1962 Nova 400 Rescue (CTR 139)

Classic Truck Rescue
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Dan May
Dan May Hace 9 días
Hey when you put a stock muffler on your vehicles, before install take a long drill bit and drill 4 or 5 holes in the baffles makes it sound sweet. Just saying. Be safe. Peace.
Steve Prange
Steve Prange Hace 4 meses
I think the paint code is 12550, Twilight Turquoise.
Steve Prange
Steve Prange Hace 4 meses
With that grille, the truck is a White.
Anna Mills
Anna Mills Hace 5 meses
was that car sitting along new era road?
Dave Lindstrom
Dave Lindstrom Hace 5 meses
P.O.S. - poor old shirt?!?!?!?
Dave Lindstrom
Dave Lindstrom Hace 5 meses
@Classic Truck Rescue - Or, maybe it's Problematic Optional Schwag? LOL
Classic Truck Rescue
Gonn'a have to ask Jim about that....I edited as much out as I could....
Dave Lindstrom
Dave Lindstrom Hace 5 meses
It's NOT more important, it just takes a legally required priority!
charles moxley
charles moxley Hace 5 meses
Hey Rick you ever pass though Kansas City Mo i have a fresh M21 4 speed i would sell you as a sweetner i have a 1950s GMC big truck shop manual i would give you Peace
Cindy Miley
Cindy Miley Hace 5 meses
I'm generally a Ford man however that 62 is a little sweetheart
Lawn Mowers & Things That Make Noise
whatever is in that spray bottle sure did something. it looks great lol
Lawn Mowers & Things That Make Noise
Rick are you not commenting anymore :-( I messaged you on fb. and on twitter. etc. im too shy to email you.
Classic Truck Rescue
No offense taken at all James. I did not mean to imply that either. Simply explaining why I can't answer all of my comments like I used to. It's all good.
Lawn Mowers & Things That Make Noise
@Classic Truck Rescue Im sorry i didnt mean to offend you sir. I have now watched all 140 of the ctr series :) in 1 month flat :-) :-) I appreciate your hard work. :-) Thankyou :-)
Classic Truck Rescue
James, I try to answer comments when I can, I just can't possibly answer every comment anymore. Between the emails, the messages on the CTR Facebook page, the comments on the channel, filming, editing and uploading videos, I simply would not have time to get any work done. I don't do anything on Twitter except upload videos. I hope you understand. Every now and then I pick a video and try to answer every comment made on that particular video. That is the best I can do. Thanks Fer Watchin'. -Rick
gary girdner
gary girdner Hace 6 meses
I have never seen that finder trim eather Gary in Tulsa
ken frazier
ken frazier Hace 6 meses
miss my 64 nova chevy 11 wagon
ken frazier
ken frazier Hace 6 meses
awesome score
Glenn Hunter
Glenn Hunter Hace 6 meses
Good video again I like that body style nova it was a good car they made a lot of race car out up them because you could make them Run real fast be safe my friend
Olson Custom Diesel
Olson Custom Diesel Hace 6 meses
Do u stumble across very many chevy or gmc crew cab square bodies? I live up in central washington and have been looking and not finding many. Im planning to build one for my wife and thought maybe u stumble across one from time to time
Classic Truck Rescue
Yes I do. Unfortunately, I have a lot of people who ask about trucks that they are not serious about obtaining,,,,,rick@classictruckrescue.com if you are serious about a Square-Body Crew Cab....
Keith Coppage
Keith Coppage Hace 6 meses
1964 was the first year for a factory V8 Chevy II, but for some reason they dropped the Nova SS model (and all Chevy II convertibles); due to customers' complaints, the Nova SS returned at mid-year(although the convertibles didn't).
Lee Gathers
Lee Gathers Hace 6 meses
Six cylinder fender badge: Intimidating at the redlight. LOL!!! Nice car to rescue.
Terry Will
Terry Will Hace 6 meses
I have a 64 Chevy 3/4 ton C20 Pickup with factory pickup bed dump and power take off hydraulics running a ram that will dump 7,000 LBS that I have used hard since 1992 when I bought it from the the original owner in ND. When the original 230 L6 sprang a leak in the main oil galley at 300,000+ miles, I found a newly rebuilt 194 that was taken out of a cherry 62 Nova Chevy II. It had everything still bolted on it. Took me 4 hours to pull and replace the 230, and she was back on on the road. I noticed two things right away, 1. the 194 was smooth as silk and would rev 1000 RPM higher then the 230, 2. it now got 20 MPG and would travel down the road at 70 all day! Well I drove her to ND in 2002 and then life happend and she sat until 2013. I hitched a ride to ND, threw a battery in her, put a quart size fuel filter in line, and drove her home to Oregon. New fuel burnt a valve. Neighbor had a very built 250 he sold me so I slipped it in and I Still use her. Kinda miss the 194, think I will rebuild it and find another old girl for it to power.
Terry Will
Terry Will Hace 6 meses
@Classic Truck Rescue I started watching your CTR when I recognized the tow truck you rescued and where it had been. I live near by and I was hooked, then I watched all I could find starting at CTR1. Last summer I went back to ND again and I Started my 64 GMC that had been parked since 1991. I had to cut down a forest just to get to the hood, doors and tailgate. The trees were 10" in diameter. The tires still had air, the brakes pumped up fine, the carb still looked spotless, so I hooked up my jerry can and fired her right up and drover her around town a few times. Feeling lucky I moved on to my 63 GMC that had been parked since 1995... and she fired right up 3rd revolution. Now I was on a roll! I threw the battery in my 78 chevy Motorhome that had been parked since 2002 and poured some new gas in her... three revolutions and she ran perfect so I drove her around town and stopped at the gas station to top off the tires... They were still up! Now I was really excited so I tried my 68 chevy C30 flatbed dump. Luke ran out, cranked just fine but no start so I pulled the plugs and there was antifreeze in 3 holes 1, 3, and 7. Prayed and the Lord said "there's a head gasket hanging in the garage" so I emptied out my garage looking... no luck! As I was walking back to the truck it occurred to me that maybe HE meant the garage at my rental house... sure enough there was the intake, exhaust and head gasket I needed. Pulled the head, and it was spotless inside, still had the honing hatches in the cylinders! The leak had happened so close to my tear down it did not even have time to rust! Bolted her back together and she ran so good I drove her home to Oregon! Now she is being used at least once a week. Someday I want to come visit at your convenience and give you a hand on what ever for the day. Terry
Classic Truck Rescue
I never get tired of reading the cool memories people have of these old trucks. Thank you for sharing Brother. God Bless. -Rick
Mikael Johansson
Mikael Johansson Hace 6 meses
Check under "Acadian" equivalent of Nova (cdnclassicchevellesbeaumonts.wordpress.com/) I was a member of this club between 1997-2002
Joshua Ferguson
Joshua Ferguson Hace 6 meses
Why not a rescue on a 1930's ford model a 3 speed pick up
Rich Yarnell
Rich Yarnell Hace 6 meses
Hi Rick big fan from Michigan did a little research on your friends Nova the 400 on the fender badge means it,s a 400 series Nova they came in convertable or what you have was called a sport or sport coupe (that different front fender chrome was on those only,the only engine was the 194 I-6 and powerglide a v8 was only an option in 63. Keep rescuing and keep tubing I,m watching richyarnell@gmail.com and as you say Peace Out Brother
Jasen Klems
Jasen Klems Hace 6 meses
What about the bus
Frenk I got. One
Frenk I got. One Hace 6 meses
A wunderfull rescue Rick!! Greetings from the netherlands!!
Gene Holmes
Gene Holmes Hace 6 meses
I believe the front of the fender trim was only on 1962
Dennis West
Dennis West Hace 6 meses
well at least ur friend spared us the Plumber's crack showing, thought I was going blind for a moment, but seriously, nice car and I Liked the "Mr. Happy and the Twins" analogy, very clean and decent.
Classic Truck Rescue
We try to keep it clean...Butt-stuff happens...lol.
Huntsman52 Hace 6 meses
You should see if the guy has any pictures of the car from back in the day
lawrence mathews
lawrence mathews Hace 6 meses
Let me know what need have a 4 door that met a tree
Carl Stout
Carl Stout Hace 6 meses
just don't put a v 8 leave it a 6 that is the way i would want it !!!!!
lawrence mathews
lawrence mathews Hace 6 meses
Wondered where he's been . you guys did several rescues didn't ya
Classic Truck Rescue
Jim and I rescued a LOT of vehicles together. He was instrumental in helping me start Classic Truck Rescue. Helped me out of a really bad situation..
Chris Yocom
Chris Yocom Hace 6 meses
Nice car i used to have a 63 2 nova 4 door. Looks just like yours except yours is 2 door
shortcut 57
shortcut 57 Hace 6 meses
Back in the 70's my uncle was going to give me his 62 nova 4 cyl hard top automatic .He asked what i'd do with it ,I said "first thing ,put a v8 in it ".He didn't give me the car .It looked just like the one in the video .
Rusty Zipper
Rusty Zipper Hace 6 meses
I remember Jim from some old videos when you pulled 1 of 2 trucks off a parking lot and you regretted not taking the second one. I assumed you guys had a falling out so it’s awesome to see you back together saving the Classics !
Rusty Zipper
Rusty Zipper Hace 6 meses
34:07 Rick that’s a Stink Bug, BoxElders are black with like a Red X painted on them.....FunFact
Rusty Zipper
Rusty Zipper Hace 6 meses
Yes, they will sting when trapped and it’s hurts like a bee sting, and I imagine it’s even worse on your ding a ling or south
Classic Truck Rescue
They do stink if you touch them. All I know is that whatever they are...they sting and it does NOT feel good.
grandprismatic Hace 6 meses
Nice Nova
macgvrs Hace 6 meses
Those raccoons are areal pain. I had two that decided to hang off my suet feeder which promptly separated the handle from the feeder. I had to make a couple of modifications to keep them rascals out of the suet.
Terry W. Milburn
Terry W. Milburn Hace 6 meses
Great seeing You & Jim bring home the Ole-62 Nova, Betcha it wouldn't take much to make 'er fire up ! them Lil Bandits sure were on a mission Ha ! Be well, Friends ! ATB T God Bless
Marc Reynolds
Marc Reynolds Hace 6 meses
That's probably a 453 two stroke Detroit diesel
uski59 Hace 6 meses
OMG,....I love those, had 4, 2 ragtops, a 4dr sedan, 2dr ss hardtop. Just an awesome roomy little ride
Terri Rausch
Terri Rausch Hace 6 meses
Boxelders.....Why did it have to be Boxelders?
Classic Truck Rescue
Might be "Stink-Bugs" all I know is that I've lived in Oregon since 1970...and only seen these critters for the last 3-years,,,,and they stink and sting when they bight.....not nice at all.
Joe May
Joe May Hace 6 meses
Question I forgot to ask. Did you ever find out what the old truck was in the garage? That'd be a sweet Ride after the restoration
Alex Hardenberg
Alex Hardenberg Hace 6 meses
U should have bought it
Alex Hardenberg
Alex Hardenberg Hace 6 meses
Man wish I had the money
Classic Truck Rescue
Can't spend money I don't have Alex.
Joe May
Joe May Hace 6 meses
Love the videos. I'd love to see the ole girl after she's restored. I'm surprised how good of shape she's in.
Frank Roberts
Frank Roberts Hace 6 meses
i know about box elders, like John Wayne says " everthing out here will either bit ya sting ya or stick you".
Greg Tice
Greg Tice Hace 6 meses
Awesome score .sure would be sweet just like it is
Don Gray
Don Gray Hace 6 meses
Wouldnt have it.. there's so much rot in that frame by the time you get done putting that V8 in it it will be s*** in a week seriously it isn't worth scrap weight of course I'm not a Chevy guy neither so I know everybody in here will disagree with me but at the end of the day I wouldn't put a dime into it unless I was going to do a frame-up restoration including boxing the frame
Classic Truck Rescue
Well...when's the last time you bought a 1962 Chevy Nova Don.....and please...be honest. ....and be honest about what you paid for it.... I'm thinking never.....which would explain your assessment of this car's value....and would also explain why you 'Wouldn't have it"...and never will.
JIM'S WORLD Hace 6 meses
The 'twins'...."Louie"....y'all had me crackin' up! My dad used to work briefly for an auto salvage yard here in Houston back in 1966 and he brought home a 1964 Nova for me...black with all the chrome. Geez it was pretty! Of course I didn't know diddly about working on cars so he towed it off after a coupla weeks. Then later on he brought home a 1956 Chevy Bel-Aire....YUP!...hauled it off too. I couldn't show my anger for him because he was 6'6" and weighed in about 240!...no fat, just all MAN! Great video as always, Rick! I think you and Jim should do comedy in your spare time! Lol! ( 2/10/2019 Sunday 8:13pmCST ~Jim in Houston, Texas~ )
Paul Dumont
Paul Dumont Hace 6 meses
Great video. I though you were in love with it. Lol
Classic Truck Rescue
I am.
Erik Turner
Erik Turner Hace 6 meses
NY raccoons would have stolen one of your trucks, tied a chain from the treats to the truck, and dragged that stuff out of that shed....
Classic Truck Rescue
Holy Cow...you keep them NY raccoons over there...Thanks Fer Watchin'. -Rick
northstar2007 Hace 6 meses
you've got a decent sized trash panda there. cute thing but dont corner it lol
Classic Truck Rescue
Yeah...its about 10-times Anna's size...
Erik Turner
Erik Turner Hace 6 meses
Nice to see Jim back around! Was always wondering what happened to him? He was your right hand man at the beginning Rick!
Classic Truck Rescue
Did my heart good to hang out with Jim saving old iron. Love that guy...always have...always will.
NebukedNezzer Hace 6 meses
pesky raccoon family.
Mid-Nite Ryders
Mid-Nite Ryders Hace 6 meses
Good ta see yer smiling face, Jim. Put shackles on my 70 Nova and broke it's single leaf spring. Guess was a tad to high !!! Put on multi-leaf, last I heard 3rd owner had it up to 495,000 miles.
NebukedNezzer Hace 6 meses
use the parking brake. I NEVER have jacked up or down suspensions. bad idea to do that. Also leave wheel offset correct. One note. Corvair 14 inch rims will fit those old chevy IIs'
NebukedNezzer Hace 6 meses
I did plenty of unsafe things myself. just one thing I avoided. we are both still alive and going so what ever we did worked out.
NebukedNezzer Hace 6 meses
Yes, but its a way of getting a different size and profile tire on to the car.
Classic Truck Rescue
P.S. The Corvair rims will fit on the Nova....but the Nova hubcaps won't fit on the Corvair rims...
Classic Truck Rescue
I didn't say it was SMART to jack them up....look at it as my generation's version of eating Tide Pods. .....
dirty roofer
dirty roofer Hace 6 meses
I flipped a 63 about 8 years ago bought it to flip did good on it .8500 would be my firm non moving number on east coast.
NebukedNezzer Hace 6 meses
my dad had a 64 chevy II with the factory 283 powedrglide. nice car ran forever. he later had a 69 195 6 with the air cooled powedrglide it was ok. I have owned 68 nova new. 70 used and 76 used all good cars. I like this one with the column shift 3 speed.
urabampot Hace 6 meses
i had a '77 Cam-a-roo with a 327 Vette motor, Munsi 4 spd, and 456 gears... i could imagine that set up in a 62 Nova,.... wow
Terri Rausch
Terri Rausch Hace 6 meses
A short time ago in a town not far away...... CTR-139 Nova 400 Starring 1962 Nova A Classic Truck Rescue Production Rick Maylender.....Producer, Director, Cameraman, Editor..... Jim Anderson.....Best Boy Cameo......Rick Vernon Video trailer......The Mole Video set Gopher......Gopher
Tom Rausch
Tom Rausch Hace 6 meses
CTR-139 1962 Nova A Classic Truck? Rescue Film Rick Maylender......Producer, Camera man, Editor. Starring.....1962 Nova Jim Anderson......Best Boy. Cameo.......Rick Vernon Video trailer.....Mole
Classic Truck Rescue
You've been watching CTR for way too long.... True story Tom. Thanks. -Rick
towrecker Hace 6 meses
straightening that trim , a trick that I found to work great was several different pieces of wood , dowel rods square blocks ect , and a small ball peen hammer with a couple layers of cardboard taped to the head it's almost impossible to destroy it , just takes time that way ...
Classic Truck Rescue
Good comment...good tips. Thanks. -Rick
N Ferraro
N Ferraro Hace 6 meses
West Coast: wash off the mold and the dirt, and it looks 1000% better. East Coast: wash off the mold and the dirt only to realize that it was actually plugging all the cancer holes, and possibly holding the whole thing together. Dam*it all.
Ken Allen
Ken Allen Hace 6 meses
What a sweet Nov bro, just hope it goes to a good home if Jim does not do anything with it. Loved the wild life at the end. All the best to everyone on the ranch.
scott Smith
scott Smith Hace 6 meses
Hey Rick hey Jamie good video I enjoyed it thank you and it seems like somebody has a raccoon problem that raccoon just wouldn't leave that total loan
frank irwin
frank irwin Hace 6 meses
In 1962 one of my buddies bought a New Nova just like this one. I drove it new and noticed one flaw. I bumped the shifter which was in the console between bucket seats. By bumping the shifter it went into Park, locking up the rear end. We were careful not to bump the shifter after that. The six cylinder was pretty spunky.
Vic Mabus
Vic Mabus Hace 6 meses
When I saw this, I immediately thought, "Wow! Big block Nova!!" Imagine my disappointment...
James Rodriquez
James Rodriquez Hace 6 meses
That car seems more like a candidate for complete restoration than for modding with a V8. If you think about it, most people try to turn those old Novas into hot rods in way or another. To restore one to original condition would be different and make the car very valuable, in my opinion.
sublimeracer Hace 6 meses
Very nice find! Great patina look to it. I agree the stock interior restored would look perfect.
Chevy Land T.V
Chevy Land T.V Hace 6 meses
My dad was telling me that all Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, Dusters, all muscle cars were popular in high school and he drove my grandmas 1968 Impala 4 door and a 72 f100 blue ford .He told me he wish he had one in school and I would been ok with the Impala those are cool if that was me.
Larry C
Larry C Hace 6 meses
those front trim pieces are about impossible to find . I haven't seen anyone that reproduces them . If you find them be ready to lay out some bucks !
gbowne1 Hace 6 meses
I always wondered if those were Chevy II's pretending to be Nova's or the other way around.
Thom Geren
Thom Geren Hace 6 meses
Chevy production of the Nova. Was to compete with the Ford Falcon. In the early 70's. GM produced 4 cars using the Nova name. The front and rear moldings was the only difference. Nova Omega Ventura Apollo The first letters of each one spells out Nova.
Jesse Bellis
Jesse Bellis Hace 6 meses
Beautiful chevy !! Chevy love baby !! Can't get enough of the channel !!! God bless !!!! Can't wait to see your next video's !! As always !! Peace !!
hardductman37 Hace 6 meses
I have the exact 62 nova 400 with all the chrome on it also, if I could share a picture I would but dont know how. Love the 62 nova 400
Heartbreak Elliott
Heartbreak Elliott Hace 6 meses
Nice one Rick love it
gosportjamie Hace 6 meses
That Chevy II Nova is so complete and original it would be dead easy to restore it to original. Obviously it would be more fun with a small block and the Muncie in it but being as original and straight as it is it would be nice to see it back as it rolled out of the factory. Even though it was a small and pretty cheap car in its day it must have been a seriously sharp-looking car. That's going to make a fantastic project for someone and, being so original, it's got to be super rare as they weren't exactly renowned for hanging together well over long periods. I'd love to know what the story with the Ford Econoline sitting by the dually frame is, it almost looks like it might have been an ambulance but it could have been a service vehicle or something...
stanley smith
stanley smith Hace 6 meses
But how’s the frame?
orangepickel2 Hace 6 meses
Need to find a period correct Hawaiian Hula Doll for the dash and curb finders
Dave Lindstrom
Dave Lindstrom Hace 5 meses
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler Hace 6 meses
I would trade a 1983 Honda goldwing gl1100a w/ matching trailer its fully chromed out for that nova !
Charles Long
Charles Long Hace 6 meses
If you come to Texas, you can rescue a ton of old trucks here!! Most don’t know what kind of jewel they have here.
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler Hace 6 meses
I’ve never been bit by a box elder bug , EVER ! That sounds like a spider bit to me .
Barry Warren
Barry Warren Hace 6 meses
Sometimes the best scores are right next door.
Medic Aided
Medic Aided Hace 6 meses
would make a great davey crocket hat bet it would look good on ya too
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