1950 Chrysler Imperial Limousine Movie Mogul Louis B Mayer

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This 1950 Chrysler Imperial Limousine was owned by movie mogul Louie B Mayor and is an incredible piece of movie history. This is the car that picked him up after being fired by MGM studios in the early 50's. After several visits to William Hearst's "Hearst Castle" he decided that the car needed more power. He sent it back to the dealer and had a larger motor installed, the early Hemi. Subsequently the brakes had to be replaced as the old drums just would not stop this "lead sled" so disc brales were installed.

I have contacted Mr. Mayer's grandson, Daniel Selznick, whom shares his wonderful stories of riding to the Hollywood Bowl in this car with his late grandfather. Car will include a letter of authentication from Mr. Selznick and service department folder from the dealer bearing Mr. Mayer's name. We are currently working with Hollywood archivists to secure more information to include with the car.

My name is Donn Dabney. I can be reached at 707-332-8331.
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18 nov 2008






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Alan Strong
Alan Strong Hace un mes
I once thought Imperial was inferior to Cadillac. Not so.
Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan Hace 3 meses
Harvey's casting couch in the back lion on the hood don't get better than that
Shukin Andjivin
Shukin Andjivin Hace 6 meses
I'd bet dimes to dollars, that crystal M.G.M. lion (actual name is Leo) was made by Lalique in France. This is a great looking limousine. I'm gonna buy an old limo one day, if I don't die first. Lol.
David Smith
David Smith Hace 7 meses
Now that is a limousine with class, not like these idiotic long things today that look like a bus.
Alex Holub
Alex Holub Hace un año
Would have liked to have seen the interior and the engine.
Shukin Andjivin
Shukin Andjivin Hace 6 meses
He has an interior video now.
Greg Bloomfield
Greg Bloomfield Hace un año
Hey, Donn... Thanks for the eyefull of Louis B. Mayer's mode of personal transport.....so him...plenty of privacy in that rear seating area, so that he could have complete privacy if he wanted to "interview" any new potential contract players.....he was, after all, the King of the Casting Couch; surpassed only by Jack Warner, if all the tales I have read and heard are anywhere truthful.... I find it ironic that Louis didn't go in for a much showier and glitzy stretch Cadillac ....but maybe the Fisher division just wouldn't come up with an adequately private rear seating area....who knows... One thing I might recommend is to feature an audio voiceover accompanied with music from the era...for LB, that would probably have been something by Shastakovich or Yehudi Menuin... Cheers, my fellow lover of fine classic American rolling eye candy...and best wishes for LCC in 2019!
Magnetron33 Hace un año
Needs a good buff and wax. Should not look that dull. Nice car!
Steve Hace 2 años
When the limo is rockin dont come knockin!!!
cvcoco Hace 2 años
that actually happened to me.
RADIUM CLOCK Hace 3 años
Not sure if it was mentioned (no sound) but the red light on the rear bumper was given to him by the L.A county Sheriff. Law enforcement knew to never pull that car over for speeding at night or in the A.M hours. If they saw that light on it meant he was on his way to take care of an emergency (starlet overdosing etc.).
64downtown Hace 8 años
@bobbsyjo72 how right you are-he pushed out--took the studios with him-greed and selfishness--selling the mgm stvdio lots to a las vegas gambler didnt help-ted turner the same- as debbie reynolds said--its too late now-wouldve been a good tourist site to visit-amazing how the car survived and restored but not mgm-just a brand name-but some magnificent actors and pictures came out of there-lou b mayer is forever a respected person-we have trash movies/actors/music now-stars are now on yt..
John Zornow
John Zornow Hace 9 años
Put the proper width whitewalls on it
Jane Book
Jane Book Hace 2 años
thenudo Hace 9 años
MGM Lion ornament FTW! :)
thenudo Hace 9 años
@bobbsyjo72 ABSOLUTELY .. SO RIGHT ON!! My sentiments EXACTLY!!
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