1956 Buick Roadmaster Vintage Commercial

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1956 Buick Promotional Film w/Jackie Gleason


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17 mar 2015






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علي سرور
علي سرور Hace 15 días
Time is not repeated, That was a golden period of excellence, How beautiful the past is in all its details...... Ali suroor dubai
Jack Lili
Jack Lili Hace 15 días
While Soviet union was doing propaganda with communism, America was doing it with capitalism.. advertising the summum of stupidity.
Takuan Hace 17 días
Jeez, what crappy image quality!
Aaron Granda
Aaron Granda Hace 18 días
Fantastic orchestra Jackie's music was richly elegant.
Steve V.
Steve V. Hace 20 días
That power, that acceleration...that truck driver must have been amazed.
kirby waite
kirby waite Hace 21 un día
The proportions of that car are absolutely beautiful. It's interesting that Buick offered its own transmission rather than the Turbo hydramatic. And if course, its own engine.
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas Hace 21 un día
They just don't make 'em like that anymore. Cars or commercials
Marcomanseckisax Hace 18 días
ColdWaterThrower Hace 21 un día
A beautiful vehicle.
Edward Young
Edward Young Hace 22 días
A work of art.
Александр Сундуков
May were cars better, but not more beatiful.
edgar helbling
edgar helbling Hace 22 días
A piece of tired iron shown by a stinking pirate in stupid aspect ratio. Blahh!
Terence Hace 23 días
Not exactly eco friendly were they. Dreadful car.
BeingRomans829ed Hace 23 días
Get rid of the ugly bumper protrusions and you got a great looking car.
Sivle Aaron
Sivle Aaron Hace 23 días
It sure don’t look like a Buick..
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
America at its finest.
Frank Lee
Frank Lee Hace 24 días
I love the way during the 50's you could actually option these babies. Allowing you the owner the ability to choose whatever you wanted to put on your automobile. End result a car that was an extension you the buyer.
Larry M
Larry M Hace 25 días
No poop, piss or tents on the sidewalks. Less traffic. Cleaner air. Cheaper gas. Car is absolutely beautiful.
Markus Patients
Markus Patients Hace 25 días
Today : This car represents the overall arrogance of American car manufacturing of that era. Luxury today for chocking air pollution and melting icecaps in the future. Then they invented "Plastics"...
cinerama62 Hace 26 días
A rolling Bathtub.
musicmatty67 Hace 26 días
Make America great again👍🇺🇸
Pete shea
Pete shea Hace 26 días
Chrysler Corps then new Three speed automatic Torqueflite transmission mades its debut in the 1956 model year. That transmission seriously outclassed Buick's Dynaflow and more or less forced GM to develop the Turbo-Hydramatic 400.
Bracsim 1
Bracsim 1 Hace 27 días
I forgot to say, that was a time in history when Americans were proud of their country, today not so much, much American do nothing but trash anything that says USA on it, you wonder why the country is going down the tube.
Bracsim 1
Bracsim 1 Hace 27 días
Beautiful American car, I will trade 100 Mercedes just to have a ride in that car
Preston Thugman
Preston Thugman Hace 27 días
Picture me rollin' 😑
George Burdine
George Burdine Hace 27 días
Back when America was America.
steve jolly
steve jolly Hace 27 días
Does it come in a stretch limo version?😀
Pete Hace 28 días
Before democrats ruined our country
Oliver Flanagan
Oliver Flanagan Hace 28 días
Even the horse seemed to be smiling at it, now wheres that confounded time machine.
Betty Grable
Betty Grable Hace 28 días
Do you want to go to the Moon Alice ?
Oleg Brusov
Oleg Brusov Hace 28 días
Автомобиль великолепен, с огромным удовольствием прокатился бы на таком
Bruce Wiemer
Bruce Wiemer Hace 29 días
Omg. What a great video. My collection of buicks from 49' s to 56's all roadmasters from woody's to converts. To drive one is to know no other motorcar.
Pete shea
Pete shea Hace 15 días
@Bruce Wiemer You understand NOTHING.
Bruce Wiemer
Bruce Wiemer Hace 15 días
Ps pete now that i know you are an engineer ( too bad not of trains) i understand your problem
Bruce Wiemer
Bruce Wiemer Hace 15 días
@Pete shea ok pete, you win. I refuse to fight a battle of wits with an unarmed man. I hope your future trolling of utube has better results. As of now, you are unsubscribed. I pity you
Pete shea
Pete shea Hace 15 días
@Bruce Wiemer Each reply you post further concedes that this transmission had a host of problems. GM's development program targeted 1964 as the first model year for the TH400, which had been under development for several years prior. (Indeed, my own Machine Design Professor worked on the TH400 program for GM in the early 1960s! For the record, I'm a well seasoned mechanical design engineer.) Your suggestion that Buick would have otherwise remained with the Dynaflow rathe than the TH400 (and TH350 for lighter duty applications around the same period) is nothing short of laughable. Dynaflow issues, including its poor overall drivability: www.hotrod.com/articles/modernizing-1954-buick-updated-transmission-rearend/
Bruce Wiemer
Bruce Wiemer Hace 16 días
@Pete sheaas i said, not particularly efficient or performance oriented. Just reliable enough for a 15 year run. Only after dynaflow plant burnt down in 63 were the turbo 400's put into buicks. Yes, a big inprovement. Not sure why you such a hater on dynaflows, especially when you admit to never driving one. All mine have survived for 60 plus years. A snap to rebuild and parts readily available. Hope you had a nice turkey day ☺
Mike Myers
Mike Myers Hace 29 días
Sure was fun when you had a four speed in the floor with your Sweetheart sitting there beside ya with those pantyhose legs and you trying to shift. "WHOOPS sorry there honey." "Oh that's ok. " WHOOWEE.
Mike Myers
Mike Myers Hace 23 días
@Pete shea didn't say they did have a four on the floor.
Pete shea
Pete shea Hace 26 días
These cars didn't have "a four speed on the floor." Indeed, by this time Roadmasters weren't available with any type of manual transmission. The (rather terrible) Dynaflow was standard fair, and it did a fair job of ruining what was otherwise a very nice car by md to late 1950s standards. It wasn't until the 1964 that the all new Turbo Hydramatic 400 first appeared in Buicks. I'm particularly aware of this because my dad purchased a then new and special order 1964 Buick Wildcat that was so equipped.
Chris Goffe
Chris Goffe Hace 29 días
..im in New Zealand and there is 2 56 i think rusting away on a farm in Levin ..about 10 mins from my house ..the owners passed years ago and the kids wont sell them ..every year they get worse ..they have had it now been sitting at least 12 years now 😭
JerseyJoe Hace 29 días
No side view passenger mirror ??
Preston Thugman
Preston Thugman Hace 27 días
That will cost you another $239.00. Will that be, visa or MasterCard? 😑
Strontium9T Hace 29 días
There are 2 things I miss most about old cars: vent windows and bench seats. It was nice driving around with your arm around your honey.
KitchenFoyle Hace 29 días
Try parking that in Tescos on a Saturday afternoon!
rick rebell
rick rebell Hace 29 días
when men were men....and cars were cars .
Frank Elwert
Frank Elwert Hace 29 días
Greta TunaFish has an electric tampon ! Enjoy it . As long it lasts
Aaron Granda
Aaron Granda Hace 18 días
Frank Elwert what?
anne Pelton
anne Pelton Hace 29 días
We had one of these only black. It was soooo nice! Us kids loved playing in it and undoubtedly ran the battery down over and over playing with the windows! And the electric seats!
Hank Rogers
Hank Rogers Hace 29 días
It was a CHEAP car that wanted to be a Lincoln or Cadillac. Trash car.
D.W. Dunn
D.W. Dunn Hace un mes
Shame about the aspect ratio though.
Paul Hayman
Paul Hayman Hace un mes
When old car need repairs the mec Hh
Rick Moro
Rick Moro Hace un mes
Have a great picture of my 3 brother's hanging out of the window of my mom's brand new 56 two door Buick need to dig that out
dken miller
dken miller Hace un mes
Why is this being rendered in stretch-ovision? Us grown-ups want the original aspect ratio.
Gwinnet Hace un mes
Very interesting video Thanks 🙏
Robert Sparkes
Robert Sparkes Hace un mes
Great times back then. We now live in a Godless society with lots of Toyota’s
Boat Axe
Boat Axe Hace un mes
As great looking as that Buick was, it ( and most American cars) were good for 100,000 miles or so, and that remained the case well into the early 2000”s. Whereas those Toyota’s are good for 200,000 plus. Japanese cars were the first to have six figure odometers because they were the first to need them.The management at the American auto manufacturers knew that they had a dedicated customer base that cared more about brand/country loyalty than about quality so they built cheap to increase their profits and those of their stockholders. In a publicly traded company the quarterly profits help the CEO’s keep their jobs, not the question of whether the customer is going to buy the same brand car next time. The Japanese spent much of their profits on research and development, constantly improving their cars and that long term view has paid off. Also, many of the “Japanese “ cars that you see are built in the USA, proving that it’s the engineering and parts, not who assembles it that makes the difference.
Bud Nunyerbusiness
Bud Nunyerbusiness Hace un mes
I recognize that fat guy!
packingten Hace un mes
We had a lot of cars Dad was a car trader,he had a blk& white 56 Buick nice car dynaflow transmission,starter was???? Yes kiddies on gas pedal, old Studebakers had braket on clutch pedal....One old car you pulled back on shift lever???. Forgot....
Gerald Trudeau
Gerald Trudeau Hace un mes
My dad had a 55 Roadmaster. My uncle always referred to it as the Buick Stonecrusher. Always got a laugh out of me! 🤣😂🤣 But I was only 10.
Kevin Spencer
Kevin Spencer Hace un mes
The good old days, when everyone knew their place.
Boat Axe
Boat Axe Hace un mes
Do you think that people are born with a place? Nobody chooses what sex or race they are going to be before they are born, so I judge them by what they do after their born.
Gary Snett
Gary Snett Hace un mes
J Johnson
J Johnson Hace un mes
Nice cars. However, I don't think the advertising slogan "a thrill a minute" is a good choice. I don't want any thrills as I drive down the highway.
JoJo Mama
JoJo Mama Hace un mes
Yeah,but there were only three French words every black man knew back then:Coupe de Ville...
Mark Crogan
Mark Crogan Hace 28 días
@J Smith yeah well times have changed!
J Smith
J Smith Hace 29 días
Mark Crogan , yeah as soon as you registered as a Democrat in the South back in the 1950’s, you were automatically signed up for the KKK.
Mark Crogan
Mark Crogan Hace un mes
Your first words were ku klux klan.
Gablesman888 Hace un mes
Would love to have today a 1956 Buick Roadmaster with modern "avionics." The car just exuded style and class.
Touchofgrey53 Hace un mes
Boy, they put some metal in these cars!
5610winston Hace un mes
I'm sold! I'll head straight to my Packard dealer and get that new Patrician with TORSION LEVEL RIDE and TWIN ULTRAMATIC, with push-button shifting!
Aaron Granda
Aaron Granda Hace 18 días
Love 55 56 Packard's, especially 400s.
John Beasley
John Beasley Hace 28 días
That was a car.
lynden Mcdonald
lynden Mcdonald Hace un mes
Had a 53 Packard .my uncle had a dealership in Lakewood Ohio .went to Cadillacs..then sold the dealership to delorians brother .in the 70s I think
Take the red pill
Take the red pill Hace un mes
Better times
old magician
old magician Hace un mes
I grew up with my father driving Buicks, and now I drive Buicks. Great, comfortable, reliable autos that don't nickel and dime you to death. I don't understand the negativity of alot of people about this Brand. All the auto manufacturers now make cars overseas, it's called globalization, brought to you by the powerbrokers of the world!
Rolando Perez
Rolando Perez Hace un mes
BeefheartLynch Hace un mes
Seriously a rolling mechanical piece of art. This Buick is from a time when cars were built to last and aesthetics were considered. Now, most cars you can't tell from each other and just have problems left and right. That profile shot of the car near the end is just stunning.
downhilltwofour00 Hace un mes
Padded dash? Nah Seat belts? oh hell no!
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