165 Clash of Clans Things You Didn't Know! 

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165 Clash of Clans Things You Didn't Know!
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9 abr 2023






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2:40 This is what I call an "upgrade base", a base set up where all the buildings are organized so it's easier to upgrade things. Sometimes people forget to change it back after upgrading their stuff. The Goblin spam is likely so they can get some quick money and go, since he probably doesn't feel like using strategy right now. All the Goblins beings Super makes it so they can jump over walls while being invisible and get money faster than normal goblins. I'm pretty sure everyone has one, I know I and many others do. 7:17 It's a cross hair.
@Kurd143 Hace 4 meses
Exactly, like how can someone get so many things wrong in one video
i know it to be a progress base
@cktvede287 Hace un mes
He was like: "Here is a thing you don't know. Specifically this player has his base in this specific way. Bet you didn't know that"
Guess Hallow doesnt know about sneaky goblins and progress bases
@almanejaz7.0 Hace 10 meses
@Humam4327 Hace 10 meses
@superkid5mini937 Hace 10 meses
@Razoonn Hace 10 meses
@Xander_X Hace 10 meses
@Vyrus_09 Hace 10 meses
He mentioned the 4 tiled stone four times
@TimeoCrescence Hace 8 meses
yep, and the oldest clan 2 times
@BeaverOil Hace 7 meses
And the ice wizard twice
@itchygo3494 Hace 6 meses
We took the W 🤫
@ciriez3816 Hace 6 meses
I'm pretty sure that he just glued together a bunch of videos and didn't care enough to change the already used clips
@xblox5115 Hace 5 meses
yeah i was confused he mentioned the same stuff like multiple times, pretty sure its multiple videos combined because of 37:18
@KXD-fb4zv Hace 10 meses
Seems someone is new to the idea of sneaky goblin farming and progress bases, human error they left it on.
@SnifferToad Hace 9 meses
@twitchbully5652 Hace 10 meses
The same things are being uploaded over and over again.
@nobitanoob83 Hace 9 meses
@andrewcarey7851 Hace 9 meses
Literally 😢
@Wise_man2 Hace 9 meses
Nuh uh
@Ibrahim_7D Hace 9 meses
Out of ideas perhaps?😅
@Wise_man2 Hace 9 meses
@@Ibrahim_7D no he’s not he’s just trying not to be rude to people who don’t watch his old videos so he reuploads himself on his own account on ESvid so HE IS NOT REUPLOADING HIS CONTENT
@Xander_X Hace 10 meses
Fun Fact: those are not Developer Bases, they have Dev Servers for Stuff like that.
@boh4179 Hace un mes
bro was mad about having to pay to get traps back, back in the day you had to rebuild them lmao
@arnevanbrussel5700 Hace 10 meses
Me: Mom can we have Havoc, Mom: we have Havoc at home. Havoc at home:
@spokytv9686 Hace 10 meses
Youre mean
@DefaultGuy69 Hace 9 meses
What’s mean about it he makes supercell content like Havoc does
@jarbs. Hace 9 meses
​@Peashooter Gaming you do realize this video is just a voice-over video right?
@theking167 Hace 6 meses
@@jarbs.it all makes sense now my friend look at the Mose recent one
@LuzzedLB Hace 10 meses
Keep up making great content! I find these facts very interesting because most of it is stuff I never knew and it is really cool to learn about.
it is a copy of gagalon and havoc with 6 or 7 reapeat
@duesenantrieb8272 Hace 7 meses
how about you learn some usefull stuff .. like math history or ... anything else than this bs
@naruto_1579 Hace 10 meses
5:27 gaint is beating the heck out if the king
@ZORO_IS_LIVE Hace 10 meses
@AmbroseLeung-ud1gr Hace 4 meses
You speIt giant wrong
@shadown1884 Hace 10 meses
When you notice builder hut is the only defence that costs gems to build u can't un notice
@jasmineescoba Hace 4 meses
I just started playing again after many years, lol...but I barely remember anything, so this video helped a lot. Thank you!
@dippu08 Hace 8 meses
one thing i haven't seen that people seem to have forgot about is that inferno towers, xbows, and the eagle artillery were like traps they used have to be filled manually or through the town hall where it gave you the option to fill each one of them through there. the inferno towers used to take dark elixir and i think its cool you kinda can still see the vial of it on the side and the xbows used to take elixir and they still have the elixir arrows or bolts and im pretty sure they removed it shortly after the eagle artillery was released im not sure on that
I remember looking for bases that had not filled their x bows n inferno towers lol .
@F0UR3V3R Hace 7 meses
@@jeremeysmelltoast7829 This still happens I think, its just it autofills and re-arms traps for free when you log in.
@mamahnamte3336 Hace 7 meses
​@@F0UR3V3Rtrue... I just attacked a base where all the inferno towers are dead/unrefilled....maybe the base owner wasn't online for a long time
@F0UR3V3R Hace 7 meses
@@mamahnamte3336 Yeah, its rare especially if your troohy counts high for your th level
i remember looking for bases with depleted xbows and inferno towers and i still do just for a easy attack since im rushed af
@dev.fuig. Hace 7 meses
I had been playing for a couple years by this point but I remember seeing all the nostalgic commercials come out for clash and lemme just say. Seeing that vr commercial again unlocked a few memories I forgot about with my uncle who passed last year and let me say ty. I wouldn't have ever remembered those if not for this video. Ty.
@rubenvreys9201 Hace 9 meses
number 9: *straight up forgot to switch back to his regular base from his progress base* Hallow: 🤔
@CastielsFace Hace 8 meses
The guy that was town hall twelve with the level 1 gold storages might not have been hacking. The season bank puts resources in your storages regardless of what your maximum storage is.
@jobaa6632 Hace 8 meses
the guy had no walls
@CastielsFace Hace 8 meses
@@jobaa6632 none that we could see. Not the entire layout of the base is shown, so technically they could just be off in a corner that isn’t visible
@CastielsFace Hace 8 meses
Though he lacks a lot of the other things a th12 would have, so it IS most likely a hacked base because it’s be hard to fit all that stuff offscreen
@Gabriel_Aybar Hace 7 meses
@@CastielsFace town hall packs, that’s how, if u buy the townhall 11 pack for example u get the eagle as an unplaced item, and u can place it later without building costs/time costs, but u can also upgrade to th12
@CastielsFace Hace 7 meses
@@Gabriel_Aybar si
@doubletrouble4766 Hace 9 meses
So about the laboratory, mega Tesla, and sparky My theory is simply that the coil holds electricity and what it does with that electricity varies, where sparky and the mega Tesla use that charge to attack, the laboratory holds it to power itself That’s what I think and it seems pretty simple for the most part
@WorldHello-ne8mn Hace 9 meses
11:39 about the chinese translation, actually the translation is correct but when you translate the chinese back to english, it lose its meaning. the name 皮卡超人means "pekka the knight/superman". the word 皮卡 is a chinese pronunciation that sounds like pekka, and 超人means superman(which pekka doesnt explains what the troop is so they added 超人in it) but the translation from chinese to english did it wrong by seperating 皮卡超人 into four different words and making it into skin card superman
@AmbroseLeung-ud1gr Hace 4 meses
Great job 👍👍👍
@NIGHTFURY-ev2bu Hace 10 meses
34:20 it can damage 9 buildings if they're 2×2 tiles Try it on 6 huts and 3 triggered teslas
@infamous_nello663 Hace 4 meses
2:44 This is what we Clashers called *"Progress Base"* .... When Upgrading to newer TownHall,we keep separate the offensive and defensive items to keep track of what already max and what need to still upgrade.... and the *Sneaky Goblin* in the army camp because *Sneaky Goblins* are the best *Farming Strategy* out there besides *Baby Dragons*
@miloshilic2523 Hace 2 meses
Im conflicted whether im happy or upset to have seen this video. This video made me realize how much history of the game I actually never knew, granted I was a kid when I started playing it still saddens me I dont know the game as well as I thought I did. Im also conflicted to claim I have #1 Decorated base in the game when im missing so much history but im definitely still up there.
@jnunez247 Hace 4 meses
Pokedot walls is to fill all spawn locations so the Christmas trees spawn outside. Common practice before shovels
@charlesmayfield3 Hace 10 meses
I actually have a rushed base with Al lvl 1 walls defences and heroes and troops and a max th13, I just abused the star bonuses, runes from clan games and used raid medals
@eddyhuang5357 Hace 9 meses
i remember stacking my air defense on my clan castle once never got to see it in action though i accidentally moved my air defense out of the clan castle
@DaTweetor Hace 9 meses
I remember multi training hut
145 fact already knew. at 15 sparky has bean created from a scrapted laboratory (the coil is also on reguliar tesla). 18 it is also the clan of the traning of capital raid and builder base tutorial. 21 it was imposible if you didn't do a glitch. 37 was a repeat. 42 3 goblins acualy (11:50). 57 a fruit also work i think. 59 is a repeat. 65 not being able to buy flag anymore do not mean it's not suposed to be in the game. 68 it was asked many MANY time. 73 ''secret''😂 it is also on the flame flinger ( it show 6 if it is level 4 and facing left) and the box on the side of th12 to display the level of the giga tesla. 75 evry supercell game are baned. 78 the pole and evry ilegal obstacle are from the goblin map. 79 it is a type of base. 81 it has a lot of bulding level of th13 almost like the th was downgraded and he had 3 barbarian statue. 82 they got negative gems. 83 fake fotage he goes in the editor, put the th, goes in snapshot mode, and place the porly cut hud on top. 87 mega bomb used to do 3x damage to hogs. 90 you can't drop back to 0 trophe becaus of other players trying to do the same. 95 ther is a limit to how much it pile up. 98 it is not a hint just a ctrl-c ctrl-v of the home vilage buton. 108 during all not some. 110 it was used to make "geared up bases" to troll the war matchmaking. 112 every new th made the upgrade cheper and quiker. 118 the last has an op pekka.119 the rarest obstacle.132 it is a crismas exclusive. 135 you can also scrol the troupes. 144 the b0mb tower was also created in clash royal and almost every limited time troop. 145 repeat once agian. 146 it has bean patched. 147 4th repetition. 148 it is in the clan capital. 150 one banana in every cinery costing money.153 a bunch of broken hamer can be seen in the builder base rock (the one on the shore). 155 an other f****** reapeat!!! 155 it is just a guy playing but not rebulbing the clan castle. 156 if you look very closly you can see the door in the top left. 161 repeat (are you a parot😂?). 162 you are a parot or have memory loss. 163 like the 2 preciding one REPEAT (and the stone is not removed). ther are 2 165
@nikolaperovic9610 Hace 9 meses
ayooooo chilll
@catfacecat. Hace 9 meses
Definitely gonna rea-
@TSKV2 Hace 8 meses
I read it all and fr you need to chill abit
it is also almost all copied from havoc or galadon
@SoulStealerJ Hace 7 meses
This is the Mr top 5 of coc
@louiscck1996 Hace 7 meses
For the pekka chinese translation, the sound "pekka" is translated into chinese 皮卡 which reads as "pi ka" which sounds alike (fun fact pikachu is 皮卡丘 in chinese). The chinese translation is 皮卡超人 (pi ka chao ren) which is pi ka superman or PEKKA superman, and the word by word translation of 皮卡 is yes you guessed it skin (皮/ pi) and card (卡/ ka),hence skin card superman
@ppveryverybig Hace 7 meses
@andrewjackson7970 Hace 7 meses
@@ppveryverybig makes perfect sense to me
@AyushPatel-vv2ll Hace un mes
Yeah i can remember when me and my brother started playing clash of clans that time it was very hard but now its much easier
@YuvrajSingh-ki6xr Hace 3 meses
the giants upgrading the buildings made rolling down on the floor 🤣 🤣
@packallgaming7687 Hace 8 meses
I feel so old watching this, i literally remember everything especially the archer queen and bbk cost
For number eight I saw other ESvidrs do something like this where they used Jim to Jim up to the tower so they made it to town hall 12 or 13 using gyms
@duesenantrieb8272 Hace 7 meses
tf ??? gyms ...
@Heyes_CatArmy Hace 5 meses
In Fact #80, the same TH3 also has a Baby Dragon along with, well, the E-Drag
@SproutGaming555 Hace 6 meses
idk bro this guy might be named ken
@Deathbyfun Hace 10 meses
Channels like this make me happy people like Havoc exist
@TheRealAxiii Hace 7 meses
you CAN view a base as it is being attacked. when u have no shield and someone attacks you, click on the notification and it will show you how they are attacking your base so far. idk if its same on laptop/pc/computer
I remember all these. On my account I have all the decorations for each season every year for a decade.
@bruhchannel1216 Hace 7 meses
how could anyone forget when the archer tower used to be the bowler tower
@guest0069 Hace 8 meses
Sq did legends League Cause at that time Town hall 11 was the highest town hall to reach and his Account was also fully maxed💀
@snk2123 Hace 10 meses
I love you 💓 and your content so much that I get excited whenever I recieve a notification of yours ❤️❤️❤️❤️
so 6 or 7 reapeat in one vid PLUS only already knew fact deserve your atention?
@snk2123 Hace 10 meses
@@furiousjumperjuniorbisson4407 I regret my comment this vid was the worst 😔😔😭😭 You're right 👍 I accept my defeat
@@snk2123 sorry if i was a bit rude 😅
@@snk2123 in fact i regret being so aressive...
@snk2123 Hace 10 meses
@@furiousjumperjuniorbisson4407 Nah man that's fine tbh
@Godsighted Hace 24 días
I was really confused when he starting telling about the same facts twice or thrice, I thought I was dreaming or sum sh1t😂
@stephenspears3206 Hace 8 meses
When I start building my own base on CoC. I always put my headquarters in the middle of the base. With a wall around it, then put my resources around that and then put a wall around the resources. Then put my defenses around the outer wall. Adding more walls as needed. Upgrading my HQ and adding wall pieces to the edge of the base and insert them to the base as I add new resources or defenses.
@duesenantrieb8272 Hace 7 meses
so a trash tier base that maybe works till th 5?
@squidgameguard9804 Hace 2 meses
On 9 it is usually used for upgrading all your defenses and everything to make it more easy to see what your gonna upgrade
@MrSiringtonThe4th Hace 9 meses
#8 probably used different ways to surpass gold limit, like season pass
@enplaysstuff9363 Hace 3 meses
i did the structure stacking once on accident recently xd
@maakeinvention1016 Hace 3 meses
Everything is now very easypeasy I started playing on 2017 that time it is very difficult for everyone because you have to buy and upgrade them then you have to train troops for million elixir then upgrade 6 barracks
@itzrandomgamez6254 Hace 9 meses
I remember when bowler tower got replace by archer tower only og remember this 😔✊
@Kipo41 Hace 7 meses
Yeah sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 only OGS remember
@riksarkar4343 Hace 10 meses
5:20 I don't get this point. This real time simulation is also a kind of reply only as you are not redoing the attack , it's automatically happening
34:55 Bro killed me 😂
@neonman1841 Hace 9 meses
While i was searching a base to destory i came across like a level 10 base with just troop camps nothing else . I was confused so i decided to attack it
@Snakefire999 Hace 8 meses
Bro talked about the same rock for three of them 😂
@gabemanning6574 Hace 8 meses
and he said that guy only had one builder when we can clearly see two builders😂
@santhoshgamer4515 Hace 2 meses
Yeah I remember all those olden memories now. ❤❤❤😭😭😭
@Ryan-ex6pl Hace 6 meses
I got a clash of clans ad before the video
@context27 Hace 9 meses
You forgot to mention xbow has to be rearm after being attack. I miss the good old days.
@MetroTheTV Hace 6 meses
i got a clash of clan ad when i clicked this💀
@simon8572 Hace 2 meses
Well about the clan castle at th 1. There was this event where coc handed out gold and elixir for free in shop. When you collected it, it would take your storages past full and alow you to buy a clan castle before you normaly would.
@mack-gn9pi Hace 7 meses
I remember that I was such a pain rearming every trap every time it was attack plus I wasn’t feeling that good at the game when I was playing I’m better now but still
@ronybalondo7445 Hace 9 meses
While watching this I encountered 2 clash of clans ads💀
@pixelmelons4280 Hace 5 meses
Th1 with clan castle is not hacked cause in app purchases overflow storages and it doesn’t actually restrict the clan castle it just shows u don’t have enough elixir for it
@kevinsingal4912 Hace 2 meses
bro how did you do with that subscribe button😮
@YoshiNebula Hace 10 meses
This guy is so underrated idk how you're on 70k subs at first when I first click on one of your videos I was expecting you to have like 1m - 5m subs
@ron1nzeken220 Hace 10 meses
This guy is underrated because his 90% videos are exactly the same
@YoshiNebula Hace 10 meses
@@ron1nzeken220 But it's the quality
@ron1nzeken220 Hace 10 meses
​@@YoshiNebula because his video is already recorded one video has good quality
@ron1nzeken220 Hace 10 meses
Yeah your videos have the quality
@JcOnJahhh Hace 10 meses
@@YoshiNebula he steals videos 💀
@user-kv2vt4rn4p Hace 7 meses
When I upgraded to town hall 7 it was very hard for me to unlock barbarian king but now it has become very easy
@LevNovikov-bg4dm Hace 4 meses
Bro said a ton of things raise lol
@nflhighlights2797 Hace 9 meses
You can do the th1 clan building if you get a special offer with gold
@pizza01412 Hace 10 meses
Imagine making a title like 165 facts when some the same facts are repeated 3/4 times and counted as another fact
2:33 he could have bought the gold and elixir with irl money, in that case money and elixir can overflow
@PlanetDraws Hace 9 meses
Hallow does know about sneaky goblins and progress bases but he didn't talk about that
@user-mf1ku3lz3h Hace un mes
@petahgiffin42069 Hace 9 meses
Alright i remember i attacked a player who had put the townhall all the way at plainsight but in front of the townhall was cannons,storages and defenses
The funny thing is I just re-downloaded clash of clans and 115 actually happened to me. They thought I was a goblin
2:45 - Yeah.. That's what most high level bot accounts do, to make it easier for mostly the wall upgrade, but also building upgrade feature. Goblins give it away aswell.
@Super-Animation Hace 4 meses
The season bank puts resources in your storages regardless of what your maximum storage is.
@ifranahamed9150 Hace 10 meses
you can sell buildings back in the day but you cant sell important buildings it is just a glitch
@easye.2236 Hace 14 días
DE sniping is back with the giant arrow AQ ability
@mxlte3995 Hace 9 meses
That was a visual glitch, you can't sell back in the day the townhall
@jweezyyy Hace 2 meses
That’s crazy to me that bro made it to level 500. I’ve literally been playing since the game came out all those years ago when I was in 7th grade, I’m only level 192 right now
@Bartlett-sd2lo Hace 3 meses
The reason why the giant had four fingers and then five is because cartoon characters have four fingers and supercell was like “nah this isn’t a cartoon game” and changed it to five fingers
@tortadedisrespect Hace 2 meses
I thought the purple troops were djinn or something but it reminds me of the super goblin. Maybe its a hobgoblin
@ayushjaiswal256 Hace 2 meses
You forgot the seasonal troop named "el primo" once introduced for a month
@PHilippines234 Hace 2 meses
I didn’t expect that the rock that i just removed was that rare 😢
@mxlte3995 Hace 9 meses
You can get the clancastle at th lvl. 1 through a offer with gold and through the battle pass screen you can enter the store.
@Lucky-jg2on Hace 6 meses
I'm guessing the guy with th 14 is a youtuber who's trying to see how much it will be upgraded if he leaves it alone for like a year or so
@elli0tgx554 Hace 4 meses
35:11 I did that in 2012 xd, ahh nostalgia idk if you can do that now this days..
@Ickygrunt Hace 4 meses
I rember most of these and assumed teslas still did double damage to pekkas
@arkell_28 Hace 10 meses
Well most of this things arent knowb by hallow in the video
@8infinity896 Hace 10 meses
@joshmccarty8800 Hace 2 meses
You can overfill your gold storage when buying bundles with resources. So it is possible to have th12 with lvl1 storages. If you bought a bundle with 1200 gems and 20 million gold and you only got 1k because that’s all your storage held people wouldn’t buy the bundles.
@stephenishulk4945 Hace 7 meses
great video but you re mentioned stuff!
@alpborakirte801 Hace 5 meses
2:55 this base design is for tracking the upgrades not to defend. He probably forgot to change it back before logging out. Also those are sneaky goblins which is good for farming. So I don’t know why is it on the list it’s funny that you don’t know this
@yangliao2546 Hace 9 meses
2:33 "and only one builder, proceeds to show us two"
@AmbroseLeung-ud1gr Hace 4 meses
He said it wrong.
@janericpahnke8876 Hace 7 meses
You can have electrodradons at townhall three,because you unlock the clan castle so people can give you the electrodragon.
@aryanjaiswal8213 Hace 5 meses
dude that edrag was in the army camp. and secondly you can only have maximum of 10 housing space worth of troops no way an edrag will fit
@ytporquiller241 Hace 2 meses
The last like 30 facts we're repeats from earlier, and he went a few above 165
@robinmertens4973 Hace 9 meses
2:35 bro said one builder😂
@MythicManormonke Hace 9 meses
if its empty with tiny defences and lvled up things with out walls its an engennired base
@razerray5559 Hace 9 meses
Says number 8 only has 1 builder but there are 2 builder huts visible. And it’s also possible to get the gold buy buying packs that exceed the max gold
@L1m1t3dF1xat1on Hace 2 meses
I just recently finally got my account back from 2013 and it was th 10 almost max from back then... if I would've had it this entire time and been upgrading i would be bear the lol 500 guy seeing how i was lol 180 when I stopped paying... 10 years ago.... thought the th11 looked different when I upgraded it.
@SmartGamingYouTube Hace 10 meses
2:25 it's possible with hammer
@SDseb Hace 10 meses
No, you have to place every building before going to a new town hall. Only TH11 and below can still exist from before that update change.
@SmartGamingYouTube Hace 10 meses
@@SDseb yes, but he said that he can't up th for storage, hammer won't focus on storage
@HowToMCJE Hace 9 meses
actually there are a lot of overrushed accounts in coc and most of them are Chinese accounts, usually these account's names are 3-4 Chinese words. These accounts are controled by scripts on some online platforms, when the accounts reached high th lvl it will be sold.
@robinmertens4973 Hace 9 meses
2:30 if you buy recourses in the store you overstack your storages
@cergeyivanov7566 Hace 10 meses
Useless fact: The base shown at 7:26 was featured in one of the clash-a-rama episodes
the only thing i leared is your comment