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Fun science with a blast from the past. If you have a lava lamp growing up you are going to love introducing this fun science experiment to your friends or classmates. Try this DIY lava lamp with water beads experiment in your classroom this week!
This lava lamp is the perfect way for you to add colors to your day. You’ll need a couple of simple materials, but the experiment comes together quickly and the reactions are almost immediate. This is perfect for any occasion you choose!
Most of the ingredients you already have in your stash:
Vegetable oil
Clear, empty bottle
Food coloring
Alka-seltzer tablets
Plush water beads
Let's get going!

0:15 Hydrogel beads lamp
4:31 Multicolored candle
6:53 Aquarium in a jar
11:25 Image transfer ideas

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19 oct 2018

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5-Minute Crafts KIDS
I know, that's the best one! You should like it, i hope! *6:35* 🍂🍃🍁
Roseanne Park
Roseanne Park Hace 18 horas
Marifer Guerrero
Marifer Guerrero Hace 4 días
I love you
Footy Fans
Footy Fans Hace 19 días
even though it is for kids and they have phones around 5-6 years old🤔
Music Player
Music Player Hace 22 días
Show ingredient....
spring animal
spring animal Hace 22 días
I like the first one most
Pranavaggarwal Aggarwal
sad granite
sad granite Hace 6 horas
7:46 when i thought i could do nothing with my SPICE GIRLS FAVOURITE HITS cds
Random_roblox Gurl23
Am I the only one who can’t watch these a lot Because of OCD
POOKY 24 Hace un día
7.20. oww owww
marce muñoz
marce muñoz Hace 2 días
Free Legit Accunts 100
Why do we watch these even though we are not going to do the
Parks Carpenter
Parks Carpenter Hace 4 días
One day a saw a real dead body with a.... Read more
Erica’s Vyds
Erica’s Vyds Hace 4 días
S Rory have to go
Informative World of Anu And Teju
s i loved it(6:35)
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Hace 5 días
it's kinda obvious the only reason they clickbaited us is that they can't do it, it's true though, but if they can't do it DON'T MAKE THE PICTURE SOMETHING THAT'S NOT GONNA SHOW UP
BrodyCanDraw Hace 6 días
I just love using sparklers in my room
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Hace 6 días
8:48 Mom: WHO EVEN USES A CD TO MAKE A BAG Me: 5 minute crafts KIDS
Emma Tolson
Emma Tolson Hace 7 días
5 minute crafts is such a joke of a ESvid channel, honestly. I dont know why I fell for this
Emma Tolson
Emma Tolson Hace 7 días
How exactly are these crafts for kids?!
GHOSTOfficial CLAN Hace 7 días
Kya backchodi wali video h ye
Christine Klenk
Christine Klenk Hace 7 días
*MAКЕ $300 РER NIGHT WITНOUT INVESTМENT **vesensys.ru/profit?v=SUaoOZUMf9w*
Aisha Hammad - Erin Centre MS (1319)
I don’t know why..I JUST HATE the intro
Tri Sumartini
Tri Sumartini Hace 7 días
Please make a squishy hacks
Zed Zuhdi Arkadata
Zed Zuhdi Arkadata Hace 8 días
im find the fking thumbnail,where?
King Spazzoe
King Spazzoe Hace 8 días
That first lamp is a horrible color to have for sleeping cause the color blue reduces sleep and also instead of the word "hydrocels" just say orbes also STOP THE CLICK BAIT
Vietnam- ideas for life
có ai ở việt nam không? tôi rất mê 5 mintune
Emmary Forever
Emmary Forever Hace 8 días
2:26 um I rather use scissors because it’s five minute crafts KIDSS
Avril Ralte
Avril Ralte Hace 9 días
sometimes they do not even write the name of things
Imagio1953 Hace 10 días
About the colored, hydrogel light,,,where is the actual light? Please?
Emmary Forever
Emmary Forever Hace 11 días
This is five minute crafts kids and it shows adults doing it
Soni Verma
Soni Verma Hace 11 días
Katee_ Hace 11 días
"16 MAGICAL DIY ROOM DECOR IDEAS THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU" how is a high heel covered in spiky safety hazards for kids, or relating to the title?
Saji Rahman
Saji Rahman Hace 12 días
Please upload a video with hydrogell
S C Hace 12 días
Lorelei Heckman
Lorelei Heckman Hace 12 días
Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even the last person on planet earth: 5 minute crafts: *Do YoU nEeD A niGhT LigHT WhILe YoU SLeEp? I wiLL PuT A CliCKBaIT OnE iN ThE ThUMbNaiL To GeT PeOPLe To WAtcH OuR ViDEoS ThAT haVe THe SaME ExaCT CoNTeNT In eVErY SiNGle OnE! YOuR WeLCoME!*
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Hace 12 días
Selocan keskin
Selocan keskin Hace 13 días
Turkish ceviri
Тапочек Смерти
1:17 Российская надпись... Но откуда? Почему, разве это не англоязычный канал?
lkbmotion Hace 13 días
Kids can not use the majority of these tools
Tayane lima moraes
Tayane lima moraes Hace 13 días
Repy bardey thu yoh 😁
Julia Chan
Julia Chan Hace 14 días
Que masa
Mack Lomax
Mack Lomax Hace 15 días
Lol I thought the first one was bubble wrap on a vase!! Lol!
Eka Oktaviani
Eka Oktaviani Hace 16 días
Wowww so amazing, dude😍
Marisol_ Pastor
Marisol_ Pastor Hace 16 días
I did the light if worked
Соня_ Sh TV
Соня_ Sh TV Hace 17 días
Кто тоже заметил русские надписи?
- RainiDai -
- RainiDai - Hace 17 días
10:44 That’s the same photo, just with a filter on it. Seriously?
Macaylah Beaulieu
Macaylah Beaulieu Hace 16 días
Fr tho
NIRMAL SINGH Hace 18 días
How a tape can paste when it comes in contact with water
Sayesha’s World
Sayesha’s World Hace 19 días
Ya all kids know how to use ELECTRIC SAWS AND DRILLS RIGHT?!😍
Zara Macdonnell
Zara Macdonnell Hace 18 días
And every kid just has cement lying around😅
soni jaiswal
soni jaiswal Hace 19 días
Where is your house
ThePandahGang DIYS
ThePandahGang DIYS Hace 19 días
Hey dad... Can I have the saw and drill!!
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Belinda Nunez
Belinda Nunez Hace 20 días
OMG!!!! I love the Batman light.
Cecilia Encinas
Cecilia Encinas Hace 20 días
Can u do easier things plz
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