " Only God Konws "
@ShantiMaria Hace 9 días
I just appreciate Beyoncé for still doing concept albums and still not being who everyone wants her to be - just who she wants to be ❤️
@kbreacao Hace 9 días
@AnitaBlou Hace 9 días
biggest sinning musician ever besides meagan stallion. greed got her messed up. act like she not married, no kids just out there sinning.
@stigmontgomery7901 Hace 9 días
What a silly comment - she's just making money!
@annaking1987 Hace 9 días
Love this! Everyone forgets she is from Texas. She is country! She can sing the telephone book, and we will love her because she is true to herself ❤❤.
@@AnitaBlouwhat are you smoking?
@fran7759 Hace 6 días
Just went one thinks this lady cannot blow us away; damn. Out of this world. Just brilliant.
@agquaproductions9361 Hace 3 minutos
She took a risk musically and I love it. ❤ Nice job, B!
@GarconNC Hace 4 días
This is probably her most beautifulist song ever 🥹
@Zheks89 Hace 2 días
Omg …this …don’t know ab the other ..but this one is uffff …she’s good 😮❤ her voice is just another level 🫠
@francisaheto8500 Hace 3 días
Beyoncé’s most sad, beautiful and poetic song yet! Replayed several times and I’m not ok 😭💔❤️
@lightandspace7938 Hace 9 días
I heard "The Legacy, if it's the last thing I do, you'll remember me" and burst out crying. Beyoncé PLEASE 😭🥺
Made me cry
@lesterdeleon94 Hace 8 días
definitely will. ♥️
@RSpark Hace 8 días
I covered 16 CARRIAGES and would love if you checked it out, thx!
@monicaakerele Hace 8 días
Legacy!!! 🔥
@blewis2037 Hace 8 días
That part hit me like a bag of bricks..she did it again
@sumholiday Hace 5 días
Need a video for this song! Please 🙏
@STAYHUMBLE302 Hace 6 días
This is the best music she’s ever released lyrically and musically hands down 🔥🔥🔥
@curtis8457 Hace 14 horas
This Texas boy is loving this. Beyonce reppin her roots! Let's go TEXAS! Good for you Beyonce. I'm happy to see this. I wasn't a fan of you for years, you changed and went too mainstream. LOVE TO SEE YOUR ROOTS! LETS GOOOOOOO!!!!! THERE'S A REVOLUTION HAPPENING. GOD IS GOOD! LETS GOOOOOOO!!!
@camila4cuba827 Hace 6 días
This song sounds so much like Dispora A.D. feat Team Fire - Ride on King Jesus ..... im gonna add it to that country gospel playlist! So happy! 🤩
@macavelli8905 Hace 4 días
Stars are said to shoot across the night sky. But in reality it's a meteor , while the stars shine on . .. She will meet the challenge because she's already shown the courage to.
@jadorejas Hace 10 días
I’m not a Beyoncé Stan but for those who don’t get it, being a Renaissance person is about being cultured. She has so many genres under her belt. Part 1 simply added house music + now Part 2 is adding country. Love that she is adding another black face + story to the country genre while representing where she was raised. This is a brave move
Part 1 is Renaissance. Part 2 is something different… otherwise she would have titled it Renaissance Part 1 and not Part 1 Renaissance. Maybe this is a preview of what she has next in store. A part of me doubts she would ever produce a whole country album but at the same time Bey never fails to surprise me.
@feliipenunez Hace 9 días
@@mattyfromthemarianas Renaissance Act l, Act ll & Act lll. This is Renaissance Act ll
@KEIR0N Hace 9 días
@@feliipenunezit’s not renaissance act I. it’s act I : renaissance
@emmiereek Hace 9 días
@@KEIR0Nexactly. The word "Renaissance" is not on her website anymore. Only "act ii".
Yes you are right
@racquelclark7404 Hace 5 días
brings back so much memories of the love ones I've lost and still missed
@Nia_love1 Hace 3 días
@user-hd7uq6bu6x Hace 2 horas
I've fallen in love with this beautiful song. "The legacy!"...❤😢
@jaimeballi Hace 15 horas
this woman is a gem...she has talent galore..love her courty music attempt...more power to you ...
@user-fi3fu6lh3q Hace un día
Reclaiming blk music roots in black history month 🤠
@ercdesigns Hace 10 días
Protect her at all costs! Yall don't know how monumental this is. She is rearranging this industry!!!!
@YouKnowImRight99 Hace 10 días
Clock it!!!!
@christinat8176 Hace 10 días
Yes she is!
explain more!!!
@sashanoel8766 Hace 10 días
Let’s not act like she’s the first black country artist now. Let’s put some respect on Darius Ruckus and Mickey Guyton (who iconically sung her song Black Like Me at the CMT awards for George Floyd during the pandemic) and so many more.
@Reko_89 Hace 10 días
@dorothea9536 Hace 22 horas
The crack of that whip really drives home how hard Bey has worked since 15. 😢😭 Got everybody crying.
@sharondaholmes2673 Hace 11 horas
I'm I the only one who thinks she sounds like Kelly on this one? I love it! 💚 Just a reminder that they really were raised in this thing together! 🤞🏾💚
@kbowman968 Hace 8 horas
Omg, yes especially in some of the harmonies ❤
@vkc670 Hace un día
There is nothing black folk can’t do given the opportunity that is what makes us special. We need to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down Amen 🙏🏼
@gloriakesl659 Hace 2 días
Why did this song make me teary eyed 😢
@DJMSEA Hace 2 días
Check out my remix of 16 Carriages esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-uZ6Li6sG_H8.htmlsi=IgtZ_mo-1xp73DKM
@rafaelrafa4762 Hace 2 días
WE LOVE YOU B. Thanks for all the good vibes and amazing emotions ❤
@constantartblock Hace 10 días
“saw mama cryin, saw daddy lyin” clock that TEA BEY!
@seasonsofus Hace 10 días
@dlndavidlife Hace 10 días
@patriceharrison1011 Hace 10 días
@user-dw2on4du8b Hace 10 días
@JAZZnMOTION Hace 10 días
Grind ** 😭😂
@KenH-pm2lh Hace 6 días
“I might cook, clean…but still won’t fold”- I felt that Bey
@simplestringz Hace 6 días
this is a GOOD song. everything about it is structured well. also, Beyoncé my forever celebrity crush 😬
I literally watch this like 30 times❤ I love her voice and the lyrics is just so heartwarming ❤🥰 I just love her
@kateyziegler4275 Hace 4 días
While it does not sound really country to my ears, I do like it ! Its fresh, and straight forward. Love the Bae!
@euginawilliams4327 Hace 4 días
That’s YOUR hat BEY, GOOOO get your BEST COUNTRY ALBUM GRAMMY! A MASTERPIECE! SALUTE to all 16 carriages! 👑 This song right here- WANTS ALL THE SMOKE 💨 👑🔥💯💯💯🔥💨
@ADMAFIA210 Hace 3 días
@Dvokals Hace 9 días
If “Pretty Hurts” had a country baby sister this would be it! Bey VOICE IS rested, rich, full & Fluid ❤🔥
@kiarakneer9874 Hace 9 días
@kevinwinston9820 Hace 9 días
It’s giving “Daddy’s Lessons” was just a warm up!
@marion882 Hace 8 días
It’s finally completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-L7bp9FAY-ZE.htmlsi=h6avVqp2ouxhsRck
@sandyl332 Hace 8 días
@stonedmermaid6092 Hace 8 días
@@kevinwinston9820no the country version of grown woman was truly the warm up
@jamdoll8660 Hace 5 días
I love this for her. She is so versatile and beautiful. The song made me cry. So beautiful!
@biggjoshhardcore Hace 5 días
Beyoncé is showing how versatile she can be. very good stuff
@dariodobbertin7009 Hace un día
My favourite Beyoncé! 🙏🏻 Her vocals, the lyrics.❣️ I‘m so excited about the new album. 😍😍
@ashalewis6284 Hace 6 días
Beautiful song beyonce. I can listen over and over. Its emotional and refreshing and deep. I love it❤
@ashmoe123 Hace 3 días
Love the country era ! My fav artist is Tanner Adell she’s been out for a while. 💕
Can’t B Broken (Extended)
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