1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible For Sale

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1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible
VIN: 148I3855
This Buick Roadmaster went through a frame-off restoration in the 1980's and was freshened up with new paint just a few years ago. During the re-paint the hydraulic system was rebuilt, new exhaust manifolds were installed, a new radiator was added, all bulbs were replaced, and new carpeting was added. The car was originally gray with a beige canvas convertible top, now it's Honolulu Blue with a white vinyl top. The car originally came from Buffalo, NY and was properly maintained by the same mechanic for the past 14 years.
This was Buick's premium and best-appointed model, known for interior luxury and quiet operation. There are few other cars like this from this era. One of only 11,503 units produced in that year!
Instructions for operation and maintenance are included in sale!
320ci Inline 8 Cylinder Engine (#: 1338163-2)
- Stock Heads
- Early 1950's Block
Carter Single 2-Barrel Carb
3-Speed Manual Transmission
- 3 On-the-Tree
- (#: 1312582-1)
Torque Tube Rear End
- Open Diff
Front Independent Suspension
Rear 3-Link Suspension
- Front Drum
- Rear Drum
- NEW Single Exhaust w/ Factory Replacement Muffler
Honolulu Blue Paint Finish
Chrome Grille Is In Great Shape
Headlight Bezels Look Great
Hood Opens Multiple Ways
Hood Ornament & Badging Looks Great
Hood Fits Nicely w/ Fenders
Doors Fit Nicely w/ Fenders
Door Lips & Jambs are Clean
Body Is Straight & Solid
Inside Trunk Is Gorgeous
- Carpeted to Match Interior
- Full Spare
- Lug Wrench
- Fire Extinguisher
Undercarriage Is Clean and Coated
- Original Trunk Floor Is Solid
- Drop Downs Look Great
- Floorboards Look Great
- Nicely Painted Frame & Body
- All-Original Metal
Wheels: 15” - Stock Buick “Moonies”
NEW Tires: 8.20R15 - White Walls
Blue Interior Looks Great
Bench Seat
Column Shifter
Rim Blow Steering Wheel
POWER Convertible White Top
POWER Windows
POWER Bench Seat
Upholstery Is Clean
Carpeting Is Clean
Dashboard Is In Excellent Condition
Nicely Painted Trim Work
Gauges are Clean & Clear
Door Panels are Beautifully Upholstered to Match
Steering Wheel Is In Beautiful Condition
Chrome and Stainless Trim Work Look Great
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12 jun 2017






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Dave S
Dave S Hace un mes
A beautiful car. It is clearly born of the 1938 Buick Y-job concept, the world's first concept car. However the Y-job is arguably better looking than just about all the 40s and 50s cars that were based on it.
Lawrence Foster
Lawrence Foster Hace un mes
I'm just learning these buitiful 40s Brewicks
Google User
Google User Hace 3 meses
OMGEEEEEEE........this car is a literally BREATHTAKING MASTERPIECE. And that paint job is EXQUISITE.
777 Texas
777 Texas Hace 4 meses
I love it.. convertible would love to see a 1932 Mercedes Benz convertible suicide doors.
Zoltán Szabó
Zoltán Szabó Hace 4 meses
I love your cars and your job Greg! I wanna be your customer to the near future! Welcome from Hungary! :-)
Black Waterdogs
Black Waterdogs Hace 6 meses
What a beautiful car ! GM always had the best design and styling engineers back then.
Ray Locke
Ray Locke Hace 7 meses
rainman car
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly Hace 8 meses
Just the best looking Cadillac ever , and one of the best looking cars of all time.
Paul Money
Paul Money Hace 7 meses
@ Smug Smugly Actually a Buick, but yes it is a beauty.
califdad4 Hace 10 meses
This was as close to a Cadillac convertible as you could get in a Buick. Lovely Buick
davide monaco
davide monaco Hace 11 meses
Very nice love the curves SEXY!! Still for sale?
Walter Ontiveros
Walter Ontiveros Hace 11 meses
Buick always had the most sexiest curves
James D Caldeira
James D Caldeira Hace 11 meses
Picture Perfect 👌🏻
Joseph Dodd
Joseph Dodd Hace un año
If I won the lottery I would buy this beautiful car
Joseph Dodd
Joseph Dodd Hace un año
Magnificent thanks
D Wnright
D Wnright Hace un año
kermitefrog64 Hace un año
When cars were works of art rather than something stamped out of a machine.
Йорданка Христова
That car has a smile like Reese Witherspoon! Lol
MrDb Hace un año
Not the original engine, i'd offer 65 grand for it, see what they say lol....
Maxime Mergen
Maxime Mergen Hace un año
i want this for christmas
RAVI MISHRA Hace un año
The ultimate old beauties,still maintaining the sheer charm and craze of ownership.
bluesdriver63 Hace un año
heat cliff
heat cliff Hace un año
Diet Coke
Diet Coke Hace 2 años
I need this car in my life
rocky boss
rocky boss Hace 2 años
Special cars this are the dream of mine...
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Hace 2 años
Really too nice to drive, a museum piece.
Mike Gehre
Mike Gehre Hace 2 años
Gorgeous Buick convertible....a head turner for sure...!
Mo Garcia
Mo Garcia Hace 2 años
Beautiful car and color with the chrome and expression of the classic curves....
bluesharp59 Hace 2 años
Thumbs Up.
1aikane Hace 2 años
A continuación